Nothing but Trouble

July 15, 2014 Windsor 36

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this is Jessica Haggert. She sits there and acts as if she’s your friend and then turns around and talks shit about ya and spread rumors that aren’t true as if u were a worst enemy to her and tha’s after people do shit for her and still trash talks them, I mean seriously! who does that? She claims her boyfriend Dave is the father of her little boy, yea right! There’s no fkn way he is, and everyone else knows it, no one in her fam or Dave is molada so figure that one out, but Dave is the sucker to believe it. It’s pretty pathetic she has Dave’s parents believing it and Aiden even lives with his Daves parents. That be the day I give my kids up, esp to ppl that aren’t even his grandparents. They have threesomes with other guys, talk about gay, he takes pics of her private area and sends them to ppl making fun it lol. How sad can 2 human beings be. She has hurt ppl to many times so its time she goes on blast.

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Fakest Dude Out There

July 11, 2014 Windsor 79

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here’s Nate LoMedico, he’s 23 and he’s the fakest dude out there who can’t make decisions for himself always having others make it for him…maybe he still sucks on mommies titties lol. He charms his way into women’s hearts by saying things like, he wants to be with them, their gorgeous and that he’s lucky, WHY? so you can sleep with them! and then betray them right after and he doesn’t even give a care in the world if he hurts their feelings…Watch out girls for this dirty pig!! who wears the same clothes over and over again. Nothing is funnier then trying to have sex with this looser, ‘limp dick’ who can’t get it up…who keeps trying, trying and trying and still can’t get it hard lol, who should a gotten circumcised ages ago eww. Its called grow some balls and stop playing with women’s emotions.

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Bigger Lobes than Greg

July 10, 2014 Windsor 97

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dylan Betschel is nothing but a low life piece of shit who abandoned his kid so he could fck another girl. He’s a high school drop out who still lives at home with his mom and does nothing but drink and brag about getting laid. He’s fcked 40+ girls including minors and probably has kids he doesn’t know about. Girls beware.

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July 10, 2014 Windsor 44

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl on the right here, she broke up with someone I know 3 days before this pict and was telling him she loved him a day before she went a away with this guy and pretty sure I heard she was telling him she loved her ex a day later. A week or two before that she was sending him naked pics and having sex with him, but who knows how long her new relationship has been going on for. Messed up girl, very shallow person we don\’t need to get into her past to, im sure everyone that sees this knows. I know she was doing the same thing when she got back together with her ex last August or September, pretty sure they broke up that time cause he was cheating on her. Good luck to this guy tho.

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Welfare Club Rat

July 10, 2014 Windsor 111

THE DIRTY ARMY: This Disgusting nasty waste of skin Drama Queen is Steph Thivierge she is a mother of 2 that spends all her time in the nasty clubs in windsor and spends her WELFARE money on drugs and drinks! Hangs out with hookers, always has random squatters living at her place around her children. She is currently knocked up with her 3rd that may or may not be this poor son of a bitches in the picture above who goes by the name CHEEBA she is such a dirty whore sleeps around with all her friends bfs and tons of random guys who knows who the father really is. She is still drinking and doing drugs and for the love of god wash yourself you stinky hog ur always smelling like Fish! Damn girl thats why you cant keep a man in the summer ur always FUNKY! ALSO PLEASE start wearing clothing that actually fit ya im so fucking sick of seeing this cnts Cellulite! If your looking for a good time or a line or a std.. hit this bitch up You know how they say the bigger girls try harder fresh tonuge ring fellas! - Sincerly Way to make your daddy proud

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Coral the Skinny Escort

July 9, 2014 Windsor 104

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this bitch needs to be put on notice. Shes a dirty ass slut who cant stay off the he**in. Just look at how skinny she is. She was pregnant and lost it probably cuz she couldn’t stay off the drugs. Shes a dirty ass escort selling her nasty ass shit with whatever drds she has. Shes been in rehab multiple times for drugs and for whatever reason keeps going back to them. Find something better to do with yourself hunnie instead of spending that’s dirty ass money from old dudes into drugs.

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Nicki the Drunken Mom

July 9, 2014 Windsor 47

THE DIRTY ARMY: NIK , this drunken bitch needs to be exposed ! All she does it party while her daughter is with whoever ! She’s always saying “turn down for what” well her daughter is who she needs to turn down for ! She posts pictures and stats everyother day talking about partyyy I’m drunk turn down for what … She’s a nasty bitch and gets trained ! She shouldn’t even be allowed to be a mom someone need to call cas on her because all she does is turn up ! What kind of mom are you ? She claims she’s thick but she’s just FAAATTTT ! She has stretch marks on her stomach and wears clothes that show it all ! There’s no problem with it but fck bitch cover that gross ass body up she pushes her big saggy tits out in all of her pictures and she’s to into her self she thinks she cute but she’s not ! Her baby dad is in his 30s and she was only 17 or 18 when she got pregnant she’s dirty as fck ! Moved to windsor just so it’s easier for her mom to watch her daughter Aliyah while she drinks her life away … Do something better with your life nicol your daughter needs you and stop spended all your welfare checks on your fat oger looking self

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Elee Finley

July 8, 2014 Windsor 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: NIK , this HOE needs to be exposed ! She was put up here before but she needs to be again because she keeps doing scandolous shit…She’s dirty as fck and will fck anyone for a quick buck … Male or female , fat or skinny she doesn’t have any standards ! She once was escorting and caught the clap then gave it to 3 guys… She’s sticks within the family , so watch out if you date her don’t bring her around your cousins because she WILL get it In with them… She claims she’s hot shit and gots her own but she only does because her dad died and she blows her money on weed alcohol and drugs and MEN … She’ll tell you she loves you after being with you for a week and she’ll pay for your dick if it’s good enough her son is 3 and can’t talk !! And he’s ugly looking like he rose from hell … She fcks and smokes and drinks right infront of him maybe that’s why he can’t talk ? Instead of partying why don’t you stay your anorexic ass down and take better care of your son and teach him to talk ..: she smokes while being pregnant and that’s probably why her daughter died !! I was her best friend and she slept with a guy who had a**s so I don’t doubt that she has it to ! Her pussy stinks so bad this one time when she was on her period it seemed through her pants and al you could smell was FISH ! It was disgusting !! She looks like a man trapped in a females body , she has a busted ass weave that looks like it hasn’t been brushed out in years !! She’s skinny as fuck has NO ASS OR TITTS and it’s so gross I feel bad for whoever fucks her because all they will be feeling is BONES

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