Michael Walker

August 21, 2014 Winnipeg 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ive known this britney spears loving, dog fcking, drd giving, hick for a long time and I cant keep his dirty secrets anymore. Ive heard too many stories about his disgusting threesomes he has with his one night stands and pet dog. what makes this even worse (and yes he can get worse) is that he has drdS and hides it from everyone he has sex with. He’s even told me about how he tries to GIVE men d**S without them knowing about it! This disgusting fck needs to be stopped! He still lives with his parents trying to complete his first year of university (only taking one class… still failing) and uses his depression as a sad excuse for everything. I feel sorry for his dog.

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Northend Deadbeat

August 21, 2014 Winnipeg 306

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this dirty northend deadbeat father, complains about taking care of his kids and makes every excuse in the book to get out of it seeing them so he can go out drink his money away, party with drug dealers gets high on their supply! He’s scum, lives at home with his dad and brother because their too fckin lazy to find their own places. He’s hitting 30 already and acts like a fckin 13 old boy because he can’t take on any responsibility as a father. He’s a lying cheating goof that has another kid with some slut named Cheyenne that he doesn’t take care of she doesn’t even want him. complains about supporting his children so he can blow it all on pills, booze or blow. doesn’t know how to keep a stable relationship because when he gets drunk he fucks up and try’s fckin his gfs friends, and cries about it later. He cheated on his recent ex when she was 7 months pregnant and was left at home while he stayed out and partied allnight. He’s just a deadbeat and needs to step up to the plate and finish what he started. Goof bitch just sits on facebook 24/7 complaining to hoes about his ex to get In their pants, comes in and out of his kids lives contestants playing daddy! Like grow up already bro your going to be 30 give your FUKIN head a shake and wake up to the real world. Dirty northend scum. Be a man and Wut acting like a fuckin victim of all the shit you caused!!!!!! Compulsive liar

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Nathai Swiderskn

August 21, 2014 Selkirk, Winnipeg 74

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Nathai Swiderskn. He was just charged with assaulting his gf and her mom. He apparently hit her mom with a clock. what a sick bastard! He is a drug dealing, thief and loves to beat up women, but too scared to face a man! He also beat his gf’s dog, sicko! He has a child, but pays no child support. He recently threatened to kill 2 RCMP officers. This scum sucking asshole needs a beatdown. He calls me tonight and threatens to sick his “people” on me. Anyone else have a problem with this ass??

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3 Fake Friends

August 21, 2014 Winnipeg 37

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Melissa and Jennifer well hello … Hmmmm so this is what it comes to you think that this Mel girl you keep chatting and bashing on here and in real life … You think what you bitches are doing is right??? Well what you want a fucking academy award for the most distasteful cyber bullying I have ever seen in my life!!!! I know what all you bitches have done to my one and only real friend melly and I’m sick of it this ends right now missy you got what you got from the courts and jenn what you did with Cfs and your loser boyfriend is totally wrong!!! Leave her the fuck alone this is your last warning y’all need to grow the fuck up all of you girls are mothers and adults and what is it proving to air lies and bullshit out I mean the truth shall set free jenn you are addicted to cocaine and missy Damm girl you know your a dirty slut who has fcked all of Winnipeg …. So stop and recognize that nuff shit has been said and nuff lives have been changed you have hurt my girl to no extent and for you Melissa you think Mel is the only person who hates you well honey lets get this straight nuff bitches hate you so don’t point the finger unless you know what’s up for real!!! Jennifer god help your drug habits I hope you get clean for the sake of your children !!! Grow up little girls time to put on your big girl panties and keep your mouth and legs closed !!! Let it be already just let it be ….

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Tia Giroux

August 21, 2014 Winnipeg 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this monkey looking fat bitch , walks around town to try and lose weight but it ain’t going anywhere honey boo boo, your nasty as fck & jealous of everyone who’s better then you. You hit like a bitch. Everyone has had a piece of you there’s no one left in high prairie so you tell people you have a boyfriend that wants to marry you but yet he works 8 hours away .. Sorry babe but he ain’t gonna support you and your kids.. Maybe you should try tell the truth for once and you’ll get somewhere or just sit around and work for ten bucks a hour for the rest of your life… Your ugly just wanna clarify that

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Dumb and Pregnant

August 21, 2014 Winnipeg 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: K first of all nik, this Narsty bewitch here claiming she’s pregnant one day than she “lost” it the next.. This has happend three time already and each time she said peter punched her out or made her take pills or she got jumped LOL……. Anyways. K so this time she’s like 2 seconds pregnant and already has her names picked out, her so called baby’s daddie wants a DNA test and the other day she posted about getting drunk.. LOL SHES SO CALLED BEEN PREGNANT FOR a week already lol like how who you know. Dumb ass you can’t tell In a week. Givin being it’s still being filled with the sperm.. Or the little tadpole is till trying to adjust and cling on to the uterus walls.. Anyways… So is I’m correct she’s pregnant popping pills drinking and fighting like the dumb cunt she is. Just an hour ago she posted a video of her fighting some little underage girl for posting her dirt bag brother on here “Kenya swallow” LOL like your pregnant , an adult ANNNNDD fighting girls WAY YOUNGER ANNNDD 7x SMALLER THEN YOUR FAT ASS.. Like grow up.. I’d like her to run into a bigger blotch of shit than she is and get her so called pregnant ass knocked around LOL DIRRT BAG RAMSEY.. I’d love for her to run in with some one crazy and phsyco she claims to be all big and solid but when it comes down to someone her size or even bigger she’s a shook little pusssssyy .. And when it comes to someone 7x smaller and way younger she’s all about getting that shit. Like grow up.. Glenosourus. Idk she’s whacked. Xoxoxo

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Keely Williams

August 20, 2014 Winnipeg 44

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok nik this girl right here is keely williams she’s a home wrecker always fuking whoever gives her a little attention. She also fcks guys for stuff she needs. She’s so dirty that she got the c**p and she doesnt know who she got it from and she wouldn’t stop sleeping around so I would be careful before going into her crusty panties and she likes to fuck old men who are like 11 years older and she just turn 18

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Loser of the Peg

August 20, 2014 Winnipeg 167

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear Nik, this guy is the biggest asshole there is!! He’s such a loser. Thinks he is the shit! One thing about him out of the many to pick from is how he like to mess around with the ladies and yes he’s has allot of them. But you should know of course he has one back at home that he call “his old boot”. You know he has already broke her in to pretty much be his slave, why go for a new one. But still loves to shop and try new ones on… Also spends all his money on Toys when clearly buddy maybe you should invest in hair plugs. Just saying!!

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