Winnipeg | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 2

Fish Outta Water

November 19, 2014 Winnipeg 68

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well this backstabbing c*nt. First she slept with my baby dad then my boyfriend. cheated on her fiance with men for money. she sleeps with all most any one, and dont be fooled by her looks she aint no sweet and innocent chick. straight coke head. she sends nudes for booze and drugs whatever she can get out of guys. apparently slept with brooklyn from heatbag records and charlie stumble. sleeps with anyone and blames it on being drunk. so all you have tyo do is get her drunk more like one drink and shes good to go. when she was 16 she slept with a 32 year old for booze. shes such a sloot! no condom or anything fcks bare back but yet no kids. she gave head to two best friends in one night at a party.. simple as shes gross and nasty perfect for this site just DIRTY.

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Danika Lynch

November 19, 2014 Winnipeg 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this chick is the dirtiest slut you will ever meet in winnipeg. This chick was trying to text my older brother when she still ha a boyfriend and when he finally gave her the time of day she fuked off and not even that left him with fucking chlamydia. I’m putting this bitch on blast becAuse everyone should know how dirty of a person she really is. Cheating on her bf all the while playing it out like she’s gods gift to boys lol bitch pleAse I heard yur so loose in the meat curtain department. That’s fckingh nasty. This chick looks like a fcking dude with hair. Maybe focus more on keeping ur legs closed. And stop fcking around because your dirty little secrets won’t stay a secret forever. She also has bad breath and apparently stinks down there I’ll repost her gross ass texts to my brother. This is karma for fooling around with people and TBH ur fuking ugly. Really!

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Chrissy Kicks

November 19, 2014 Winnipeg 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik take at look at this one .. SLOOT of the year. Chrissy McDougall mother to what um 7 kids only 5 live with her cause the baby Daddies keep taking them away cause she is a irresponsible pig of a mother. Her worries are when will she get her welfare check, have they added my new kid to my child tax and when will I get to pick up another gram of pot! She is a disgrace to mother’s .. Her “man” is a dirty dog that can’t keep to one woman. Chrissy kicks her “man” out and he goes and sleeps with all her friends, then comes back to her .. ewwww. This one is a wild one that likes to talk tough, but can’t back it up. Drama queen to say the least. She is still looking for the father’s of her last couple of babies .. she says they are John’s but who really knows, she been around the block. Her family can’t stand her, one minute they are fighting, the next minute she needs something so she has to kiss ass for help! Look at this picture Nik, this is the poster girl for welfare cheques and child tax .. thats why she’s having so many babies, so she don’t have to work. Nik post this up working folks can see where there hard earned money goes!

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Chantelle the Snake

November 18, 2014 Reno, Winnipeg 122

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Chantelle aka “brunette bombshell” she honestly thinks she’s better than anyone she is the most Rachet chick in winnipeg. Ive never heard of someone having so many different diseases,which she passed around to every guy she sleeps with! (which is a lot let me add in) The way she goes around the bars how are you guys she will suck their Greg for blow. And she claims she’s classy. When she was working at Nevada’s she would let everybody know so they can find her for let me “good time” . She will give you her Sappy story on how she was beat up just so you feel bad for her and get sucked in. Meanwhile she’s always willing to bang anything. We want to hear what you think now? Would you hit it? Or do you think she’s a dog like the most of us do.

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Tamara Dubois

November 18, 2014 Winnipeg 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: Someone has to put this fat ditchpig on blast. Here is Tamara Dubois useless flappy old skank, cant even hold a job all she likes is to hold dicks in her hand for a line or a rock. Hey maybe if u even have icing sugar she will suck ya ! This bitxh has done tricks right in front of me, has made me “hide in the vehicle, and not poke my head up\” or drive the bitxh around to collect. She also used to work at massage parlors all around Winnipeg, hangs out with the nasties of the hooker scene. She is addicted to smoking crack and coke heck ive even seen her hit the bitch a few times. Girl you need to get you shit together husting you fat ass to black or brown men aint the way to live. You are prolly so full of diseases you dont even know. Always posting on facebook all the things men buy her, living on welfare and sucking cock on the side. You go girl!! You can find her posting ads on craigslist or pof begging people for money saying she has starving kids. Even heard of this one guy who gave her 500$ cus she had a dieing baby in the hospital. Tamara your a waste of space. Put doen the crack pipe, get a real job and quit selling your flappy pussy lips. Usually to black or brown guys or fat men who cant get any better. Shows how high ur standards are baby. Straighetn out ur life or youll be the next missing girl.

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Married Loser Can’t Keep it in his pants

November 18, 2014 Winnipeg 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this disgusting creature who goes by the name joel emerson aka kreig emerson needs to be blasted. He’s a 30 year old loser who lives with his parents in winnipeg and works at pembina chrysler. He was married for a very short time until one of his who res contacted his wife about their affair. He is known to cheat in every relationship. He is a pathological liar, he comes across as the nicest guy, but he’s shady as hell. Always has a few women on the go. He doesn’t care about age or looks. As long as it has a vagina he’s good. He thinks he is God’s gift to women. But he has terrible hygiene. His teeth are rotten and are green/brown, rarely showers, has sex with multiple people in same day, terrible dandruff, sores on his face, and he’s short and fat. Also heard he’s terrible in bed. I know 3 of the women he tried to pick up. Smooth talker! He’s had 8 different profiles on plenty of fish and tells people what they want to hear. At this rate, his dick gonna rot and fall off like his teeth.

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Crystal Lynn

November 18, 2014 Winnipeg 20


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Crystal-Lynn Labonte. she’s 21 years old, and has 3 different kids by 3 different baby daddies (not that she can figure out who the dads are or anything) She got Herpes from sleeping with a child-molester (who she had a kid with!!) and her kids were taken by cfs because her son was molested and she broke his leg (at only a year old!!). She acts tough, but she’s just a pssy. I’d love to see her knocked down a few pegs and you can tell her straight Renee did it! She’s a fat gross disgusting pig who comes from a hick inbred family and her mom has 7 kids by 7 different dads!! This is disgusting please help get the word out so people stop reproducing with these nasty diseased cows!

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Larry Lavallee Homewrecking Drug Dealer

November 18, 2014 Winnipeg 66

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Larry Lavallee….hes from weston 1*** elgin, he beats his girlfriends, sells drugs to minors and tries to make up lil gangs and say hes an H.A. member. He bear maces these kids and thier parents when they do something or say something he doesnt like. He doesnt allow his girlfriend or her children to see thier grandmother and broke his phone when he found out they were talking. He also conned his ex into leaving her bf for him by using his 3 year old against her and saying he was killing himself. His girlfriends nephews were still talking to his girlfriends ex so he beat them up too. Hes just a pure tool and talks shit and when shit goes down he calls the cops. Just watch out girls, control freak who beats on everyone and anyone even old ladies!

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