Priscilla Rose Thoriasse

April 16, 2014 Winnipeg 54 7,381 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: priscilla rose thoriasse doesnt take care of her kids is an outfit mother leave her kids for day sleeps with all of the mw (manitoba worriors ) is will to fuck anything that lets her holla at her  this drity so called ladie makes females look bad smoked out bitch lmfao go sit in more shacks with your kids  while the boys be waitting for there turn to hit that smashed ass trian she loves it .watch out for you for you men ladies

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Chas The Spaz

April 16, 2014 Winnipeg 36 9,401 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this here is Drama queen Chas Eschuk one of peg citys biggest douchebag deadbeat fathers. Maybe if you didnt spend half ur day crying on fb about everything ppl wouldnt think ur such a lil bitch all the time. You need a reality check Chas not everybody wants your lil greg and cares about ur stupid shit. Man up and take care of your kid rather then posting ur drama all day long being an internet gangster. Blast this A plus dbag please Nik!!!

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Southdale Drop-out

April 16, 2014 Winnipeg 4 5,889 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl is Alyssa Mersereau (18) and she is a skank, who only speaks lies threw her teeth and lies about all of her problems. If you see her do not have intercourse with her because she probably has one or two drd’s on her. She is a bitch with no friends because she lost them all due to her being a dumb sloot. She failed every class she had last semester and is going nowhere in life. She has a low life boyfriend who is in jail and only 17. She is the biggest ratchet of them all smoking her darts at school and mouthing off to teachers. I have never seen anyone as stupid as her. She is going to drop out of high school because she got pregnant. Watch out for this dumb sloot on the loose.

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Harlot of Northside

April 16, 2014 Winnipeg 31 6,040 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, I would like to introduce you to winnipeg’s top hooker! Her name is Ashley Squires; Facebook name “Ashley Rose”. I met this girl about 6 years ago and ever since I met her, she’s been into drugs.. she smokes crack and shes an alcoholic and shes so addicted to drugs and alcohol that she sold herself for a cheese burger.. like come on a cheese burger from McDonalds is like what $1.79! This other time she wanted to drink and she didn’t have money so she stood on the corner, got an old man to pick her up and she had sex with him for a case of beer. This girl is a walking disease! She loves drama and loves trying to ruin other peoples relationships, She even told me that she loves it when girls get jealous when she tries to steal their man. My friend told me that one night him and his girlfriend were drinking and she went home because he passed out in his room, anyways Ashley knew what was up because she had called that day so she came over when he was sleeping and laid down naked beside him like she belonged there.. long story short, His girlfriend came over the next morning to find Ashley in bed beside him and she punched her out and dragged her out of the house, but did Ashley get the hint… No of coarse not, because that’s the type of attention she craves for! Now Ashley has a 45 year old boyfriend who she is pregnant with and she also has another kid from another old man and she doesn’t even have her kid because she is in CFS, like why have another one Ashley?!

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Elmwood Slore Sarah Crook

April 16, 2014 Winnipeg 69 6,616 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, This is Sarah “Crook” Cook, She lives in Elmwood and is one of the fakest friend and biggest slut I know, She loves to spread her legs at clubs and bars for drinks, This girl is drunk like all the time. She claims that she’s “classy” not “trashy” but I’m sure her pictures will speak louder than words, she says she a real down to earth woman and she says she is waiting for her boyfriend to get out of jail and always saying how shes soo faithful, hes been in there for 2 years and by the looks of her pictures I know for a fact that shes sleeping around! Get her drunk and shes all yours but beware of her diseases! If you sleep with her make sure to double wrap it! Also watch your man around her, she loves attention and drama!

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Janice Franklin

April 15, 2014 Winnipeg 9 5,386 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nic..this is a warning for the men out there..this girl is downright dirty down south of her belt..her name is Janice Franklin and she has two kids both in care of CFS..her ex bf who she had the kids with had beaten the kids. Janice likes to drink, and she drinks to the point she starts slobbering..wakes up and she’s back at it..she likes to hang out at the Manwin hotel..usually she will somehow convince a guy to pay for her drinks or she drinks king cans..she is the type to spread her legs for alcohol and drugs..she constantly has to get checked for any drd’s she may have gotten because men have taken her pants off and raped her at her so called friends place…She has quite the bologna hole too…she also doesn’t care to use protection..i have witnessed her with men and she has gone and broken some relationships up…shes a home wrecker as well..this disgusting whore is in and out of jail for assault charges..she loves to scrap but never seems to win..she can also be found at the Northern Hotel where many know her and many have screwed her. The words “I love you”come out of her mouth after you have supported her drinking and drug gentlemen, if you want a free quickie..this woman will provide you with sex as long as she has her king can of Molson Extra Dry..ladies watch out for this home wrecker..for now, she is in jail but she manipulates so it could be anytime now that this fat no good slore is back on the streets.

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Bottom Princess

April 15, 2014 Winnipeg 46 9,768 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This Is matt he Has so many problems including daddy issues. he pays escorts for sex. oh ya did i mention trannies. he is gayer than most people i know he thinks hes better than most people.. well i wouldn’t think that at all he lives in a bedroom. never pays rent for anything took anger management 2 times and still has issues with his anger.i must say tho he loves cock in his mouth probably more than most woman. he likes think hes some hot shit but hes just another guy who injects steroids and also is a crack head he loves to bottom taking it deep is what he loves … he also has an obsession with his ex… which really is the creepiest thing ever alls he does is obsess with her. shes moved on.. that kills him .. so he takes it out on the people that care the most about him. he acts pretty straight but when your alone hes a cock junkie i mean come on haha hes insecure with his junk 5 inch pinch.. tho he says its nine …when will he come to terms with his sexuality..he likes to think hes a ladys man … hes always paying escorts for sex even tho he brags he can get laid whenever but is paying for sex sad sad guy here confused as ever.. owns more dildos than anyone i know.. loves paying for sex and drugs.. Still stuck in high school was someone in high school but now is just another person face it you a f*g..

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Part Time Mama

April 15, 2014 Winnipeg 26 6,509 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: OK this girl (Kyra bull) also known as the biggest slut in this in tire city! K guys first of all please don’t let her pretty face fool u, this girl is nasty ( like some Jerry springer baby mama trash). Shes so easy to fuck, she will beg guys to fuk her. My boy sad to say I didn’t think he was that desperate but he was going through some issues and well… Ya know she sucked him into fuking her and then a couple of weeks later he found out that she gave him the clap, thank god it wasnt something else but a word of advice to any guy that’s ever fcked her go get checked ya never know what else she might have by now! This girl will fuk a dude wile her kid watches, she’s got stretch marks from here to fcking Africa. I’ve also heard she tried to start escorting but got denied because she was to ugly without clothes on. I only know all this cuz Ive Heard so many guys tell me the same type of story about this bitch! She doesn’t give a shit about nothing she a no good infected whore good luck to all the guys that found out too late!! Finally exposed .

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