Windsor | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 6

Lexie Gibbs and Amber Gibbs

October 17, 2014 Windsor 174

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik First this is Lexie Gibbs the queen of the ratchets. This fat zaboomafoo looking bitch thinks she is an OG or something always talking about fighting. She posts videos of her swinging on girls 3x smaller then her and thinks shes cute. She’s like a Queen Latifah lesbian type line backer size probably raped the last dude she fucked. Back go cart built looking ass bitch. Amber Gibbs had a baby at 15 and is still out talking about beating girls asses while her bum bitch boyfriend baby daddy cheats on her and pimps out other bitches for cash. YOU’RE A FCKING MOM. Everything about these ditch pigs is just trash.

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Trailer Trash

October 17, 2014 Windsor 149

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, Plz put this white trailer trash Jenn Norcliffe also goes by Princess Pinky Norcliffe on fb on blast. She thinks she’s the hottest out there and yet she’s ugly af. She claims she’s your friend and then nxt minute “BAM” she’s no longer your friend lol, It’s that crazy Bi-polor kickin in. Take ur fkn meds B**ch so u won’t turn on your friends. Those poor kids of hers I feel sry for them well the 2 that live with her jumping from guy to guy every month lol, and the other 2 that don’t, well there’s a funny story to that, the oldest is from her old boss at Studio 4 while she was a stripper, are u fkn serious?? I mean hey I know strippers be sleeping with their bosses that s**t happens but to get pregnant by ur boss is something totally fkn disgusting and the other kid lives with his dad. 4 different daddy’s for 4 diff kids, what a slut. I can’t believe I still talk to that B**ch, maybe I’ll do what she does, befriends you and then talks s**t behind your back ‘some friend’ nxt time b**ch pick your friends wisely. It’s time this B**ch goes on blast. Plzzzz put her on.

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Sarah Murphy

October 16, 2014 Hamilton, Windsor 200


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nit, this girl has been on here before and deserves to be on here again… This nasty little whore will screw anything that’s drunk enough to stick it in… Her man left her and her doors been open ever since… Ive heard stories about how nasty her fishy vag is and her stomach looks like cottage cheese… She will Never find a man to stick with her so she takes pride in screwing other girls men the second they break up… She’s the type of girl that guys Use for a quick and easy f**k. This nasty little scum bag looks like some sort of a mouse aka “big tooth Sarah” and “fishie”… Her eyes are too close together and she has hereplies. She acts soooo innocent but deep down she knows what a filthy dirty whore she is and sadly she accepts it… Sarah murphy everyone! Happily tryna fck yourman and then havino a fit when she realizes they just used her..

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Watch Your Daughters

October 15, 2014 Windsor 49

THE DIRTY ARMY: mothers watch your young daughters around this piece of crap his name is mike sargent he likes them young….he is known to date young girls as young as 16-17…he gives them booze and drugs and then once he has them where he wants(drunk and high out of their mind) he does whatever he wants with them…he claims to be 29 but i have heard he is older then that…so please watch your daughters around this loser…if you see him walk the other way

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No Hope for this One

October 15, 2014 Windsor 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Hope Bond. She’s a selfish, lazy, skank who tries to play off as a saint. She lives of the welfare system, has admitted to sleeping with so many people she can’t remember how many there have been. She’s had to be tested multiple times for drds from having unprotected sex, she had an unwanted child with the ugliest guy you’ll ever see, but getting knocked up once from not using protection wasn’t enough, so she did it again except she got an abortion because that’s intelligent, right? She has never had a job because her ‘daddy’ just handed things to her, and she’s been known to have threesomes with her best friend and her boyfriend of the day. Her friend is also in a relationship, but her boyfriend doesn’t know about these ‘meetings’. Keep it classy Hope!

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Left Overs

October 15, 2014 Windsor 36

THE DIRTY ARMY: Okay so this little girl right is Dana Scott and she definitely needs to be watched for not only will she sleep with her man she will sleep with everyone else man as well.She most recently cheated on her husband then left him and abandoned her children for a boy who has been proven in court to be a danger to children and has been convicted of beating women on several different counts.She is sleeping with her boy friends father and his cousin and best friend. this girls needs a reality check as do the people around her (Kenneth Verkaik/Wellington her boyfriend) SICK SICK SICK

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Jocelyn Mathurin

October 15, 2014 Windsor 61

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik would you?I am famous for farting out of my vagina which sounds like the roar of a dangerous predator. I’ve beaten the record of highest wind gust of 253 miles per hour. I keep this body in shape by doing a mandatory total of one abdominal sit up per day when I get up to roll my ass out of bed. Don’t care what haters have to say cause I know I look damn good. Who wants a stick when you can have sexy manatee like curves. If you like what you see, get at me

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Karolina Galla

October 15, 2014 Windsor 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Lmfao, how stupid do you feel now bitch. talking like you know shit clearly Karolina Galla is just a ugly drama filled whore that craves attention from other peoples business because she has no life, dont think so look for your selfs  to busy slutting it up being a dirty drug addict to notice she was pregnant. all she does is fck other girls guys probably give them drd’s start drama when she has no fucking idea what shes talking about and has babys she will never be able to take care of three so far if i am correct. Karolina needs to GROW up and learn her place which is in a ally some where sucking dick to get her next meal like the leamington lodge when she fucked almost every guy living there. she needs to fuking get her tubes tied because she is pregnent again & does not know who the father is her child will be taken as soon as she has it again! . every word that comes out of her mouth is unbearable she sounds so stupid when she talks lacking knowledge, information, & awareness in every aspect of her life. she is the meaning of ignorant. go continue your pathetic excuse of an existenc

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