Old Suburban Slore

October 29, 2014 Winnipeg 46

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Deb Spicer who is a teacher assistant in Winnipeg. She is double-life walking disaster, she is married to Rob Spicer. She cheats, lies, and is just plain nasty old saggy cunt who is a mental deranged badger. I’m not saying you’re a whore, but if dicks had wings, your hole would be an airport!!! You may find her under any of these definitions: hussy, tart, tramp, wanton, wench, whore, floozy, harlot, hooker, jezebel, minx. Look in a mirror and slap yourself, you undergrade sloot.

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The Dose Destinee Fong

October 29, 2014 Winnipeg 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is the infomous destinee fong , who hides behind a computer and constantly lies to everyone even her self , shes a jib head , a pepsie slore and wil do just about anything for the next hit , she talks alot of talk but cant back it up , she also thinks she knows everyone’s lives LMFAOO look destinee you aint shit , and as far as everyone should know , u should stay off back page selling your ass and conflicting with out peoples business you don’t no lol Stop hiding …

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Manitobas dirtiest

October 29, 2014 Winnipeg 78


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik these girls are the nastiest girls in the Rez. And in the province! They hitchhike with old men from city to city partying at anybody’s house catching all sorts of drds and drds in anybody’s bedroom. Like they should stay home with their children instead of partying off of their blow job money and welfare! Those girls are disgraced Indians who should grow up and get their life together!! they also share baby daddy’s and boyfriends and keep it in the family, these girls are truly some ratchet ass Thots and I could not explain them any better. Oh and their names are chantel delaronde, Chanel delaronde. the other ones just some under age hood kid.

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Ray Ivan Paul

October 29, 2014 Winnipeg 47



THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this skeeze ball managed to con, lie, and cheat on 6 women at the same time for 4 years or more. He plays with their head, gets them hooked on sex, makes these women think they’re crazy and claims that he doesn’t know any of these other women. Even when a bunch of pictures are presented or a recorded phone conversation admitting he knew them all, he will deny, deny, deny. His favorite saying “I’ve done nothing wrong” He also has a step child (Libby) he treats as his own that he tells no one about including his own parents (he lives with) because she’s part native. He’s got them fooled too because they refuse to believe their son is a dirt bag capable of lying, cheating on women, or being a daddy. Yet all day, all he does is drive around visiting his women, pretending to be at work, fcking a different chick every day. All his clothes, hats, & jewelry were bought for him by his step daughter who has a trust fund he likes to mooch off of. What a fcking lowlife!!! These are some of the women he’s seeing: Colleen Peter, Delilah McDonald, Jaeslyn Fontaine, Brandy Meuiller & Donna Duncan (a “family friend”) He drives a black Mitsubishi Lancer with tinted windows that says BONAFIDE on the front windshield. If you know anyone that’s seeing him, warn them about this piece of shit!!!! This douchebag is the master of deceit. He’s also known to police for assaulting his ex’s, so watch out!

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Not so Perfect

October 28, 2014 Winnipeg 96

THE DIRTY ARMY: Okay I have nothing against Sam but are you fucking stupid? You have a baby with a guy who already has 3 kids, move to Nova Scotia only to break up with David and live in a shelter? I mean seriously Sam where’s your head at? And David why the hell would you go and have another kid if you’re not even going to stay with this mother? You two have a lot of growing up to do. Sam you’re a great mom an amazing mom at that, but your choices have caused you to end up in a damn Shelter with your first kid? Where in that is there anything benefiting you? Have you even considered coming back to Winnipeg and letting the people who love you help you? As for David you should be ashamed of yourself leaving 3 gorgeous little girls behind just to be with Sam in Nova Scotia. You two are just ridiculous. For David Jrs sake I hope you make the right decision Sam.

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Mary-ann Sawicki

October 28, 2014 Winnipeg 176


THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik time to put this dirty hoe on blast again.This shady hooker has had so many people jacked, pulled so many greasy moves and snitched on her homies so many time she feels the need to hide her face.Well Hanna you aint fooling no one.

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Janae K Siemens

October 28, 2014 Winnipeg 64

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THE DIRTY ARMY: She will give you a sob story that she urgently need a place to stay and then does her best to make her feel bad for her. Well, I got suckered into offering her a place to stay for a few days and now after noticing I was deleted/blocked from her Facebook page, I also notice money and stuff missing. What a piece of work! And now just learning from other friends she is pulling the same to others to get her drugs. No wonder someone is going crazy after her as she must have pulled that stunt too many times and with the wrong person! Heads up to all! Do not trust her! She will try to sleep with you and rob you blind if you don’t smarten up!

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CockRoach Katriel

October 28, 2014 Winnipeg 44

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hello nik. I would like to warn the whole city of winnipeg about this girl name katriel traverse aka pissy peanut . Anyways as i tell me story about this slut . this roach message me on facebook wanna to meet and chill so i went to meet her we chilled and what not than allsudden we were drinking well of course we end up doing it but fuck she stank like tana ugh i had stop like fck i went soft . but anyways this slore is nothing but a hoe bag and thinks shes all sexy meanwhile she looks like my dogs ass . but anything for lay i guess , She photo edits ur pictures and she doesnt even look like that in person just some rundown clown tryna make her eyebrows look hot LOL . PEANUT your pissy and smelling . go wash your  panties Beware Of this girl she will give you drd thanks nik.

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