Ashley Traverse

October 15, 2014 Winnipeg 59

THE DIRTY ARMY: I am very surprised this sad excuse of a “mother” has not been posted. This here is Ashley Traverse she has like 6 kids and apparently one on the way, she is dating a dude from jail surprise. Obv, with that stated you can check mark being a hoe off the list, going around sleeping with people when you “love” Jordan! Ashley likes to spend her welfare and child tax on surprise again, alcohol and drugs, instead of taking care of her kids. Ashley you are how old with how many children and different babies fathers, when are you going to close those nasty chicken legs of yours and keep the pussy closed? You are a sad excuse of a person never mind a mother, what kind of mom goes out drinking when she is pregnant and when her kid has no food or pampers.

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Ashley Gingras

October 15, 2014 Winnipeg 146

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey everyone well this bitch here name Ashley Gingras she single mother who fcks around with guys for money, just to get her nails done. gold digger whore i was friends with her untill i found out she was fcking my baby daddy, couple months ago dirty slut opens her legs for anyone who wants her she ugly fat, pussy smells like something died in there lol she goes out everynight does’t take care of her son,she smokes crck,spends all her money on drugs this bitch here hangs out on main street bars she will have sex with u if pay her babysitter, haha that;s how low this bitch goes, lol

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Spanish Tranny

October 15, 2014 Winnipeg 38

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this non flattering pasty white flat ass sleaze goes by the name of Melisa Coria but her FB name says Melisa Vicente. She’s such a fake ass bitch that nobody really likes her. I seen her working at Olive garden and couldn’t help but laugh at her because she looks like a beetle. Did you know that her own mother can’t stand her & her brother Eric is most likely gay. First impressions make a difference right ? Well in her case she’d be someone you’d rather forget. When I first met this cockeyed sloot I thought she was so annoying and phony that I wanted to smack the Spanish out of her. Oh that’s one more thing when this broad speaks in Spanish it doesn’t even sound sexy she sounds like a old Spanish hag. Wash this sloots makeup off and she’s totally faceless. Please send this bitch back to Argentina where she belongs. No welcome here in Canada. Waste of breathing space.

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Farren Simpson

October 15, 2014 Winnipeg 103

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this poor excuse of a woman is a ratchet don’t forget to mention ratchet ugly ass. She a crackheads+slammer+pill Popper + cokehead. She has a baby from a 58 year old white man which was her john. She normally seen on Sargent hhooking. On paydays which is child tax n welfare day she goes straight to main street find drugs than to liquor store instead of thinking of her child. Which she says every Indian is jelous cause he white n has blue eyes. Poor ratchet bitch. Needs to get her kid apprehended already n go back hooking in central. She thinks she so hard n gangsta meanwhile in PC when in jail.

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Pam English

October 15, 2014 Winnipeg 30

THE DIRTY ARMY: This dirty whore runs her own home like an escort service she has men running from her house. SHE LIKES to party n keep her disable daughter licked in the room while she gets gang bang. Does coke n Meth in front of her kid. She has all kinds of men walk into her whore house. Sick pathetic woman. Now pregnant n moved the man in right away. Pam English add her on fb get good fck n alit of drama. Gang banging she likes n cock. Rails.

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Brandi T

October 14, 2014 Winnipeg 84

THE DIRTY ARMY: Not sure if this trashy, planet of the apes looking bitch Brandi Thompson (or Brandi Johnston on Facebook or is it Brandy Thompson? She changes her name lots) from fairford is already on here or not but if she is she deserves to be on here more than once since shes the biggest mattress and homewrecker around. If she is married or not the hoe should respect someone elses relationship and learn to keep her legs closed for once everybody knows it too. Ladies should keep a close eye on your man when shes around because she likes to get too friendly. Its tragic and sad how she even ruined a perfectly good relationship in Peguis. She knows the damage shes done and can do and shes heartless about it. Brandi even goes so low as phoning or texting the guys mom crying and begging her to make him talk to her if he breaks it off with her. The only people who would defend her on all this are her 4 or 5 ‘friends’ but lets face it even her own ‘friends’ and family talk about her behind her back and call her a whore because shes guy crazy, even old man crazy!!! She claims to be a “cop” and tries to work for the rcmp she has her head so far up her own ass and doesnt want anybody to know shes really a closet-case coke head, if she denys it then she should offer to take a drug test until then that accusation is true. she can’t even pay her own hydro at her place. Some “cop”, can’t even pay your shit. So brandi get your shit together and stop ruining other peoples lives. Truths a bitch, bitch!!!!!

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Matt Wegier

October 14, 2014 Winnipeg 44

THE DIRTY ARMY: BEWARE – This wannabe gangster isn’t so solid after all. Called the police and wrote a statement on his ex even giving them her phone cause he didn’t want to pay a deductible. Went as far as to charge her with several false charges including domestic assault – even though she was the one being abused. No surprise though since he’s a compulsive liar. Now she’s sitting in jail for something she didn’t do because of this Rat Goof.

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Creatures of the Swamp

October 14, 2014 Winnipeg 134

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is a perfect example of “squaws”, especially Rez dogs, that go around making tons of babies with a lot of men, especially with their own cousins, and why native women have such a reputation and have society look down upon them. Not only have these girls made 15-20 kids with 10-15 daddies between the 3 of them. They destroy families for their own happiness not realizing what they are gonna do to the future of any of the children involved, but it’s not only those children who will suffer, it’s their own children who are gonna end up neglected and related to mostly everyone. Who will they have relations with? By then they will be related to everyone or end up like their parents, mutants. Just because you were abused and torn as a child you shouldn’t have the right to make more children just so you can feel loved and fill the void you felt missing, you abuse alcohol, drugs and have sex with whoever is willing to go there for your own temporary happiness, and that’s just selfish! Get an education, learn more Biology, focus on the kids you have, it’s not a rat race when you are in a bigger setting! Maybe bush women shouldn’t have had so much freedom or at least taught right from birth, thanks for taking us back a few steps and putting more native children into the care of CFS. and please stop calling yourselves beautiful, because really if that was the case, you could have been in a loving relationship from the start and not a side dish, my name will forever haunt you!

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