Amber Marsden

October 14, 2014 Winnipeg 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this cm bucket has a very bad reputation in the west end, heard she moved to the north end in winnipeg to start fresh even tho that pssy is so fcken mashed. Last guy who tapped that got the clap from her like wtf amber clean yourself up before you go fck someone else and spread it. I personally know this girl, she is sheisty, she will steal from you like it doesn’t even matter if your friends. She will sneak in and take other girls men when they’re all juiced, smothering them with her drd’s. This chick needs a beating, I’ve watched her ruin 3 families… She’s ruthless when it comes to what she does. This little good rat needs to be beat down again! I can’t wait to see her. I’m going to have a “friendly” conversation with the dead beat mother. Oh ya she has a kid. Doesn\’t know the baby daddy and gave her kid to CFs so her and her hooker mom can smoke crack together. Poor shanel she’s bound to be a whore too. I guess it really does run in the family. AMBER MONIQUE MARSDEN

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Dirty Finch

October 14, 2014 Winnipeg 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy is the dirtiest around wpg. Goes by finch. He’s the most hurting guy you would meet I saw him at a party hurting so bad he wouldn’t leave this girl alone trying to get some whatever the poor girl had to leave he was so hurting one minute on the phone with some bitch he’s been dating for some time (has her name Tattooed on him)then the next he’s trying to hit on anything with legs. One of my friends dated him briefly but it didn’t last long CUZ he brought something back to her. He needs to be posted so girls watch out for this dirty and guys he’s a snake anyone could tell you that nd someone needs to warn his bitch before she gets caught up in his deADass sad life.. Get a liFe finch

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Hot Bartender

October 13, 2014 Winnipeg 79

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this hot bartender chelsea use to work at toad in the hole i hooked up with her before. She has these hot looks youd think she would take care of herself turns out she has a smelly cooter. Shower up next time a guy takes you home. moral of the story she aint so hot after all.

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Aryton Spence Thinks She’s Latina

October 10, 2014 Winnipeg 291

THE DIRTY ARMY: Rez Mutt Aryton Spence here again. Angela Sanclemente Valencia on Facebook! Go back to your home, Sagkeeng and quit acting like your top shit you dirty nate! your obviously native because you sell your ass on back page! Get a real job too.. Oh wait you can’t! because nobody will ever hire your used and abused ass and you are a bird brain so education is last on the list for you. I forgot mention Aryton Spence got Veronica Settee AKA DJ MISS VEE (who’s got nothing on DJ ELECTRIC KITTEN, that’s why she quit & starting working on Backpage) Good luck with your futures you nasty ass squaw’s!!!

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Acts Like a Dog

October 10, 2014 Winnipeg 49

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this b*tch was my friend before at stjohns highschool… I know everything about her she will claim to be your friend but then behind your back she will talk shit she got punched out before by her own friend Joyce Clark funniest shit ever, her babydaddy “Beepster” was watching them fight, I caught her slipping on a inbox talking to my boyfriend Dallas, then I inboxed her and she denied it all, All i have to say is this b*tch is one of the fakest girls you will ever meet she has some big glasses that dont even match her she has a big nose looks like smashed her face when she was younger…. She also has some thot friends named Brittany They are like the best buddies when they go out to parties they both hold eachothers hands and then go mack on the same guy, they are shitty friends to Joyce Clark they let some guy punch joyce out she had a big black eye the next day Idk though just watch out for this ratchet shes fake af oya this bitch has a rez accent and its annoying shes annoying she tries to be sexy ya probably not im done

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Kyla Peacock

October 9, 2014 Calgary, Winnipeg 49

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well Nik this little bitch breezed into k town two years ago as a stripper and being not SUCCESFULL at that turned to street hooking for $50 a pull. Then she convinced the owner of the garden to hire her as an escort then manager! She quickly tricked him into a “relationship” and thousands of dollars later mysteriously announced to the world and him SHE WAS A LESBIAN!! So the lesbian story began and in 8 weeks “fell in love” with 5 that’s right Nik 5 different girls but kept him on the hook!!unfortunately me being one of them. Her attempt to manipulate and control and in three cases beat them up when they wouldn’t obey her soon left her with no girlfriends . She was laughed out of k town and back on the stripping circuit. One last unfortunate victim she convinced to go with her ended up hospitalized for 30 days after being ridiculed and beaten for “talking to a man” after a strip show. So her tour continued on her own Nik till GUESS WHAT! She snagged a dude at a bar up north and AMAZINGLY CONVENIENTLY her sexuality changed OVERNITE! And low and behold she was fired from her stripper job! She is a mean manipulative little bitch and ruins lives in her path. She is an unbelievable liar and so hated in k town by so many girls. So HEY GIRLS KEEP YOUR PANTIES ON!!! I wish I had. KARMAS a bitch Kyla !!!

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Miranda Hunter

October 9, 2014 Winnipeg 120

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik the picture’s basically say it all. this ugly mutt thinks she looks better than me, bitch please you look like a tranny. hahaha fucking go take care of your kid instead drinking and talking about what you got. like woo fcking who you got a car? you got a house? Where the fuck did the money come from? wheres your son? oh yeah that right you don”t take care of him, so instead of trying to “fall in love”, sell drugs and yourself (*escort*) go fucking take care of your kid and fix your face while you’re at it. i wouldn’t mind helping you do that! ;) and leave my babys father alone! trying too use “your pregnancy ” to keep him, wheres the pregnancy test? huh? wheres the doctors note? stupid bitch fuck you! you hoodrat. nice try. you will know who i am, so inbox me! this bitch has the nerve to call me down, at least i take care of my child, and going to school. well i would never threaten to abort or abort my child to keep a man. But maybe its a good thing that you aborted that baby if there ever was one, at least you knew you’d never be able to care for that child, you can’t take care of the one you already you have. Go on birth control already you slut, or keep your legs shut!

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Ex Health Care Aid

October 9, 2014 Winnipeg 40

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik blast her look at her she is a complete home wrecker she has ruined two families and has no remorse at all she thinks shes all that all she is some fattso from Point Douglas her boyfriend of 15 years even broke her leg to get rid of her she use to be a health care til she got into someone charged her for the real physco she is she even robbed an old 70 year old man in his home for like 100 dollars she even tried to kill herself but was put in a physc ward hate her cant stand her

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