Crazy Crystal Kretzer

April 11, 2014 Windsor 102 6,732 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this chik be nasty. 3 babys by 3 diff daddys & chasin nasty black dick whenever she get da chance. She trolls arond Tzers and prolly gives bjs on the side woulnt doubt it. Dis bitch thinks she is so gangsta and tough but she really just a lil ghetto bitch and her vag smell like hog sweat and blue cheez lMaO

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Incest Orlotti Sisters

April 11, 2014 London-ON, Windsor 33 9,112 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Jessie Orlotti-Suppici and Haley Jena Orlotti-Suppici they are sisters and escort and strip together. They are both addicted to pills and coke, they’ll suck dick for Oxys, they also have an  drd, **pes and spread it around. They’ve banged half of chatham kent and the other half wouldn’t touch them with the pole they dance on. They both have kids which are with cas, and Jessie doesn’t even know her baby daddy’s!! Both of there ugly little rats contacted an std through them and are c*ke addicted. There both fat as fck and make people leave the club when they go on stage. Not to mention there C-section scar !! There kids cke into there c*ke stash hence why cas has them.these two girls are straight whapole island trash!!! Jena gives her sister toonie dives and groupes her tits, its actually really fucking weird, like incest but I guess that’s the only action Jessie gets.Jessie also advertises herself on backpage and craigslist for cheap! She’s the grossest dirtiest person around. She makes no money dancing so she has to escort herself and leave her face out of the pictures. They both have drd so be careful!!!

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Shanessa Wilson

April 11, 2014 Windsor 63 10,607 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: I’m sure you’re all familiar with Windsors dirtiest escort/stripper Shanessa Wilson. She strips and escorts in windsor and London she’s Josslyn Garbutt(King)a best friend and partner in crime! They steal from people and spread their herpes together, and also eat each other out, they have a weird friendship to say the least. She’s an alcoholic and drug addict on coke and herion she’ll either sleep with you or use her kids as an excuse to get drugs. Her kids got into a Baggie of coke that was hers and ate it they were sent to the hospital and that’s when cas took her kids she hasn’t had them since august. On top of that she exposed her kids to her clients and drug dealers. She’s a pshyco path and should be locked up in a straight jacket she’s also a pathelogical liar and will lie about every little thing! She leaves needles and scales around her house and left her herpes cream out. She has a new man evey week till they find out she’s a whack job and has drd. She lives off welfare also and uses the system for drug money. Hence why she’s in debt and tax collected are after her, her credit is so bad that no one will even give her a phone or car so she had to have her pimp and clients but them for her. Her kids were born crack addicted and with a drd because of her lifestyle, her son was also born premature. She sells herself on backpage and craigslist, she’s the dirtiest person around she works at Alleykatz,leopards and studio4 beware of this dirty walking disease!

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Anyone Know This Beautiful Woman

April 11, 2014 Windsor 80 8,118 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Wondering who this amazing beauty is. Please don’t comment that she’s full of diseases, not all women from Windsor are. She’s gorgeous.

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Pierre Prevost

April 10, 2014 Windsor 84 9,338 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this pc goof Pierre Prevost has drd (Nik please don’t change it to DRD please, ppl need to now specefics ) he has drd, he gave it to Ashlee Vandelinder and Amanda Vandelinder I know for a fact! and now hes giving it to Courtny Hurst as we speak. this guy is a fcking deadbeat. he has 3 kids and he just barely sees one of them. fcking deadbeat dad giving woman the gift that keeps on giving. please put this pssy ass French fgot on blast

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Tooba Motel

April 9, 2014 Windsor 82 9,059 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this nasty fck spends his time trying to hookup and manipulate young girls into becoming working girls best of all? this scum takes their money. he can be found posting ads on backpage. goes by robert deighan or damien cobb or you can simply call him a dirt weasel. likes to spike drinks and you can guess where that leads to. watchout everyone, dont let this nasty fucker come within 50 feet of you or else h’ll try to pimp you out too

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Amanda “party mom” Vandelinder

April 9, 2014 Windsor 311 11,058 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Amanda Vandelinder and her sister Ashlee Vandelinder both have drd! .. and they are both obsessed with this site and im going to have SO MUCH fun watching them comment under fake names trying to defend themselves when DEEP down they both KNOW its true… Ashlee caught herpes from PIERRE and Amanda caught it from TRAVIS . YEAH. DENY IT. I cant believe they aren’t on this site already. Amanda is the worst mom ever, all she ever does is party it up while her son bounces around from babysitter to babysitter. Poor corrie ( her babys dad ) didn’t even want to have a kid in the first place, but Amanda lied and said she wasn’t on birth control just to TRAP him with her. she is completely INSANE. Always getting drunk and neglecting her kid. Lastime I saw her at a party, her kid was in other room not being watched by anybody and he had a battery in his mouth! thank god I was there to take it! CAS needs to be called on this TRAMP! Dirtiest worst mother ever! PS – my boy told me her pussy STINKS like rotten pumpkins and old buttery popcorn! nasty!

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Deadbeat Kirk Richmond

April 9, 2014 Windsor 18 6,888 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: hey Nik, this is Kirk Richmond he has three kids that he doesn’t take care of is 26 years old and fcks under 18 year old girls, once your in a relationship with him goodluck getting out cause he uses you dry and tries to get you pregnant so he can get the child taxes he is majorly controlling and is an alcoholic and smokes weed on a daily, he has DRD’s and is a low life piece of shit that has no intentions on finishing school or even getting a job he never sees any of his kids he has one daughter in windsor and a son and daughter in stratford, luckily the mom in windsor has custody of the daughter and takes amazing care of her, but LADIES BEWARE do NOT sleep with him or consider being in a relationship with him cause you WILL get pregnant and get DRD’s.

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