Windsor | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 3

Walking Waste

November 13, 2014 Windsor 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well, I’m seriously surprised Melissa Bester wasn’t put on here a lot sooner. She’s the worst excuse for a mother, saddest excuse for a woman. She is like gonorrhea to the planet. She’s a disease that needs to be remedied! She barely raised her son and left him time and time again. The boy is now a thieving junky with no hope for a better future. She always picked men and dope over her own son. She’s selfish and hungry for any cock. She’s been known to whore her ass for dope. She’s well known for setting ppl up anf benefitting from it. A pathological liar. Backstabbing trash bucket. It’s funny she actually thinks she looks good in her new meth warped body. Bitch you’ve aged 12 years in 8 months siiiick! Lol you’ve done this to yourself dirty dumb slut. You’re the equivalent to a blue waffle vagina. Worthless, smelly and completely fcked up looking! A mother is suppose to put her family first in your case it was all your nasty needs and wants and now you have to go beg your dealers not to sell to your son. Nasty nasty. That’s on you bitch. You’re a boil on Chatham’s asshhole! Nice fcking job!!!

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Baby Ditcher

November 12, 2014 Windsor 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: her name is brandi wheeler leaving her daughter 6 months old alone all hours of the night with random people posting under wear and bra pics and just being a plain old whore sleeping around with every guy she meets

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Mother Daughter Duo

November 12, 2014 Windsor 207

THE DIRTY ARMY: I’m sure most of Windsor knows already but I thought Id put on blast 2 of the city’s ugliest gals. which happen to be mother and daughter. these two been going hard on that tag team since oh girl was 16 and moved in with her mom which her mom ran a welcome center out her apartment lmaooo if ya got weed coke or big dirty dick u were welcome! ha.. and then they began fckin with two brothers daughter had one mother had one lol how simple can these two get. then the mother got her daughter to trapp the one brother into getting her pregnant so they can get baby bonus along with there welfare check and they felt they would be well off by doing so, then not even a year and a half later convinced her to trapp him again with yet another kid by a boy who doesn’t even support the two he has prior to her. lol that’s just sad but hey as long as they getting that child tax money why not right! these two have shared enough Lil boys in the same night I can only imagine the rotton smell coming out them pants from all the dirty nasty disease they carry. go get checked out y’all cuz I know from what I heard that dirty smelling vag has got to be infested!!! dirty house + dirty vag just ain’t right guys come on have some morals please especially u Kayla u got two kids that have to deal with u kissing and hugging them wouldn’t wanna pass an oral disease on to them! these two always got something to say about everybody else when really they don’t know shit! not a damn thing! they also tend to hate on people who look way better and who are doing better then them but I guess its the insecurities that are arising!! now suck on that!!!! something other than dick for once. make sure u can afford a double stroller before having more kids lol jus a thought!

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Lisa Deguire

November 11, 2014 Windsor 72

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Lisa Duguire, We used to be friends until I seen first hand just how unimportant everyone in her life is including her 3 children. My husband and I have helped her out a number of times with food, and snacks for her youngest daughter, we have helped take care of her youngest daughter. We learned that the reason she has no money for food is because she has a very bad drinking problem, to the point were she leaves her 11 year old daughter alone at night while she goes to the bar and parties. She also waist’s her money on drugs, she has such a bad pill problem that she will go out and buy T-1′s from shoppers and take 10/15 at a time just to get a buzz. This woman’s addictions are so bad that to get out of paying rent she wrongfully accused the manager of sexual assault, which landed up in court and being thrown out because she had told the story 3 different times and has been in court a few times prior for the same reason.
She squats and when they give her a eviction notice she calls “SEXUAL ASSUALT”. We lent her $50 on Halloween she said she would pay us back the next day, when we asked for the money back she called CAS and the police on us, Same thing she did to her 20 year old daughter and her new born baby.

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Lorenz Sista’s

November 11, 2014 Windsor 136

THE DIRTY ARMY: Carefull Windsorites! Watch out for these 2 wagonburner sisters from the rez. They think they are slick, but they only want the dick to have more babies, so they can collect more money from the system. Get jobs girls, ya live together so ya can save, if ya all really desperate for the dough, have 1 sister take care of the others kids and that leaves 1 free to hop on the pole, lol. You really think us tax payers should be supporting your ugly ass’s, so you can go buy booze and get drunk. Like who the hell goes out to the bar when their 5 months pregnent? Its not like you don’t get money handed to you from your rez, your checks are huge and they keep comeing! Ya all don’t even need to be on welfare with the chuck of change ya get. Do us all a favour and move back to Walpole Island. Cute or sexy or beautiful doesn’t even fit into your vocabulary. Double the pleasure, double the fun, watch out men you better run run run.

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Wallaceburg Dead Beat Dad

November 11, 2014 Cambridge, Windsor 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: He is know as “FUDD”. He has 5 kids with 5 baby mamas. 1 in which is with his own cousin. He takes care if none. He is a big alcoholic and druggie. He rather party with minors and do his oxys. His gf is Felicia. She is not smart. He fcks around all the time and she takes him back. Fudd has been known to spread the clap. He lives in Wallaceburg. If you see him say hello to the dead beat fcker.

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Druggie/thief Clinton

November 10, 2014 Windsor 45

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Clinton. He’s a drug addict who’s addicted to meth and coke. He’s a thief, steals anything he can get his hands on to support his and his crack head girlfriends drug habits. He fcks almost every girl in Chatham while in a relationship. He steals cars, t.v’s, phones, and anything else. He has nasty ass tattoos and doesn’t know how to keep his dick in his pants. He’s constantly in and out of jail, and he’s also known as a rat. He tells cops about anything bad that anyone else is doing. His Facebook name is Clinton Kyle Willder.. Enjoy Chatham ladies you might be next

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Beatty Eyes

November 10, 2014 Windsor 48

THE DIRTY ARMY: this Lil greasy bitch is Kayla mangham. always running her mouth. pig this and ugly pug that meanwhile she is by far the ugliest lookin how going. she has small Beatty eyes and always squints in pics thinking she’s hot but she’s so not! she has kids with a closet smoking crackhead and she knows it but yet still loves being ran by him! lmfao what he says goes because she don’t wanna lose him. meanwhile he’s the last bitch he wants!!! its quite sad as she’s as gullable as they come haha and that’s why she’s not his wife yet lmao and walking around with 2 of his kids alone hmmmm where he at Kayla?! that’s right not at your side wifeing it! all in all this little head big body bitch needs to be put on blast for talking so much shit and not backing it up! ugly Lil wench!

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