Lindsay Loree

October 28, 2014 Winnipeg 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this psycho bitch is fcking crazy. i’ve never met a ruder and more obnoxious person than lindsay loree. you’re nearly 35 years old and still hitting up the bars looking to hook up is classy as hell. at parties if you and a friend are having a conversation she will butt in with her unwanted and super aggressive opinion about whatever you’re talking about (or even something not at all what you’re talking about). no i don’t agree with you that gay men are basically girls?? like wtf is that?! at the bar she started a fight by throwing a drink on a girl that was talking to someone she was “hooking up” with and then ran away… one time someone walked by her and at the same time she turned and her drink got knocked out of her hand. she started screaming and yelling super degrading stuff at this random person. like calm the fck down? take your meds if that’s what sets you off. she’s known for disappearing during the night to hook up so she’s usually a pretty easy lay. everybody jokes about taking a turn but she thinks that makes her hot because everybody wants her.. ya that’s what they think haha. what a joke just a awful arrogant bitch. what a piece of work

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Wade Siran

October 27, 2014 Winnipeg 99

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this dirty little fck is wade siran 31 && trys to play the role like he aint with his baby momma little did she know he aint nothing but a dirty little hoe he sleeps with a different girl every night hes a skinner ass rat goof trys to play like hes the head leader of MW when really he aint nunin but a lil broke bitch fckin coke head loser thats scared to lose ,his kids mean well he cant even give them 5 mins oh yeah did i forget to meantion he also likes little girl COME ON GIRL I KNOW YOU KNOW WHO HE IS AND I KNOW YOU HAVE LOTS TO SAY SO KEEP THIS NIGGAS ASS ON BLAST !!!

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Steven Pastor Bubz

October 27, 2014 Winnipeg 110


THE DIRTY ARMY: Yo Nik, Check this Gangsta wannabe out! His name is Steven but he goes by Steven Pastor Bubz Coppl on his Facebook. This fucking dude lives in Winnipeg and tries to dip around Winnipeg like hes some Big shot. He thinks hes a playa trying to be Black & native, the whitest dumb ass walking the city. He thinks he looks so slick in his knock off clothes tryna pass them off as name brand lol Rides his fucking bicycle around the city wearing all his bling looks like a tool. Half the people he chills with laugh at him behind his back, too bad this wigger doesnt have a clue. He used to be a fat kid with no friends at all now that hes lost some weight he thinks hes Gods gift to women hahahahaha He boasts about getting high and getting turnt up – wake the fuk up faggot! You are a hard up Loser! Stop trying so hard and just be yourself for a change! He calls himself PASTOR like hes some church rearing priest yet he always shares statuses on his facebook wall from The Illuminati lol Contradicting a little? He is now fucking some girl that looks like shes maybe 14 years old but hey, a real woman wouldnt want this fucking loser anyhow. He is a drug dealing selfie whore. He actually PAYS someone to take pictures of him so he can post them all over his facebook to! lol Get the fuck over yourself you arent even hot at all. Deep down he is still the fat little kid who had no friends. Boo Hoo! This dude is is the biggest joke in Winnipeg.

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Dirty Mattress

October 27, 2014 Winnipeg 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This is Manitoba’s Biggest Hoe shes been everywhere & Back, her Name is Layla Sinclair goes by Layla’Baabezxo on Fb she dates anyone and everyone last i heard she stab some chick over dick & left a bar with some randon old guy for money, thinks shes all that she sleeps around & suck guys off for a place to stay or money rather than take care of her own kid, she had a kid with her own cousin but we all know shes just saying that because she doesnt know who the real father is cause shes such a scallywag ratchet used up balony hole Ho, uses daddy issues as an excuse to be a hoe she thinks everygirl is jealous of her just because shes easy for any guy, and she tries to fight other girls for guys that just use her to fck & suck them off cause shes so sleezy and she even fuks her cousins and uncles, I know this because I grew up with this Bitch and I know everything she tried fighting me over my baby’s dad just cause he Fcked her once when I was younger, I feel sorry for her and the guys that fuck this ugly thing because shes just a dirty fat ratchet, she should just realize it already aint nobody jealous of her stanking ass …

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Fake Tonino

October 27, 2014 Winnipeg 101

THE DIRTY ARMY: NIK This 48 year old low life has been sending jerk off videos of himself wearing red silky panties to my 16 year old cousin. Hey clown stop sending those vids next one goes to the wpg police department. Dirty low life!

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Justin Mcivor

October 27, 2014 Winnipeg 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: Bet he’s a snitch as well. Little goof did time for a skin beef word justin blood cousin is going to post the the paper work. Little goof likes to touch little boys. His blood cousin told me he touched his own kid cousin and tried to put his you know what into is kid cousins mouth. Paper work will be posted only matter of time. If you really know this goof clown wanna be wankster then you should know he’s a certified skinner who did time for it. Do believe this then just go ask his blood cousins and his auntie and they will tell you this is all true. No wonder why the mcivor family don’t want this kid around. There’s also many upon many ex-girlfriends that will tell you he’s a women beater if he don’t get his way and if he wants to hit that pussy he will take it regardless just ask his ex-girlfriends.

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Lost in Winnipeg

October 26, 2014 Winnipeg 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this man Jose.F.Diaz I met in febuary 2013 over a dating website.we go for coffee I ask are you married/ what’s your situation because I’m looking for a serious relationship. he says he is divorced. just found out 4 months ago he is married to a lady from Peru for the last 5 yrs..her name is Elizabeth sanchez, so when I found out from his son he didn’t deny it and asked me to let him explain, he says the marriage is faux paux and just married this Brazilian so she can get Canadian citizenship in Canada. he admits that he cheats on her regularly and he never uses condoms during sex. he is the type to slap and use vulgarities during sex I’ve got ch***dia from him twice and he claims he has been faithful to me. he hates gays and transgenders, but has nothing against lesbianism or bi-sexual females like me. so ladies beware he is a snake in the grass dishonest despicable human being.

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Elmwoods Bike

October 26, 2014 Winnipeg 59

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik just thought i should post this cheating ho bag for all of wpg an let them know that they SHOULD STAY FAR FAR AWAY FROM MISS destiny ann street a.k.a. destiny girden. This girl will do anything to get some. She even got the c**p 3 times gotten knocked up several times by different baby daddies, but only kept 2. She cant keep her legs closed longer then 2hrs. She gose out and blows her baby checks on coke an weed. She thinks shes the most sexiest chick on the earth. Her couch is like throwing a hot dog in the grand canon. Its nasty. B*tch needs to be put on blast an chill the f@#k out. And take care of those kids

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