Ghost Shaw Bourassa

April 1, 2014 Windsor 9 8,330 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is chase shaw bourassa (Ghost shaw) this smirnoff slut is the scum of lassale his hobbies include smoking tobacco of tinfoil injesting large amounts of filthy street drugs and enjoying the company of the brainless lassale poppergod Kevin johnston, both of these morons share the joy of having the iq of a popperbong. Kevin johnston is the stupidest dirtiest most clueless idiot ive ever met if hes not sniffing stupid amounts of his dads perks or smoking pin poppers or even sniffing eztacy with BRANDON DIOTTE then hes scrolling facebook trying to fing his “bitch” of the day needless to say hes probably caught something from all these random bitches he fucks with.

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Escort Marissa Ellis

April 1, 2014 Windsor 11 9,647 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This is Marissa Ellis originally from Chatham, Ontario now in Windsor. She’s a drd infested escort, she sells her body on backpage and craigslist and also does webcam porn. She’s a Also prostittuted herself on POF. She’s a waste of life and has no future she’s a ugly slut. She has bug eyes and fcked up lips and nasty braces, which is why her face is half covered by her hair in most pictures. She’s got a stanky blown out pssy, it’s blistered and had discharge, can you say drd infested? Stay away from this nasty bitch!!!

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Alexandra the Escort

March 31, 2014 Windsor 58 9,835 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Alexandra of Windsor. She’s am escort on back page and a dirty stripper. She thinks she’s hot shit but she’s got complete butter face ! She’s ugly as fuk. She looks like a cross between a shitzu , tucan and an Asian. Not hot. She has beedy little rat eyes and her face scrunches. She has herps and is besties with josslyn garbutt(King) they escort and spread their drd together. Someone needs to put a bag over this bitches head no one wants to see that face. On top of being a dirty little hamster whore she’s also a BIG coke head!!! She will give you a shitty blow job for some coke. Her p(sses scabbed and blown out and reeks!! She looks like she popped out of a gremlins ass. Your parents must be proud hoe ! Hooker stripper coke head and std infested! Backpage photo is posted the one that says Rose. Stay away from this cm dumpster.

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Queen of the Strip Club

March 31, 2014 Windsor 92 9,843 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: I’m sure by now you’re familiar with Josslyn Garbutt the queen of the drd, in Windsor.She’s the nastiest person in ontario !! She’s been posting everybody up here to take attention off the 4 times she was already posted and to make people look worse than her Hm where to I begin. She does extras and fcks men in the VIP at leopards Alleykatz and studio 4 she takes out her dirty ass tampons to fuk men and leaves them in the VIP and let’s ashley take the blame , I watched you do it you nasty bitch. Secondly she’s fcking the dj so he doesn’t make her pay her tip out fee, they hooked up at an after get together and still hook up, but this is just one of the many guys. She’s also fcking Sasha King for c*ke shes addicted to coke and pills and meth. Sh’s a pathological liar and will steal your stuff and lie and deny it. She has herpes and she’s an escort she’s even got mouth drd it’s not hard to tell. She’s a huge shit talker I use to be best friends with she’d talk shit about all the girls she strips with and then goes be buddy buddy with them at work. She’s fake as fck nasty as fck and needs to get the hell outta Windsor.

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Amanda Montrose

March 31, 2014 Windsor 29 9,611 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Put your hands together for the queen of deadbeat mothers and fall downs in windsor ontario. Nik this is Amanda Montrose. Other then running through every guy of the city of windsor since she was 14, started sucking dick in grade school,she’s contracted so many drds and has left them untreated for years.She cheats on every guy she’s with that actually treats her well and thanks them by beating them up, stealing,or throwing objects at them. She had a son who is 7 now and hasn’t seen him since he was a year old she dumped him off to the fathers parents cause drinking and drugs were far too important, then she has another son who she names ‘chance’ who also got taken away from her bc she’s such a slop show and did drugs around him and left him with anyone she could so she could go on her dick sucking rampages while she was with justin. Every pic of this hoe is of herself drinking and partying basically doing everything else other then being a parent. Bitches like this make me wonder wtf happened to good morals in life.

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Jeffery Artale

March 28, 2014 Windsor 45 9,829 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this dirty cke addicted asshole takes the cake when it comes to self centered and drds. Jeffery Artale,the king of poor me. This guy lives with mommy and daddy while abusing the government pension he gets by buying cke and other drugs. Most of the time he’s so fcked up that he can barely function. He’s a low life lying cheater,everytime he gets with another girl it only lasts about 3 months before finding someone else,usually it’s a stripper or another fcked up girl. He gets them to send him nudes and uses this famous line-”oh babe,you got my d*ck hard while I’m on cke that never happens”. Same line works everytime. Words cannot describe how horrible he is in bed,his dick is the most pathetic thing ever. I feel bad for his new girl,she seems nice. Good luck dealing with him. And now I’ll let the comments do justice.

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Nasty Nympho Natalie Coligiacomo

March 28, 2014 Windsor 97 7,848 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi nik, this is 32 Year old Natalie Coligiacomo. Once named Natalie Ann Polkosnik and now goes by Love Natalie on Facebook. I use to be really good friends with her until I realized that she was a drug addict and a home wrecking whore. She brings different guys home all the time, even around her son and constantly slut shames other women and calls girls ugly because shes insecure. She talks down to people that are on welfare even though she is too. She pops pills and lies to everyone to make herself feel better about herself. Every single selfie she takes on fb is soft focused or edited to be blurry so even out her flaws and clown like eyebrows. She cakes on make up and barely wears any clothes. What a great role model for a mother eh? Tell this chick to straighten up before she has no one let to defend her. Shes going down a deep deep hole.

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Emily Rocha Bath

March 27, 2014 Windsor 57 7,738 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Emily Rocha Bath of Windsor she just turned 18 and is already a stripper and an escort. She has drd and spreads it around she’ll also suck dick for 10 bucks and give you herps she’s a fat fck. No one wants to see a whale naked. She also glorifying stripping and thinks she\’s successful, no bitch your the scum of the earth going to school and a real job is successful, good luck getting a job with your reputation. Keep to applying your drd cream you fat fck stay off the pole. You’re just a crack head hamster looking whore.

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