Windsor | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 2

Made for Each Other

December 15, 2014 Windsor 48

THE DIRTY ARMY: Good day Nik. Here is clueless in Windsor! Where do I start? I want to tell you about this pathetic loser Chris Emery. He has mental issues and hits and beats his gf, Cassie. His MPD (multi-personality disorder) is his excuse and it won’t happened again – but it keeps on happening! It’s so bad that he crashed his new car up and nearly kills some innocent girl and blamed it on their failed relationship – and his bi-polar fatty takes him back! after he learns she cheated on him twith two guys! Shes always on those f**k sites/hookup sites trolling for someone – anyone to fulfill her sick fantasies. She always asking me about his mental issues and why he don’t want to screw and all the guys she has to do cause he can’t satify her anymore in bed. He too small and “quick” – wink, wink. Now she’s getting aten out by girls cause he’s zero in the sack. She now trying for threesomes so that she can at least get off. They both work with me and they are almost on the virge of getting fired for all the f’ups. She tells me all about her rape fantasies and sex fantasies but it’s a cover for just wanting to get it more than once a month and for longer than 30 seconds!!!??? She breaks down at work and hardly comes in and has the gaul to get my friend (actual) fired! These two mental morons deserve eathother Nik. Steer clear of their head games!

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Durty Mooovers

December 15, 2014 Windsor 30

THE DIRTY ARMY: hi Nik dis fam decided to post a gud man named Dustin Houwelling ya he has his falts but lemme tell u bout dem Dustins biggest falt is workin for dis clown for skab wages an might toke every now an then. from wat i here dis scum john Holland is on disability has had many businesses has a company write now called winners choice mooovers (movers)also has a second hand store dat he be fillin wit free stuff dat they get off those sights on facebook stuff they get outta the garbage an from da goodwill drop boxes sad stealin from the goodwill i think yall wud agree seein they pics look like they fell from da ugly tree an hit every branch on da way down they rip peeps off wud more then likely do it to they own fam an from wat i here this piece of crap abused starved killed a lots of animals even hurd he stuck sumthin round a horses junk how sick is dat shit. hurd he is da dada to his step daughters babies too but she is another story her mother Denise Holland tho has known about all this shit and stays wit this skum hurd she always say she gonna leave him but only leave him for anything wit a dick. even sleeps wit her friends man talkin bout keepin it close. while he be at work stealin from those bins she be havin a diff man dippin it in. hurd she even abuses her own damn mother. i cud go on an on but will let yall share ur comments on these sick ass peeps. Nic plese post as they need to be blasted!

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Britt D

December 15, 2014 Windsor 41

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik this girl right here is the biggest hoe in Windsor/Aburg her nudes are floating all over the internet and she’s constantly trying to expose other people but yet she’s the dirty one sleeping with other girls bad then lying about it. She thinks because she’s slept with every black guy in this city it’s okay for her to throw around the n word constantly. Look who her new man is he’s posted on here too because they are both ratchet as f*ck. Brittney before you try to expose somebody else you should check yourself and remember everyone else knows how big of a hoe bag u are !!!!

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Nasty druggies in Chatham

December 14, 2014 Windsor 34

THE DIRTY ARMY: these two couples smoke m*th and coke around lil kids and they cheat on eachother but no one knows b/c they like to hide shit from eachother they both smell and dont know how to shower have you guys heard of water and soap lol he is the reason why krissy doesnt have her kids

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Scumbag business owner

December 14, 2014 Windsor 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Looks can be deceiving. Chris Verbeem looks like the perfect guy you’d want your daughter to marry. Good looking, intelligent, master manipulator. But in fact, this piece of crap is one of the biggest scumbags in this city. This guy freeloads off his parents who own a small trucking company called Modern Forwarding. He breaks all kinds of labour laws and hires and fires new truck drivers, turning their experience into a nightmare. And who is left to suffer? Their families.

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Dustin Howeling

December 12, 2014 Windsor 118

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi nik this is dustin howeling the only pic I could find is one with his beautiful ex not gonna put her name I have nothing bad to say about her anyways he is dirty and a ratchet goof he left his ex and 2 kids left her pregnant to be with a 21 year old that claims her 6 year old son is his who knows his new gf ashleigh bailey has been around fee block a time or two I would know Lmfao anyways he has stds decided to go into his ex bank account and steal money that was for his kids some father that is he chose to be with ashleigh a dirty tramp he’s a pot head and loves his oil also loved to do it around his kids he chose her over his own family by of stupid reasons dustin u should have stayed with your ex u were better off give another girl stds u ratchet goof get more girls knocked up and walk out I’m glad who your ex is with now treats her with respect u didn’t know how threw stuff all around the apt put holes in the walls in front of ur kids made ur ex so scared glad she’s outta ur life anyways just thought I would put the word out there

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Douchebag Wrestler

December 11, 2014 Windsor 71

THE DIRTY ARMY: hi nik gotta put this guy on blast his name is Adam philatlas he is a wrestler for bcw hes dirty wanted to warn the world he gave my girl a disease has sex with just about anyone and then trys to ruin there relationship with there man he also talks so de grateful hes always pissed off at the world and damn does he smell, and he tried getting with me because i denied him he told me to fck myself this guy is hard up and prob the reason he dosnt have a girlfriend cause hes a terrible lover, not to mention he makes good money but yet lives in crack head ville with a roomate, ALSO he is a pedophile he tryed getting with my niece who is almost 16 like dude your almost 30 get a life, just to think all these fans that like him turn the other cheek you don’t want to know him, i feel bad for my girl but karma is a bitch and he will get his the douche bag!!!

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Hide your Dick, Hide your Wallet

December 11, 2014 Calgary, Windsor 38

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hello Nik! Well lets start off with her name is Krystal Lynn (Krystal Rankin). She will sleep with any guy that will give her money$$$$ She sells her self on POF (plenty of fish)! I saw her on there my self she messaged me trying to get me to give her money I live all the way in Calgary= She asked me to send her money saying it was important for her dog or a bill something like that……… “gold digger like a hooker just smarter” i wonder how many guys actually gave her the $ she said she will come see me if i pay for her ticket -= but i had to send her the money like you taking me has a joke;’ **if you aint no punk holla we want prenup! its something that you need to have cause when she leave yo ass she gonna leave with half** my buddy lives in Windsor and I told him about her, funny thing is when I mentioned her name he told me he fcks her all the time <> shes an easy fck; always downtown- if she needs a ride home she’ll hollar at him and they go to her place or his and fck^^ she will than talk about her money problems to him and make him feel guilty… he told me she has a huge vaginahes good friends with one of her girlfriends, she always talks shit about her to him and said she has a huge kills list on her phone-0—=Surprised this girl gets around as she does being so ugly and all;;’ her boobs dont even look that she probably uses a big ass padded push up or something and those paw prints on your tits look gross.

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