Messed Up Family

September 5, 2014 Calgary, Windsor 62

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this lil girl thank shit hard going around town fighting ever girls she see thats cant fight her daddy a dead beat that thanks hes hard cause hes in ufc her sister a hoe amber gibbs that hade a baby at 14 by some wanna be ganster nigga name Kyle Allen Williston thats did most his time in a kids jail were he get tv and inter net lexi moms a hoe to she left her kids and his now in Calgary, Alberta fck othere nigga for money her daddy that called dickie is is a 50 year old man still the club fckin lil girls

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Junky Rat Lisa

September 4, 2014 Windsor 52

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well Nik. This little junky whore is Lisa Deschamps. She is one of the biggest junkys in Windsor. She will steel from her own family to get her next fix. I’v known her for a few years now and the shit i seen her do to her kids, im glad they are with someone else that will show them love, unlike her. she would smoke crack in front of her kids. when ever someone would buy her kids a gaming system she would go sell it for her drugs. she even would bring guys in to her house and fuck them for money when her kids where there… She is a sick person and i dont no why she is still running the streets. this girl needs to be locked away. the truth needs to come out. I feel bad for Tom. She lied and said she was at work. well she dont even work. She sits on welfare. She stole Tom’s money to go smoke crytal. he never broke in to her place, she left him there thinking he would leave.. they where dating for a few weeks. This is her track record. she will use the guy for what they have then kick them. Now the poor guy is going to jail for a long time… it should be her going to jail. She as well has herpes as well and dont care who she gives it to. this girl is dirt all around and needs to be put on blast. watch out for Lisa. She will do anything to get her next fix. she is a rat. She is the reason her baby daddy spent a lot of time in jail. She will get your info and be the first to rat someone out.. everyone needs to stay away from her. she will try everything to mess your life up..

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Cunter Covey

September 4, 2014 Windsor 90

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik this is hunter shelbyanne covey from Windsor ON this girl is by far the biggest dirtiest slob around she’s so lazy that she won’t even shower ! Her pusy smells like rotten ground beef and she has more curtains then a hospital ! This girl is fat disgusting blown out whore , she cheated on her baby’s dad for 4 years , she acts innocent but we all know the truth hunter your are a fat pig , she bring her son around different dudes all the time , put her son in the arms of coke dealer !!! This chick will suck any dude off that give her fat nasty stretch mark ass a chance if you wanna find her her FB is red socks or you can find her sucking dick on brake at Sutherland global services , carefull tho she’s loaded with diseases , this girls psssy is haunted she had about 29 dead babies come out of it , we like to call her the lost and found , is your bf is lost go to hunters and he will be found !!! Hunter get of the dope man dick and take care of your son !!!

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Cousin Hopping Jackie Dealaet

September 4, 2014 Windsor 41

THE DIRTY ARMY: Please Welcome Miss Jackie to the Dirty! This Slore has been sleeping around with her man of 11 yrs cousins. They know of 3 cousins so far. She has lost all 5 kids to CAS cause of drinking and smoking weed. Sells all of her kids toys,clothes,beds on FB sites for drinking cash. Down in Windsor a couple months ago,she took two guys the back of Vodoo and banged them both! Still hasn\’t went and been tested for STD\’s. This is a girl that is known for being a dirtball, scumbag Slore from the Wrong Turn movie or something! The top pic is her POF pic.LOL. This girl needs to get her sh*t in order if she wants her last child! Last week she signed over her rights to her youngest son cause the daughter is more favored in the family. Nik plz expose this Cousin Hopping Slore Bag!

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Scotion Slore

September 2, 2014 Halifax, Windsor 101




THE DIRTY ARMY: nik I’m shock that  “beautiful down G/Adrianna gray”hasn’t been posted yet .Inform everyone wat this disease infested ditch pig is all about .originally from Nova Scotia moved to windsor to start whoring career so that ppl/family back in hometown won’t know that she sells her ass for $.according to her Facebook image she tries to portray a mother that actually cares about her son (doesn’t see him on Mother’s Day and his birthdays who she only has Mon-Wed still can’t get him school on time so CAS was called) works as a “personal trainer” which is a front for the whore truth She started her sloring at 17 living on top of a rubNtug downtown oulette where she rubNtug for drugs and $20 bj’s .walking around downtown barefoot with her gut hanging out rancid bad breath raunchy body odour n scabies then moved on up the whore ladder to swinging around the pole at silvers,studio and leopards where she goes by “Lexi” stripping wasn’t enough she moved on to craigslist and backpage to start selling that DRD infested pussy behind her mans back . Now the super slut has moved to tricking on the side .she made sure to move to an apartment building close to strip club so she can bring men back to fuck for drugN $. This dyslexic bitch to retarded get a real job so she has spread her legs(read a book bitch) we used be grls until she fucked my man gave him the clap .i just feel sorry for her son. Nik pls let everyone know the who’re truth about this SCOTIAN SLORE

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Sleeps With Married Men Melissa Dahl

September 2, 2014 Windsor 143

THE DIRTY ARMY: This Girl was dating a guy Bill Ruth. Who she let Diddle to 2 little girl. This went on for along time. She smokes weed with her daughters in the room. She goes around and sleeps with married men all the time. So lady Beware of this nasty pig she will sleep with your man. Her name is Melissa Dahl she’s the grosses thing. She is also a huge rat she loves to call the cops on people for no reason. She lives off of welfare shes to lazy to go get a job. So if you know where all your tax dollars are going to this lazy bitch. SHE’S A HUGE SLUT GROSS WHO WOULD SLEEP WITH THAT BARF.

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Danielle Sabean

September 2, 2014 Halifax, Windsor 79

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl is by far the worst person I have ever met. She slept with the vice principal’s son numerous times and was dumb enough to not use protection. Then when she found out she was pregnant she went completely bezerk and cried and blamed it all on him. She was gross enough to abort the foetus and got pleasure from doing so. The dude now hates her and called her out for being a psycho and now she’s fcked in the head. She sleeps around with people in Windsor and Halifax for alcohol and cocaine and god knows what else. She’s even gotten money from fucking strangers probably twice her age. She’s obviously okay not using condoms so she probably has every drd known to man by now. She whines about being depressed all the time and having no friends because no one wants to hang out with someone as fucked in the head as she is. She’s extremely skinny (from doing so many drugs) and is the biggest attention wh*re I’ve ever met. She sent nude pictures to almost everyone at AVHS and teased them but never pleased them. She LOVES showing off her slutty body in tiny clothes she probably got at the Children’s Place. I can’t want to find out that she’s knocked up again and has **DS. Which I know by now she would already. She posts nude pictures all over the internet that anyone can just ask for and she’ll send them a link. She obsesses over dudes and gets upset when they stop talking to her. All her “friends” are guys but she secretly fcks all of them. This crazy bitch needs to be stopped!

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Jessica D

August 28, 2014 Windsor 220

THE DIRTY ARMY: Wanna Be Model of Windsor hahahahaha yup this girl likes to steal money from people. All she does is lie threw her teeth she’s the biggest slut/escort yup miss dirty Jessica D yes this girl think she\’s a model. I she does nude photo shoots for free she doesn’t even get paid for it. She was in the pal program too she sleeps with every guy in Windsor this girl gets around this is no joke everyone know this dirt ball she weighs what 80 pounds lay off the drugs Jess start eating some food. she has drd’s and she will screw with no rubber lots of people are saying that Herpies if you don’t want them stay away from her you will get them so gross she got the Herpies from Matt Breault is a huge loser this girl really knows how to pick them just stay away both nasty as hell..

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