Edgar Chevalier

September 11, 2014 Windsor 131

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik! Please put this dirt bag on blast Windsor Essex woman and fort Murray woman need to know what this dough bag is all about!, Back in 2007 he stole my girl and ruined my family he got her hooked on drugs beat her and when she needed him most he watch her start to overdose and left her there to die he never went to the hospital to say goodbye before life support was taken off did not attend funeral . Now this lame excuse of a human says he misses her and always loved her look him up on Facebook has a tattoo on his chest but her name is spelled incorrectly and her death day iswrong. I have included a pic of the funeral card to prove he has it all wrong please do u r self a favor aand stir clear!

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Krazy Kim

September 10, 2014 Windsor 139

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’ve been debating for a while now if I should put this skeezer, Kim Fairlie, on blast. Kim and her boyfriend like to cheat on each other. She messed around with my man’s friend and then over a year later her boyfriend attacked him. Now I find out that she’s been messing around with at least 3 other dudes. She was recently seen getting out of the back of a van with an older man and she was seen in a strip club with another guy within the same week. Her and her boyfriend like to party and leave their baby with her parents. I think it\’s time for Windsor, Ontario to stop letting people like this spread their illnesses around our city.

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Windsors Wannabe G

September 10, 2014 Windsor 117

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nikk post this cum quat , this mother fuker lives in windsor . Goes by the name glewis .. This bitch likes little girls , he’s an alcholic (gets so drunk he pisses himself) drug addict women beater , he’s an informant for the cops , yet he sells drugs and gets away with it bc he takes out the other guys. This bitch is so wack he broke Brandon nuns legs when he got outa jail, stabbed his baby ma , cheated on her with three different girls & tries to make her look like the bad person to cover up his sorry ass. All these little whores that send him half naked pictures smh he’s sending them to everyone ! ( sorry hailey lmfao lose some weight & get ur gapp fixed ) The only reason Greg posted hunter on the dirty is bc she wouldn’t take him back smh Well Greg sorry to say it but u fcked up to many times , fcked with the wrong people & everyone is sick of your shit . Act like a man not a child . If any of you think he actually deserves his son need to be checked into a mental hospital . He is unstable and needs a lot of help. He’s been posting 90% of the females here on the dirty like Sam hart , hunter covey , Nicolette lambert & hailey stull. It’s about time karma catches up . Move on , grow up. And get clean . Sincerely , a close friend . GGGGGG GLEWIS

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Shayna Nespolon

September 10, 2014 Windsor 30

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dirty Shayna Nespolon. Shes straight up DIRTY. She has the cl*p. She says she’s not able to get pregnant, that’s because she keeps getting DRD’s and the doctor told her its going to be almost impossible her to get pregnant from the amount of times she’s gotten the cl*p…..She drains all her boyfriends for what they have, and put them in debt. She treats the best guys like crap, and cheats on them with the guys she has coming over to pay for her drugs. She’s on welfare but works, without them knowing to pay for her dirty drug habits! She has guys in and out of her house. She thinks she is the hottest thing ever, but has caterpillars as eyebrows, the biggest tooth gap and the flattest non existent boobs. Nik, PLEASE post this. They guys she’s been with needs to be informed to GET CHECKED, and don’t bother with this girl, she’ll give you a present that will keep on giving, and drain your bank account !

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Tosha Lockhart

September 9, 2014 Windsor 214

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this dirty anorexic woman sleeps with everybody !!! She slept with every guy I know plus more, she’s been with at least over 80 guys and counting,she likes to get drunk and have SEX WITH RANDOM GUYS. plus she don’t use condoms because she’s fixed !!! She has ORAL drd and defiantly has DISEASES.ask anybody and they will tell you she is nasty and full of drama .Im just warning all the guys who haven’t slept with her to be careful.

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Sex Addict

September 9, 2014 Windsor 34

THE DIRTY ARMY: Alie Jejey on facebook or Alireza Jafari in real life talks a good game, but he cannot have just one girlfriend, because he chases at University of Windsor, all the time. He usually has girlfriend whom he dates for maximum 2 weeks, and after exploitating a woman sexually he dumbs her through a text. He keeps other women on the line in case one of his current victims get tired of his constant lying, nagging about life, his poor hygiene and constant gossip about past girlfriends. He never let go of his iphone 5, because he constantly looks for girls online to have sex and spread drd. He has tinder, pof, badoo, match.com and eharmony accounts that he pretends looking for a relationship, but for reality only to look for more women to sleep around. He is Iranian man in his 30s who slept with over 10 women in Windsor alone. Usually he promises them the world, only to dumb them like piece of meat. He is constantly sexting women. When he is not looking for a work because he constantly gets fired, he looks for women online to come to his house on Peter St. or he goes to woman’s place to have unprotected sex. He will fool you with sweet words and empty promises, but you will find out the hard way when you go to gynecologist for a standard pap smear and find out the guy you said was clean, has drd. He will have sex with your best friend, and ruin your life, if you let him. He will flirt with waitresses, complete strangers, right in front of you without any consideration.

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Nasty STD whore

September 8, 2014 Windsor 64

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik please put this bitch back on blast, she has been on here before. Name is ELISHA HARCUS. She keeps rotating men on a daily basis.She has resorted to sucking dick for crack and doesn’t care who has the crck. A few days ago she got drunk and sucked her brothers dick so he would give her some crck. She prostitutes herself for cab rides and burgers. She leaves her kids in the care of her mother who is a prostitute herself.She doesn’t believe in using rubbers and forces guy not to wear them, she has had the cl*p,drd among other stuff.So guys in Windsor beaware of this dirty bitch.

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Windsor Mutt

September 8, 2014 Windsor 148

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi nik. This is tyshan willis aka teamcaketakeover as he is known on ig. This mutt is a fake ass wanna be gangsta. He hits up girls on ig and treats thrm real nice amd then he becomes an ass. He will get you to work in strip clubs amd make you give him your money. .I guess he thinks he lucious kayne. Just be on the look out windsor girls for this mutt. He smokes his mj all day and be drunk all the time. He smokes hos mj around kids as he has no respect for nobody. Nik post this mutt on the windsor Ontario site so all the girls no about him!

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