Winnipeg | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 5

Adrienne the Greg Trick

November 14, 2014 Winnipeg 69

THE DIRTY ARMY: Adrienne, there is a lot to say about this beginner tramp. She is a boyfriend stealer, cheater, liar, money grabbing whore. She has no respect for anyone not even herself. She dates a guy with an std and claims she’s clean. She cheated on her ex multiple times such as sending nudes and sexting a 40 year old married man. She left him for his sisters boyfriend, they got back together then she left him again for the same dude. None the less she did get a good amount of money and gifts out of her ex, the fact he stayed with her is beyond me. Feel bad for that blind dumbass. Now she must claim her territory by sleeping with guys and having no respect for anyone or anyone’s feelings. Listen bitch, get off this bicycle race before its to late. We all know you are a whore but maybe try surprising us by being committed. Have a good std cheating skank life. Living up to your old ladies expectations. Dumb whore.

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November 14, 2014 Winnipeg 52

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this fugly piece of shiat cheating on his gf with anyone and anything on pof! Doesn’t even realize he is hitting on us… Who are friends of his gf

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Hide your Kids

November 14, 2014 Winnipeg 44

THE DIRTY ARMY: OK, so this guy here, R.J,is a KNOWN molester and is still walking the streets! Not only that, he’s an alcoholic DRUG ABUSER who BEATS all of his GIRLFRIENDS! His favorite thing to do is STRANGLE women, and DIDDLE! ALL OF WINNIPEG, HIDE YOUR CHILDREN FROM THIS CREEP! He’s also a HURTING, THIRSTY, THIEF, who will STEAL anything he can get his GRUBBY little hands on! He’s a GANGSTER WANNABE who gets PUNCHED OUT on the REG. and needs to be brutally put on BLAST! R.J, you’re a PUNK BITCH.

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Swan Lake Dirty

November 14, 2014 Winnipeg 31

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, Bet you’ve seen this 4 times 4 head a time or two before! VALARIE MARTIN… Just the sights of her dark creases and fat head makes me gag. She’s been with more guys then her entire pig family combined! Including her uncles, and heeeeere’s the kicker… HER BROTHER! She gives blowjobs and ass for six packs and pills, cheats on her new bf every welfare day, and yes harry it’s true… caught her in bed with my brother a couple weeks ago. After all these years of rez hounding you would think she would give it up but nope, guess someone had to spread the deseases!

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The Truth Behind Ally Justine

November 13, 2014 Winnipeg 184

THE DIRTY ARMY: PSA: ATTN:  Let’s clear up the pack of lies written about this girl, one by one.

1) Loves to travel - How do you know you love to travel, Allyse? You’ve never left Winnipeg… Unless you count Kenora. Do you even know where the airport is located?

2) Loves to read - The only thing she has read is the back of a condom wrapper. She can barely speak English, never mind open a book.

3) Making her a real catch! - A real catch for a 50 year old man who has some spare cash and fantasies of a young girl. I don’t think an illiterate girl who sucks Greg for a living makes for a good wife. Or even a girlfriend. Makes me wonder why she’s surprised when she likes someone & they end up using her. (Here’s a pro tip: if you lower yourself to being a hooker, all you are is a blow up doll to be used)

4) Smart - Can’t read, doesn’t have a high school diploma, or a job, barely has a grasp on one language, brags about being a hooker, posts nudes on insta & fb, …. Real smart.

5) Sexy - This one is debateable, as clearly a lot of people are fooled by good angles & a filter. So we’ll say 50% true – in pictures, she’s sexy. In real life, after her 3 bras come off, you realize she has no chin, thong comes off & you see a used wizards sleeve that probably still has her daddy\’s gift in it…. Well not so much.

6) Strong - She sits in her apartment all day and smokes, and cries about she’s being used but doesn’t change anything, so physically, emotionally, and intelligence wise, no. Also heard her Greg sucking game is not strong. (Don’t use teeth, hunny, and get it wet).

7) Independent - Dependent on sugar daddies and Insta attention. So false.

8) Ambitious & aspires to be an entrepreneur - Should say: ambitious slore, and aspires to be an escort in Miami with tazs Angels.

Notice how it says nowhere that she has a job or is going to school or even hobbies she does with her friends? hope I saved some poor fellas from being tricked, and some little gals from being sucked into her “glamorous” life. Drinking Henny alone crying in your apartment between customers isn’t glamourous. Spending every day getting dressed up to take selfies for insta isn’t ambitious. You’re not going anywhere in life, except backpage.

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POF Cabbie

November 13, 2014 Winnipeg 122


THE DIRTY ARMY: Well this dirty cabbie is name Rocky Arora he sweet and charming but underneath all of that there’s a dirty dog he works for unitcity cab company and you could also find him on POF under alot of different usernames like loveucutee, loveyoubabe, loveyouallways talk about cheesy and trust there are plenty more he will sweet talk you and be all lubbie dubbie just to get you in bed…his facebook has him listed in a relationship with a girl name Brenda-Lee as of October poor girl she doesn’t know her so called man is a wh*re trust me I know sad to say I met this guy on Pof as well i was with him the end of September all October until last week when I found out how much of a dirty perv he was and yes I fell for his sweet charming act but it didn’t last long so if any of you girls bump into him on pof or just randomly hop into his cab don’t believe a word he says…number excuse for why he can’t bring you over to his place unless it’s between 8 am to 4pm cuz his sister lives with him like seriously it’s clear that your so called sister is your girlfriend or even your wife so Nik put this sweet dirty a** cabbie on the blast who knows how many girls he’s messing with…how long did you think you could hide Rocky…

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Chantelle Ohrling

November 13, 2014 Winnipeg 31


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Chantelle, shes the biggest pot head I’ve evermet. All she does is waste all her money buying weed and her “expensive” products so she can take photos of them and post them on Instagram. She had to move to bf with her grandma because everyone in Winnipeg hates her. She honestly thinks she’s royalty because she owns a crappy pair of louboutins. Not to mention all her pictures she takes of herself are laying down and hiding her huge forehead and never smiling because she has the nasty crooked teeth. Hey Chantelle if you’re so “rich” why can’t you afford a dental plan ?

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Miss Muckle

November 13, 2014 Thunder Bay, Winnipeg 41

THE DIRTY ARMY: Missy ‘pissy’ Muckle This fat hood rat has been with almost every guy in Kenora just get her drunk and she’ll fck or suck anyone! She claims she’s the baddest bitch around is just a ugly worn out Rez girl her own baby’s dad calls her a dirty bitch she’s a slut that will fck any guy that try’s i fuked the fat bitch before and she almost broke my back trying to ride me fucken bitch is nothing but a flat bummed hoodrat with saggy tits and not to mention she wets the bed almost everytime she drinks! MISSY PISSY FUKN MUCKLE! No wonder she smelt like piss when I hit her And not surprising at all she’s best friends with the other loose bitch micheala fisher I fuked micheala too and she told me missy fcks anyone she can even her own cousins.. This bitch needs to be put on here nik!!!

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