Elmwoods Bike

October 26, 2014 Winnipeg 62

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik just thought i should post this cheating ho bag for all of wpg an let them know that they SHOULD STAY FAR FAR AWAY FROM MISS destiny ann street a.k.a. destiny girden. This girl will do anything to get some. She even got the c**p 3 times gotten knocked up several times by different baby daddies, but only kept 2. She cant keep her legs closed longer then 2hrs. She gose out and blows her baby checks on coke an weed. She thinks shes the most sexiest chick on the earth. Her couch is like throwing a hot dog in the grand canon. Its nasty. B*tch needs to be put on blast an chill the f@#k out. And take care of those kids

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Desperate for the D

October 22, 2014 Winnipeg 88

THE DIRTY ARMY: OMG look at her. No just no. Don’t look at her. Meet Shinea Thomas oh wait no Cierra Anderson. Nevermind just meet this beatly looking girl. This girl is the biggest hoe I know. She’s fcked half of Winnipeg. You wonder why you don’t have a boyfriend? It’s because you’re not good looking in person. You have a flat ass, a HUGE stomach and your tits just sag. The only reason guys want to talk to you is because you have “boobs”. You smell like fish. Learn to wash your dirty snatch you dirty Nate. You’re just as gross as they come. Puberty did nothing for you. You’re still as ugly as you were in high school if not WORSE. Your pictures make you look decent but man are you truly ugly. And what’s up with your sperm eyebrows? Can you not fix that. I mean damn. Stop tossing yourself through out fort rouge already you sick thing.

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West End Troll

October 22, 2014 Winnipeg 168

THE DIRTY ARMY: Check this 200 plus pound cow out she is a welfare bum who buys weed and booze and uses my buddy Aaron when he is at work she is out blowing guys for food,she is such a bum she lives in a one bedroom apt with 2 kids and men pretty sad the kids dont even have thier own bedroom you can see her walking up and down ellice and sargent looking for johns hey Rebecca stop mooching off Aaron and get a job phat looser.

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Glen DeCarle

October 22, 2014 Winnipeg 46

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Glen DeCarle, a tech vocational High School burnout. When Glen is not busy with his Def Leppard cover band, he is busy on youtube calling people “f*g” and “qu*er” that disagree with him on random conspiracy theories like how the ELK’s club add fluoride to the drinking water to further the Bush war killing machine. Glen also somehow managed to place himself in a charity youth organization where he counsels at-risk-youths (some who are bullied, others dealing with a homosexual lifestyles) on the phone. How he got access to these children while causally uses derogatory names for homosexuals is beyond me.

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Missing and Aboriginal Women

October 22, 2014 Winnipeg 916

THE DIRTY ARMY: First of all, let me start off this post by making it clear that I am NOT posting these girls on here to be bashed AT ALL! I’m only posting them because I know how popular this site is and I’m hopeful that it may provide some new information into here cases. These girls are some of the few that have been found murdered or have gone missing in The Winnipeg area. Claudette Osborne was only 21 years old when she disappeared on July 21st 2008, she was last seen near the Lincoln Motor Hotel. They have learned that she went from the hotel to the area around Selkirk Avenue and King Street around 6:30 a.m. that morning. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if you know anything about her disappearance contact Wpg police!! She left behind a fiancée and 4 children that are desperate to find her… Cherisse houle who was only 17 years old, & 3 days away from her 18th birthday, was found dead face down in a creek outside of Winnipeg.. She left behind a son who will now have to grow up without his mother  & HIllary angel Wilson was only 18 years old when she was found dead In a field outside of Winnipeg. If you know anything please speak up!! There families need closure!!

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Hide behind your Facebook

October 22, 2014 Winnipeg 39

THE DIRTY ARMY: So you decide to post on Facebook – that I am a stalker!! Let’s make this clear laura you have always wanted my life ! You have always wanted to interfere with my relationship, why aren’t you happy yet. You have 3 children 2 babies daddies !!! I hear your main man Pelton broke up with his broad as well. Either way you can’t keep your job all the bitches at the company hate you. You start and within week one you have a sick day. Maybe put some meat on stop throwing up and you wouldn’t always be sick. I am so sick of your negative posts on Facebook everyday about being sad and disappointed !!! We don’t care,get off welfare, get a real man on Plenty Of Fish “nice profile btw” and take care of yourself. You have 2 friends in this world and they are even tired of it. Either way this is the life you want and guess what you can’t have mine!!! I am with him now and you’ll never stand a chance. Now leave me alone and stop posting about me !!!! pS- I know a great dentist

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Israel Stylee

October 22, 2014 portage la prairie, Saskatoon, Winnipeg 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: hi nik and hello everyone my facebook name is israel stylle but my real name is yechezkal malkin i would like to start off by saying i really love getting fcked up the ass by guys and girls thats why i love going to jail also i enjoy beating on women and drugging them up or pimping them out so i can make some bucks. well enough of that i just want to say to everyone that im looking to meet new people who are down to do anything they want to me i just love being ass fcked all the time and socking cock too i hasd to move from portage la prairie because i ran out of people who want to fck me so im hoping to meet people here in winnipeg that would love to fuk me

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Rio Fisher Pulled A Michael Jackson Race Change

October 22, 2014 The Dirty, Winnipeg 152


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here’s an update on our girl Rio Fletcher… Looks like she’s changed race, or has decided to wear “blackface” as her new look. Rio, lay off the tanning, I’m sure your skin is the texture of an old leather bag and hasn’t anyone ever told you that painting your face black is racist???

Probably just trying on her Halloween outfit.- nik

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