Coral the Skinny Escort

July 9, 2014 Windsor 105

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this bitch needs to be put on notice. Shes a dirty ass slut who cant stay off the he**in. Just look at how skinny she is. She was pregnant and lost it probably cuz she couldn’t stay off the drugs. Shes a dirty ass escort selling her nasty ass shit with whatever drds she has. Shes been in rehab multiple times for drugs and for whatever reason keeps going back to them. Find something better to do with yourself hunnie instead of spending that’s dirty ass money from old dudes into drugs.

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Nicki the Drunken Mom

July 9, 2014 Windsor 47

THE DIRTY ARMY: NIK , this drunken bitch needs to be exposed ! All she does it party while her daughter is with whoever ! She’s always saying “turn down for what” well her daughter is who she needs to turn down for ! She posts pictures and stats everyother day talking about partyyy I’m drunk turn down for what … She’s a nasty bitch and gets trained ! She shouldn’t even be allowed to be a mom someone need to call cas on her because all she does is turn up ! What kind of mom are you ? She claims she’s thick but she’s just FAAATTTT ! She has stretch marks on her stomach and wears clothes that show it all ! There’s no problem with it but fck bitch cover that gross ass body up she pushes her big saggy tits out in all of her pictures and she’s to into her self she thinks she cute but she’s not ! Her baby dad is in his 30s and she was only 17 or 18 when she got pregnant she’s dirty as fck ! Moved to windsor just so it’s easier for her mom to watch her daughter Aliyah while she drinks her life away … Do something better with your life nicol your daughter needs you and stop spended all your welfare checks on your fat oger looking self

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Elee Finley

July 8, 2014 Windsor 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: NIK , this HOE needs to be exposed ! She was put up here before but she needs to be again because she keeps doing scandolous shit…She’s dirty as fck and will fck anyone for a quick buck … Male or female , fat or skinny she doesn’t have any standards ! She once was escorting and caught the clap then gave it to 3 guys… She’s sticks within the family , so watch out if you date her don’t bring her around your cousins because she WILL get it In with them… She claims she’s hot shit and gots her own but she only does because her dad died and she blows her money on weed alcohol and drugs and MEN … She’ll tell you she loves you after being with you for a week and she’ll pay for your dick if it’s good enough her son is 3 and can’t talk !! And he’s ugly looking like he rose from hell … She fcks and smokes and drinks right infront of him maybe that’s why he can’t talk ? Instead of partying why don’t you stay your anorexic ass down and take better care of your son and teach him to talk ..: she smokes while being pregnant and that’s probably why her daughter died !! I was her best friend and she slept with a guy who had a**s so I don’t doubt that she has it to ! Her pussy stinks so bad this one time when she was on her period it seemed through her pants and al you could smell was FISH ! It was disgusting !! She looks like a man trapped in a females body , she has a busted ass weave that looks like it hasn’t been brushed out in years !! She’s skinny as fuck has NO ASS OR TITTS and it’s so gross I feel bad for whoever fucks her because all they will be feeling is BONES

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Eric Smyth

July 7, 2014 Windsor 659

THE DIRTY ARMY: Eric Smyth… AKA Icky Eric… I’m not joking… he actually calls himself “Icky” which is hilarious considering the amount of DRD’s this guy has.. he’s been known to use his crappy music to try n get in the pants of 12 year old girls. I heard he even finger banged a half-in-the-bag 14 year old chick at a high-school party last week.. and this guy is 32! Grow up! and stop talking shit about your competition. Jay braaks is way better than you, so stop telling people hes just a fake LIL WAYNE. Kyle Spratt is better than you, so stop telling people he “beat up a baby” when you know that was just a made up rumor that his ex made up. Stop talking shit about Reno, hes more successful than you will ever be. You really got nothing on these people… your 32 years old, your bald, your ugly as fck, you ran a train on a girl named kylie and that’s how I know u have herpes… your song about Windsor in annoying as hell “dubz in the air” you got your 15.. not even… your got you 1.5 seconds of “local fame” and now your videos don’t even get no new love, stop trying to play it off like people are just “hating” that makes absolutely no sense. hating on what? your done. maybe people are just telling the truth? Anyways please put this over-aged , underachieving creepy, uncle pedophile looking motherfucker on blast. Me and my girls are sick of getting random friend requests from him. Besides, we are fans of real artists. Not clowns.

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Worthless Waste Of Space

July 7, 2014 Windsor 156

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this here is Brittany Chalut. She is nothing but a waste of space. She has 3 kids who she don’t care about, she lets them do what the fuck ever, as long as she can do her dope. She rather drink her face off, do drugs and f*ck dudes instead of care for her kids. She has CAS involved and that still don’t mean shit to her. I met her on POF and OMG nasty trash! Shes ugly as fuck and her house stinks bad. She don’t do nothing with her life. People need to know this bitch has DRDs and will do anything to get fucked up. She rants about her baby daddy when she is a loser mom! Please put this bitch on blast Nik, so everyone knows to stay clear and call CAS to save her poor kids, they need food. STOP PARTYING AND BE A MOM!!

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Grandmas little Pepsi Dealer

July 7, 2014 Windsor 34

THE DIRTY ARMY: This kid right here name is CODY LEDUC he is a loser no body that sells bunk blow , he’s a coke dealer yet lives in his grandmas basement and makes no money and rips ppl off cause he’s hooked on his fake blow , he’s a pig and fcks with little girls !! your in your 20s leave the 16 year olds alone you disgusting fck so Cody do the world a favor and overdose on your fake cocaine or get busted so you can feel what it’s like to get token advantage of by someone older you sir are a little pussy wit a small cock ! Ppl need to open their eyes this little goof diddle rat is spreading his drd around belle river so ppl beware of this grandmas little coke dealer CODY LEDUC DRD BOY !!!! So………. Mr leduc you have bin exposed !!!!

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Kayla aka Devon Smith

July 3, 2014 Windsor 174

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik , this bitch is is 23 or 24 years old and fcks every female out here she’s also been fucing these little girls lately like jazmyne and Brianna lorientese that litle hoe that was recentlie put up here she’s a nastylittle broad anyway she fucs all the little boys on the low an kayla is psychotic she drinks all the time an knows her bitch fuvks other ppl n still goes bak and fcks her jazmyne …. She writes all these lame ass status about how she feels about jazmyne but it just makes her look stupid can’t you tell the bitch is playin you your crumb as fck and you need to do some thing with your life instead of selling drugs you worthless bum ass bitch ! Your gross as fck Kayla and your a waste of flesh bish

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Can’t Take out the Ghetto

July 3, 2014 Windsor 70

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl is a disgrace to society , she has had multiple abortions , she cheats on Taylor any chance she gets. In high school she use to suck dick for smokes , she will sleep with anyone , married , girlfriend , w.e she has drd and admits it. She’s a no good coke feen and needs to stop aborting kids cause they aren’t her baby daddy’s , so beware of the aborting coke feen wit drd her name is Sam hart she’s from Windsor but lives in Essex I feel sorry for her kids ! She’s a sorry excuse for a mother ! She talks like a pig once told me about a time her mistress came over and she locked her kids in a room so she could fck him quick before Taylor got home , ppl need to understand herpes is for life …… So Sam hart go fall off the map you home wecker

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