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Biggest asshole I ever met

December 14, 2014 Winnipeg 31

THE DIRTY ARMY: Have never met such a selfish, lying, manipulative asshole in all my life. I’m posting this just so people don’t waste there time with him. He seems like a nice guy at first, but nothing he says is true. And makes up lies to make you feel bad for him. He’s just a damn joke.

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Horny Dykes

December 14, 2014 Winnipeg 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik these girls like to steal men they like to act like there better then everyone as u can clearly see there from the dirty rez Sandy bay they deserve to be put on blast they think there strong and beautiful lmfao there not hot there stink like a wet dog .. One time that girl wit the tattoo got caught fcking too guys by her own boyfriend damn girl u can’t get enough of a cockmeat sand which? I bet these girls would love to share one dick .. Ohyeah they go out to wpg to sell there vaginas and tits yup they give good head b.I.b.c told so … And that Amanda bitch wit her tongue sticking out yup she licks genevies big cunt the one wit the big doodoos yet that’s her aunties gf lmao remember keep a watch out for them .. That valann Richard likes to drink n FCK around wit out condoms hey botch your Ebola shit won’t let u survive forever cut it out you girls need lessons sorry but these are my confessions ahaha

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Elmwood Pepsi Head

December 12, 2014 Winnipeg 144

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi nik meet candace street. Big time junkie. Pops anything she gets her dirty little paws on. She use to be chill until she got heavy in the drugs. An now 3years down the line she lost her kids, shes f#cking every guy for drug money/booze. An last time i heard she was living in a wh@re house, doing sexual fav for cash. So sad. If she never would have gone down this path. Might have tried to hit it. But she prob got a*ds or **v or something by now. She was hot not now, shes a trashy ho. Puts a true deff to white trash

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Jessie Owens

December 12, 2014 Winnipeg 101

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok here is Jessie this bitch has been here like 3-4 times and she deserves to be on here again she’s the sluttiest girl I have ever seen and heard about in my life and yet she’s still going guys after guys and she’s got a baby now who isn’t even Daniels Daniel is too stupid to be staying with her she claims her son “Benny ” has a daddy to call father which is Daniel and she’s said that she would have Daniels back no matter what Jessie are you sure Daniels your one and only ??? Bitch you fcked another guy and got pregnant by him haha! And yet you still claim you loved him and shit and you cheated behind his back now that’s what you call a hoe and a Rez dog you know who I am Jessie you better quit calling the cops you dumb bitch haha! Your son is disgusting too just looks like you drank and did drugs when you were carrying. Him why didn’t you take the guy that you got pregnant from advice ??? Oh wait because this is your first child and you always claimed you were pregnant before just a bunch of fake pregnancies poor child deserves to be in care too since your parenting is bad as so I’ve heard you buy drugs and get drunk off your child’s money ! This bitch has what like 3-4 accounts on Facebook and each one she uses to add different guys just so she can hook up with hem and what she does to guys is she invites them to get drunk with her and when they almost black out she seduces them trying to get them hard just so she can fck them she does that to almost every guy she meets fuk this girl is so sick I bet she’s had more meat in her than Safeway ever did !!!!! I feel sorry for your son Jessie claiming everyone’s your sons dad wy don’t you just go on to the Maury show and find each guy you fucked and take them on to the show ? ??? And grow some eyebrows and clean your skin use bio team for your nasty disgusting skin too and quit dressing like a prostitute haha! She deserves a good beating forreal I’ve heard so many stories about her about her sucking other guys dick for drugs and booze and half the guys said she stinks like fish down there gross guys just use her as a sex toy because she’s all that easy to go for so if you need free sex just look for her Facebook name is “Jessie cherryblossom jay” on Facebook therefore she looks like a tranny maybe Daniel is into trannys or just blinded by her greatness on her face every time he goes in for a kiss probably looks like a nasty flea infested coyote without her clothes on and her little coyote baby too haha!!!!

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Ice Head Mother

December 12, 2014 Winnipeg 50

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is deadbeat mother shaii richard. she love drinking alc. and pick a huge sausage and bang alots guys and snort snow coke and smoke crystal ice. she love steal nice stuff and sh*t. she still sell crack and rip it off from hooker a crack. she still fight and steal some sh*t and incl. laptop and tablets and some nice and awesome stuff. she was hurting for money on snow coke and snort it up in front of her kids and her 3 kids was taken by cfs custody because drugs and damage place. she need grow up get off drinking and drugs. and she need stop stealing superstore baby foods and sell it for hurting money and sh*t. she need get a jobs and smart up plus stop be a scally cunts. for alots sausage and take money from any men who is rich and sh*t. everyone need know that she live a crack house with her kids in north end.

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Michelle Stephanie

December 12, 2014 Saskatoon, Winnipeg 185


THE DIRTY ARMY: This skank goes by the name Michelle Stephanie on Facebook she will fck anyone who will give her a beer or a hit of meth. You might see her in north end drinking cheap beer with a bunch of bums. She’s heavy into meth and went to jail for stabbing another hooker for flirting with one of her johns. She lives in north end by the train tracks also known as hooker ave. She also has a son she doesn’t take care of but likes to pretend she does on facebook . If your looking for a cheap easy lay this is the girl for you but make sure to wrap it up cause she’s been known to spread sdrd’s I fuck this hood rat once and got something so be warned. Shes also very dumb so a retard could even score with her she talks like a immature little boy using words like yo and homie. Thinks she’s a tough gangster girl but got beat up and couldn’t take a beating so the little bitch grabs some scissors and stabs the other hoe who beat her up and took her john but this hard core gangster got caught big surprise . this all happened at the manwin bar on main by the homeless shelter. Anyone else have any fcked up stories of this hood rat ?

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KaKa Chico

December 11, 2014 Winnipeg 44

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik his is Daniel aka ‘Chico’ wanna be pimp drug dealer and biggest at wanna being hard !! This dude has been passed around just like his mom was and he’s butt ugly tries to be so hard and the dude is a rat !! Beware ladies & gents the dude is just wrong eh Chico ;)

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Scott prescott aka Heso stretch

December 11, 2014 Winnipeg 108

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy right here is my ex Scott he’s a women beater and a greasy drug dealer he brings you in his life and starts doing nice things 2 months on he will be taking all your money for his drugs and getting you to put phones wifi in yur name then fck you over and beat you because you smoke to much ciggerettes so nik what do you think of this goof

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