Windsor | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 4

Chantelle Barnes

December 8, 2014 Windsor 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Ni, this is Chantelle Barnes of Blenheim. She is so ashamed of her body she puts her face on other peoples bodies, she has 4 kids and planning many more. Chantelle is a huge pill head and alcoholic, she’s crazy and will do anything for attention. Tanya Vantomme told me that Chantelle faked cancer for attention, how low is that. My friends mom that lives behind Chantelle had to yell at her to stop hitting and screaming at her children, she shouldn’t be aloud to have kids, it’s sickening how she treats them and uses them for baby bonus. Someone should have the heart and call CAS on her!

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Tj Zoldi

December 8, 2014 Windsor 49

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is Tj Zoldi. The biggest wigger in all of Canada. This guy has herpes and continues to spread it without warning girls he is sleeping with. He constantly talks about how hard he is and how hard his “squad” can rep. He sleeps around with any girl that will give him the time of day. Literally, if you message him…he will sleep with you. That’s how he ended up with so many stds. He is not smart at all….his vocab consists of “Ye, nig, turn up, squad”. Dumbass. News flash Tj…YOUR NOT BLACK AND YOUR NASTY!

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Jade Freeswick

December 5, 2014 Windsor 104

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear Nik, This is jade Freswick aka Jay Freeze (the cute little nic name he has given himself). This guy will f*ck anything with a vagina and is constantly playing girls. He spreads stds around like its his full time job…which in fact he doesn’t even know what working is. He just sits at home….does and sells drugs and plays games. He will buy an underage girl booze as long as he can sleep with them. He is one of the dirtiest guys in Windsor Ontario!!

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Wannabe Rockstar

December 5, 2014 Windsor 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: I’m surprised this douchebag isn’t on here already. This wanna be rock star is a woman beater and a straight up narcissist. He acts like Mr. Nice guy and has a lot of people fooled, but he is nothing but a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He has had many failed relationships due to the fact he beats and cheats. Look out, dont be fooled by his nice guy act.

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Justen Cooper

December 5, 2014 Windsor 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear Nik, WHERE do I even begin with this guy? Justen is WELL known for messaging girls to f*ck or get dirty pictures. The guy is suppose to be “loyal” to his girlfriend but he still messages me asking to f*ck. I don’t want your nasty ass! He can not be trusted. He hangs out with a bunch of 20 year olds and Im sure they are all butt buddies, This kid runs his mouth more then I have ever witnessed anyone else…but he CANT back his shit up. He bums money off of people and doesn’t pay it back. Trust me,,i know. I dated this loser for awhile and he is nothing but a mooch!! Cant be trusted.

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Women Beating Scumbag

December 5, 2014 Windsor 85

THE DIRTY ARMY: this guy is jesse pryor he is a cheater and a women beater he likes to fuck everygirl that he can get his hands on he smokes pot and drinks likes to go to spankys to pick up all these hoes and sluts this guy cant be trusted he likes to beat up ladies instead of men lmfao this guy is a goof but i guess all the ladies will find out what he really is enjoy ladies

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Attention Seeker

December 4, 2014 Windsor 81

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this bitch is one of the nasiest chicks in Windsor, Her name is Katy bell and steals from people and wears other girls thongs.This bitch is a attentions seeker she posts pictures in her underwear and asked this guy if she killed herself would he come to her funeral he said no. She cut herself and sent him the cuts. she try’s and make people feel bad for her but yet she will sleep with any guy even a taken man. She probably has every disease and her vagina smells like fish. She claims to be tough and tells people to meet up and she will kick their ass but always makes up an excuse or bags them not to fight because she is scared annorexic bitch who has no meat on her. She has no tits or ass and thinks she’s hot in reality she’s ugly as fck!

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Christie Nicol will take you for everything

December 4, 2014 Windsor 49

THE DIRTY ARMY: She used me played me an took my heart. Always talking to other men behind my back, even getting caught an playing it as nothing is wrong it’s a friend. Won’t grow up an stop peddling drugs to her parents an from Jamie who has tried to fuck her even though he is having a kid with a women that is wearing a ring from his ex. Christie has said how he has offeted to take care of her an mad many passes on her while I was sitting outside the door. Hope you get caught an beaten for ruining peoples lives you drama queen. If not the cops will catch you dealing drugs from Windsor to cottom home. Takes me for everything my life was hers if she would stop an be faithful an start a family , but then she got a job at Chrysler an then she dumped me an said that she doesn’t love me an takes the planned rent money an moves out an bails on a one year lease. Thanks for telling me all this 2min before I start work on the only day we were gonna see eachother before she works 7days a week untill Christmas. Merry Christmas to me after I put 2000$ on a 4000$ engagement ring for this women like wtf. I hope you remember me an what you coulda had an now you’ll never find again. Kick stones bitch

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