Kenya Swallow….or Cant you

August 15, 2014 Winnipeg 148

THE DIRTY ARMY: This piece of crap calls himself Kenya Swallow! He is another low life waste of a life from Selkirk! He has been arrested for public lewdness, mainly masturbating in front of kids! Sick Bastard! Most of the time he’s drunk or high. Even when you see him around town his hands are down his pants. His last gf told me that she couldn’t have sex with him because it was just too small to go in! I guess that’s why he’s always playing with it, no one else will. He’s on probation and always going for drug tests, last I heard, he was taking it up the ass, he was moaning so load, I could hear him across the street. just look at the pics… What do you think? He says and I quote ” I am King of Selkirk, and everyone is jealous of me”lmao

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Peg City Misfits

August 15, 2014 Winnipeg 72

THE DIRTY ARMY: Melissa Jen and crystal you bunch of dirty coke sniffing crack smoking low life scum all you bitches roll together are dirty and you belong on this website permanent so fucking lets see missy and her three baby daddy and her drugs habits she looks like a man with a boys body she has fucked sucked and swallowed every nigger that lives in Winnipeg she makes porn on her phone and sends it to guys she meets online like pal talk and the shit goes on been gang banged by tones of men lol she had to delete her Facebook cause her man tevin found her dirty late night talks true get a clue lol she a washed up old vag Jennifer you shady little bitch wish I never met your coke head ass fcking shitty mother by feeding your kids cost co shit and trying to be all cool sweetheart if it wasn’t for Ryan’s income you would be on welfare too just like your dirty mother your a money sucking beer pounding coke sniffing low life loser and to top it off no high school education you should keep your legs closed and stop breeding little aliens your kids are ugly like you and Ryan!!!! And nice name change ha ha Jen deuce ha ha loser loser loser Kemish u loser ha ha also this fat humpty dumpy looking native trash crystal Dumas lol you fat cheese burger kraft dinner and hot dog eating bitch are you excited to get your child tax so you all can drink woo hoo party at Missy’s house or your new BFF jenn lol fck you Jen fck you Melissa Sokil fuk you crystal you all should just choke on them cocks you be sucking cock sucker mother fcking dead beats!!!! Fck u and your so called army lmfao

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scum sucking rat

August 14, 2014 Winnipeg 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: hey nik meet Chanel Bella Taylor this little drama queen needs to grow up seriously she’s been harassing my sister on facebook over just nonsense and made up rumours she doesn’t even know my sister but claims to know her because they know the same people . and for some dumb reason has called my sister ugly and a slut and why I’m guessing miss cow here had nothing better to do shes just a scum sucking roadent with too much time on her hands also she made threats to my sister that she would have her jumped and my sister is pregnant smh also my sisters bf met Chanel once and Chanel stole his phone so he went and took her phone lol now she’s claiming he touched her innapropriately !!! really Chanel your a mental case get a life and leave my sister and her man alone i have proof you tried to get with him he didn’t want your ugly fat ass bitch and my sister would crush you believe me !!! so nik put this filthy psycho on blast thank you one last thing Chanel your ugly your fat And trust me hun the make up you cake on doesnt make it better you hate my sister for no reason hence why everything positive thing she does offends you real shit . FYI Chanel is the cow on the far right in the first picture

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Melanie Wilderbeast Figur

August 13, 2014 Winnipeg 129


THE DIRTY ARMY: Well Nik seems like this no good nob slobbing tranny ho didn’t learn her lesson the first time . Meet the nastiest bitch ever Melanie Figur , this tranny looking skank with her bright orange or red lips is one used up wilder beast who thinks her shit don’t stink she nees to go take a bath in the dirty watering hole she crawled out of .You can smell this bitch coming blocks away she smells like she rotting from the inside out .Mel is one of the fakest bitches you could ever meet , she claims to be such a loyal friend and woman but will fck your man smile in your face and cheat on her nasty african man Dave with every dirty Jamaican shit shoveler at the Race Track . This tranny looking bitch will suck and fuck any nigga in a back lane she even used a baggy to wrap an dick cause her broke ass didnt have a condom .You should be ashamed of yourself you nasty skank troll faced bitch what the fck is that on your forhead a wart or is that herpes..Mel everyone knows you wait for dave to pick up your FAS child that you still let suk on your titties isnt he like 7 now ewww gross .. You send people pics of you naked on a beach showing them your pancake titties saying you wanna fuck them your mental in your head …Mel you say everyone else is whores in winnipeg look at you Omar Clark ,Sydney Wayne Johnson,Bons , and Adrian all f’ed you in one night why not get paid for being a ho oh wait cause no nigga would pay to fuck you with a borrowed dick.!This list goes on Mel

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Easy Go

August 13, 2014 Winnipeg 48


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl, her name is Kelsey Little, she is from Portage La Prairie.She may look young and innocent but she is a home wrecker!!!! She loves married men and plays the victim that poor me bullshit!!! sends dirty pictures to whoever will pay attention to her!!!!

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Courtney is Disgusting

August 13, 2014 Winnipeg 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this disgusting excuse of a woman is Courtney Bueckert. She thinks shes Gods Gift to Men. Any real man would have nothing to do with her but she finds the ones who will and assumes that ALL men want her. Shes a lying, cheating, using slore. She’s had her ”Boyfriend” wrapped around her finger forever and goes out and sleeps with other guys all the time and he will NEVER leave her. Shes a terrible excuse of a woman. Apparently she lost weight and thinks shes so hot now. And, as if her face isn’t broke down looking enough and full of caked on make up, shes got those (or lack their of) nasty eyebrows! LMAO Girl, no. This chick needed a good blast. Thanks Nik.

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George Buskos the Shemale

August 13, 2014 Winnipeg 161

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this piece of shit is George Buskos- Diff Carr. He currently resides in Winnipeg but is known to frequent Selkirk. He is a known pedophile,He has conditions to stay away from children under 16. He is also an animal abuser. He was charged with drowning kittens in the Red River, abuse of animals. he is a thief, drug addict,drug dealer. He is well known by police. Anyone seeing him.. please.. give him a piece of your mind or maybe a fist! he deserves to be beaten. He drinks heavily and abuses women terribly. His ex gf was beaten black and blue.. he is the type to beat a woman, but not fight a man.,He is a Coward! Mentaly his age must be 10. He is a closet gay. but that’s his business. Please keep your children and pets away from this nut.He thinks he is a rap artist. lmao. put him in Stony and let the Real men get a hold of him. Please put him on the Dirty… and expose him!

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Be Careful With This One

August 12, 2014 Winnipeg 90

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this little girl who says she’s “19″ isn’t at all what she says she is! She is actually 16/17. She says all this to get attention from guys and probably old men. This ratchet ass likes to selll her asss for “likes” or money. Or even for photo shoots! Pretty sad life. She stays in Winnipeg, MB but is from LP. This little girl has no respect for her or her childs near future. Who talks bad about wanting to NOT be a parent? … pathetic if you ask me. REALITY check chicky, check yourself before you wreck yaself. Snap back! You need help. Drugs are no way to handle that stinky ass.

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