Winnipeg | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 2

Child beater Colton Lepine

November 24, 2014 Winnipeg 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Colton Lepine broke a little one year old boy’s leg.. He’s a disgusting deseased child and woman abuser! He beat up his ex Shay when she was pregnant with his kid and then beat up his other ex Crystal when she was pregnant too.. He’s always bitching and whining about how much he hates himself and how he can’t better his life but all he does is sponge off and mooch from everyone.. Especially his gf’s. His life consists of getting stoned and putting people down so he doesn’t have to accept what a terrible and miserable fuk he is!! He has raped 12 and 13 year old girls and has child pornography charges. When he was in jail for beating his ex, he was a drug dealer named Andre’s bitch and after he got released, he worked for Andre then ratted him out to the cops.. This guy doesn’t know the meaning of loyalty.. He’s nothing but a low life welfare bum who uses any excuse in the book to be a lazy, fat disgusting stinky loser who lives with and hides behind his mommy lmao

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Shan Cee

November 24, 2014 Winnipeg 30

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is person right here is Shan cee she goes by on Facebook but her name is Shannon catcheway well she sleeps around with anyone and after shes done they leaves and messages there girlsfriend and say she ucked them and she has **V and she doesn’t tell anyone before she fcks them I know because she did it to me before so watch out SHE WILL end your life ! She’s one dirty Bitch

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Dan NOT the man

November 24, 2014 Winnipeg 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dan Dove is a low life. woman abusing, lazy sac of crap. Hes 39 years old has no job just sits around all day watching UFC; while his girlfriend works her tail off. He has beaten every girlfriend hes had. He has 3 kids that he hasnt paid a penny for! He has never even seen them because hes to busy getting high all the time. He grew up in Edmonton, Alberta but now lives in Swan lake, Manitoba. His girlfriend could do so much better then him but he has made her feel so bad about herself with mental and physical abuse just like every other woman hes ever been with. I am a guy and i went to school with him and i think he beats woman because hes to weak to beat a man so he does it to feel tough. Hes still dressing like hes in the 80′s grow up! Your not a biker and never will be. Get with the times its 2014 DANIEL DOVE.

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Joe “Lil’ Bi**h” Kueneman

November 24, 2014 Winnipeg 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This guys shitty name is “Joe Kueneman” but he changes his facebook constantly because hes a shit talker who does not want anyone to know who and where he acctualy is(Right now it’s Sophia crow). This POS tries to wow underage girls with his little bit of money, and tries to take advantage of these vulnerable girls by taking photos of them when they are passed out & then black mailing them saying they will send them to their friends and family. He also shittalks to men (online of course) and when it comes down to put up or shut up, he changes his facebook, blocks the person, and thinks he’s a man. The boy’s also a women beater, and finds no problem with it. He thinks that it’s funny. Watch out girls! and Joe you fudge packer if you’re reading this why dont you stop being a bitch and show yourself? This piece of garbage lives in Winnipeg, Canada..Not Alabama. Your day is coming JOE! you ugly bit*h

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Sydney the Sharpie Lover

November 21, 2014 Winnipeg 231

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this dirty skank needs to be put on blast. She is a known escort but before that she was being pimped out by goon squad. lmao she acts like she is such a bad bitch when in reality she still lives with her mom and dad. she got fcked up the ass & caught drd and many other things along the way. your parents must be so ashamed. Your ex best friend has told us so many disgusting things you’ve done, and probably still are doing. your such a joke, i don’t know how you can take yourself serious anymore. you look like a drugged out skank most of the time. Snorting anything up your nose & injecting anything into your arm. Winnipeg stay clear of this piece of work unless you want something that will last your entire life.

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Everyone Keeps Forgetting What Is Underneath Kim Kardashian

November 20, 2014 Hollywood, The Dirty, Winnipeg 251


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, people keep forgetting how nasty, ugly, flat ass, jack nose, hairy Armanian Kim Kardashian used to be.  It truly shocks me to this day that this b*tch and her family are famous because she mad a porn tape.  Crazy how dumb us Americans are.

Sex sells.- nik

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Westbrook Beer Guy

November 20, 2014 Winnipeg 26


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik, this is jesse i think nagam. He works at the westbrook vendor hes known for selling beer to underage girls and sleeping with the bartenders and constantly trys hitting on most girls that go there. He claims to be a gang member hustler bad boy but really hes nothing just a wanna be. He also gave my bestfriend a std and he had a girlfriend at the time who constanly messages my friend. REALLY jesse get a life you beat on your girlfriend and everyone knows it and sleeping with anything you can get your hands on is only gonna give you something you cant get rid of. btw i think you know what friend im talking about hint hint ) i feel so sorry for your girlfriend if only she really knew.

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Trashy Haiiden

November 20, 2014 Saskatoon, Winnipeg 109

THE DIRTY ARMY: Haiiden Deloume is barely 19 and has already given birth to her second child. She’s “engaged” to her boyfriend whom she probably cheats on every week. She is a dirty slut and deserves to have her kids taken away. Like really her cover photo on Facebook is a closeup of her newest baby sucking on her tit. Can you say attention seeking whore much?

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