Who Is This Girl Sexting my Boyfriend

August 13, 2014 Windsor 152

THE DIRTY ARMY: I wanna know who this little whore is. Sending pics to my mans phone…

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Michelle Fortier

August 13, 2014 Hamilton, Windsor 42

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this woman is an manipulative, lying, stealing prostitute and deadbeat mother! can’t keep her legs closed long enough to go a year without having some mixed breed spawn fall out of her loose canyon vag… none of which she ends up keeping, most are crown ward or adopted by her own mother who is equally fcked up. she’s suckered some dummy into paying her rent but still collects from welfare office and gives $50 bbbj specials in her free time. she visits hamilton to do duos with her own daughter! she spreads DRD like wildfire throughout the area. worst of all she has taught all her tricks to her own daughter who is already posted on here! someone needs to teach this family some common decency and tell them to stop living off the system, close their damn legs and get a real job! it’s embarrassing and sad really.

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ICP Wannabe

August 13, 2014 Windsor 140

THE DIRTY ARMY: nikkie you have to post this guy. i meet micheal bennette aka cannibal carb last year around november. He is a lying,cheating,low life money stealing guy. He tells a women everything they want to hear so they will fall for him and gets them to pay for things for him, he says its a bad month and it never happens, BULLSHIT it does every month. You feel bad for him and help him out, meanwhile he’s already on to the next girl. Once a player always one. He suppose to be a big rapper with all kinds of money, really why do you take cash from women then are we paying for your shitty service…. The guy is so stupid i have messed with him numerous times and he falls for it every time cause he can’t turn down sex or a girl. To my surprise the last time he let out a great secret that every girl should know since we know he won’t share it. His dirty ass finally caught up with him and he has……yes ladies Herpes. Guess all that screwing people over finally got to you!!! The best is his girl didn’t know he had it and she still took him back talk about desperation, funny disease’s are not like pokemon you don’t have to catch them all. Its so funny that women fall for his shit. The day she took him back he was on the phone with me that morning saying he loved me, he didn’t want her. He begged me not to hangout with her all she does it get high and hangout with hookers lol not to mention he said she dosent get him off and can’t handle the kids. Crystal get a clue.

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Another Maury Case

August 12, 2014 Windsor 35

THE DIRTY ARMY: ZAYNA COOPER the bitch just had a baby and I seen her downtown gettin smashed at the clubs like how fckin ratchet are you ho? First she said her bbydad was Greg Yopp (who dun fuked everyone and had three girls at once durin her pregnancy) but that baby came out dark as shit now she claimin its a detroit niggaz baby. Word on the street is that the bitch dun fuked a bunch of detroit and toronto nigga so I guess its another maury case. also her its deante jonez baby but with her you never know she loves dick loves to uck and loves everyones baby dad… suking in her baby weight tryin to look cute downtown bitch plese

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Felicia Dang & Troy Jenkins

August 12, 2014 Windsor 71

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, please let me introduce you to Windsors dirtest couple drd 1 and drd 2. First off this Troy is a grown 28yr old man with hair on his balls living with his father, that steals food that his father buys to feed his girl, Sorry felicia you are mad cause there is no longer a free meal ticket there for you no more cause you are banned from the house! Your so pathetic that you wait around the corner for Troy in his car, you really dont think people see you? Thank god that troy has a drug plan to treat his drd’s and warts is that why your with him felicia? Cause lord knows you cant afford your own…thank god for the meds cause all the stress and drama you have in your life you’d be bumping out of your under wear…How does it feel not having a place of your own felicia and troy, I really hope your parents wash down the toilet seats afer you guys use it! This couple cant even enjoy their life like normal people cause troy is a known snitch who rats drug dealers out and felicia is just a straight up no good whore who fcks anything with a black cock! Felicia you clearly belong where your father is to bad your step mother didnt like your ass either! Do you ever feel like crawling under a rock cause u look like you already have, yall need to get your own places to live before you have room to talk about anyone else and stop living off your dam parents…time to srart being a grown up! This might be a bad out break week for you guys hope you’re stocked up on your meds cause drd and wart sounds like that shit hurts….and windsor if you slept with either of the 2 please get yourselfs checked!

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Is Janet Lamoureux a murderer

August 12, 2014 Windsor 101

THE DIRTY ARMY: hello world here is Janet Lamoureux not only the biggest hoe in windsor one of the biggest hoes in canada she is born and raised in windsor but heres the sad thing forget being one of the biggest hoes dis 350 pound monster may be a murderer one of her daughters died of sids but not so fast dis maybe a case of murderer its was a cold night and a much younger Janet Lamoureux finally put here daughter to sleep her daughter fell asleep in her arms not to soon after Janet Lamoureux fell asleep as well next morning the baby is died in her arms i beleve the baby was suffocated in her 350 pound frame dis case needs to be re opened and get the true remember dis is the same woman who just sit back while her ex husband raped one of there daughters janet does not need to bring any more kids in dis world

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Slootbag Tyler

August 11, 2014 Windsor 82

THE DIRTY ARMY: Tyler Belanger is the biggest fucking slut known to the human race, shes slept with over half of windsor and claims to love some dude who doesnt give a fuck about her. Anyone can pimp her out like the little slut she is and she will let them, she doesnt care she just wants to get fucked. On top of being a hooker she smokes more crack then the oldest crack head in the world, she does so much oxy she thinks its cute. but really shes nothing but a piece of fcking trash. She sleeps with everyones man, so if shes ever been anywhere with your man and you werent there she probably had sex with him. shes nothing but a piece of trash, no one likes her because all she does is sleep with everyone. shes got more drdS than anyone on this website, shes fcking disgusting. just the thought of her makes me vomit. oh and that boy she claims to love shes fcked basically all his so called boys. Nothing but a dirt bag piece of shit. claimed to have mischarges, yet the probably all abortions nasty ass slut didnt know who the daddy was. she thinks shes got friends but all they do is lie to her and blame other people for the fucked up shit they did to her. shes nothing but a slut, if youre looking for a fuk dont fck this one , youll catch everything from drd to fcking a*ds with this one. watch out and stay clear of this tramp. she thinks shes so cute but really shes just looking for her next fck. plays off shes a virgin yet she probably fcked your dad.

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Cheryl Jenkins

August 11, 2014 Windsor 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is Cheryl Jenkins. She is a 300 pound woman beast who lives in a damn town house no bigger than a shoe box LOL. She’s always talking shit about other people, when she needs to take a real good look in the mirror. She lives off government assistance and really has the nerve to mock or make fun of other people. She relies on her family for money, which is completely sad when she is like 40 years old with two kids HAHA. I really feel bad for this fat bitch, bc I kind of see why she talks about other people, being she can’t even keep a man or a job… SMH!! She looks like a raccoon with all the damn clown makeup she wears, If I were you honey, I wouldn’t be calling other bitches ugly. I hope somebody comes by and takes your kids, you’re an unfit parent and you need to be kicked off government assistance with all the damn drugs you smoke!

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