Preys on Young Girls

October 8, 2014 Winnipeg 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Adolph Swan also known as Carter Swan goes by John Carter on fb this poor excuse for a human being prays on young girls, he likes to live off any one who lets him, his a women beater, he likes to inbox girls ages 14-16 and say nasty shit i made the mistake of dating this loser and i had two mothers message me telling me that hewas messaging theyre daughters asking them for nudes and what kinda underwear they were wearing and they daugthers werent even 15 yet! He even likes to pick on little kids he will swear at them stick fingers at them just because he doesnt like the way the look like who the fuk does that his in and outta jail all the time, ladies beware of this low life he will talk his sweet talk with u then become ur worst nightmare in a matter of weeks keep urself and ur kids away from this loser his not even suppose to be around kids by law he already has a couple no contact orders with girls and im one of them im shocked that his havent been on this site yet he needs to be put on the blast forsure.he was also charged with sexual assult for grabing a nurses ass at hsc and for pretty much tryna have sex with her while she was walking in the tonnels to womens hospital, he has no job cause he comes to jail way too much to hold on down he smokes meth does crack with his so called friends he has no respect for no one not even himself

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Stalker Phillip

October 8, 2014 Winnipeg 33

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik this is Phillip ( don’t have a last name). He like to sit on chat sites and try sexting when he’s married. His wife knows he talk to people but doesn’t know about the dirty chat for which he has a google voice acct and chatous known as Phillip150. Have asked him many times to stop and even leave me alone but he just won’t. He makes reason that sextin. Isn’t cheating and to try and get nude pics as well as sending (I never sent any). He has a 4 month old and a 3 year old with this woman and still cheats on her. Says she can’t make him happy in bed so he chad and text sex women. Only reason he is here is cause he won’t leave me alone, and figure his wife deserves to know. If anyone knows him place post his last name and Facebook link.

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Erin Berry

October 8, 2014 Winnipeg 82

THE DIRTY ARMY: Erin Berry the 17 year old lesbian porn star who just moved back to Winnipeg from California. Personally i hate this girl she posts pictures of her ass online and porn videos! shes a slut!! no wonder why shes a lesbian no guy wants a slut like her!

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Dan Sheldon

October 8, 2014 Winnipeg 30

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this dirty boy has a girlfriend, yet was on pof for a while picking up chicks to fck around with some how he managed to get girls to send him dirty pictures of themselves. does his gf ever check his phone all the proof is in there unless he some how got smarter. This dirty boy thinks it’s okay to fck around with girls like they are objects and doesnt care about anyone but himself. women warning to all winnipeggers stay away from this sex maniac and please someone tell his girlfriend she deserves better! Unless she is doing the same thing ?

