Donovan Lawson

October 17, 2014 Winnipeg 79

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy here name Donovan Lawson wannabe rapper from winnipeg he bangs all these bitches he meets on the internet gets them drunk sex them hes so dirty walking drd ladies watch out he never uses Condoms gets these hoe\’s pregnant never takes care of none of his babies, deadbeat father, women beater haves no life still lives at home with his mommy at 30 yrs old haha he smokes crack with his girlfriend ashley bitch so ugly she never takes care of her son. she sells her body for money donovan watches her bang all of his homies low life nigga got my girl pregnant he left her for his crackhead gf this guy is the dirtiest around wpg. Goes by d. He’s the most hurting guy you would meet I saw him at a party in elmwood over the summer hurting so bad he wouldn’t leave this girl alone trying to get some whatever the poor girl had to leave he was so hurting one minute on the phone with some bitch he’s been dating for some time he’s trying to hit on anything with legs. One of my friends dated him briefly but it didn’t last long CUZ he brought something back to her. He needs to be posted so ladies watch out for this dirty nigga Get a liFe loser, stop making babies, check yourself,

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Jasmine Mercedes and Faythe Barteski

October 17, 2014 Winnipeg 64

THE DIRTY ARMY: everybody this is Jasmine Mercedes and her sister Faythe Barteski their both sluts that will sleep with any guy that walks, both are young moms that smoke weed all day and live of welfare lol jassmine is such a homewerking sloot and has drd shes so delusional she really thinks shes better then every other young mom out there but hunny your just the same as every low life trash mom out there and her sister is just that same as she is, both sister have threesomes with older men and party it up sniffing coke while there kids are around both you girls need to grow up and put your kids first!

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Alana Darnley

October 15, 2014 Winnipeg 127


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this gross pig sent my bf and his cousin some disgusting pics and video! Well ex boyfriend now! She can have his pimply ass, it will match hers! She’s such a nasty pig! Who sends shit like this? Knowingly to dudes who she knows are taken? And what kind of shitty ass man would talk to a nasty ass like her? Fukk them both! Have her std ridden dirty crotch! Btw I saw your video and couldn’t watch the whole thing u fat whore! I felt sorry for that dildo! U sloppy looking slut! Shave that ass and hide your big fkn gutt next time! PIG! Go puff on some more dope! Acts like she’s damn cheech! Yet she can barely afford her sick addiction!

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Homewrecking Ginger

October 15, 2014 Winnipeg 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this little home wrecking whore gets around in this small town. She is famous for fcking with people’s minds as well as other women’s men. The sloot works at a grocery store bagging groceries, while her bight hob consists of getting bagged by anything with a dick and balls.She may be a fiery redhead but the fire happens in other mens pants once she is done with em. (Requires a stop at your local doctors office) She says she don’t like drama or anything that causes bullshit, ha!! Once she has got her dirty claws into ya it’s nothing but a drama roller coaster filled with faked pregnancy s and mind fcks. She literally sleeps with anything with a dick. She is such ugly skank, like lighten up on the make-up raccoon. She does leave a lasting impression, one that will never got away if ya know what I mean. All it takes is for her name to be mentioned around town and almost everyone says, skank, slut, home wrecking whore. Home wrecking whore seems to be her specialty tho. Pathetic that she has to go after taken men for kicks, then once ahes got them fck with their heads till she gets tired of them. So careful ladies, keep your men close or away from her, she’ll use them and throw em away!

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Emma the mattress Arnott

October 15, 2014 Winnipeg 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this chick here is named Emma Arnott I am so surprised like 110% that she’s not on here already. She had sex with my 16 year old brother. She even stripped in front of my friends when we were at a party and I wanted to puke!! I wish I can say this is all BS! I am telling you Nick it’ll be a dirty SIN if this chick doesn’t get put on the BLAST! She gave my brother the clap and it’s so embarrassing. STAY AWAY BECAUSE THIS CHICK IS DANGEROUS. One time I had her babysitting for me and she brought some guy there had sex on my bed and did pepsi and drank! Not to mention I kicked her out and in a rush she left her dirty white panty under my bed and it was stained red DISGUSTING! (I only let her babysit because I didn’t know she was addicted at the time) I am SO MAD!! So warning to anyone who wants to touch this beast DOUBLE WRAP IT, NO, NO TRIPLE WRAP IT!, YOU KNOW WHAT JUST CUT IT OFF AND TOSS IT IN THE TRASH WHEN YOURE DONE.

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Wannabe Gangsta

October 15, 2014 Winnipeg 91

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik meet John Reekie aka Jon Gotti. This wannabe gangsta thinks he’s tough because he has tattoos but he’s nothing but a pussy cat, and I have heard this clown is rat, making statements on his friends. Your washed buddy and you’ll never be a G. So quit front like your something because you’re nothing but a internet tough guy and a rat.

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Dirty CFS Worker

October 15, 2014 Winnipeg 69

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is amber she has 1 kid n 1 on the way she works for cfs the fcked up thing is Adam thinks he is that dad of the babe that’s on the way we’ll he’s not the father is her supervisor Kyal they have bin fooling around for some time now they got busted having sexs in his office n these r the pepole we trust with r kids I use to work there but it seems like a high school there n let’s not for get all the money she stoll from the kids she works with

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Megan Damours

October 15, 2014 Toronto, Winnipeg 38

THE DIRTY ARMY: Man, this girl is a total fcking hoe bag. She sucks, fuks, swallows, and even does the occasional rim job. She is a real lovely girl to be around, never ends with her sexuality because she cant get love, so she bangs for it. Megan D’amours is a total hoe.

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