Shayna Nespolon

September 10, 2014 Windsor 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dirty Shayna Nespolon. Shes straight up DIRTY. She has the cl*p. She says she’s not able to get pregnant, that’s because she keeps getting DRD’s and the doctor told her its going to be almost impossible her to get pregnant from the amount of times she’s gotten the cl*p…..She drains all her boyfriends for what they have, and put them in debt. She treats the best guys like crap, and cheats on them with the guys she has coming over to pay for her drugs. She’s on welfare but works, without them knowing to pay for her dirty drug habits! She has guys in and out of her house. She thinks she is the hottest thing ever, but has caterpillars as eyebrows, the biggest tooth gap and the flattest non existent boobs. Nik, PLEASE post this. They guys she’s been with needs to be informed to GET CHECKED, and don’t bother with this girl, she’ll give you a present that will keep on giving, and drain your bank account !

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Tosha Lockhart

September 9, 2014 Windsor 183

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this dirty anorexic woman sleeps with everybody !!! She slept with every guy I know plus more, she’s been with at least over 80 guys and counting,she likes to get drunk and have SEX WITH RANDOM GUYS. plus she don’t use condoms because she’s fixed !!! She has ORAL drd and defiantly has DISEASES.ask anybody and they will tell you she is nasty and full of drama .Im just warning all the guys who haven’t slept with her to be careful.

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Sex Addict

September 9, 2014 Windsor 33

THE DIRTY ARMY: Alie Jejey on facebook or Alireza Jafari in real life talks a good game, but he cannot have just one girlfriend, because he chases at University of Windsor, all the time. He usually has girlfriend whom he dates for maximum 2 weeks, and after exploitating a woman sexually he dumbs her through a text. He keeps other women on the line in case one of his current victims get tired of his constant lying, nagging about life, his poor hygiene and constant gossip about past girlfriends. He never let go of his iphone 5, because he constantly looks for girls online to have sex and spread drd. He has tinder, pof, badoo, and eharmony accounts that he pretends looking for a relationship, but for reality only to look for more women to sleep around. He is Iranian man in his 30s who slept with over 10 women in Windsor alone. Usually he promises them the world, only to dumb them like piece of meat. He is constantly sexting women. When he is not looking for a work because he constantly gets fired, he looks for women online to come to his house on Peter St. or he goes to woman’s place to have unprotected sex. He will fool you with sweet words and empty promises, but you will find out the hard way when you go to gynecologist for a standard pap smear and find out the guy you said was clean, has drd. He will have sex with your best friend, and ruin your life, if you let him. He will flirt with waitresses, complete strangers, right in front of you without any consideration.

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Nasty STD whore

September 8, 2014 Windsor 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik please put this bitch back on blast, she has been on here before. Name is ELISHA HARCUS. She keeps rotating men on a daily basis.She has resorted to sucking dick for crack and doesn’t care who has the crck. A few days ago she got drunk and sucked her brothers dick so he would give her some crck. She prostitutes herself for cab rides and burgers. She leaves her kids in the care of her mother who is a prostitute herself.She doesn’t believe in using rubbers and forces guy not to wear them, she has had the cl*p,drd among other stuff.So guys in Windsor beaware of this dirty bitch.

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Windsor Mutt

September 8, 2014 Windsor 92

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi nik. This is tyshan willis aka teamcaketakeover as he is known on ig. This mutt is a fake ass wanna be gangsta. He hits up girls on ig and treats thrm real nice amd then he becomes an ass. He will get you to work in strip clubs amd make you give him your money. .I guess he thinks he lucious kayne. Just be on the look out windsor girls for this mutt. He smokes his mj all day and be drunk all the time. He smokes hos mj around kids as he has no respect for nobody. Nik post this mutt on the windsor Ontario site so all the girls no about him!

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The Pedo and the Prego

September 8, 2014 Windsor 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I was contemplating about sharing this or not. Im not usually the type of person to do so, but after what I recently found out, I just had to share. To warn all the people of Windsor of these two. Jerry Huffman and Marryann McGuin…where do I even start. Jerry has been arrested TWICE for child pornography and Marijuana charges. He had his two young children living with him too while he had the marijuana and several hard drives both on and off of his computer full of the porn. His children were taken away from him, and he isnt allowed to be around them. Or any child at that matter. Jerry is a lazy low life who doesnt clean and sure as hell didnt take care of his children properly. His true colours sure do show! Marryann purposely got pregnant by some random guy (like the little whore she is) because she knew that Jerry had a thing for pregnant woman. They are now together, and Marryann knows that he was arrested and why he was arrested but shes still with him. Marryann doesnt eat healthy, doesnt exercise, and eats plate fulls of food. She was already overweight before she got pregnant. I feel bad for her unborn child because it has to come into this world with both of those dirty, scumball people. So people be warned. Protect your children if you EVER see these two around.

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Low Life Lindsey

September 8, 2014 Calgary, Windsor 132

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik This dirty girl is Lindsey D my cousin. She had a baby and then left it with her mother a year and a half ago so she could move out to calgary with some goof she met online. Now she just parties it up in Calgary and never gives her baby she left in windsor a second thought. This girl just does massive amounts of drugs and steals money from her family honestly the baby is probably better off with out her. The last I heard of her (from a family member) she was in backpage. Lindsey get ur shit together you’re supposed to be a mom.

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Stephanie Smith

September 8, 2014 Windsor 72

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this nasty fat cnts name is stephanie Smith aka stephanie an ariana on facebook, she is the sorriest excuse for a women I have ever seen! This bitch straight up lets men into her home to “have some fun with” leaves welfare/drug money and weed all over the table and wonders why her shit goes missing! Bitch maybe if you put that shit away when you let strangers into your home it wouldn’t get stolen dumb ass! Then you are embarrassed so accuse one of your old friends? WTF is wrong with you? Like are you that stupid hoe? If you wanna hook up with strange men on the internet at least do it at a motel not at your home where your daughter lives! Which by the way isnt even her daughter, she convinced the real mother she was too young to take care of a child and took her away like she was cas or some shit! Bitch get off your high horse and start being a good mom that you claim to be instead of starting drama hoe!!!!

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