Windsor | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 3

Brittany Vankoughnett

November 6, 2014 Windsor 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik – take a minute to check out Wallaceburg’s greasiest whorebag Brittany – Ronald McDonald’s closest cousin. Couldn’t last up in Walkteron without sucking wrinkled old balls to pay her bills so she had to come back to W’Burg. The only thing positive bout this chick is her drd tests as she’s full of ch***dia and drd. It’s obvious the second she opens her filthy mouth that she doesn’t even have a grade 12 education and earns her living off welfare checks, baby bonus, disability checks from her kids (cuz apparently intelligence really runs in the family…take a look at her wanna-be hood rat brother too!!) she has no idea what it is to actually EARN a paycheck standing on her feet instead of laying on her back. Her poor grandmother spends more time raising her kids than she does cuz she’s too busy smoking crack to care. When the welfare check is gone on the 2nd, she spreads her legs to get through the month. This whore has no real friends cuz she’s too busy stealing from them to support her drug habit – or sending her “friends” men pictures of her loose, drippy, scabby vag. If your man comes home and his dick smells like cheese and bologna, you can bet he was with Brittany.

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Kimberly Bonk

November 6, 2014 Windsor 63

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey windsor. This is Kimberly Bonk. This bitch right here says she has a kid with my baby daddy. But this cunt is lying! She wont even getba DNA test to show! Dumb whore Aaron caught you fuing James. And now your nust mad bc i’m with him. N my family loves him. And we are getting married n gonna have a REAL family. Also this bitch after my bf left her. She went and fcked this old friend of her’s dad. David Pigion. I have also herd her OWN father molested her and she brings her daughter over there? Like what the hell!!! I dunno wouldnt surprise me if she is full of  drd’s. Just be careful windsor.

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Christine Laliberte

November 5, 2014 Windsor 39

THE DIRTY ARMY: Christine Lalibertie is the biggest crack how around she lives o Athlone in tilbury one of the sketchiest places around.She sleeps with men all around ontario and gives them her h*rpes. She whores herself out on tinder and pof. The real Christine has no job and lives off welfare and her kids she keeps popping out kids for the check and because she can’t keep get diseases legs closed! She neglects her kid and it got into her crack stash she cares more about her next fix then her own child. She’s also known to fck other women’s husbands etc. she thinks she’s all that but she’s just a washed up stripped druggie with a stretched out diseased vagina.

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Leah Dotzert

November 5, 2014 Windsor 132

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this here is Leah Dotzert a perfect example of a undercover dick craving Windsor sloot, she lives of da Gov, and selling her cooch, fakes being a model and is a drunk who can only fall sleep when she drinks, this here sloot jumps on any cock thats in front of her, my boy has been banging her recent and it was as easy as her beggin pretty please for it my boy has even taken videos and pictures giving her the business end she was all for it, wrap ur shtick doe she has ** and DRD, she won’t hesitate to sleep with any bloke single or not so Windsor ladies watch ur men if you see her near, she wrecks homes, this here sloot likes to act that she a high class bitch but everyone who know her know she’s DTF if you have the cash or something she wants. She always so thirsty for dick she changes her personality to match in the guy she wants it from. The thirst is real.

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Escort Over Mother

November 5, 2014 Toronto, Windsor 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Thunder Bay,ON. This is Sherry, she has been on methadone since the 90′s. This one would rather suck cock then raise her own kids. She has four and hasn’t been with any of them for more then a months time. She has stolen from the charity boxes at Tim Hortons and even steals money for her little kids. She is a pathetic excuse for a human let alone a mother. Addict d to cr*ck while pregnant with these babies. Just wish this one would fuck off and die. Her boyfriend is her pimp and is only half her age. She is the real douche bag this one! With multi drd’s I’m not sure how Monique gives her morning massages!

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Beware Windsor Girls

November 5, 2014 Windsor 46

THE DIRTY ARMY: Beware ladys this is Chris Urquhart, he will make you fall for him with his words but all he will do is lie through his teeth & use you then toss u to the curb. He is nothing but a dead beat dad who don’t even see his son. He just runs the streets like a highschool kid. He thinks he is tuff but is anything but. You don’t want to be with him ladys. He may have good looks but his kill list is higher then your grades. He is a worthless piece of street trash jail bird dead beat lier.

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Trashiest in Windsor

November 5, 2014 Windsor 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Lindsay June…the nastiest girl I have ever came across…she sleeps with everyone she can get her hands on not to mention she has multiple drds.. she stalks all her boyfriends and like men who are in relationships. I don’t know how she hasn’t been posted yet. Well Lindsay now it’s your time to be blasted for being the slut you really are!

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Tee St. Jean

November 4, 2014 Windsor 80

THE DIRTY ARMY: TEE ST. JEAN, I have never been someone who writes negative things. But this lady is down right HORRIBLE she takes slutty pictures and manipulates people and uses every guy she dates. I feel bad for her current boyfriend and all the others stupid enough to get played by her manipulation. THE WORST thing I ever heard and the saddest is that she got a kitten with her last boyfriend Colin. She did not take care of the kitten so she taped a diaper on to the poor little thing. A friend told me she then decided she did not want the kitten anymore so she suffocated her. THIS IS THE MOST DISGUSTING, COLD HEARTED, HAUNTING thing I have ever heard. WINDSOR watch out for TEE and anyone in her path, for she should not be trusted. If you don’t believe me just have a conversation with her and you can see exactly the type of person she is. I hope she gets help and gets clean and stops with the meth and coke! Also if anyone has any more information about animal abuse it should be reported. DONT LET HER IN YOUR LIFE. DONT LET HER MANIPULATE YOU OR DECIEVE YOU.

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