James Farough

October 14, 2014 Windsor 41

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I’d like to introduce the most repulsive scumbag Windsor has to offer…James Farough! Women beware, this dead beat will act like he loves you, knock you up and then leave your a**. He’s got four kids from two different women that he NEVER see’s, nor cares to! He thinks he’s God’s gift to women when in reality he’s a fat and dirty womanizer! He’s on disability for some mental illness but everyone knows he’s just a lazy lying bum! It’s only a matter of time when his next victim (girlfriend) gets knocked up and has to raise a baby on her own. Men like this sicken me! This one needs to be castrated and forced to support his children!

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Biggest Tool in the Shed

October 14, 2014 Windsor 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: this guy right here is Dakota Michael Carter he uses girls like a napkin he hits it and quits it he is a fuking tool….. he will fck anyone and anything he is that fcking nasty I was shocked that he has not landed on here yet…..on facebook all he talks about is weed, money and bitches like this tool thinks he is black but he’s whiter than casper the friendly ghost haha he thinks he is a gansta well guess what trick you need to settle ya ass down and fcking do something productive with your life… you also need to pull your god damn pants up oh and remember homeboy don’t drop the soap lmfaoo

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Pest Control

October 13, 2014 Windsor 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: put this loser on blast nik . this guy his name is Gilbert T. Beaule made so many girls lives shit by his constant cheating , and manipulation , they would always be underage as well like 15-16 hes like 25+ , the poor girls would get screwed over he would beg for sexual favors all the time , the poor girl he would be dating at the time he would then have her friends targeted he would try to pick them up as well , this guys a slim ball , lives in windsor , claims to have a pest control service watch out he will probably try to pick up someones young daughter , he is still trying to get with some of the past girls but they know not to go there again i mean look at this douche he changed some of the girls lives he needs to be here

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Dirty Dude

October 6, 2014 Windsor 61

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so this loser has been sleeping all around Windsor, and just had baby a couple months back! Not just girls his age but middle age woman and grandmothers! He doesn’t care to stop and its just another notch in the belt as he says! He even tries to get his friends gfs drunk and try to sleep with him! This asshole has admitted to having DRD! Probably has an std! He has been seen disappearing at parties with bisexual friends and known to be bisexual himself! There is no boundaries with this walking std! Also he started a bullshit company after wasting his parents money in university and dropping out! He has the nerve to start an employment agency to help other people! Its just a way to screw people over and make fast money! I wouldn’t want this guy handling my check! He’s known to steal in the past and present! The company is Devine Personnel.

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Ankur Away

October 6, 2014 Windsor 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: To all women who go to Lambton college in Sarnia, Omtario Canada. Beware of this sleazy paki who gets involved with women and tells them lies, uses them , tells them what they want to hear just so one of them would marry him so he could permanently stay in Canada. He’s a liar, a cheat, he steals and he’s extremely creepy. I’ve been told he’s got a small dick and smells like curry. But on a serious note watch your selves ladies don’t get taken advantage of by this creep. Watch your pocket books and do not trust him alone around your stuff, he’s a thief. My friend got lured in by this loser who used her, lied about everything and on top of that cheated. Ladies get yourselves checked for drd’s.

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Art Thompson

October 6, 2014 Windsor 54


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey I found this guy who likes to fck any girl that really needs drugs. My friend was going through a tough time with drugs and Art got a call from my phone thinking it was her phone. I catfished for a bit and he sent me nudes so quickly. I asked around and all the girls he hooks up with are drug dependent. His friends on Facebook are all strippers and prostitutes. He thinks he is so tough I told him he was talking to a dude and he told me to come fight him.

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Suncor Slore

October 6, 2014 London-ON, Windsor 34

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Sandy Coles AKA Crystal Coles. This one is a real piece of work. She is a free loader looking for a guy to support her and her kids while she sits on her fat ass all day. At the moment she is playing 3 guys at Suncor where she works as a janitor, but only till she can get one of them to support her then she will quit.

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Coleen Boychuk

October 3, 2014 Windsor 56

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Meet coleen Boychuck. Dirtiest whore you’ll ever meet. One time, she fell asleep at a party and people peed on her, thats how dirty she is. Shes had an abortion more than once, and claims that shes a clean girl when shes not. She gave my friend the clap, and continues to spread it around dougall area. She works at papa johns making terrible pizza and sucking dick for tips. She is honestly the uglieat girl i’ve ever met, and her pssy smells like a hamster cage that never gets cleaned. If you see this girl be sure to bring lysol to spray at her so she can have a shower. Dirty whore. This girl is so dumb that she was willing to suck my dick , then make me breakfast after i kept calling her a whore for sleeping with my boy. Hahaha go get another abortion you dumb slut. Oh and by the way her best friend jessica in the 2nd picture, also loves the cock, and they have 3somes together… go get them at papa johns in the backroom.

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