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Rez Princess

October 7, 2014 Winnipeg 68

THE DIRTY ARMY: Sup Nik, So This Little Rez Girl Is Jordan Bruyere. I’ll Say Right Now She’ll Seem So Sweet And Innocent Until You Get To Know Her & When You Do You’ll Regret Ever Knowing Her, I’m Kind Of Surprised She’s Never Been On Here Before. So Anyways, She’s Your Typical Rez Skunt And A Half, But Not Only Does She Lie, Snort Any Pills She Can Get By Any Means,Steal & Cheats. She Acts Like The World Owes Her Something For The Nothing She’s Ever Been And Ever Will Be. Her Mother & Step-Daddy Bought Her A House, A Vehicle And Everything She Ever Needed, Yet She Still Whines That Her Life Is Horrible & Tries Fake Attempts Of Suicide For More Attention. After All Her Mommy And Step-Daddy Did, What Does She Do Because She Can’t Get Her Way Whining For More Money And Pills? She Started Banging Step-Daddy And Blackmailing Him For Money To Get What She Wants.. She’s Become Such A Bad Junkie She Lost Her Kids To C.F.S, But Guess She Got Lucky That Her Mommy Is A Supervisor For C.F.S, So She Still Gets Away With All Her Naughty indiscretions Time And Time Again. I’m Pretty Sure All Her Kids Have Different Daddies, From What She’s Said Before, Apparently The Last Ones Real Daddy Is Some Wannabe Rapper In Peg City, Better Be Careful Who You Open Your Mouth To Girl. But, Nobody Knows Because She’s Such A Damn Good Liar, Seeing As She’s Done It Her Whole Life. Poor Little Bones, Running Around Banging Her “Friends”, Cousins And Mommies Boyfriends (not to mention he’s about 60), Acts Like She’s So Innocent, But She’s No Better Than The Rest Of Them. Another Pill-Popping (snorting), Attention Seeking Closet Whore Who Likes Banging Her Cousins On The Side But Calls Them “Big Bros” In Public. This Girl Truly Belongs In The Mental Institution, Which She’s Already Been In Multiple Times, But Mommy Keeps Bailing Her Out. I Think Her Mommy Dearest Should Be Put On Here Too For Letting That Little Psycho Still Have Her Children In Her Home, Like Geeze, There’s Been Multiple Times Where She’s Been Passed Out From All The Pills She’s Done, With Her Kids Playing Around Her While She’s Got Perks And Xanax Scattered All Over The Place. But Lo & Behold, Mommy Covers That Up Too. I Noticed Another One Of Her Cousins Are Also On Here, I Guess Sleeping With Little Boys Runs In The Family, Everybody Knows, And She’s Been Doing It For Years, The Only Difference Is People Are Too Afraid Of Her Mommy And Step-Daddy To Say Anything. One Of These Days Your Lies, Cheating, Miserable, & Manipulative Ways Are Going To Bite You In The Ass & Were All Counting The Days.. Stop Begging For Sympathy, You Made Your Own Life Pathetic And Everyone Is Getting Tired Of Your Games And Whorish Ways.

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Ashley Valetim

October 7, 2014 Winnipeg 40

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet this walking drd miz Ashley Valentim. Since i can’t write enuff on this shit all make it short. Bitch has and has had chlamydia 6 times. Pssy smells like fish and piss when i fingered her almost puked. She sends dudes including myself naked selfies of her coked up body and her beef jerky box. Also heard this hoe pees the bed on a regular as told by people whove slept with this slut lol. Feel sorry for chris even tho he confessed saying she was fcken nasty had jacked up teeth slept with her ex bestfriends randis boyfriend. She still cheats on her “fiance” with a dozen guys referring them as “babe”. Also a warning to the girls who consider this hoe a “friend” this slut went around telling her ex friends she wanted to fck their boyfriends.If you werent sucha slutty ass coked up lying whore wed feel bad for you ash. Get a fcken life and lay off the coke. theirs so much more of your conniving secrets i can say (like your 5 abortions) but all leave it at this. maybe your parents will get you the help you need for being a coked up psycho. we all know you live a miserable life and as you said your fiance beats you. Your ending up worse then katy lol. making people assume your in love and have a house yet you rent it with your out of jail fiance you cheat on plus your a coked up whore you can settle bouncin on one dick.

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Alexis Maria Unrau

October 7, 2014 portage la prairie, Winnipeg 79

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik once again Alexis Maria Unrau is on the loose. She has finally gotten her way and destroyed a family. She let her boss plug her and ruined a marriage leaving three kids including a newborn behind. She STILL is trying to stalk her ex and his family. Rumor has is she’s also spreading for another married man. In school to by a psychiatrist, NO ONE would go to you for help. Obsessed with her ugly self she sees no wrong in the damage she loves to do with her trick hole, way to go Alexis why don’t you at least try to redeem yourself and get a psychiatrist rather than fail at being one = get real you can’t even help yourself let alone any one else…put this witch on post maybe someday she’ll get some help for her addiction to married penis.

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Classic Couple

October 6, 2014 Winnipeg 200

THE DIRTY ARMY: Once again here are Karl Knockaround and Arielle Zechoval from a first time poster. 2 of Winnipeg’s dirtiest doing the dirty. Ladies and gents let’s stay away from metamorphosis tattoo where these 2 work. Who would wanna get pierced or tattooed in a place that employs them and consents them fcking. What a nasty discovery, let’s just say these 2 deserve each other.

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