Rasheed Smith

July 1, 2014 Windsor 49

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nursie nurse is a filthy dirty nasty un classy whore this bitch is knocked up by wallaceburgs biggest drug dealing douche jay gouth she works as a nurse but has diseases so you better hope this nasty lil pregnant tramp isn\’t takin care of your elderly grand father this bitch is chathams biggest slut and now moves into Wallaceburg and fucked every scab n is pregnant now with herpes Ewww stay away I promise n if you grand parents R sick start asking who is taking care of them it\’s could be this sneaky little whore rachele smith is the dirty dot com

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Lisa McFadden- Wallaceburgs Grimiest

June 27, 2014 Windsor 49

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here it is, and 100% official. Lisa McFadden is the type if girl who walks the roads thinking she’s hot shit, but the only thing HOT is her four finger discount and the tin foil sheet she smokes her morph patches on. She contracted warts around her mouth from giving the old men head to get her next fix. She works in cahoots with her Nasty friend Natasha Trafabanko who was caught eatting out Lisa at the local church park lot. She has no class matter of fact she’s the opposite. Lisa is just one nasty bitch! Everyone needs to watch out for this girl she is pure nasty, she sniffs coke and her son was witnessed sucking on the bag of coke. She don’t care about no one but herself and her pussy eatting friend Natasha. You can find her at the local meth house probably legs wide open so if you need a lick spread the word your looking for Lisa McFadden she’ll get the word and look you up. That’s how she rolls she’s a virus spreading nasty pssy eatting , crotch dripping, family wrecker, baby abuser, friend betrayer, patch smoking hick! If you see her RUN!! Lisa needs to take herself to the clinic and get her nasty’s looked at cuz there’s 8 family’s she’s ruined from spreading her heels, clap and gonnoreahia!! Sad but she’s once said if i has it everyone will.. Look out wallaceburg and surrounding area she’s the local walking transmitted disease!

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Rachel the Goof Lyman

June 27, 2014 Windsor 586

THE DIRTY ARMY: So lets blast this chick or man whatever she wants to be. She calls herself loyal and well its the furthest thing considering she just f@kin randown some old lady on Wyandotte St at Moy 2 weeks ago and is running her mouth around town that Steph Mack and Tara Bara are the ones who were driving. This rat biatch needs to shut up and put up.. ruomor has it thaat 50 have her on video and that she gave up her BFF’s as she calls them for the accident, and she’s running her mouth. All she is a rat and goof so whoever thinks she is your friend think again she ratted me out once and I got dragged into her new mess thankfully I was at work and had a real job not slinging dope like her and trying to be a wannabe gangsta biatch who is a GOOF and rat running her mouth blaming Tara and Steph.. PS we all know and your done you goof Rachel…

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Shame Costello

June 26, 2014 Windsor 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: Shane costello is a woman beating piece of sh!t. Im his boy n Ive witnss him choke his gfs up on multiple occasions. thinks hes hard af picking on women but when it come down to it if you try n square up he’ll either run like a bitch or bring his pitbull n a bunch of his boys. He thinks he this boss ass dealer but he makes 0 money cause he smoke away his profit. He a snitch i been wit him when he shuld have gone to jail but just had a lil convo wit the 5.0 in the car n got let go. Still living in his rents basement wit 3 DUI’s under his belt. His gf Gloria just as dirt as him. She a twig n has one greasy ass mop for a head of hair. I can smell this bitch from a mile away n she thinks she hot shit. I known them both for a rlly long time and Gloria used to fck a 40 year old man called aj. she constanly has bruises all over her from Shane slapping the stupid bitch up. Shane told me she had an abortion. Prob cause no one wants to make this physco lil boy a father! They r both super fucked up in the head. Shane has legit beat every gf he has cause he knows they wont stick around unless they r scared of him. This boy aint tough he’s a lil bitch beating on a 90 pound female cause he’s too scared to b alone. He so pathetic always needin a companion. Girls if you see these 2 run the other way, they r no good. Both r full of drds from fckin randoms n old men, I herd Gloria smelss like fish n shanes piss hole is bright red. If you ever fucked wit em go get checked asap!

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The Berlasty Sisters

June 20, 2014 Windsor 127



THE DIRTY ARMY: For the people that don’t know the Berlasty sisters. They’re one of Windsor’s lowkey dirtiest stank hoes you’ll meet. For people that do know them, you’ll probably know that Ashley Berlasty (18) and Amanda Berlasty (19) are the most greasiest, smelling, troll lookin sluts ever. Ashley enjoys 3somes with her pig partner Jessica “Man Ham” and share dick with Jessica North too. They love carnivals and can be seen there but only ride for free because they suck the operators dicks. Heard Ashley caught gential drd from a guy named Richard, and often passes her kills to her sister Amanda. Their house is disgusting. They never wash their clothes. Their dog smells like shit and shits everywhere. Their family are all crackheads and their mom has no problem with them bringing guys into their beds everynight. Ashley lost her kid because she couldn’t stop smoking and didn’t know nothing about raising a baby like her mother. And now her sister is pregnant? Probs not gonna be born like the other one. These uneduacted ugly bitches are so lowkey and dirty. They fck with no condom and if you fck them they’ll never talk to you again after that. They always invite not really known guys over for a lil fun so hit em up for a good time

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Ex Rub n Tug

June 19, 2014 Windsor 67

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well everyone this is the ex rub and tug hore Felicia Nelson. This tramp thinks she is the hottest thing walking. She will fuck and suck for drinks or drugs ur pick look at her grill many dicks been in that mouth. She thinks going to school makes her look better people still know who you are. I honestly cant stand this bitch midget wrestler. This welfare collecting bitch calls her self a mom well when ur at the bar every week seening ur son to who will ever take him thats not a mom or the fact that when he gets older he will know she is a slut ur not a role model for him . This girl use to fuck me till I found out what she is really about she cant hold down a relationship cause she is to busy fucking her life up and trying to be a gold digger no one wants you…nasty bitch its about time you make it up here hope you enjoy ur day

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Windsor Beauty

June 19, 2014 Windsor 187

THE DIRTY ARMY: Does anyone know the name of this girl ? I think she’s beautiful !! She’s got the perfect body the perfect face and she look like he knows how to keep a man happy! Please tell me her name .

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Rachel Slore mom Haven

June 19, 2014 Windsor 244

THE DIRTY ARMY: This nik here is Rachel ratchet havens. Pretends to work by day dirtiest whore at silvers by night!! She pops pills for a living and pawns her child off on anyone she can find!!! She has slept with like 25 guys I know for fact . She caught drd from Kash who picked them up from the king josslyn. She has no friends because she fuks everyone over.!! She is a gold digging inked up using back stabbing whore. Apperently he so called man lol Cash man was her old best friends husband . No one wants her not even him . Not that he’s a prize either he’s a drug dealing pimp who I heard pimps her out!! They sell and do drugs together they are both scandolous beware of disease they are spreading!!!

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