Transcona 7-11

July 18, 2014 Winnipeg 27 9,136 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: well hello nik. i would like you to meet the transcona 7-11 Christa Renae she is always open an up for anything she cant even get a man by her self soooo she likes to try to get with yours she even told me that she fucked too men in one night one of them she is friends with his girlfriend. so if your friends with her you may think your man is your man but …… is her really when 7-11 is just so fast an always open

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Supported Boyfriend

July 18, 2014 Winnipeg 29 6,285 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this stupid  is Vienna mcivor,she,s so stupid and ugly but thinks she’s all that?she wears tons of makeup ,she steals it from wal-mart in St.vital.she has 3 kids ,2 are with her and the other 1 with her mother but Vienna collects the welfare check and child tax credit for him but does nothing for him.she always has a car rented on the 20th. And of course again on welfare day.on her face book she has herself has attending university of Manitoba,what a joke she went 1 year and flunked out.loll.The whole family including the mom are sluts,her mom had 5 kids with 5 different daddy’s and 2 of them were brothers.Vienna met her loser crack dealing boyfriend at a bar and he left his 5 month pre go girlfriend to be with her and he doesn’t even help her with child support but Vienna thinks cause she had 2 boys with him he won,t leave her and his sons.she even lost the house she was renting fcause he got busted for selling crack there so she had to go running home to mommies to live while he went to she renting from Manitoba housing and still have his nasty ass living with her even though she,s not suppose to. I heard that my buudy got her to strip at a party and walk around nake for him.she used to be my friend but I found out what a back stabbing bitch she was.Vienna if you think your man ain’t fckin around on you then you more stupid then I taught you were.He probably had a few of your friends already just like your first baby daddy.Vienna you are a loser,get a job and support your kids instead of living like a queen on welfare,none of us tax payers want to keep renting cars and supporting you and that losers drug habit.Now go steal yourself some more make-up at Walmart cause you really need it.she always make sure that she doesn’t take full body pics of herself cause she so dam fat just like her nasty sis crystal.

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Trashcona Carrot

July 17, 2014 Winnipeg 109 8,207 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this transcona hoodrat is Meriah Tarbox, aka Riah Michelle on Facebook, and she thinks she’s the center of the universe. She\’s rude, selfish, and thinks sh’s so hot, but she looks like a total tranny. She needs to be put on blast AGAIN, because she clearly didn’t get the message last time. Meriah, stop being such a self-centred bitch.

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Kadence Jade

July 17, 2014 Winnipeg 106 8,660 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: its time someone put this greasy faced little girl on blast.this is kadence jade now when people post others on here and say they’ve been with everyone in winnipeg this girl has literally banged every guy in winnipeg all it takes is a few glasses of wine and she’ll be all over your cock.she also thinks shes so hot bitch you need to wash that greasy face of yours.this girl is so stupid she got catfished into sleeping with someone who is that stupid lmao she needs to start being a mom and getting a job instead of worrying about when her ex is gonna take the kid so she can go party and sleep with whoever buys her drinks that night maybe its time you grew up im sure there are alot more stories about you once this post comes out its time you got knocked down a peg you arent hot shit your just a used up pass around and no amount of gym time is gonna get rid of that gunt you have!!

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Eric Roy

July 17, 2014 Selkirk, Winnipeg 85 8,883 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This Retard is Eric Roy, the most sick person in Selkirk. He is currently living in a group home cause his adoptive parents can\’t handle him. Even though he is over 18, he has to be monitored. He is unemployed and gets money by sucking men’s greg’s behind the merch! He sits on his ass all day smoking kush and boozing. He is known to police for killing his adoptive parents dogs by kicking them to death. As a staff member, I can tell you his IQ is around 50. He has threatened staff and residents. He is Gay. but that is normal for him and ok by the staff, he was recently in a fight where he tried to grab a little boy, and the boys father kicked his ass. People of Selkirk. beware,.keep your kids away from this sicko. and if you see him. tell him what you think of animal abuse!! why am I posting this? Eric should never had threatened me at work. I am scared to go to work now, so put this out to straighten him out hopefully!

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Krystyn Dubois, Shim Exposed

July 17, 2014 Winnipeg 48 10,189 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Yo Nik, this is Krystyn Beck Dubois, formerly known as Krys. I was kind of on the fence about posting him but since he wanted to get involved in facebook drama with her ratchet whore friend Melanie Koncur and wrongly accuse Ronald James Olfert of being me I thought it was justified. She even went to try and file a restraining order on Ron even though the guy’s never done anything and tried to make his life a living hell. So enjoy Krys, you probably would of gotten away with it if you never got involved with this sh*t so you can thank your good friend Mel for spreading your secrets to all of her facebook friends she\’s never actually met in real life. Just says “you have to promise not to tell anyone, but my best friend Krystyn was born a man. I hope your husband is comfortable being a fag. He works as a Health care Aid at Health Sciences center. I guess you reap what you sow, put his shim on blast Nik, you really do an honorable thing with this website. You really should get the nobel peace prize. 8:19

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Melanie Koncur

July 17, 2014 Winnipeg 83 6,616 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Yo Nik, meet Melanie Rae Koncur of Winnipeg Manitoba. I thought it was time to put this stinkbox ho on blast again. This b*tch is crazy, we all knew that she’d had her kids taken by CFS for 2 years but she always blamed it on her ex, but we never really bought that story because CFS doesn’t take kids unless there’s something wrong with both parents and the kids aren’t safe. It turns out that she threw her baby on the floor when her ex didn’t want her anymore and broke the baby’s collarbone and shoulder. This girl has the smelliest stinkbox, her ex used to call her tuna roll. She was also stalking me on facebook and thinks I’m this guy Ron when I’m not, I was simply trolling facebook with the name Elizabeth Smith-Magnotta and without even ever meeting me she told me she loved me and gave me her cellphone number and everything even after I told her I had a girlfriend I lived with. She said that was no problem, she’d be able to make me fall in love with her. She also denies her son’s half native status and tells people he’s Ukrainian. How sad is that? Denying your kid to embrace the wonderful aboriginal culture and all the benefits that come with it? She’s also living in her mom’s basement still and is almost 43 and spends her welfare checks on things like bad tattoos and tummy tucks. Do me a favor and put this ho on blast. #

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Katie Bremner

July 16, 2014 Montreal, Winnipeg 94 7,769 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Now Im not deneying that this girl is hot, nice body nice face.. Like most guys, I would deffinately put my cock in and around her face if i was guaranteed no diseases.. I really don’t think at this point a condom could protect you from her viral penis bacteria infested saliva.. Some body had mention that this girl needed an entire other post so here it goes! Katie is a whore.. Shes fcked 7 out of 10 guys in every clique in the point, verdun, lasalle and lachine… Fucked all her poor brothers friends.. In laneways.. For drugs.. This girl is tainted… I mean.. Who eats out their best friend on the hood of a car in front of a bunch of dudes? Katie does.. She’s a bar rat hoe.. Gets drunk almost every day and complains about it.. Thats not a hangover head ache.. The reason why youre head is pounding is because the night before your head was being pounded into a brick wall or a head board if you were lucky… And your throat hurts because of all the dicks you sucked to get the remnants of the cocaine line you took off those very dicks… Its too bad she’s so gross cause she’s very pretty… But all in all dis gyal nastyyyy .. And what up with all the cock sucker pics?? Anyway she wants it lol.. Bring bag and you’ll get to bag!

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