Windsor | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 5

Tee St. Jean

November 4, 2014 Windsor 81

THE DIRTY ARMY: TEE ST. JEAN, I have never been someone who writes negative things. But this lady is down right HORRIBLE she takes slutty pictures and manipulates people and uses every guy she dates. I feel bad for her current boyfriend and all the others stupid enough to get played by her manipulation. THE WORST thing I ever heard and the saddest is that she got a kitten with her last boyfriend Colin. She did not take care of the kitten so she taped a diaper on to the poor little thing. A friend told me she then decided she did not want the kitten anymore so she suffocated her. THIS IS THE MOST DISGUSTING, COLD HEARTED, HAUNTING thing I have ever heard. WINDSOR watch out for TEE and anyone in her path, for she should not be trusted. If you don’t believe me just have a conversation with her and you can see exactly the type of person she is. I hope she gets help and gets clean and stops with the meth and coke! Also if anyone has any more information about animal abuse it should be reported. DONT LET HER IN YOUR LIFE. DONT LET HER MANIPULATE YOU OR DECIEVE YOU.

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Carly Mailloux

November 4, 2014 Windsor 162


THE DIRTY ARMY: nikthis girl here Carly mailloux will fck anything that walks . She has more kills then the abortian clinic. Witch by the way is her form of birth control Basically she’s a lost and found , if u lost your boyfriend youll find him there . She has a thing for guy 10 yrs older then her . She don’t care if u have a family or a relationship she will try to ruin it . Try an block this physco all u want she will use her friends fbs to holla at yah to get it in, even tho she’s in a relationship she would rather try an get it else where Well guess what bitch You tried to fck with the wrong family . If u want something easy to play with u can find her on droulaird tryna sell her ass cheap

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Young n Dumb

November 3, 2014 Windsor 81

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girls name is Hayley. She is 19 years old and and she’s such a stupid bitch. She has a man right now and is sleeping with some other guy behind his back. She has been pregnant twice and lost both of them.. maybe it’s because she smoked weed and cigarettes through the entire pregnancy (5 months for both). She goes to school for a cpl months and then just stops going. she is soo fcking dumb she can barely count to 10 with out using her fingers. She uses people for their money drugs and whatever else she can get from you. she wont go out and find work because she would rather sit at home all day and smoke weed. She thinks she is better then everyone. but she is nothing but a low life c*nt who needs to see how dumb and slutty she is. In the time i have known her she has had at least 20 different boyfriends.. she fucks them without protection and then dumps them about a month later and a week later she has a new man. Nasty ass whore.. Ladies watch your men because she doesnt care if they are taken or even if she has a man she will spread her legs for anyone.

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Ahmed Hazime

November 3, 2014 Windsor 45

THE DIRTY ARMY:  nik this Goof is a confidential informant. you can catch this fcking bird on the corner trying to fck drug addicted underage native girls. I dated him for awhile and he said he was a car salesman but he would go to different restaurants and markets to pickup checks from managers behind the counter and he never has any cars. When I told him that I wanted to break up with him because he lied to me about not having a kid, he’s crazy fcking jealous, not to mention he gave me fcking genital w**ts, he told me that he could easily rat me out to the cops and get my kid taken away. 2 of my dealers friends got fcking raided 2 weeks after I introduced them to this rat, If you see this guy stay away

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Mark Allen

November 3, 2014 Windsor 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this loser only thinks with the small head. Totally fk’d idiot who does what he thinks he is entitled to. Will fck any skank he will get that drd dick into, gave buddies wife genital warts and ch**dia. Also thinks the law don’t apply to him as he still smuggles WEED over the border between Windsor and Detroit, did it to someone I know and didn’t even tell the driver he had weed with him. Fuk up even has he is in an open relationship on Facebook. Fukin alcoholic, Domestic Violence woman abuser, convicted in a court of law. Don’t like people of color cause his skanky woman’s daughter fuks ni–ers, the spaces in that word is the letter between f and h on your keyboard. Just like your father said about your skank Denise MacDonald, Mark, She is a good mother from afar, but, far from a good mother. Die MFR Die. Heard you been trying to fck Jordans woman with that DRD dick of yours. Busted You Loser.

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Back Page as Sarah

November 3, 2014 Windsor 241



THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Susan Romanick aka sexy Sara on the back page. This girl is the biggest slut in Windsor. Her bp ad says she is clean and drug free, don’t believe everything you read. This girl is drd infested and the biggest drug addict in Windsor. Bitch your disgusting. Watch out guys, I heard she ucks Dave meadows all the time and he has H** . Your time has come, everyone needs to know about you. I don’t know how you never made it on here yet. She also does duos with coral cooper another back page slut. Watch out guys, if you know what’s good for you.

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Windsor Queen

November 3, 2014 Windsor 170

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey whats up Windsor this is jade. I fcked her last week. Found her ad on back page. She said if i paid extra i could go bare back. So i did. Now i have some kinda rash on my dick. I west to the clinic n found out its herpies. So i figured i’d let Windsor know anout this trashy nasty whore. She’ll suck your did for coke or patches. So if your gonna pay the $300 to fck her. Make sure your not cheating on your wife because your gonna bring something home!!

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Jamie Barnes

October 31, 2014 Windsor 53

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, everyone needs to be aware of this goof diddler Jamie Barnes. He is abusive to women and goes to protective custody every time he’s been to jail, which isn’t a lot because he rats whoever he can out in order to stay out of jail. Jamie has herpes from sleeping with every whore in Chatham and surrounding areas and drd C from shooting needles, he is also a huge alcoholic that will screw anything with a hole. Jamie has a girlfriend but also a bunch of nasty scab covered hoes on the side. He has dirty needle pokers at his house all the time and doesn’t care who’s around his kids or his girlfriends kids. Jamie even does cocaine in front of his kids and the sad thing is he doesn’t even care about those kids, he looks at the children and see’s dollar signs. Jamie is a welfare bum playing the system and has a couple more babies on the way, plus he’s been on methadone for over 5 years and sells it for pills and heroin that goes right into his veins. Very sick and sad!

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