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On A Mission To Ruin My Credit

December 19, 2014 Winnipeg 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hello the dirty, This girl, Krissy Boyd, was my roommate briefly last year. She didn’t clean up after herself or take care of her pets. Her cat constantly peed on everything to which she did nothing about not even clean it up most of the time. She didn’t take her dog out often enough and it would defecate inside. She never added herself to the Hydro account like she was told to by myself at the request of Manitoba Hydro and left me holding a bill for over $400 that I mysteriously found in the snow in our yard the day we moved out. She took things that belonged to me included bizarre random items like treats I bought for my cat (as well as other innocuous items I may have over looked that are missing since) clothes and books, one of which didn’t belong to me and I had to explain to another friend that she had it and was ignoring a message I had sent her so this girl tracked her down on Facebook and retrieved her book but when I was asked for mine and her to pay her bill she promptly blocked me. She may have also started a rumor about me to mutual that I wanted to date her and became angry she had a boyfriend that has no factual basis. She is currently evading contact regarding payment of her bill which will be sent to collection on me while I am off work and scheduled to have surgery in four days. In the Halloween picture of her as a rabbit she is wearing a dress that belongs to me.

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Andrew White

December 19, 2014 Winnipeg 31

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Andrew White, a pepsi snorting, h*roin addict and alcoholic who is faggier then Liberace. What is so bad he bad mouths natives, and wants them all dead,, and He works as a nurse and childrens hospital in Winnipeg. he’ll suck a dick anywhere , even at work. he’s into public nudity and open sex in public. loves “kids” too. SICKO.. how can someone like this work with children? come on WRHA get rid of this homosexual deviant who is also a racist.

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Warning to Females and Parents

December 19, 2014 Winnipeg 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: WARNING TO ALL WINNIPEGERS!! Watch out for this truck pic a truck off google image might not be exact year,it’s an old peverted guy driving looks to be in his 50s curls in his hair,this guy is scum he stocks women on the streets of wpg of any age!! My friend which is a girl what is only 18 was walking down the road this guy parked his truck in a parking lot where she was walking watching her then when he figured coast is clear he pulled up and told her to jump in she said NO that did not stop this guy he kept going around the block stocking her!! He then pulled up beside her a second time and he said jump in its cold out I’ll give you a ride!! She kept walking and he kept yelling for her to get in…. Little did he know she texted me to pick her up asap when I got there she was very freightend by him…I drove around the block looking for this peice a shit didn’t see him went and parked on road she was walking down and sure enough I spotted the truck so I followed got beside him at a light asked him wtf his problem is before I could get outa car he took off cause lights changed followed him a bit he was wreckless running red lights so I gave up he had a chair in his box. I managed to get his plate.. SO WPG WATCH FOR THIS SILVER DODGE RAM 1500

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Shayla Dawn

December 19, 2014 Winnipeg 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is my friends ex Shayla (shayla dawn on fb). Nik this chick is nuts… Need proof she’s on bp?… Need proof she’s crazy?… Leave Scott alone Shayla…

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Cheating Daddy

December 18, 2014 Winnipeg 41

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy is just disgusting im so surprised he hasnt made it on here yet ….he has kids all over wpg with methadone n pill junkies just grose ….he had a baby girl wih my friend recently n gave her std\’s while she was pregnant and also cheated ao many times with some alissa chick a natasha fleury …and lisa and some more from pof as well she caught some chick sending nude pics on his phone n kept her # this chick told my friend that they met n so on …he also showed up at my friends ultra sound with hickys how disgusting n hood ratish is that ..jua gross. ….he thinks he so much better then every one so if u are his friend jus kno he compares himself to u n talka shit bout u he thinka hes so much better then everyone …..this cheter gets high of 3\’s daily always aaking around saying he needs them for his “back” lol also he assulted his gf’s mom shes in her 50′s while he was drunk he hit her so bad smashed her nose n fractured her face ..thats how low he is to assult an elder women careful hes EXTREAMLY VIOLENT n pops kids out everywhere then denys them n also spreads around stds …he also has a 11 yr old aon he even ditched …true north end loser …a Cadillac doeant make u a man !!!

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Kelsey Meeches

December 18, 2014 Winnipeg 39

THE DIRTY ARMY: NIK, Kelsey Meeches is nothing but a worthless mother who chooses crack over her kids, just like her own mother. This “woman” is in her early or mid 20′s, 6 or 7 kids with abunch of different men(not to mention 4 with her OWN cousin BILLY MEECHES) She tries to make herself look like some great mother when really she smoked crack while pregnant with all her kids and partied and still continues to smoke crack and is a binge drinker. Shes known for sleeping around with guys for pieces and money, shes a desperate crackwhore. Lost all her kids and has to have another one because she needs the money and support from something. Kelsey Meeches is a crackhead who opens her legs for ANYBODY, if youre hurting shoot her up an inbox on fb shes does tricks for twenties

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Creepy Door Man

December 18, 2014 Winnipeg 31

THE DIRTY ARMY: I don’t know this guys name but he is the door man at union night club in winnipeg. He is always grabbing up on me and my friends when we are in line and in the club. It’s creepy as fck because he is like 30 years old. Get a real job u fcking low life loser. We don’t even want to go there anymore cause of his creepy ass. Lose some weight

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Baby Momma Drama

December 18, 2014 Saskatoon, Winnipeg 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, these 3 really need to be put on blast. Come on seriously! Carlos is a complete loooser who bounces back and forth between his two baby mammas. Angel and brittany. Angel is fcking retard for always taking his dumb useless ass back. When he is at her house she does everything for him and when I say everything I mean everything ! Carlos takes advantage of her and in the end always leaves and ends up hurting her Nd their kids. Thats where brittany comes in the this picture. She hooked up with carlos while carlos was with angel and she knew angel was at their home waiting for him with their kids. But that didn’t stop her from being with carlos and getting pregnant. Everyone told her that he already had a babymamma and he always ends up back with her but that still didn’t stop her. I feel sorry for her no she gets to go through everything he put angel thru. And I doubt he will even be there for her kid when he ain’t even there for his first two kids. He probably has gotten other chicks pregnant. He is a compulsive liar only thinks about himself. He thinks he is this big tough drug dealer when he has no money haha how do you sell drugs but are always broke living off of your babymammas or other people. I know a few people that he owes money too cause he ripped them off. Angel told me personally that she even paid a debt he owed one time. Hurting much. Brittany told me that he owes her money too lmfao really taking money from your babymammas you da man ! I know all of this cause I know all 3 of them personally. I have them all on my fb and I find it funny seeing angel and Brittany’s statues about carlos makes me lmfao cause thses girls are so stupid thinking he loves them. Carlos creie for Angel and his kids when he is drunk. Grow the up man and quit acting like your all that. When in reality you ain’t shit but a deadbeat!. I feel sorry for you babymammas. Nik please put thses 3 on blast! Tell me what you think of their fd up love triangle nik?

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