Amanda Nolan

July 31, 2014 Windsor 43


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this slut right here has been around the entire city of windsor. shes a horrible mom of 2 kids. shes had 4 abortions before and still fucks any dick that comes her way. she was a stripper at alley katz instead of caring for her kids. she constantly gets drunk and forgets about kids. she cheats constantly on her boyfriend with random guys she picks up. i made that mistake and right after i kept scratching and had red bumps all over. she would do anything for money or fuck anything that walks. nik this slut needs to be up here. be careful windsor…she is infested with diseases

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Balls Deep Derek Hall

July 31, 2014 Windsor 238

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik I want to put this crack head loser Derek Hall on blast. He speaks to women like they are dirt on the bottom of his shoe. He is a no good for nothing dad. Who actually never really see his kids. Whatever shit he has owned has been sold for crack. He makes himself the victim in all situations….uses his health issues as a crutch for people to feel sorry for him. He told my cousin he wished she got hit by a bus, died in a plane crash. He\’s known to beat women. I heard that anybody dealing with him and has issues with CAS, (Childrens Aid Society) they will have them in there life the whole time. He is know for hurting kids…and women you will have your kids taken away if you deal with him. I know of a girl who he was with…he actually set her house on fire. Derek doesn’t like being told he can’t have what he wants. He’s got anger issues..and wont hesitate to take them out on anyone who is around. He was even caught stealing from a homeless shelter…that he is now bared for. I MEAN WHO DOES THAT!!!! A true crack head that’s what. Ladies/ males be aware of coming into contact with this man. He will be such a sweet heart and try really hard till he get’s what he wants…he is no good. He never has any money, takes advantage of people to get what he wants….and whatever money he does have….goes to feed his habit. I am not sure what other things this man will do to get his drugs. But I have heard some stories……ouch!!! Now who’s theag now Derek Hall!!

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Narcissistic Bum

July 31, 2014 Windsor 218

THE DIRTY ARMY: This selfie dick taking whore is named carissa leclair or cari snow or cari apodora or cari distefano. She is 25 and owns about 25 snakes and 3 cats. Her house smells like piss and vinegar. She has absolutely no morals. She has spent most of her adulthood on welfare getting high everyday off of tax payers money. She has naked pictures all over the Internet. She currently works at govinda galleries in the mall and reeks of body odor. Her vagina looks like a grilled cheese sandwich. And she has a gaping anus. She needs to be on the dirty and required to not take a million selfies a day. You’re narcissistic personality has got to go or Jesus will have you condemned to the gates of hell. Bless your poor empty soul carissa.

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Tanya Perch

July 30, 2014 Windsor 138

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik. This Trash needs to be put on blast. This is Tanya Perch. She goes around her Building fking all the single men, but knowing she has a man at home taking care of her kids so she can go cheat on him. She got mad because some guy found out that she had a man and did not want her no more so she posted him on the dirty. She smells like piss and her hole house hold smells like piss. From what i was told she smelled like piss when she was in high school to. She needs to keep her lags closed and take care of her kids and stop with the drama. Tanya, go be a mother to your kids and clean your self up because no one really care about what you think and don’t want to smell your piss ass anymore… Know one likes you. they are just your friend because they dont have the heart to tell you. She thinks she is sexy… Always posing but she is far from sexy… Makes me want to puke even looking at her pics… this girl is trash all the way around. Can’t wait to see what people have to say about her

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Hollie “Bucktooth” Drouillard

July 30, 2014 Windsor 86

THE DIRTY ARMY: This everyone is Hollie. This bitch GETS around. Slurp slurping on guys she doesnt even know. Going home and sleeping and stripping with guys she just met. Dirty bitch probably has a long list of drds. This bitch Got a mouth but dont know how to back herself up. Talks the talk but cant walk the walk. Best word of advice is to stay far away from this broad she will come into your life and wreck it.

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Junkie Scumbag

July 30, 2014 Windsor 36

THE DIRTY ARMY: NIK This dirty bag of shit is a no good father that picks crystal m*th and prositutes over his child hes been with every hooker out there now hes with this Destanee chick shes a black dirty hoe as well an he cant pay for his kid but try to take his child from his mother for more money for his drug habbit CRACK & CRISTLE MTH what a dirt ball an he has drdS an H** C hes always on POF ABUSSER only woman an old men 45+ never a guy or someone his age hes a cheater an a impulsive lier an very damb mulipulater to get what he wants an when he wants he a big time drug addict with a child that he cant affort to pay for what a dead beat daddy

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Used Up

July 29, 2014 Hamilton, Windsor 147

THE DIRTY ARMY: This pig right here thought she was one up on me. How’s life Ashley Kay? Sucks don’t it, you have no one because you selfish and all you do is use people. Your fake. You live wit ur moms You have no friends and no decent man will ever want you. Keep up the “auditions” we both know your just a free hooker. Peace boo. Bahahahah We all talk about it but someone needs to tell you that your extensions are giving you bald spots your eyebrows look horrible and you need Botox. Watch for her on POF boys she’s looking for someone to take care of her and be her next baby daddy.

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James Westlake

July 29, 2014 Windsor 38

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, I would like for you to meet James Westlake. This man is very dangerous in so many ways. For one, he gets off by beating on women. He gets thrilled when he intimidates women, he feels powerful and dominating. Second of all, he is a junkie/crackhead with hep.c. He will do anything to get high, even suck male dick and sell his ass for it. He hasn’t had to be doing this for a while since he has his girlfriend Terri Metivier doing all the dirty work for him. While he is in a relationship with Terri, he texts, calls and facebook messages his ex’s in hopes that they will pity him and take him back. I honestly think that these two individuals are a match made in hell. They equally use and damage each other which is what they both deserve. So, to who ever is thinking about getting involved with any of these two people, be aware that they might carry deceases, that they are both very manipulative and in it for the money. Neither of them know what the word “love” means, they only tell you what they want to hear. Please think twice before associating with them fuck tards.. please.

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