Nasty Couple

October 3, 2014 Windsor 128

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik these nasty pukes are AJ Laliberte and Trinitti Amber Liorentas aka Mary Fckkn Jane on fb! They are the dirtiest human beings on the planet! They literally gave eachother the clap and couldnt figure out who gave it to who! Figures though since they break up then get back together every 2 secs but not before trin goes and sells her ass on the side and aj sucks dick for m*th! Oh and this girl thinks shes “grown” ha NO you gross bitch just because you spread your legs for every tom dick and harry dont make you a “women”! Either one of them has any respect for themselves or anyone else for that matter! They lie, cheat and steal to get what they want (mostly drugs) and are fake to everyones face! And did I mention they both smell like complete ASS!!!!!! Literally do you dirtballs ever shower? I guess not since Aj always has to pick up Trin from cheap motels that she is selling her nasty ass at, cries to him when she gets roughed up by her pimp! These 2 need to be put on major blast! Stay away from these nasty pieces of trash! #realtalk

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Match Made in Heaven

October 2, 2014 Windsor 252

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well both of these west side losers have made it up here and now they are together! The IQ of the two put together is no more than 130. Neither of them have good hygiene. Butt ugly mother fucker and the larva should not be fuking, the unplanned child they will create doesn’t have much of a gene pool to pick from! Both these lazy shits need to get a job, instead of just sitting around smoking weed and being government drains.

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Free Loader

October 2, 2014 Windsor 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Rodney is the biggest coke fiend ever. Sad guy tryin to tell the world he’s sober. He’s been running around grinding his teeth all amped up on blow and other drugs partying. I’ve seen him out every night. This guy has no limitations. Will he ever grow up. Pretty sad for someone who claims to be on a clean path. Obviously not because when I saw him he was so twacked out of his mind he couldn’t even hold a conversation. Not a good look or expample. They need to give stop giving this bloke praise like he’s doin something good in life. He’s trash. Serious issues he sure takes after his father. Shame shame shame

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Emily Caldwell

October 2, 2014 Windsor 27

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, watch out for this one, Emily Caldwell, or Malee Caldwell on Facebook. She has a reputation for being the dirtiest whore from Chatham. Shes a boyfriend stealer and she gave at least FIVE men the cl*p. Everyone says her pussy smells like rotten dead fish. She’s an alcoholic and a meth addict. Shes been known to do anything to get high – lie, steal, sell her stuff, even give you the worst blowie of your life. She has 2 kids both from different daddys and she is known to try to pregnant to trap men. Watch out!!! But her kids got taken away by Childrens Aid because she just cant stay sober or stop whoring herself out for drugs long enough to feed her children. STAY AWAY unless you want a cheap lay, drds or a new baby.

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Beware of Narcissist

October 1, 2014 Windsor 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jesse Martinez is a narcissist. a cheater who had even slept with his very best friend’s girlfriend(s), and apathological liar. Hide your kids, wives, girlfriends and even boyfriends (you never know, too) He has many faces so don’t be fooled. He’s objective is to get what he wants from you and move on to the next person. Narcissism is a personality disorder, so don’t think you can fix this guy, Ladies. He only loves himself and does not know how to love anyone else. He does not show remorse, guilt or empathy for anyone. He has only learnt how to mimic these emotions. He is a con artist and will use you for what you have, whether it’s a car, sex, money, looks. He doesn’t sleep so if you’re dating him, he’s living a double life. He is addicted to porn, also, he is broke and every 2 weeks he makes his trip to Money Mart because he is terribly bad with money. Don’t feel bad for this guy, because he definitely do not feel bad for you.

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Kyle Cook

September 30, 2014 Windsor 36


THE DIRTY ARMY: Kyle Cook is a nasty ass man whore whos probably fcked over half of windsor. Spreading his drds all over the place. This stupid ass nigga wanna be probably has 10 kids just in windsor alone. He got not one but two of my friends pregnant, one had ending up having a miscarriage the other ending up having the baby in case ur wondering kyle u have a 1 year old daughter. Both girls told him they were pregnant and never heard from him again, he blocked them on fb, and never returned their texts or calls. This motherfcker just keeps spreading his seed but ain’t got shit to do with the kids. He fcks around on all his gfs, i don’t think hes ever been faithful in his life. He’s got a huge tattoo of one of his gfs names on his neck and instead of getting it covered up he just lets nasty ass hoes hickey it up. windsor girls veware of this dog ass player he will fuck you over faster then tge speed of light

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Anthony Lopez

September 30, 2014 Windsor 59

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy’s name is Anthony Lopez. His wife left him because he can’t keep a job and she got sick of supporting him. He’ll sleep with anything that walks and has a vagina hole. He refuses to wear condoms and continues to spread disease around the city, he also likes his cocaine. He thinks he’s a pimp and wears ridiculously cheap clothes, He loves to take selfie’s… He tells people that he’s a model….. But really he’s just a piece of West End trash waiting to sink his teeth into his next victim. He’s so disgusting and probably hasn’t seen a doctor or a dentist in at least 15 years. He’s a walking ball of gon***ea! watch out girls! stay the hell away from this one yikes! (he’s always looking for a girl to leech off of.. move in to their house and take advantage of)

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UnderCover Lover

September 30, 2014 London-ON, Windsor 27

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this Is Kenneth Verkaik AKA Kenneth Wellington He Is A Low Life Of All Low Lives,He Sleeps With Everyone And Anyone Taken Or Not On Either Side,He Spreads drdS To Everyone He Sleeps With So Beware.He Has Way Too Many Kids To Count And Doesn’t Take Care Of Any Of Them But Likes To Threaten Their Mothers And Beat On His Girlfriend While Drunk And High On Whatever He Can Get His Hands On.He Travel All Over Chatham Tilbury Windsor And Wallaceburg

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