Used Up

July 29, 2014 Hamilton, Windsor 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: This pig right here thought she was one up on me. How’s life Ashley Kay? Sucks don’t it, you have no one because you selfish and all you do is use people. Your fake. You live wit ur moms You have no friends and no decent man will ever want you. Keep up the “auditions” we both know your just a free hooker. Peace boo. Bahahahah We all talk about it but someone needs to tell you that your extensions are giving you bald spots your eyebrows look horrible and you need Botox. Watch for her on POF boys she’s looking for someone to take care of her and be her next baby daddy.

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James Westlake

July 29, 2014 Windsor 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, I would like for you to meet James Westlake. This man is very dangerous in so many ways. For one, he gets off by beating on women. He gets thrilled when he intimidates women, he feels powerful and dominating. Second of all, he is a junkie/crackhead with hep.c. He will do anything to get high, even suck male dick and sell his ass for it. He hasn’t had to be doing this for a while since he has his girlfriend Terri Metivier doing all the dirty work for him. While he is in a relationship with Terri, he texts, calls and facebook messages his ex’s in hopes that they will pity him and take him back. I honestly think that these two individuals are a match made in hell. They equally use and damage each other which is what they both deserve. So, to who ever is thinking about getting involved with any of these two people, be aware that they might carry deceases, that they are both very manipulative and in it for the money. Neither of them know what the word “love” means, they only tell you what they want to hear. Please think twice before associating with them fuck tards.. please.

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Natasha Trafananko

July 28, 2014 Windsor 38

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik tis is trasha trapanskankhoe wallaceburgs finest – she lost her kids over 5 years ago because she been to busy getting high on morphine patches crack cocaine and any thing else she can get her hands on for free. She steals from everyone her family her friends anything she can get her hands on. She lies and talks bad about everyone the minute they turn there head must make her feel better about her low life self. Her children are up for adoption and she’s busy getting to high as usual to care. She has this greenish dishcharge that drips from her crotch but swears it isn’t an drd. She can’t hold down a job nor has she had one in over 6 years and her man of 6 years just left her for her friend because he finally got sick of her nasty flabby crotch lips she used to steal his money jewellery and sleep with his friends in their house!! Everyone in wallaceburg including her ‘friends’ are well aware of this woman but it’s time for Windsor Chatham and London to be prepared to! Watch your back boys and watch your purses girls this bitch is shady although she smiles in your face she’s running you dirty the second you look away. Looking for an easy high and a free buck. Say bye to ur babies tramp and enjoy ur pointless life living off other people as you always have. I don’t have to explain much more look at her pictures she and her baby daddies are clearly a drug addicts. She passes between the two of them hoping one will get her high that week.

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Walkerville Sloot

July 28, 2014 London-ON, Windsor 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well if ever around walkerville bars, you will see this cheating wife hanging on a different guy every week. Claims to be single and never wears wedding ring, even if she does it will not stop her, just get her couple drinks and she is good to go out in the parking lot, enjoy the fake tits in you’re face What you think of her nik?

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West-side Boyz

July 28, 2014 Windsor 108


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, the guys you see are are Joe Stachow, James (Jimmy) Turpin, Curtis Scott, Stan Laforge, Stephen Belmore, and Angelo (A-Lo) Marchelletta. These guys think they are so hard core and cool, when really they are the lowest of low, they are the problems with society today. All of these guys think it makes them badass to beat on women! They have all been up on charges of domestic violence at some point in time, he’ll even some of them have been up on or are still up on rape charges! They are all junkies and would fuck there best friend/ family over if it meant getting that “fix”. They are have stds and don’t care most of them have more than one. They are all deadbeats who either don’t see their kids at all or do absolutely nothing to support their kids , because spending money on drugs is more important to these scumbags! They go for “young” girls like 14,15,16 years old on purpose, so they can control and manipulate them and eventually beat them and get them hooked on drugs too! These getto trash thugs all need to be euthanized! Watch your daughters Windsor!!! And young girls hell just any females in general! Please stay away from these goofs! They will ruin your life!

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Dan Donlon

July 28, 2014 Windsor 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well this here is Dan Donlon aka the danimole. This genius barely scraped good enough marks to pass grade 10 before he dropped out of highschool. He currently works in forests and ditches building bike jumps for him and his 12 year old biker buddies he takes advantage of sexually. He is a registered sex offender who will sleep with any guy or girl for cigarettes, crack and alcohol.

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Accurcast Slot

July 25, 2014 Windsor 77

THE DIRTY ARMY: Where do you even start with thus dirty girl.. Her name is Brooke mohr..first off she is wallaceburgs dirtiest bitch around..she makes Lisa McFadden and Trasha look clean..she came from Sarnia where she was spreading her nasty legs pretty damn young… She had her son at 15(real winner ther).., she is now living in wallaceburg close to jimmy g’s where she often has a number of men visit her(if you think your the only one then your retarded) she can often be found in her works parking lot in break giving “favours” to men… All women that have a husband/boyfriend that works at accurcast make sure they stay away from this walking std, dirty pussy, sleeping with Chris Lorenz…that right there tells you how dirty she is… She will spread her nasties for anyone that is willing to give her the next hit… He poor child has to grow up knowing his mom is a HUGE slut… She needs to take her dirty Pussy, drd, man stealing, trying to trap a man, dirty dirty dirty ass back to Sarnia before all these guys she is fcking with girlfriends/wives come over and make her eat her teeth… Be prepared Brooke everyone knows how dirty you are… You accurcast slut

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POF Theif

July 25, 2014 Windsor 72

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Windsor. Beware of this lil slut. I dunno her name bc she lies. I met her of POF. Brought her to my place to get high. She stole from me($200). And i didnt realize until she was gone… We fcked tho. N now i have bumps all over my cock…. I was trying to give her the chance to bring back my money. But obvs she a nasty whore. So people of windsor watch out for this lil whore

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