Over-work Their Tips

August 18, 2014 Winnipeg 111

THE DIRTY ARMY: These two sluts act like their shit doesn’t stink try ordering a drink with out being hit on by these two whores. I hate going to the Pal because of that whore Erica she is so flirty it’s so embarrassing. Please put these whores on the Dirty.com so other people wont have to deal with this at that fine establishment!

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Mike On Crime

August 18, 2014 Winnipeg 93

THE DIRTY ARMY: Oknik so this Mike on crime, or Mike Mcintyre or that 500 pound fat guy at the back of the courtroom. Its hard to believe this slime ball is actually a reporter, cause he certainly doesnt take notes or get any stories right. This guy actually makes stuff up so that he can sell newspapers, get book deals and maybe even a radio show in butt fuk Winnipeg. I had the opportunity to read one of his books, which bored me to death. The book itself is not bad, nicely written. The problem starts at the details. Maybe Mike smokes crack at home or spends to much time with hookers, but half what he writes is totally made up…no factual basis at all. Matter of fact when i confronted him with several details in a recent article he had wrote, he totally ignored me. Not only did he fabricate the charges against this accused, but he doesnt even have the professionalism to fix hes “errors” and i use the word errors very loosely. bottom line, no credibility. Thats what you get when you hire Red River grades with weight issues. Also when your 500 pounds mike…how do you even get laid? You might wanna do some DNA testing of your own in the future.

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Alyssha the Cow Oueno

August 18, 2014 Winnipeg 27


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this nasty hoe has been sending nudes to my sisters boyfriend. she doesn’t care if boys are in a relationship she would fck anything with a dick! she told me so much stories about her fcking other chicks boyfriends. shes in a “loyal” relationship her self. worst thing about it is she will do it for free, bring guys over to her place to uck them then she tells them to leave. bitch is a nasty ass hoe willing to fck any guy that would talk to her. always telling different stories about how she fuks guys. she probably got aids ahahhaha nasty whore. she would take any dick any day. its just your basic THOT.

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Deadbeat Mother

August 18, 2014 Winnipeg 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this things name is Angela Hudson or better known on fb as Angela Jonalee Hudson this dumb mother was drunk and on drugs and dropped her baby on cement right in front of the police!!!! poor baby taken to the hospital and they found out that she had old head injuries and Angela says that she never ever dropped her other than that one time yet the dumb a$$ is always drinking, and doing drugs with her baby around. CFS is stupid as well they knew they woman had a drinking and drug problem yet they let her have her kid and now they are telling her that if she goes to treatment she can get her baby back :O are u serious??!! ever since her baby was apprehended all she does is drink!! seriously angela i dont get how some people believe your lies!! i hope you never get your baby back shes better off without you!!

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Iggy Azalea Was Better Looking Years Ago

August 17, 2014 Hollywood, Sydney, The Dirty, Winnipeg 73


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I wanted to ask your thoughts on the newest addition to the hip hop society, Iggy Azalea. From rural Australia, at the age of 16 moved to the USA to pursue her hip-hop dream. Her talents quickly rose when her song “Fancy” reached the top of the charts.  Everyone is talking about her! So Nik, what do you think of this Woman? I mean obviously shes attractive but all together?  Do you think she was better looking when she was built for a white man?

She was actually posted on TheDirty two years ago. JV told me she is going to be huge. I didn’t believe him… her ass was real back then.- nik

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Has A Girlfriend

August 15, 2014 Winnipeg 194

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Daniel Piatkin from Winnipeg Manitoba he also goes by Daniel Mortis on Facebook. He likes 2 text and face book flirt with me yet he has a girlfriend. I have 2 say I liked him a lot but I was hurt by being led on. He tell me Im beautiful and perfect then next day he says how much he loves his gf. I’m fed up with this and you belong on here Daniel.

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NorthSide Skinner

August 15, 2014 Winnipeg 175

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Samuel Chartrand. He is one of the most despicable human beings you will ever meet. He is 32 YEARS OLD but he tells under age girls he is in his early 20′s and under. I know for a fact he has Herpes. He literally has over 10 kids with 10 different women. I honestly don’t know why this guy’s still alive. He is such a drain on society and his kids will surely follow in his foot steps. He does not take care of any of his children. People like him should be castrated. He goes from girl to girl and cheats on all of them. He definitely needs to be put in blast.

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Kenya Swallow….or Cant you

August 15, 2014 Winnipeg 162

THE DIRTY ARMY: This piece of crap calls himself Kenya Swallow! He is another low life waste of a life from Selkirk! He has been arrested for public lewdness, mainly masturbating in front of kids! Sick Bastard! Most of the time he’s drunk or high. Even when you see him around town his hands are down his pants. His last gf told me that she couldn’t have sex with him because it was just too small to go in! I guess that’s why he’s always playing with it, no one else will. He’s on probation and always going for drug tests, last I heard, he was taking it up the ass, he was moaning so load, I could hear him across the street. just look at the pics… What do you think? He says and I quote ” I am King of Selkirk, and everyone is jealous of me”lmao

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