Low Life Lindsey

September 8, 2014 Calgary, Windsor 144

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik This dirty girl is Lindsey D my cousin. She had a baby and then left it with her mother a year and a half ago so she could move out to calgary with some goof she met online. Now she just parties it up in Calgary and never gives her baby she left in windsor a second thought. This girl just does massive amounts of drugs and steals money from her family honestly the baby is probably better off with out her. The last I heard of her (from a family member) she was in backpage. Lindsey get ur shit together you’re supposed to be a mom.

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Stephanie Smith

September 8, 2014 Windsor 93

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this nasty fat cnts name is stephanie Smith aka stephanie an ariana on facebook, she is the sorriest excuse for a women I have ever seen! This bitch straight up lets men into her home to “have some fun with” leaves welfare/drug money and weed all over the table and wonders why her shit goes missing! Bitch maybe if you put that shit away when you let strangers into your home it wouldn’t get stolen dumb ass! Then you are embarrassed so accuse one of your old friends? WTF is wrong with you? Like are you that stupid hoe? If you wanna hook up with strange men on the internet at least do it at a motel not at your home where your daughter lives! Which by the way isnt even her daughter, she convinced the real mother she was too young to take care of a child and took her away like she was cas or some shit! Bitch get off your high horse and start being a good mom that you claim to be instead of starting drama hoe!!!!

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Mike Harris – Watch your Daughters

September 8, 2014 Windsor 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this dirty dog is almost 40 years old!!!!!! The younger the chick, the better for this nasty boi! If your 17-20 years old and enjoy little and I mean little DICK, being emotionally and physically abused then THIS GUY is for you. MIKE HARRIS is originally from Blenheim/Chatham area now resides in a dirty run down motel in the west end of Windsor. He is a dirty piece of shit dead beat dad that prays on chicks his daughters age…puke!!!! He’s slick and can sweet talk well but still a whore! BEWARE LADIES

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What Happened To Windsor

September 5, 2014 The Dirty, Windsor 195

THE DIRTY ARMY: I doubt this will get posted, but Nik, if you care about family in the least bit. You’ll submit it. Please. Windsor was once a great city. A place that I use to be proud to call home. What happened to us? Now all everyone ever does is bash one another because we aren’t all the same? Who cares if someone wants to use drugs, have lots of sex, or be a bitch. It’s their life. Their decisions. Not yours. Many of you are hypocrites that more than likely would never say anything bad to someone when it came to being face to face. Think before you post. This site shouldn’t be for outsourcing spiteful details about someone just because we are a little bit mad at them. It shouldn’t even exist in the first place, but since it does. START USING THEDIRTY CORRECTLY. For people who hurt other people MAJORLY. Not just their feelings. If someone abused you, raped you, or gave you an drd. Go ahead and post them to let the world know. Stop posting girls for having children. Stop posting your ex. Stop posting just for entertainment. Most importantly QUIT TELLING PEOPLE TO K*** THEMSELVES. Suicide is no laughing matter and telling someone to k*** themselves is illegal. Whether they do it or not your aiding their death. It’s sickening that some of you would tell a mother of 4 to die. Even if she wasnt the perfect mother, her kids would miss her. Everyone deserves to live. We are all equals.

Well said.- nik

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Sean Audet

September 5, 2014 Windsor 330

THE DIRTY ARMY: So Nik this little puke is Sean Audet the biggest goof rat in windsor!!!! All he does is sit behind a keyboard and talk his shit! Two women had to get restraining orders against him because he would not stop harassing them so much! Hes a women beater and a huge crack head that smells like ass all the time! He sits here on the dirty and posts his ex and her friend all day long because he literally has no life! Oh and did I mention that this goof is best friends with a convicted child molester!!!!!! Oh yes Sean Audet is best friends ,with Bill ruth who is convicted of molesting 2 little girls! But its ok because sean doesnt blame his friend he blames the mother because clearly Sean is ok with little kids being touched! Sean get over yourself your ex left you because she wanted a real man not a pussy ass goof like you!!!

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Big Losers of Windsor

September 5, 2014 Windsor 161

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, These 2 losers Matt and Jessica go around steeling from people. He stole from my friend and her daughter after she helped him out. they dont give to shit’s who they steel from… Low lifes these 2 are… Matt you really need to stop your shit. Its getting old and your not getting any cuter. You look like dido with peach fuzz on your head… I think you 2 are perfect for each other lol. take a look at Jess pic. she thinks she is sexy but she is wrong. they are both fucking nasty and i think these 2 are perfect for the Dirtys mascot.

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Messed Up Family

September 5, 2014 Calgary, Windsor 68

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this lil girl thank shit hard going around town fighting ever girls she see thats cant fight her daddy a dead beat that thanks hes hard cause hes in ufc her sister a hoe amber gibbs that hade a baby at 14 by some wanna be ganster nigga name Kyle Allen Williston thats did most his time in a kids jail were he get tv and inter net lexi moms a hoe to she left her kids and his now in Calgary, Alberta fck othere nigga for money her daddy that called dickie is is a 50 year old man still the club fckin lil girls

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Junky Rat Lisa

September 4, 2014 Windsor 65

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well Nik. This little junky whore is Lisa Deschamps. She is one of the biggest junkys in Windsor. She will steel from her own family to get her next fix. I’v known her for a few years now and the shit i seen her do to her kids, im glad they are with someone else that will show them love, unlike her. she would smoke crack in front of her kids. when ever someone would buy her kids a gaming system she would go sell it for her drugs. she even would bring guys in to her house and fuck them for money when her kids where there… She is a sick person and i dont no why she is still running the streets. this girl needs to be locked away. the truth needs to come out. I feel bad for Tom. She lied and said she was at work. well she dont even work. She sits on welfare. She stole Tom’s money to go smoke crytal. he never broke in to her place, she left him there thinking he would leave.. they where dating for a few weeks. This is her track record. she will use the guy for what they have then kick them. Now the poor guy is going to jail for a long time… it should be her going to jail. She as well has herpes as well and dont care who she gives it to. this girl is dirt all around and needs to be put on blast. watch out for Lisa. She will do anything to get her next fix. she is a rat. She is the reason her baby daddy spent a lot of time in jail. She will get your info and be the first to rat someone out.. everyone needs to stay away from her. she will try everything to mess your life up..

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