Slore from Gilbert Plains

July 21, 2014 Winnipeg 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet stephanie nicole from gilbert plains and dauphin manitoba shes easy married divorced cheater thinks she can sing she cant she hasnt clued in yet….she got married to a really good guy but slept around woth anyone and everyone give her a lil attention she give u lots shes as easy as putting gas into a vehicle and just as cheap thinks she can sing too what a joke anyways there ya have it nik.

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Sherry Viloria

July 21, 2014 Winnipeg 106

THE DIRTY ARMY: who? Sherry viloria. A 5′ nothing or a girl that didn’t even reach 5′. She basically looks like a 10 year old. She likes to go party, get all drugged up. She asks guys for drugs in return of SEX (it wasn’t even good sex, needs more practice) . She’s not even on birth control and had to ask the guys for abortion pills (Plan B). This bitch is a home wrecker that says she loves her boyfriend but does shit behind his back. She aint even on that LG lvl. Not wearing lulus and TNA. Shops at Sirens on the sale rack.

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Paul Hogue

July 21, 2014 Winnipeg 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is paul hogue he is a sleazy steroid dealer who drugged my friend n raped her in the back of his cheapazz honda civic. then he dumped her off all passed out in the front seat of her car n just drove off. this gutless roid rage pasty white boy use to work at guardian traffic services until like a month ago n he’s just an apprentice but he still act like a rich boy always braggin about his daddy’s money. people need to know that this predator is a fckin monster who date rapes girls and treats them like they r human garbage.

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Jade Cottage Cheese Daniels

July 21, 2014 Winnipeg 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jade Daniels is the sickest fucking whore there is she will sleep with anybody who is willing to give her attention guys with family’s she prefers she’s fcking gross looking yellow ass teeth pimples n shit all around her mouth got the dose from some sandy Bayer before even slept w this guy in Wpg then after she had sex with him she sucked his dick and said it smelled like cheese like hello that was your pussy dumb ass she is so desperate for attention she sends anyone nude pics of her like put those god dam mud flaps away jade she’ll have a different boyfriend every week claims she’s getting married and all this no one is gonna wanna marry your nasty ass lies about anything thinks everyone wants her but then again I guess guys do want what comes so easily haha you should b ashamed of yourself you cheesy bitch

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Gimli Sloot

July 21, 2014 Winnipeg 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This chick is Trisha Cowan she is such a loser she moved to Selkirk with her ex boyfriend into their own apartment shortly after they moved in together she started cheating on him. She cheated on him with at least 5 different guys because she thought he was cheating on her and instead of confronting him she cheated. When he found out the stupid idiot took her back and stayed with her! I’m surprised she never gave him a disease. When he finally had enough of her crap he sent her back to gimli where it didn’t take her long to be in another mans bed. The poor guy fell for everything she said and is now married to the cunt! She’s probably cheating on this guy to! Her whole family is fucked up on drugs and booze. Her own boyfriend went around telling people she overdosed on drugs and she tried covering it up saying she has epilepsy. Dumb bitch. I can’t stand this sloot and have to put her on blast.

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Naomi Messes with Friends

July 21, 2014 Winnipeg 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: This woman is playing every friend she claims to have and after the fact of getting cought. She cryl and wants you to pity her .well always make claims it was just the once and lie and continue to see your men.

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Ready for Action

July 20, 2014 Winnipeg 69

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ohhhh Lexa, you think you are so sweet & innocent. Sorry hunny, but you are quite the opposite. Three children, three wait four? babies daddies….. Since you know, with the 2nd child, his father knew how much of a crazy bitch you are, and ran for his life ( I don’t blame him either ) , and you met sweet Blayne, who got sucked in by you & now has responsibility for your middle child. It’s sad how you call him down day in and day out, yet he does everything to provide for a child that isn’t even biologically his. Oh, and then to make him jealous hahaha you go out to Peguis for a “retreat” and meet this “amazing guy”… Lol a month later you get knocked up. Meanwhile he has a family and baby momma back in the rez. But you had to play the home wrecker role again eh sweety? You were nothing to him. Remember that. Time and time again he would leave your stank ass & then come running back when he was in the city. And you were sleezy enough to take him back EVERRRRY TIME. Even when he screams at you, spits in your face and punches you in front of your children. You may have called the cops on him, But he was over at your house two nights ago. Like how low and pathetic are you? Preaching all over facebook about how much of an angel you are, and that you don’t make mistakes, they are just lessons learnt. How about you get your ass off welfare and actually provide for your children. Not pawn them off on your mother and father, and your babies dads parents, so u can go to the MARION.

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Another Dirty Native

July 20, 2014 Winnipeg 63

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Chris Williamson. Dirtiest scum of Winnipeg. He is a two timing loser who can’t seem to keep it in his pants. APPARENTLY, he is engaged to this girl named Sheneen Grysiuk, yet he is on POF everyday searching for new women, amongst other dating sites. While Sheneen is at work, Chris has other girls over at their place. Either Sheneen is just really dumb or she just let’s shit slide because she is too insecure with herself, and keeps him around because that is all she can get. He is constantly leaving her to go out for days on end to party & do drugs & sleep around. He is the definition of dead beat loser. The girl he turns to the most, her name is Shanna Tynes. She has abandoned her two beautiful girls for pills and having sex for drugs. In her words, Chris says he’s allowed to cheat & Sheneen doesn’t mind. Sometimes, Chris will even pay her for her dirty deeds. Anyone that has been with either of these 3 better get checked out ASAP. Your secerets weren’t going to stay hidden forever. Karma is a bitch.

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