Dirty Casanova

August 22, 2014 London-ON, Windsor 145

THE DIRTY ARMY: So Dwayne Blackwood is jus out to find dumb girls and try to have them them fuck and suck or start striping to get them into the game. He tricks them into thinking he likes them wen really his motivation it to have them sell their pussy. He fucks with girls heads. He has more then one on the go girls you think you’re the only one your not. Lol go get checked cuz he has given my fren drds.

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Homewrecking Momma

August 21, 2014 Windsor 16

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nikthis chick is a whore. She’s got 5 kids with all different dads. She lives off ontario works. The guy she’s dating now was married to one of my best friends got her pregnant and now left her for this skank. She’s been trying to get with him for years since I was married to him. She’s a home wrecker just like my friend was. She acts like the world revolves around her but it doesn’t dame wish guys out there would stop producing kids with her all she does is goes from guy to guy to find a daddy for her 5 bastards kids. Get a life chick your nothing but a low life that can’t even hold down a job cause your so fat and can’t stand long on your feet cause they start to swell from standing in them to long.

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The Goof Lyman

August 21, 2014 Windsor 43

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik lets blast this chick or man again whatever she wants to be. She calls herself loyal and well its the furthest thing considering she f@kin ran down some old lady on Wyandotte St at Moy 2 months ago and is running her mouth around Tara Bobar was driving. This rat bitch needs to shut up and put up.. rumor has it that she gave up her BFF’s as she calls them for causing the accident, and she’s running her mouth. All she is a rat and goof so whoever thinks she is your friend think again she ratted me out once and I got dragged into her new mess thankfully I was at work and had a real job not slinging dope like her and trying to be a wannabe gangsta biatch who is a GOOF and rat running her mouth blaming Tara and Steph.. PS we all know and your done you goof Rachel… Oh an here are a few pic’s of her so called GF Shanetel Peltier who runs around behind her back and well was sucking my Dick not that long ago.LYING LYMAN THE GOOF HOODRAT… KARMA IS SWEET AND YOUR TIME IS UP!

Also See: Rachel Lyman

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Country Girl Gets Around

August 20, 2014 Windsor 51

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nikki this girl right here is Samantha mooney i have f**ked this girl for 4 years now her p***y smells like shit it is so loose u can fit a wine bottle no problem she even let me do it once…. She has a man right now still be around messing around with other guys shr says shes prego every bf she does stuff with shr said she was pergo with mine at one point but she killed it. She throws love around like a ball she dont know who she loves. B***h who do u love? She was a stripper at one point fucking a few guys in the back. This girl is far from loyal or anything she needs to get out there before anyone else gets her and she falls in love with in 24 hours and sucks a d**k with no problem i know of 23 kills. Ask her to come over and u look like one of her lovers give her 10 mins she will be on her was with het moms or dads car while her bf is out chilling with his friends this girl gets around to fast hit her up naked snapchats every day

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Krystal Parker

August 18, 2014 Windsor 381

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Krystal Parker, a blown out bitch who dont deserve to reproduce!!!! First off this bitch is gross, she smells so disgusting all the time! She has 2 children and yet only one lives with her, get this she has a teenage son that lives with her alcoholic cougar ass mother and the kid she just had lives with her! So she can raise her youngest son but not her oldest? WTF is wrong with you bitch how can you choose one child over the other? Shame on you! But no surprise really because krystals brother Ron has a daughter that their mother is raising also (must run in the family) yet all they do is talk shit and say their mother is always drunk but yet the bitch is raising your kids……The entire family lives off the government too not one single person in that family works, how sad it that! These people shouldnt be allowed to have anymore children! Put this ugly ass gross bitch on blast!!!

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Windsor Pedo

August 18, 2014 Windsor 78

THE DIRTY ARMY: Chris Rippin 21 dating a 16 year old girl can you say pedofile much? can’t find girls his own age. He Hasen’t finished school got kicked out of two school in windsor has no job but can do drugs and drink everyday of his life, Low life going no where with his life.He cheated on his ex girlfriend Bryanna with some girl miles away. I heard he has a small dick. His new girlfriend Miranda is a whore and dresses half naked and has lost count how many kills she has . If anyone wants a free blowjob message Miranda Metcalfe she has a new boyfriend every week her parents don’t like her there embarrassed to call her their own child because how much of a whore she is

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Kelly Neils , Jody Ganney

August 15, 2014 Windsor 253

THE DIRTY ARMY: I guess being a whore runs in the family. This little slut posts a naked self proclaimed after sex selfie for the whole world to see. Just another example of how filthy this bitches family is .Smarten up girls…

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Drake vs. Lil Wayne Concert Tour This Saturday August 16th

August 15, 2014 Cleveland, Detroit, Michigan, MSU, Toledo, Windsor 0


The joint headlining tour marks the first time the two artists have toured together. Get your ticket now for the show at DTE Energy Music Theatre, this Saturday (8/16) at 7pm!


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