Jamie Barnes

October 31, 2014 Windsor 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, everyone needs to be aware of this goof diddler Jamie Barnes. He is abusive to women and goes to protective custody every time he’s been to jail, which isn’t a lot because he rats whoever he can out in order to stay out of jail. Jamie has herpes from sleeping with every whore in Chatham and surrounding areas and drd C from shooting needles, he is also a huge alcoholic that will screw anything with a hole. Jamie has a girlfriend but also a bunch of nasty scab covered hoes on the side. He has dirty needle pokers at his house all the time and doesn’t care who’s around his kids or his girlfriends kids. Jamie even does cocaine in front of his kids and the sad thing is he doesn’t even care about those kids, he looks at the children and see’s dollar signs. Jamie is a welfare bum playing the system and has a couple more babies on the way, plus he’s been on methadone for over 5 years and sells it for pills and heroin that goes right into his veins. Very sick and sad!

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Greg Whipped

October 30, 2014 Windsor 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is windsor old dirty ass hoe shes all about dick mostly detroit nggas or other females baby daddy she loves her some other females baby daddys if you dont got a girl or baby moma she not fckin she stays a side hoe u tell she got four diffetent baby dads and aint with not one but so quick to hop on the next btches baby dad dirty ass bitch aint about that life shes all talk and that pussy old and used up she just mad because a nigga laid her on her back and then left her ass

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Lowlife Mom

October 29, 2014 Windsor 34

THE DIRTY ARMY: well we go start off by sayin dis nasty bitch corina warner has 3 kids she dnt take care of she puts them on other people to take care of ! she had so many pussy infections it ridiculous and she is fckin 2 dudes at once bitch u go right back to our low life baby daddy who got 5 kids and dnt take care of any of them. she be harassin me about her man who fcked a gay guy and cheated with me and ton others. take care of ur kids u dirty bitch get some cream for that pussy to ! funny how ur quick to run for men but ur ass wont even go the distant for ur own kids nasty ass slut . stop fckin so much and suckin up dick and worry about ur kids u nasty cunt ! and one other thing stop tellin ur friends to add me on my facebook and tellin ur nasty dick suckin baby daddy u love him and ur prolly with another lowlife nasty ass hoe ! I feel bad for ur kids nasty hoe .

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Sherry Laprise

October 29, 2014 Windsor 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is sherry laprise aka sherry Stevens she’s a washed up stripper bitch who needs to mind her own business. She stripped in chatham to windsor and London and sarnia for 7 years whoring herself out for cash. She also conceived her daughter savannah at the strip club by one of her clients. She met “the love of her life” while she was stripping in sarnia Phil Stevens. Love at first f*ck. Once she have him her h*rpes they ended up getting married even though she cheats on him all the time. Before Phil she wa gonna get married to another client but was caught f*cking the best man on the wedding day. She’s the dirtiest bitch in chatham kent who will turn tricks for coke and fetnayl. If you want to give her drugs in return for her herps her fb name is sher bear. She also metals in other peoples relationships and like to answer there phone. She’s a low life stripper loser.

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Maxipoo Community Bycicle

October 28, 2014 Windsor 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: Mahmoud(max) choeib , drd infested , male escort … And what girl hasnt he slept with in windsor? Once he made his rounds on every girl in the city, max took off to toronto to become a gay male escort! Poorgirl he played inwindsor for the past year and a half , so in love while he kept two phones just so he could keep his sleeping around a secret. Poorgirls im sure he didnt disclose he has drd and sleeps with other men for money! Beware windsor and toronto, this facebook serial banger is on the loose!

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Sherry Laprise

October 28, 2014 London-ON, Windsor 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Sherry Laprise now Sherry Stevenson of Chatham,ON. She’s the dirtiest skankiest c*nt who can’t mind her own business and stay out of people relationships. She was a stripper at spankys and travelled to London and windsor to whore herself put for over 7 years till she met her final destination at a strip club in sarnia when she whored herself out to a guy named Phil Stevens and they got married. Classy meetig your husband at a strip club. She also met another guy prior to him at a strip club and on there wedding day she was caught f*cking one of the groomsmen. She cheats on her husband now all the time and even broke up someone else’s marriage. She also can’t mind her own business and needs to get in other peoples relationship business and answer their phones . She’s an ugly pig who’s daughter savannah will sadly probably grow up to be like her. If only she knew she was conceived by a customer at a strip club. She also does coke and will suck anyone’s dick for drugs!! Her fb name is sher bear if you want your dick sucked for drugs message this old washed up hag.

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Taylor Anderson

October 21, 2014 Windsor 56

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Taylor Anderson nastiest bitch in windsor. She calls everyone else dirty but yet she fcks other girs baby daddys and brags about it. This girl loves her head and literally loves it, she even had her dog lick peanut butter off her pssy, and video taped it. I use to be her bestfriend and all she ever did was drink and do sexual things with anything, even myself. Example why were not friends anymore. Taylor will fck anything anywhere, got a boyfriend? Watch out this bitch will tie your man down and make him lick her pussy. She is nasty and a peice of shit her has nothing better to do besides be a hoe. Every guy in Windsor has hit this and now she has no one left so she has moved to homeless guys and older men in their 70′s. Beware of this nasty ass hoe. DIRT

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Dirty Dittler

October 20, 2014 Windsor 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this loser works at Wind on do*** as the manager which is some kind miracle since hes a nasty diddler. Sachin Malhotra who works at wind offers help to women with there computers at their homes and then jumps on them and tries to force sex on them. Sachin also will go though your phone when u are at the store to get your phone fixed and save all of your dirty pictures and dity texts. to top it all off after he gets into these womens homes he tries to show them pictures of himself sleeping with a 15 year old girl he dated 6 years ago when he was 25. You are disgusting sachin and i hope you get fired!

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