Kyle Cook

September 30, 2014 Windsor 2


THE DIRTY ARMY: Kyle Cook is a nasty ass man whore whos probably fcked over half of windsor. Spreading his drds all over the place. This stupid ass nigga wanna be probably has 10 kids just in windsor alone. He got not one but two of my friends pregnant, one had ending up having a miscarriage the other ending up having the baby in case ur wondering kyle u have a 1 year old daughter. Both girls told him they were pregnant and never heard from him again, he blocked them on fb, and never returned their texts or calls. This motherfcker just keeps spreading his seed but ain’t got shit to do with the kids. He fcks around on all his gfs, i don’t think hes ever been faithful in his life. He’s got a huge tattoo of one of his gfs names on his neck and instead of getting it covered up he just lets nasty ass hoes hickey it up. windsor girls veware of this dog ass player he will fuck you over faster then tge speed of light

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Anthony Lopez

September 30, 2014 Windsor 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy’s name is Anthony Lopez. His wife left him because he can’t keep a job and she got sick of supporting him. He’ll sleep with anything that walks and has a vagina hole. He refuses to wear condoms and continues to spread disease around the city, he also likes his cocaine. He thinks he’s a pimp and wears ridiculously cheap clothes, He loves to take selfie’s… He tells people that he’s a model….. But really he’s just a piece of West End trash waiting to sink his teeth into his next victim. He’s so disgusting and probably hasn’t seen a doctor or a dentist in at least 15 years. He’s a walking ball of gon***ea! watch out girls! stay the hell away from this one yikes! (he’s always looking for a girl to leech off of.. move in to their house and take advantage of)

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UnderCover Lover

September 30, 2014 London-ON, Windsor 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this Is Kenneth Verkaik AKA Kenneth Wellington He Is A Low Life Of All Low Lives,He Sleeps With Everyone And Anyone Taken Or Not On Either Side,He Spreads drdS To Everyone He Sleeps With So Beware.He Has Way Too Many Kids To Count And Doesn’t Take Care Of Any Of Them But Likes To Threaten Their Mothers And Beat On His Girlfriend While Drunk And High On Whatever He Can Get His Hands On.He Travel All Over Chatham Tilbury Windsor And Wallaceburg

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Tecumseh Trash

September 30, 2014 Windsor 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, warn all girls to stay away from this juice head! He is in the blue shirt in one pic and on the right in the other two. I dated him personally and while we were together he cheated on me numerous times! He is a liar, he was with another girl even when he was with me and told her he had something wrong with his liver and was in the hospital so he didnt have to see her! Told her not to come cause his Family doesnt like her, his parents were both drug addicts so he has some issues upstairs, bi polar to say the least, when I was with him I seen him fight many times he just snaps like a loose canon he should be jailed and the key should be thrown away before he hurts someone really badly, girls if you are talking to him run, he has been with atleast 500 girls around the world, and keeps saying he is coming back but he is too busy sleeping with sl*ts and doing drugs… Put this idiot on blast.

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Typical Westside Scrub

September 29, 2014 Windsor 54

THE DIRTY ARMY: I just wanted to warn the ladies of Windsor to watch out for this dirty scrub. Rob LaRock. He posts gay stuff on his fb all the time about how a real man should be, what romance is like, how awesome he is and how great he’d be for any “lucky” woman out there. But it’s all bullshit, and everyone knows it. He’s not a good man. He wouldn’t be good for any woman. He is a piece of shit. He is a liar. Don’t believe one word that comes out of this douchebags mouth. He’s a thief. If you want to keep your belongings, then stay far, far away from this guy. He’s desperate. He will use drugs and/or alcohol to get a girl wasted so he can have his way with her. He doesn’t listen. If he wants sex, and you say no…he may choose to do it anyways. He can be found on POF, spouting his bullshit. I’m a good man, just looking for a good girl. I love to cook. I love to be romantic. Ladies, if you see this man block him. Run. Away. Stay far, far away.

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Lynn Laurie

September 22, 2014 Windsor 146

THE DIRTY ARMY: Mary-Lynn Laurie calms to be the best mother around. I just find that funny coming from her considering she’s had her kid taken away for smoking meth. The best part is our fcked up law system gave him back to her. This fat cnt comes from belle river and claims to be some high class lady when she’s really scum of the earth. She likes to spend her whole disability check on beer, smokes, and pot. After she buys all that she finally remembers about her kid. Beer is way more important to this chick than her own child. She would most defiantly go buy a case of beer before putting food in her kids mouth. She also is one of the biggest whore’s you’ll ever meet. She’s cheated on her current boyfriend 5 times, and his dumb ass takes her back every time. The best was when her boyfriend took her kid and took him home to feed him and put him to bed for Lynn well she was out with her friends, and well she was out she sucked another guy off, and came home and made out with her boyfriend and then told him what she did. In all reality she puts off a good front of being a good person and mother. But once you know this bitch she starts to let her true colours show.

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Drugged Beaten and Raped

September 17, 2014 Edmonton, Windsor 73

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this piece of shits name is Cody Gardner he is originally from grabdfalls Windsor Newfoundland but has been residing in fort Mac for quite some years now. I went to high school with this psycho he has a known history for drugging girls raping them and even beating then up he was charged with something but nothing as severe as it should of been because of complications! He’s also known for doing copious amounts of drugs on and off work time! What kind of a sick pig would do that!? This one he’s about 26-27 years of age and works for stony valley! We need to work harder to remove scum like this from our streets and world !

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Windsors Biggest Lowlife

September 16, 2014 Windsor 228

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Chris Lucier, I’m kind of shocked this loser hasn’t made it on to this site yet. Well where do I start, Chris is one of the biggest losers i have ever met in my life. he will truthfully fck anyone no matter how dirty they are and sadly chris uses all of the girl that are good to him and loyal to him. His apartment is nasty filled with garbage and lord knows what else. his hair is always nasty and oily he barely ever showers. he thinks that he is king shit when really hes not, the only reason he thinks his all that is because he beat a pizza man up with a bat. chis thinks he can run everyones life’s even in their own home. chris still has to bum off of his dirty sluty mother Tammy. he has no care in the world other then him self, he still thinks its alright to steal off of people. this guys talks crap about everyone even the people he clame he cares about. he lives off of welfare when hes perfectly fine to find a job hes just to lazy to get of his nasty fat ass.and i wouldn’t be shocked if he has more then one drd ! please put this low life loser on blast!

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