Druggie Lindsay Molema

April 4, 2014 London-ON, Windsor 116 8,185 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Lindsay Molema of Chatham and Owner of Luxe Ladies is a pill head whore. She’s addicted to Oxys and will do anything to get them. She’s a pathological liar and will steal, sleep with men and even take money from her store for her next drug fix. Pretty much every cent she makes at her store goes to get oxy drug habbit. She’s an undercover slut and has been forever, her oxy addiction goes back to 2006 she’s been using the money through her store for her addiction forever. She expects everyone to have sympathy for her, get over yourself!!! You’re a disgrace! Watch out for her on top of this she has an drd! H***s. And she’ll give it too you for some pills! Beware of her and her lying, and money laundrying through her business!!

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Scott Douchebag Duchesne

April 3, 2014 Windsor 6 8,487 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Scott Duchesne..he is a low life who likes to have multiple women on the go..he was cheating on his two kids mother with a few different girls..then got her pregnant again..he lived a double life with her and another girl that had two kids..played like he was serious and got close to the kids..who’s dads aren’t in the picture. Every word that comes out of his mouth is a lie,he lies to his friends family co-workers everyone he talks to. He’ll use you for whatever you have,even if its just a place to get drunk at since he’s an alcoholic and puts that before his own kids. Be aware girls this guy tells the biggest pitty party stories just to get in your pants!!! Soon his baby’s mama is gonna find out and the other girls he’s banging..passing drds around Windsor one girl at a time..FCKING SCUMBAG

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Mina Swinton

April 2, 2014 Windsor 69 11,060 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: stay away from this dumpster born and breed hot tamale. when u stick it in and pull it out instant burn! she walks around all day long, never letting her dog outside, her dog pisses and shits on the floor in every room of the house. the entire time ive know her I have never seen her once pick it up, I do believe the very first shit it took is still there on the floor. shes not half ass bad looking until u get to know her for more than 5 mins and you relize a personality can make a person ugly on the inside and out. the college needs to come up with a program for people like this to get better because I truly do pitty her. its unfortunate but she is a very slutty drd infested w poorly trained human being w no class, morals, standards or sence of conscience. she is nothing more than an empathetic self loathing depressed broken person w major daddy issues. she wont suck dick bc she says its nasty but she loves it up the ass. stay away and let her live her miserable life alone bc she will reek havoc wherever she goes. its in her nature to be an alcoholic and live in worst conditions then the dump in the south end. if anyone gets the opportunity to steal her dog please do bc I caught her put peanut butter in her vagina and have her dog lick it out.

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Liz Kowalski

April 2, 2014 Windsor 29 7,432 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Posibly one of the biggest whores in Windsor!!! This girl has got 38 kills and is the craziest ginger ive ever met with the most fcking annoying laugh ever!!! she sounds like a damn seal w down syndrome I swear to god! she is straight fcked in the head! she has worked at leopards for 2 months now and is already a prostitute, girl got greed fast! she is always high on coke and strips and prostitutes herself out to pay for it, she will fck u for dirt cheap and w no condom to get her fix! she is a gold digger and a skank watch out. she has the c**p and has already started speeding it around. if you’ve taped her get checked fast! I swear she doesn’t shower before work bc she reeks of B.O. and old raunchy snatch. I wouldn’t be surprised if her ginger snatched turned to a blue waffle!

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Eltervoog the Escort

April 2, 2014 London-ON, Windsor 34 8,122 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is vanessa eltervoog of blenhiem. She use to live in London and escort at fantasy world. She got the drd and is a HUGE coke head. She’ll sleep with guys for whatever she can get. She also brags about all the money she made escorting. Eventually she left fantasy world and starting escorting independently, in London, windsor and chatham. She moved to chatham recently and escorts there now on back page. She’s just as dirty as she looks !!!!

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Dirty Drewery

April 2, 2014 Windsor 85 9,449 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Lisa Drewery she’s a lying scum bag from Chatham/Blenhiem. She cheated on her boyfriend with multiple guys, sleeping around and non stop partying. Her boyfriend found out and she denied it repeatedly at first then he walked in on her banging some dude and was caught red handed. She went pshyco and threatened su**e and threatening him what would happen if he didn’t take her back. Well he took her back a month later and then took a break to think about things, during that time he slept with one girl and she lost it. She constantly trashes him on Facebook and talks shit about him and expects him to bend over backwards to make it up to her. She posts every little detail on fb and makes sure people know what he did. Does this chick not even remember what she did when they were actually together? She’s a hypocrite hoe. She also looks like she rolled in Doritos , bitch your not tan your ORANGE!!! And the fake blonde hair that’s so dry it looks like straw is not cute!!!! So beware windsor and chatham of this dirty slut!!!!

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Jocylen Ouimet

April 1, 2014 Windsor 40 6,171 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik, this is Jocylen Ouiment she is the dirtiest skank i know she fcks men for 160, she uses her**ie and has h**, this girl will fck over her friends just because they did not give her the money for her fix. shes a stripper/prostitute at leopards in windsor, she will steal anything she can grab, this girl brings random guys home fucks them with no condoms. she will even steal from her own mother for money. this girl needs a rehab. she abuses her animals to no end they die a few weeks later and frankly this girl is just a FCKING CNT BITCH,

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Mike Aubin

April 1, 2014 Windsor 74 9,220 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this Mike Aubin lives in Belleriver Ontario Canada. He works for the city of Windsor and a volunteer fireman for Lakeshore. I don’t understand why he is a volunteer because he is afraid of fighting a fire. I guess this is why he only drives the fire truck If you interested in catching Herpes or Gentle wo**s Mike is your man. Mike will use you for every cent you have then he will cut you off and trust me she will be a bitch. I just wonder how many woman has been infected by Mike

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