Deadbeat Robert Upham

April 17, 2014 Windsor 1 6,576 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this stupid rat fuk right here has nothing but drama and lies for people he has 3 kids and dont do shit for none of them. hes a closet smoker and is one of the fakest peopke ever. always running his mouth like hes king shit and the best father in the world. wack ass mofo. ugly as fuk looks like a fycking crack head go put someobbe else in jail you rat goof.

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You all know Lewis

April 17, 2014 Windsor 5 5,691 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this dude right here has been and always will be one of Windsors dumbest most disgusting waste of skin iv ever met . This guy doesn’t work , all he does is drink and do drugs. He’s a drug addict . No good for anyone , he’ll fck anything that’ll walk I’m surprised he hasn’t cheated on the girl he’s with now . Not to mention he still has his kid . I would have thought his kid would have been gone a long time ago, someone needs to do something, Greg would get so drunk he would piss himself, end up with dirty strippers and the night would end with him in jail, this waste case is going no where . I feel sorry for his family . Oh yah.. He’s a dog breeder to lmfao those poor animals don’t have a fighting chance if it wasn’t for his family. Get this drug addicted alcoholic off the streets for the sake of the city DO SOMETHING. Forgot to mention .. His baby ma’ tho, I feel bad for her , they both are just as disgustingly a waste of space.. But then again perfect for eachother . Get your life together

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Windsor’s Knight Rider

April 17, 2014 Windsor 4 9,499 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey whats up. This is a west end trashy slut. She is the worst mom ever. She is always out drinking and partying when she should be taking care of her son. Her bby ddy is ugly as a pile of dog shit. She runs around acting like a good mom. But in reality she would rather have her parents watch her son or my bf and i will. She lies about sooo much. Herd she has drd. Her bby ddy is always out fuking fat nasty bitches. I’m only posting her bc ppl that act like there better then everyone else really n truly aint. Megan you should put the bottle down n pick your son up more and stop using school as an excuse.

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Ms Infamous Rhonda Ferris

April 16, 2014 Windsor 10 8,937 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Okay look, this girl Rhonda Ferris lives in Windsor,Ontario and she keeps spreading her legs along with diseases!! She has multiple men in her life, she has threesomes with her friends Sarah Paton, Felicia McCrea and Corina Warner. She also has threesomes with a guy names Stephen who plays “professional” soccer and one of his teammates. She posts on her facebook all the time that she is dating a guy who has a girlfriend and her response is things like “shut up hoe you fucked a few niggas too” or “fuck your bitch and the crew you claim” status. This girl needs to be on blast because she has no pussy pride, no respect for herself or others, she wants to fight any girl who looks at “her” man meanwhile she knows he has been in a relationship with some other girl for like 10 years. She is 21 and already had a few diseases that I can name – I guess she is still whoring around because they were not life threatening sexually transmitted diseases. Check out her facebook she is at the club every weekend – RHONDA ALICIA on facebook. Also, she is always making this duck looking face because her “man” Stephen makes that face with his daughter that she will never meet! sad day in the life of Ms. Rhonda

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Slooting Sam Hart

April 16, 2014 Windsor 30 9,889 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this chick has posted multiple other girls on this website , when really she’s the hoes bag that should be up here she cheats on her bf , does coke , weed , Molly , what every she can get her hands on and the worst part is she will do anything for it , back in the day she use to suck dick and get fcked by old men for drugs and money !!! She thinks she’s hot lol GET OFF YOUR HIGH STOOL you are fucking ugly you got a herpe growth growing bigger and bigger every day on your face , you look like the nasty girl on the Adams family , you have two kids by two different dad’s , live in the projects on welfare lol this chick is nothing but a typical welfare project drug addict mom , I truely feel sorry for your kids !!! So ppl beware of this typical welfare mom she’s a cheating lying dirty whore that’s loaded with drd and if anyone has any other stories bout this whore feel free to share them cause you have bin exposed SAMANTHA HART !!!!

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Jahmann “Dead-Beat” Massey

April 16, 2014 Windsor 31 8,997 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jahmann Massey. Deadbeat dad. Wannabe “rap” star” The fakest guy you will ever meet. He has 3 kids and his way to make him feel good about being a deadbeat dad to 2 of them is to “kinda” raise his one daughter, which involves her sitting around while he sells/smokes weed and makes horrible music all day. no job. no money. this guy is like 40 years old hanging with young people telling his “stories” about knowing BIG SEAN and KANYE hahahaha . Something is up with this dude he just appears in Windsor one day ( he says he met a girl on the internet? ) from Chicago supposedly, and starts telling all these stories. Dude. get a grip on reality please. your 40. your going nowhere. you have no fanbase. no money. get a real job n start taking care of your poor kids. are you even aloud in Canada? you illegal alien wannabe kanye ugly goof. He always likes to fuck 15 year olds to help them start there “singing” career. Windsor Ontario, Chicago, wherever, watch out for this phony pedophile.

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Douchbag Andy Hapides

April 16, 2014 Windsor 3 6,247 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik. Where do I start with this low life douch bag, for one thing let me start off this joke well he thinks hes gods gift to women lol. Andy is nothing but a alcoholic women beater, he leaves of the government and nasty strippers and last his mom. Andy Hapides is just one of windsors nastiest guys here. So watch out for this drd, I’m surprised this welfare bum hasn’t been posted on here yet lol. So watch out girls for this bum cuz he will sweet talk u to give him money. I don’t think he has ever had a JOB in life, nor will he ever. Also he will go around saying hes a great cook but sorry scumbag frozen dinner’s dont count. Karma is a bitch!!!!!

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Sam Hart innocent until Proven Guilty

April 16, 2014 Windsor 29 7,039 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear nik , This is Sam hart the sweetest and cleanest girl you will ever meet … NOT this bitch tortured me in high school spreading fuckin rumours around bout me DIDNT YOU FCK AN OLD MAN FOR MONEY AN BLAME IT ON ME??? this slut opens her legs to any guy that will touch her. Not sayin she a hoe but her favourite shade of lipstick is dick and semen.Her poor baby daddy Taylor doesn’t even realize this money hungry bitch only wants him now cause he’s bought a house and is buying her a car . Wake up call Taylor SHES FCKIN WHATEVER GUYS SHE CAN and coming home to you after!!! HOWS THAT DICK ON HER LIPS TASTE TAYLOR ?? Can you say fckin whore . This slut thinks she’s so hard but when anyone tries to buck with this slut she run and hide and call the cops , you ain’t hard bitch . Sitting on your ass sayin you ain’t never posted no one on the dirty word gets around cunt everyone knows who you posted whore talkin shit bout girls left an right you ain’t pretty cunt you got that fuckin thing stickin off your fckin face what is it??? If we push it does it make you fckin look better ??? Why you talk shit an fuck all them boys and play all innocent you aint innocent WHORE!!!!!Bout time karma came to get you nasty ass cnt. Nay nay nasty ass horse teeth bitch how much dicks have you skinned with them nasty ass chompers! KARMA IS A BITCH WHORE!! BOYS YOU WANT THIS BITCH JUST HIT ER UP ON FACEBOOK SH’LL SUCK AN FCK FOR FREE!!!! EVEN IF SHE GOT A MAN SHE DONT CARE!!!! SHES A WHOREEEEE HAHAHAHA ! If you run into this hoe don’t let her play her FAKE ass innocent role fckin two faced fake whore!!!

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