Jenna Nelson

August 26, 2014 Winnipeg 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this here is Jenna Nelson from Thunder Bay ontario. This girl is one of the biggest sluts of fort William. She’s got 2 kids whom she does not take care of. Her poor mother who has back problems is the one raising them. Her daughter is 4 and her son is 3. Jenna’s kids are always locked up in rooms, looking rough and stink. CAS has been called numerous of times but they haven’t taken the kids. Her house literally stinks like pee from the kids diapers. While the kids are locked up, Jenna her mom and brothers are all in the basement getting high. The only thing that matters to them is the money they get for the kids. Jenna thinks that because they’re her kids, she gets half the check her mom gets for them. Money makes her world go round, but not before dick. If you have money Jenna likes to literally throw herself at you. She claims to love her on and off boyfriend Burt wood who likes to fight her but if she did would she be sleeping with other guys? Especially her ‘bros’. She says she’s in love when really she’s only in love with the cock. She is the new ‘homie humping slut’. Don’t touch this std infested slut. Already gave 3 guys chlamydia but denies that it was her. Steer clear of this horny pig. #1 hobby : DRINKING.

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Jami Genik

August 26, 2014 Winnipeg 36

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this little walking disease is Jami Genik one of gimli’s fine town bicycles, Everyone gets a free ride. She was dating a guy from Riverton, MB for a few years and was sleeping with all of his best friends and his family members behind his back. I say was because he finally got smart and dumped her ass. But she’s been known to take pleasure in sleeping with under age guys just so she could have the pleasure of saying she took their virginity and recently took it upon herself to brag about sleeping with 8 different guys in less than a week.. She has no respect for anyone and she will do what she can to get what she wants. Sleeping with married men to letting more than one guy give it to her at once.. she may come off as innocent and nice but looks can be deceiving.. I think someone needs to put this girl in her place before she starts handing out free A**S to everyone!

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Jose Lansard

August 26, 2014 Winnipeg 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jose Lansard is a fckin g0000f, who trys to play it off in the begginging as a innocent little white boy, and than when he gets serious ina relationship he gets clingy and annoying af holey sht, hes an fas child who aint shit but a women beater and a bummy kid who bums off his girlfriends to support his weed , cigs and coke habits, and he goes to partys and crys over a gram, hurtin kiddd. ! this nigga ain’t sh*t he could at least be smart but passes his way thru his grades by flirting with girls and copying their work, this kids a spazz, hes so greasy he keeps nudes of his ex gfs pics and videos on his phone, creeeper asss child. watchhh out for thiss greasy child, he is on some otha shiitt.

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Transcona Thot

August 26, 2014 Winnipeg 64

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hello Nik, this drd infested bitch thinks shes so fcking hood and tough meanwhile shes a prissy little cnt and my fcking grandma could take her ass down. shes dirty elmwood trash and needs to be put on blast, she fcks every thing that moves and has a cheesy vagina with pimples all over it *barf* gets a fcking respect tattoo meanwhile she goes all the way to transcona to jump innocent people walking down the street, shes bitch made and gets everyone hooked on cocaine fcking drug addict is pregnant now with some random guy who woulda fcking THOT.

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Theif with Bad Teeth

August 26, 2014 Winnipeg 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this nasty cnt is the biggest two-faced skank you’ll ever encounter, she is from Transcona (if you already cant tell) one day she’ll be your best friend and the next day she’ll remove you from her life completely meanwhile you do everything for her and spend every fcking cent you have on this fiend. her teeth are fcking disgusting from all the eth and from hitting that crck pipe every day, not to mention the skinny twig ass bitch doesnt even own a tooth brush. her fcking teeth are brown and fuzzy.. she dates 30 year old bald trap house fuck boys and runs away from home with them, she treats her family like complete shit and walks all over them.. bitch cant even afford a fucking tooth brush, she’ll coome to your house and steal your head phones and lighters and clothes like get a fucking job she doesnt deserve anyones trust.

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Carla Gomes

August 26, 2014 Winnipeg 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This ugly looking troll’s name is Carla Gomes, she’s twenty but acts like she’s 12 , she’s always talking shit about everyone when she doesn’t even know them, all she does is sit on her phone and talk shit, she thinks she’s the sh*t just because she has a job! hahaha congrats Carla, how about you tell everyone what you were doing a couple months ago? yeah that’s right you never brinG that up. She’s nothing but a coke head, she thinks she’s perfect in every way, but guess what your just a low life that has nothing better to do than stick your big nose in everyone’s business . She’s the ugliest thing i’ve ever seen, and she thinks she’s top dollaaaa haha. Nik pleaase put this B*tch on blast !

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Needs to Stop Drinking

August 25, 2014 Winnipeg 165

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl has been asking to be put on blast for quite some time now. Her name is Jessica. She has a beautiful 2 year old daughter. Unfortunately, Jessica’s life is filled with drinking & popping pills to try and make herself feel better. She feels the need to tell the world that she MUST drink EVERY NIGHT, or else she can’t function. She is the definition of an alcoholic; constantly drinking by herself while trying to take care of her child. You look through her facebook, and all of the pictures she has with her daughter, she always has a beer in her hand. Like what the fck Jesssica, don’t you care about Eden at all??? Apparently not! Your actions show that daily. She has an amazing boyfriend, who she treats like garbage and always accuses him of cheating. Meanwhile, he goes out of town to WORK and support her habits, and tries to make money for his daughter. Jessica has also been cheating on Dustin. Dustin you deserve better. Run while you can, she can’t take your daughter away from you! She even stoops as low, to sleep with her boss Murray. Jess & Murray go out drinking 3-4 times a week. Who watches Eden while you go boozing it up????? Hmmm…. Seriously, CFS needs to investigate you, because you are NOT a good mother. You need serious help, and to check yourself into a rehab facility. It’s sad that booze and drugs are way more important than your child. Her and Murray tried to “stop drinking” and they couldn’t even last TWO days!!!

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Brianne Houston

August 25, 2014 Winnipeg 27

THE DIRTY ARMY: I just need to let winnipeg know that this hoe is still hittin me up after all these years. Brianne houston changed her fb name to Bean Thomas. I’m getting so sick of this nasty girl teliing me to check out her instagram pics. I noticed she still has her other boyfriends liking her pics so my guess is that sh’s a hoe fosho lol. This hoe ain’t loyal and she will never be daniel…her new bf who she uses because she has no job and no money so she loves him up to get free shit from him. I am so annoyed of this dirty cunt..she had so many bfs lately,her pussy is like a deflated whoopy cushion, just loose. This nasty hoe needs to be dummy smacked by her bf daniel. Who she cheated on with her fat sister brittany’s neighbor. And now her fb statuses are about not being a homewrecker and that she should of left him alone because his babygirl deserves better than that. She didn’t care that he was 7 years older than her when she was just a baby at 17. Daniel I think your girl likes old men! I hope you realize that every bf that shes had always had money and a job and she was just using them for joints and alcohol. Poor girl I bet she was touched as a child by an older man and that’s why she gets turned on by pedophiles. Brianne, you need to get your shit together and stop going after taken men. I am loyal to my wife and I don’t need your childish bullshit breaking up my family!

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