Wannabe Gold Digger

October 22, 2014 Winnipeg 36

THE DIRTY ARMY: Crystal bercier is a cree ashamed of her own kind pretends to be innocent and fcks little boys for cash her dream is to snatch a rich guy who has alot of money, regardless if the guy is fat ugly or retarted. She needs cash for her pay as you go phone Lol and expects guys to pay for it .. All she does is smoke weed stay on FB all day telling men she’s a student like FOREVER. I think she should of had some degree by now but no if she thinks the guy is wealthy enough she will fck them than play her role with her apple cosmos believe me this girl is a huge waste of time

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Desperate Pepsi Head

October 22, 2014 Winnipeg 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this nasty shank goes by the name shanua karlowsky. She has a child n is a 20 years old. She thinks she so hot, she goes on facebook adds random guys then begs them to hang out and to bring her Pepsi because she’s a desperate used up slut that no one wants . She will also msg 30 year old men at 4:30 am begging them for a ride home n more booze knowing that he has a girlfriend already like really ? Take a cab u ugly troll. Out of all the photos on fb she has one good one, only because her lips r closed, bcuz if she was smiling u could she her crazy gapped teeth.

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Deadbeat father Alain Touchette

October 21, 2014 Winnipeg 140


THE DIRTY ARMY: Alain Touchette and his mom Evelyn Touchette. Worst fuking people alive. His woman found out he had been sending text messages to random people all over – INCLUDING HER MOM! – asking for hook ups and sending dick pics. He even sent messages to his buddies wife saying this guy and his woman were having an affair so that he could try getting in her pants! To make things worse, after Alains wife found out about the messages being sent to her mom, she called him out and then SHE got kicked out of their house with 2 little girls because Alains mommy always fights his battles and she changed the house locks. Their kids were two weeks old and it was the others third birthday on the day they got kicked out. This chick caught him being a disgusting perv and then she and her kids were out on the street with no where to go. he has not even seen the kids or paid a lick to her since booting her. This dirty cowboy wanna be is diseased and will not hesitate to spread what he has to both men and women! he loves it all… underage fat girls, over 40 gay men, his guy cousin and apparently his wifes own mom! this pervert and his demon mother need to be exposed for the shit scum they are. i hope his woman and kids find somewhere to go and find some better man out there who can show them what being a true man is all about! this is actually one of the nudes he sent to his own 55 year old mother in law

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Who Let the Dog Out

October 21, 2014 Winnipeg 44

THE DIRTY ARMY: What’s up Nik? This little hood rats name is Keanu Roulette aka “K-DAWG” that name suites him cause he is NOTHING BUT A DOG, he’s from sandy bay but lives all over the place “with his homies” or different women he’s a dirty bummy guy, who likes to knock up girls and leave them to go shack up with anybody who will look after him and pay for his shit. He claims to be the biggest hustler around but can’t even put money down for his own place? He can’t even buy himself fresh clothes, flossing “his” money on social media sites when in reality it’s not even his money. This guy will fck any girl he comes across. He’s nasty!! Ladies beware of this guy he will most likely try to move in with you within a week if you guys are “dating” and if you already have slept with him which I’m pretty sure half of Manitoba already has go get checked out!!

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Mikaela Isfeld

October 21, 2014 Winnipeg 51

THE DIRTY ARMY: Mikaela thinks she’s hot shit ever since she started working at teasers, too bad the skank got fired for fuking old men in the bathroom. She was dating some crack dealer for a while only because he had money but he finally dumped her drd ass. She’s lost all her friends because she tries to get with all their bfs. Like wtf is wrong with you hoe? You don’t even have your grade 10 and you’re not even that hot, your Instagram pictures are just an illusion from all the photoshop you use. Too bad you couldn’t photoshop your height.. 6 feet tall is too much for a woman you look likes fcking tranny. Stop acting like you live a luxurious lifestyle. Being an escort on the backpage doesn’t count you washed up tranny

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Dirty Smitherenes

October 21, 2014 Winnipeg 69

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy here his name is BRENDAN SMITH hes a dirty guy he fucked me while he has a girlfriend his girlfriend knows he cheats n shit but stilll goes to his gross ass, i swear this guy fcks anything that walks hes absolutely disgusting and uglyy hahahaha he beats the shit out of his girlfriend hes a deadbeat he says he loves all these girls meanwhile this nigga doesnt even know what love is i hope his girlfriend left his ass i swear to god this guy has herpes and the clap pretty gross i know i heard alot of shit bout him giving this girl megan webber the clap and he likes to go after gross sleazy dirty young little girls hes a SKINNNERRRRRRR WHO LIKES TO BEAT ON LITTLE GIRLS ANd hes not the type to fck and chuck he will keeep the hoe around because he cant really get b**ches hes a dirtyyy grosss indian hes a smeagle looking short dick muthafuckaaa who fucks anything nik what do you think?

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Peter Pedo

October 20, 2014 Winnipeg 41

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is peter Amoah he love creep on girls plus he try get girls drunk and pulls girls pants down with asking for xxx he like go ahead and rapist it he might have drd/ on him and he from africa coming to canada for xx on underage girls he look age 30 and up and he need grow up quit be a pedo deadbeat down. someone told us of his place live hahaha
any girls please stay away from him.

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St. Boniface Pedo

October 20, 2014 Winnipeg 46

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is curtis kombila he is bigg pedo and creepy to natives and white girls and someone watch few girls on internet chat that he is ballin and alots drugs and booze he try get girls run to his house and drunk and fck up with girls has laid and shit. he has a hiv/drd stuff 2 girls told someone that 2 girls has it from him. he came to canada from africa for school or something. and he is drugs user. aslo he is pimp and sell girls get money and sh*t.he need go back to africa and grow up. everyone please stay away from him warning news.

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