Native Syndicate

September 15, 2014 Winnipeg 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this little skank is such a fcking whore. she likes to go around talkin shit bout ip, native syndicate , manitoba warriors , shes such a fcking phoney ass beitch lies about her age tryed to say she was going to punch me out but never came around to do it and when i seen her she didnt do shit. talk about fucking bullshitter ass bitch LOL! her name is jessica ross (jessie juice) on facebook takes the most uglyest fcking pictures ever , get a grip n stop suckin off ur uncles u hurting whore. LOL she even wears her bun right on the top of here head like its attractive or sumshit LOL she looks rediculous with that fcking mop she calls hair LOL skany whore .

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Goonie Goo Goo

September 12, 2014 Edmonton, Montreal, Winnipeg 54

THE DIRTY ARMY: Remember that old Eddie Murphy joke about Aunt Bunny, the bigfoot? Well, I met one of her kids. Her escort name is Electra of the Montreal escort agency, book-herself. She is also known by the names Imane Chaa, Imane Lechat and Zarah. This girl had so many hairs sticking out of her chest tattoo that I had to question whether or not the tattoo was shaved hair or ink. She also had tonnes of hair on her arms, back and butt. Shaved bigfoot. Then there was the smell. I could smell her ass standing facing her or maybe it was just her breath, but she needs a lot of mouth wash and soap. She also needs to stop eating fresh fish out of the local rivers as she tours across Canada as an escort. Also, she’s looking to get a nose job to shave done her gonzo from the Muppet show like beak in Los Angeles. Save the money you’re making as an escort to put towards regular laser hair removal before people figure out your secret as a shaved bigfoot. Goonie goo goo.

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Joshua Tassone, Pedo

September 12, 2014 Winnipeg 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy is some ratchet how spreading the cla* cuz he doesn’t wrap it b4 he taps it. He’s got an ugly face only a mother could love and his tiny ass 90lbs body. Talks tons of shit about everyone, is always with multiple women spreading his disgusting seeds. He takes escorts on dates banging them in washrooms cuz he’s so desperate can’t find a stable girlfriend. He’s always hitting up the underage girls yuck just cuz they got tiny bodies that aren’t developed like yours lmfao your a loser Joshua Tassone!!

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Fas Welfare Kid

September 12, 2014 Winnipeg 85

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this low life fas welfare bum is named alex shorting.This big time so called drug dealer baller robbed a bunch of kids.He claims to be some dealer but just another broke ass bum on the system he is a jibbed out chop well do any drugs he can.his kids are in cfs care safe place to be. He likes little girls always frontin saying hes not with the mother of his kids but he is and she just as big as a loser clown as he. Word winnipeg watch out for this clown.dont trust him he will jack you hope he gets caught slippjn soon goof fas chop always in the crack shacks too just dirty

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Not So Innocent

September 11, 2014 Winnipeg 38

THE DIRTY ARMY: first off let me introduce you to the girl who will crush your heart by cheating on you. BRITTANY HARRISON <– add her on facebook , meet up w. her , give her a drink and she will ride your cock for free .. as long as it will satisfy her loose drd pssy. this chick isn’t who she says she is , she will be ina relationship with you for few months , then start her scandal ways .. ive been told that she was in a relationship for couple yrs and has been cheating on on him the whole time & he was too blind and stupid to see. she flirted right in front of him , and at that time he thought she was just being nice. stupid I kno . until one day , his birthday .. he caught her right in the act , riding another guy. sad I know. some birthday gift , right nik? anyway this bitch needed to be put on blast and warn the people who try get into a relationship with her. shes not innocent! shes nothing but a dirtyHOE. every pic she has on facebook is with guys , you think she hoppd on their cock too ? this chick will get what is coming to her. shes still stalking my bf , asking his family about him. this bitch is disgusting! before you fuck her , wrap it twice because shes been all over . and if you don’t believe this then go right ahead & get a disease, be my guest. well I think I said enough bout her .. well what I know. probably a lot more stories about her , because shes been to different cities , towns. Winnipeg , meadowlake , regina , Saskatoon.

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Close-Line Kovac

September 11, 2014 Winnipeg 67

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here we have a Lil hoe of winnipeg,she makes you think your the only one she’s with lol bitch step your game up if ur gonna be a Lil player oh and nik she needs to take a shower WORD!!! Uneless you like the smell of fish she goes by the name Megan kovacs on fb so guys watch out don’t fall for her game

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Boyfriend Stealing Slore

September 10, 2014 Winnipeg 66

THE DIRTY ARMY: This nasty ho is named Natanish Mousseau, goes by Natanish Baby-o Mousseau on facebook. Shes a boyfriend stealing whore so watch your men ladies if you come across her, she can be seen partying in Ebb and Flow with her rachet little whore friends. She claims to be in love with her current boyfriend Mervin Malcolm, FYI she stole him from a good friend of mine. Nuff of that being said she will do anything for a fck. Just shoot a msg her way on fb and shes dtf even if it means cheating on her man whom treats her like a queen. She is the ugliest effen thing ive ever seen in my life. I honestly don’t know what this guy sees in her, shes so fat. Her facebook is full of edited photos because shes not the real deal, Mervin left a beautiful looking girl for this troll. he must be brainwashed like her washed up cunt.

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Ashamed to be a Desjarlais

September 10, 2014 Winnipeg 55

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This bitch here is known as Frannie Klein. Her REAL last name is Desjarlais. She’s using Klein to get ratings for her music. Her mom divorced Vernon Klein long ago and left him, she still has the nerve to use his last name. God knows its only for show, she still claims to be a Klein meanwhile that name is no longer apart of her family. She’s still prancing around his farm like the little bitch she is, chasing away all of her mom’s ex husbands girlfriends away like she owns the place. I get it, she’s a pretty girl and all but someone had to put it out there who she really is. She does not even like to be known as a Desjarlais seeing she’s ashamed of the last name, shed rather claim a last name that isn’t even hers in general. Get the fuck over yourself Frannie, your not fooling anyone with that fake shit.

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