April Hart

July 25, 2014 Windsor 90

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well where to start…. Lets start with the fact that this girl has openly admitted she has drd! Yes that’s right dr virus simplex 1 & 2! And that’s probably just the start to a long list of what this girl has! Next lets touch on the fact of what a horrible mother this girl is! I’ve seen first hand what disgusting filth she allows herself and child (now children)(yes unfortunately she has had another)to live in! On top of all she has a hard time being a mother to her kids but wants to my mommy to everyone else’s ie Lornes kids.. She has the temper of a 2 year old and the tantrums to match! She is abusive to her boyfriends. She is a user. And still stuck in the same old dead end life she will always be in! She is two faced and will do anything to get her way! She may seem like the perfect girl at first. But she is more like how princess fiona is so beautiful and then turns into ogre fiona! Get my point? If you’ve met her u know what i mean!

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Two Faced

July 23, 2014 Windsor 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: nikki this girl Is a cow and needs to be blasted. Shes a shelter hoe that rips off friends and a straight up twofaced bitch. She uses guys for money and of course food (like the cow she is) shes a shitty girlfriend and an even shittier mother . She doesnt give two fcks about her kids , spends her welfare cheques on random shit she doesnt need while her kids strave at home. She is one shady selfish bitch. Never leaave your belongings around this creature. The only place she belongs is in the trash. Cindygo back under the bridge you came from you trollfaced cnt. Keep your distance from this one hamilton. Those fingers are probably crusty because she fingers her dirty twat in the shelter because no one wants fck her nasty ass besides greasy old men. But she will still try to get in on your sloppy seconds. This broad is irresponsible immature and shes a fcking cheater and a thief. I Could write a book on how much of a piece of shit this broad is. Keep your distance.

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Juliette NecRo

July 22, 2014 Windsor 121

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl is a proud freak,but in reality she’s a big whore, she slept with my ex while we were together,and im sure shes done this to others. she doesnt see herself as the sloot she is just a freak,lets see if the dirty will change her mind….cant wait to here the whore stories

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Mother Daughter Duo

July 22, 2014 Windsor 65

THE DIRTY ARMY: This mother daughter duo are from Leamington, but have now come to Windsor to spread their DRD’s here. Like mother like daughter. they are both the biggest backstabbers you’ll ever meet. the daughter Kellie is a crack head and will steal anything not bolted down, she brags about being apart of some biker gang street kingz yet she was stealing from them whenever she was around, if its anything like when she was in Leamington she prob. slept with all of them by now,,,,, Beware Kellie Lidddle has drd……And as for Ann well look at her LMAO she’s a disgusting pig which doesn’t say much about half of Leamington that slept with her. Ive even herd they have had a threesome together gross

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Ripper Jocelyn

July 22, 2014 Windsor 29


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Jocelyn Josee Ouimet. she’s a stripper drug addict alchoholic and she hooks too. She started stripping a year ago at leopards and is also at alleycats. She has clients she would sleep with to make money she would prostitute herself out and even go to their home. She just had a few abortions too. She has a bad drug problem with coke, she will lie, steal, cheat and minipulate to get what she wants especially drugs. she also tells people that if they fukkkk with her that shes got biker family in jail and she starts droppin names of people who will hurt you bad. Ladies keep your husbands away she has no morals and knows no boundaries and will try to sleep with anyone. She also has the drd and word has it H**

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Laura Gascoyne

July 21, 2014 Windsor 134

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is laura gascoyne from windsor shes a nympho maniac who has unprotected sex with whomever will give it to her she is riddled with disease and spends most of her time cheating on guys she dates.

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Fatty Tabby

July 21, 2014 Windsor 45

THE DIRTY ARMY: dirty hoe lets her kids walk in on her while having sex n acts like its normal smh also loves to fck any kind of guy that will talk to her haa she kepts her back door opened at night for any male to roll up in weather her kids r there or not wtf is wrong wit this girl ew !

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Welcome to Harvey’s

July 21, 2014 Windsor 40


THE DIRTY ARMY: I would like to introduce myself as diamond Wylie I\’m a prostitute undercover. But thats just one interesting fact about me want to know more ! Well here it is, I’m a lieing scum bag piece of a whore who pretends to be a lesbian but secretly I love the dick , I love to get drunk and fall asleep in someone news bed on the regular . I suck, fuck, and love to be a whore thats why I was named diamond. I love to use my friends underwear because I’m a welfare case that ran away from home because I want to be pimped out and used. I think I’m all that , in realityim just a run down alcoholic that is going no where in live I can’t even pass an orientation cycle at st.mikes. Sorry to say it diamond you can’t sell your pssy for the rest of your life. I just use people thats all I do ! I promise you I will fck you tell you I love you and use you for everything you own. I’ve been pimped out in Toronto, Windsor, London , ect. Diamond Wylie is one of the hugest whores in Windsor Ontario and I’m so surprised that this nasty triflen pussy that hangs lower than the balls that are constantly in that hoes mouth. Anyone that knows diamond or has heard of her knows she’s nothing but a waste case welfare cm yeast infestested cnt. bitch go get cleaned the fck up diamond. You’ve never once been tested for an drd, you can fuck all these guys you don’t even know but can’t go take time to get tested your going with drd bitch

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