Jarett Stevens

July 20, 2014 Winnipeg 47

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jarett Stevens is a hood hopping no good boyfriend he jumps from gang to gang like he jumps chick to chick. no girl should want to be with him he cheated on his girlfriend to fck me and he had bumps all over his balls.. disgusting! he thinks he is so tough but when it comes down to fighting he runs home and calls the cops. his mom even told one of his friends he had fetal alcohol syndrome. how sad :/ get braces or something kid .

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Ashleigh Marie

July 20, 2014 Winnipeg 83

THE DIRTY ARMY: Okay nik, so this nasty bitch, who by the way is the sister of an even nastier bitch, Amy Ducharme, who’s been posted on here more than I can count, this bitch here Ashleigh is one of the TRASHIEST scummy girls in Winnipeg. This S.T.I bag fancy’s herself A model?! Holy shit, delusional much Ash?? Your a scally hoe and will always be a slutty, bar hopping homie hoodrat who homie jumps from cock to cock and couch to couch. You name should actually be couch face, cuz I bet all the homies you hop push that hideous face right into the couch so they don’t have to see the trash their pounding. Lol, you and Amy are dirty dirty girls. And I say girls because your exactly that, not women, and you’ll NEVER BE REAL WOMEN, ratchety sluts that you are, you’ll end up dead from ai** or rape…..gross.

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Shitty Friend

July 20, 2014 Winnipeg 131

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl needs to be exposed! she used to live with me but was causing problems with me and my family. She is a shit disturber likes to cause drama with her friends that’s why she keeps losing friends! she will back stab you in a heart beat. The worst friend you can have, I wish I could have listened when people told me you would turn around and stab me in the back! she has no morals she drinks and gets high while shes pregnant and attacks people for nothing isn’t that how your baby daddy left you for someone else? She thinks she does nothing wrong to anyone. Her mommy and daddy does everything for her and she calls herself independent lmfao if you think being independent is getting child tax and child support! get a real job you lazy bitch and quit depending on everyone to do everything for you! at least my mom doesn’t use foster kids to get money like yours does.

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Jamie Erhart

July 18, 2014 Winnipeg 130

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is jamie erhart she is biggest sluty in capital peg city she love ride and suck a any meat and need money and place to place as like homeless centre she did suck a her work boss meat of dhoom restaurants for free foods and extra tips she love used all ppls money for drugs and beers. her 2 kids was took by cfs because her babydaddy told cfs that she is a crackhead whore. she drink beers in hotel during cfs process treatment with kids shame on bad girl ffs she need get a life and go back to school. she keep say to all ppls that her 2 kids cfs worker are rich and shit. ppls dont give a fck care of her lowlife bummer cozksucker. jamie need go back to school and learn get a shithead life and grow uo and how take care her 2 kids and get a place and quit doing drink and drugs head up. she need a new man is a bummer stinky head.

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Transcona 7-11

July 18, 2014 Winnipeg 49

THE DIRTY ARMY: well hello nik. i would like you to meet the transcona 7-11 Christa Renae she is always open an up for anything she cant even get a man by her self soooo she likes to try to get with yours she even told me that she fucked too men in one night one of them she is friends with his girlfriend. so if your friends with her you may think your man is your man but …… is her really when 7-11 is just so fast an always open

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Supported Boyfriend

July 18, 2014 Winnipeg 48


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this stupid  is Vienna mcivor,she,s so stupid and ugly but thinks she’s all that?she wears tons of makeup ,she steals it from wal-mart in St.vital.she has 3 kids ,2 are with her and the other 1 with her mother but Vienna collects the welfare check and child tax credit for him but does nothing for him.she always has a car rented on the 20th. And of course again on welfare day.on her face book she has herself has attending university of Manitoba,what a joke she went 1 year and flunked out.loll.The whole family including the mom are sluts,her mom had 5 kids with 5 different daddy’s and 2 of them were brothers.Vienna met her loser crack dealing boyfriend at a bar and he left his 5 month pre go girlfriend to be with her and he doesn’t even help her with child support but Vienna thinks cause she had 2 boys with him he won,t leave her and his sons.she even lost the house she was renting fcause he got busted for selling crack there so she had to go running home to mommies to live while he went to jail.now she renting from Manitoba housing and still have his nasty ass living with her even though she,s not suppose to. I heard that my buudy got her to strip at a party and walk around nake for him.she used to be my friend but I found out what a back stabbing bitch she was.Vienna if you think your man ain’t fckin around on you then you more stupid then I taught you were.He probably had a few of your friends already just like your first baby daddy.Vienna you are a loser,get a job and support your kids instead of living like a queen on welfare,none of us tax payers want to keep renting cars and supporting you and that losers drug habit.Now go steal yourself some more make-up at Walmart cause you really need it.she always make sure that she doesn’t take full body pics of herself cause she so dam fat just like her nasty sis crystal.

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Trashcona Carrot

July 17, 2014 Winnipeg 132

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this transcona hoodrat is Meriah Tarbox, aka Riah Michelle on Facebook, and she thinks she’s the center of the universe. She\’s rude, selfish, and thinks sh’s so hot, but she looks like a total tranny. She needs to be put on blast AGAIN, because she clearly didn’t get the message last time. Meriah, stop being such a self-centred bitch.

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Kadence Jade

July 17, 2014 Winnipeg 109

THE DIRTY ARMY: its time someone put this greasy faced little girl on blast.this is kadence jade now when people post others on here and say they’ve been with everyone in winnipeg this girl has literally banged every guy in winnipeg all it takes is a few glasses of wine and she’ll be all over your cock.she also thinks shes so hot bitch you need to wash that greasy face of yours.this girl is so stupid she got catfished into sleeping with someone who is that stupid lmao she needs to start being a mom and getting a job instead of worrying about when her ex is gonna take the kid so she can go party and sleep with whoever buys her drinks that night maybe its time you grew up im sure there are alot more stories about you once this post comes out its time you got knocked down a peg you arent hot shit your just a used up pass around and no amount of gym time is gonna get rid of that gunt you have!!

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