Windsor | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 3

Miss ratchet Wilson-Mulder

December 10, 2014 Windsor 30

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik this girl right here is ‎Alijenaie mulder she is one of the biggest dirtiest sluts out their she has so many drds she is dirty. She fucked her old bestfriends bf kenny behind her back, while at a party at tara hallinans. She will suck yo ur dick for money, shes a huge crack head, i heard she smashes needles in her body all over she has track marks every where and a very bad case of acne the girl needs to stop picking her face and arms and get some medicine. she looks like a homeless used up whore. if i was the last guy on earth i wouldnt fuck her with another mans dick! She looks so skinny cause shes anorexic and does so many drugs. Her pussy is all stretched out *puke*

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One F’ed up Family

December 10, 2014 Windsor 31

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik,This family is one to watch out for, The dad Jerry diddled his Daughter Jessalyn when she was young that’s who she lost her virginity to at 12. He was a con artist and went under lots of alias names. The Mother Mary is an alcoholic and drug addict who always got drunk with Jerry and when he was passed out Mary would sleep with her 2 sons Joel and Justin’s young teenage friends. Justin and Joel are big crack heads and have multiple drds from sleeping with everyone they can. I’m sure Jalene is following in her sister’s footsteps also. Everyone please be aware of this family they are down right nasty and should have been blasted long ago.

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She’s in love with the Coco

December 10, 2014 Windsor 27

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, Well this is Dayna Lalonde…. Shes a dirty Coco loving hoe who will do anything for a line, she loves other girls boyfriends and will do anything to get free coco. She looks like a fat fcking Donkey, don’t let her photos fool you she sucks her fat in, even photo-shops them. Always taking pictures with her mouth open that’s how thirsty she gets for cock. May see her around alley katz, cheetahs, and leopards cause that’s where her only friends are and the COCO, or at the casino drinking and snorting all night long with Holly O’Donnell. Her fat-short friend that loves the COCO and COCK too ill be damn surprised if these too haven’t gotten gang-banged together…. watch out for these girls, they will do anything for free stuff and leave you with a DRD in the end. Sluts

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Travis Andrew Brunschot

December 10, 2014 Windsor 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this man is a women beating control freak of a man that deserves to be out away. He will lie and sleep with your mom. He had slept with married women. He has cheated on his passed gf and had kid with another women when they were together and hid it from her. Then when he got caught without a licence ruined his chances of driving legally again his licence is suspended. He only has is g1 and he’s 30 doesn’t have his grade 12. He has no common sense. Been to jail already. Women look out for this ass. He is on pof right now under kingsville bound. He doesn’t have much of a future. He is trying to find a girl to come and pay for his place and his habits. Borrows money from his parents all the time.

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Dirt Ball like her Sister

December 9, 2014 Windsor 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: hey nik, looky who we’ve got here she young she nasty as fu*k and is chatham night clubs little slut along with her bestfriend lmao this is courtney vanhumbeck.. this girl is a bad mother, has no repect around her little boy jordan teaches him to swear and won\’t even put him in school? she likes to use men for alot of things haha most importantly here this one stinks!!!! she better fix them cricked ass teeth and white skin watch out men!! BEWARE

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Deserie McGrath

December 9, 2014 Windsor 81

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik ! This here is DESERIE MURRAY MCGRATH. She’s one of windsor’s TOP hoes but doesnt like to admit or think of herself as one. She sleeps with everyone! She can’t even count or remember how many guys she’s fcked! She has all different types of boys around her kid , now even a pedo that fuvked Cheyenne stobbs when she was only 14 or 15. She claimed she loved frank ( who’s in jail ) but was still getting dicked down by roger Baylis , nayif chams aka Nate , devontae Elliott , and many many more! She “loves” everyone from male to female ( oscargreen , devontaeElliott, tenishawashington, frankHarris, jadenCarter, jordanCarter , andreWatson, ) she doesn’t even know who her fathers dad is because she fuvked all the named above around the time she got pregnant and doesn’t want to get a DNA test… I mean I wouldn’t either with all them possibilities ! Lol she’s such a whore.. Always has a dirty house smelling like dog and cat! She’s FAT AS FCK ! Her face looks like it self alone ways 20lbs but she’s “thick” lol no bitch you look like a hippo ! Her daughter is going to grow up thinking she has 10 different daddies because of this skeet .. Like take responsibly of your youth and stop spending Her Money on tatts and get a DNA test so she’s know who her reallllll dad is! This cunt will never admit she’s a whore and doesn’t know who her daughters dad is because she’s even ashamed of herself! I mean who wouldn’t be? Her body is disgusting , props to her for feeling confident about herself though lol her belly button is disgusting because she left her belly ring in during her pregnancy and it looked like it got infected .. She’s sooo proud to be a whore to.. Like she brags about other girls baby dad being up in her crib fucking her and what not… That\s why you’ll never have man that actually loves you bitch because your nothing more then just a HOE ASS BITCH with stank ass pussy . I’m done.

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Aalyah Hurst

December 9, 2014 London-ON, Windsor 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Aalyah justus janisse-hurst needs major help and people need to know shes a chronic liar and will do anything for attention and sympathy so dont believe her unless you know she aint lying!!! she thought she was so mature and wanted to show everyone that she was an adult so around 13-14 she started sleeping with anyone who would have sex with her so she could get 15 she got pregnant by devante kersey whos father is dave meadows with a record longer then you can imagine and who’s a child mature she was homeless and had to live in shelter when she was pregnant and until after the baby was born she then had another kid with a different man and since the 1st baby was born she lets her father Rodney Hurst babysit whos rapidly raped her as a child but she dont care as long as she gets her welfare cheque and attention for bring so skinny from crohns disease her and her new bd are drug addicts and alcoholics who live with his mom who works at studio 4 worse part is she smokes weed with her kids next to her and makes then eat cheap mcdonalds starting before they are even 1yr old shes a disgusting “mother” but not much different then her parents so i c where she gets it

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Nasty Old Hags in Chatham

December 9, 2014 Windsor 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: these two girls are nasty sluts they both like to cheat and like to smoke m*th and coke and pot they get drunk alot and cant take care of there kids at all kirssy has her kids taken away and Franki is always drunk when she takes care of her kid and she a big fat whore dont trust these ladies they will fck you up

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