Winnipeg | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 3

Sandy Bay All the way

December 17, 2014 Winnipeg 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: what’s happening nik? anyways let’s get to the topic so this skinny downgraded side hoe Allora Spence likes to act like she’s a top notch bitch, the only this shes on top of is d*ck constantly, Literally, she aint nothing but a twofaced stuck up bitch, shes likes to act tough on the internet but when it comes down to the point where she gets confronted she hides behind her family, like step up to the fucken plate, and another thing about this witch she likes bouncing around d*ck to d*ck, she cant settle her kettle, she’s already got a drd spreading it around in her reserve, she’s been posted on here once, she deserves to be posted on here again, I’d be ashamed if she was my child, Nik put this hoe on the blast, EVERYBODY needs to be warned!

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Sad Mother

December 17, 2014 Winnipeg 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Natasha wahsquonaikezhik on facebook or pronounced ‘wash cause you need it’ shes from sagkeeng and been passed around that whole rez and will probably move on to another place like winnipeg or Ontario. She was recently with a old man in his 50s ‘Ernie’ and she caught him cheating with some other slut and just called the police on him and told them he was a drug dealer and of course he got busted this all happened this pasted weekend he got busted today LOL guess that’s why she was with him so she could whore herself out to him for her addictions She also has two kids her parents take care of because shes always out drinking or whoring herself out. This girl can not keep her legs together at least she has big tits but their getting saggier everyday and has *** and drd so better wrap it up if you get with her

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Dumpster lays

December 16, 2014 Thunder Bay, Toronto, Winnipeg 75

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Alyssa Tyler and Mandi morin these two chicks are huge huge sloots they will fck anyone and everyone Mandi has drd and pretty much hands them out to anyone she ducks and Alyssa plays it off that she’s not a huge Sloot but she is she’s a bigger who’re then Mandi bangjng guys at the bars they both work in there under wear and fuk who every thinks there sexy nasty hoes of thunder bay

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Pepsi Head Sky

December 15, 2014 Winnipeg 34

THE DIRTY ARMY: so nik this right here is Sky lives in the westend of winnipeg drinks almost every weekend….hes a major coke head when he drinks maybe even when he doesnt drink probaly like the rest of his family (mom brothers sisters) behind close doors DO NOT EVEN TRY AND GET TO KNOW HIM he will make ur life a living hell and try break up relationships hes not a good friend hes very fake and phoney and lives off his dad pretty sad i must say….

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Josie Reimer

December 15, 2014 Winnipeg 88

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Josie she works at stereo, SUBWAY, and thinks she’s famous so she makes a fan page but then bitches about all these creeps. What do you expect when you have your account public and take skanky photos of yourself? Not only is she a narcissist but a complete bitch. Thinks she’s gods gift to men. Just because you work at the back of the bar of stereo ( a shitty canad inn bar) doesn’t make you a celebrity, this is winnipeg and you’re a dime a dozen, nothing special. Please remove your head out of your ass and please get in touch with reality because sweety you look like an ugly dog

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Robin Fontaine

December 14, 2014 Winnipeg 37

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nikk this is robin fontaine, a pill snorting junkie from fort Alexander now living in Winnipeg. She’s nothing but a user and a junkie… she got her children into pills too! Her soon to be 18 year old daughter has to about 80lbs.. shes been doing pills with her mom since she was 12! Worst mother of the year her children are all in cfs care be cause she choose her pills over her own children. Her step dad had spoken advantage of her when she was younger, but she still gets him to watch her daughter’s.. I can go on and on about this woman. Now she’s all into “God because her newest bf religion but this guy is loaded most of the time and robin always is messed up walking around like a zombie sniffling. She’s always on pills buying bagging doctors whatever she can do to get them to the point she used to work the streets for her next fix… that’s actually how she met her boyfriend.

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Yvonne Lynn Scott

December 14, 2014 Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg 102

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl right here is a prostitute that travels from the states to Canada and hides behind the fact that she’s really shitty at trying to be a DJ. My ex got chl***dia from her when she was running her game on him and his friends in the club like she does regularly. Yvonne Scott really likes to be gang banged by 5+ guys at one time, that’s why she likes to hang out around the rigs because she’s a cock thirsty tranny looking whore. For $100 dollars you can smell her fish stanched vagina and touch her sangy tits. She loves being a prostitute and she’ll walk around clubs half naked asking people if their interested in being her clients. She’s a used up whore, and her vagina is so loose from taking so many dicks it’s been said that you can’t even feel anything when your railing her. If you fall into her trap you’ll probably wake up with sores all over your penis like my ex did, and be itching for days. Her nipples are huge cookie nipples and the smell that comes off of her vagina is so retched you gag the whole time your inside. Not to mention when you pull it out it’ll be covered in green goop. If you see this mess RUN FAST she’s diseased and a gold digging fake prostitute. She can barley speak english cause she\’s so high on drugs all the time . She’ll try to convince you to do her bareback because she has a fetish for spreading diseases, she said so herself.

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Charles or Chuck Wollman

December 14, 2014 Winnipeg 7


THE DIRTY ARMY: Darcy wollman who also guys by chuck or Charles wollman look and also pickmepls80 on pof loves trannies amd young innocent girls who have ni idea that they are going to ne “trannied” on or hiv ed on. He has drd and h** but doesn’t tell his next victim. They are young and innocnet victim’s. Lets warn them!!! Openly uses no protection but has deadly and lifelong diseaseas.

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