Spent Skeezeball

March 26, 2014 Windsor 76 11,237 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ladies Beware this skeezeballs name is justin durham from windsor, a.k.a spent1 lol his famous saying im sure everyone has heard. Ya spent he sure is on all the women hes sexting and all the homemade porn hes making with his fattass WIFE and sendingto all these other women. I know this because he recently just got caught sexting pictures and videos of him and his wife to MY best friends wife. He tells these women anything they want and need to hear to get porn pictures in return when hes really using you as a cum rag, and then after hes spent he sends them to his friends to get them off. This piece of shit is so worth being on here hes been known for his strip club days where he would drop grands of money while his first wife was at home with the kids waiting for her future walking STD to arrive. Yes a drd because he gave it to her sister when he slept with her while his wife babysat her neices . Now this douchebag is with the sister and has 2 kids with her(which makes them step siblings and cousins) and shes proud to say she stole her sister baby daddy .So maybe the 2 need to be put on blast because miss DANA MATTE your no better . Oh and because this douche was so smart the only pics he sent were of his flabby piece of skin between his legs he likes to call his cock !!! ill put her ugly ass pic up they are hard to miss together.

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Kelly Neil, Welfare Slore

March 26, 2014 Windsor 101 9,536 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: found text messages from this dirty slut on my mans celly. she cant keep her sick legs closed. bitch has drds and wont admit it to anyone. only job this whore has ever done is blow jobs and she cant even do that right and get paid. this filthy slut and her newest boyfriend matt norris are lowlife losers. this bitch needs to learn to stay away from married and taken men. take care of your kids you dirty slut.

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Breeanna Liorentas

March 24, 2014 Windsor 201 8,007 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Heeey nik, this is Breeanna Liorentas .. She is the nastiest little slut I have ever seen just like her older sister Trinity Liorentas both of those bitches are nasty. She had sex with Eduardo one day then the next day she had sex with his best friend Nekwon .. Can someone say whore ? She needs to be put on blast. All she gives a shit about is weed alcohol and sex, bitch has drds the world doesn’t even know about. Nasty ass hoe.

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Katie Moore

March 21, 2014 Windsor 20 9,766 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this girl Kaite moore is someone who deserves to be on the dirty .she is a straight hoe anyone can confirm that she spreads her legs for any man, she acts like she is top shit when she really shoudlnt when she look like that .every man she’s fcked admits her pssy stank like fish bitch stop acting like your so hot your tattoo looks like a sticker keep your legs closed stop spreading your deises no one want to smell that pussy learn how to shower and go back to the ocean with your fishy pssy and shark face ,I know this is all facts used to be best friends with her its about time the REAL sleezy bitches of mtl get exposed please leave them comments because everyone know she’s a hoe

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Past Due Tiffany Ouellette

March 20, 2014 Windsor 36 10,574 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this little dirty ball is Tiffany Ouellette I cannot believe she has not been posted on the dirty yet. So this little pig lives in Windsor fck everything that moves and sucks everything that’s suckable. . She is a shitty mother who lost her kids cuz she cant stay off crck alcohol or anything else you put in front of her face. She lies to every guy shes with and eventually gets caught cuz she is too stupid to lie. She does suck a pretty good dick though, I just thought it was time for this cum dumpster to finally be placed up on the dirty.

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Hillbilly Natalie Coligiacomo

March 19, 2014 Windsor 170 9,314 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Natalie Coligiacomo, 32 year old underachieving dead beat mother and drug addict. Sleeps with MANY guys she doesn’t know and camwhores the Internet almost daily. She thinks she’s gods gift to everybody when in reality she’s an ugly used up whore with no tits or ass. Windsor needs to warned of her since she moved back not long ago. Guys, she’s easy so. wrap it up. Ladies, don’t be friends with her. She’s the type of girl that’ll talk shit behind ur back and sleep with your man

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Sarah Nicole The Sloot

March 19, 2014 Windsor 99 8,629 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Sarah Nicole. She’s a mouse looking whore who brags about being rich when everyone knows she lives off her parents!! She never finished high school and she got fired from a clothing store haha!! She always talking about Windsor when she fcks half the dudes here!! Smh. She has a son and she continues to post slutty pics on the net. Have some class!!! Stay far away from this broad. She’s a loser

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Windsors Dirtiest Escort

March 19, 2014 Windsor 94 9,889 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Nicole Fraley .. Nik this girl has been an escort since she’s been 15 years old and has nothing to show for it. She’s always been pimped out not realizing none of these men shes giving money to give a damn about her . She’s fat and ugly wears pounds of make up has been to the clinic a couple times for having The c**p . She goes to missiaguga to escort and gives all her money to a pimp that goes by dingo she fcks with any man she can get a hold of . She pretends to be innocent works at studio 4 be careful men this girl is nasty has herepes bumpy vagina unless u wanna pimp her stay away

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