Lil John Farrell

July 11, 2014 Winnipeg 96

THE DIRTY ARMY: FARRELL LILJOHN so I am posting him because i want everyone who ever knows farrell and all of winnipeg to know what he’s really like and to warn u not to become friends with this evil person, and I hope anybody who ever sees him around will kick his fucking ass good for abusing animals. When farrell started dating his current girlfriend he instantly moved in with her and her family and his own family slowly stopped talking to him and giving him money because They were sooo fucking happy to finally get rid of him, farrell is the biggest leech ever and is reallyhard to get rid of. he was living with his girlfriend and her family for almost a year now. Which was hell for her family but she didn’t care. All she cares about is farrell, she made sure his tummy was full, he had clean clothes and everything else, he pretty much getstreated like gold by his girlfriend, but the way he treats her is not surprising at all, all he does is put her down, control her, doesnt let her leave, threatens her, even went as far as threatening her 8 year old brother, telling himhes gonna punch him out if he keeps going near his girlfriend cuz he is one jealous sick prick and when she would go out thats whne he would really start hurting the animals. And not to mention farrell did not pay for anything while living there, But after doing that to my dog he finally got the boot and everyone finally started realising that he has not only been abusing my dog but all the other small animals there, including an innocent bird. And he will be getting charged for animal cruelty. this bastard got away with to much, and he thinks hes gonna get off easy. farrell claims to be this innocent nice guy and will say and do anything to make you think so just so he can take advantage of your kindness and fool you. he is far from a nice person…just a couple days ago he broke my dogs legs and spinal cord. He was so badly injured I had no choice but to get him euthanized..which was really hard. A sweet, cuddly, playful 8 pound chihuahua, wasn’t even 1 years old yet. Can u imagine that? His dumb bitch girlfriend is pregnant and is due soon. I don’t know what’s wrong with her but she refuses to leave this evil sick bastard.i dont know what shes thinkingor what she wants. she thinks its them against the world, always sticking up for the poor loser, takes the blame for him too! HA she has even chosen him over her mom, sisters and brothers. But she always comes crawling back when they get into a fight but then goes back to him the next hour, pretty pathetic! they think they’re relationship is so solid but its just based on lies, control and games. He is a dog abusing, suicidal psychopath, a thief and the biggest bum you will ever meet in Winnipeg. I can honestly go on and on about how twisted this guy is but this is enough now i will let karma get to either him or his girlfriend will probably post me on here but i couldnt care less, most likely his girlfriend will though, farrell has no writing skills but his girlfriend isnt any better.

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Melissa Sokil

July 11, 2014 Winnipeg 58

THE DIRTY ARMY: Welcome to the missy Opps you have already been on this website well here is your fix for round two!!! This low life piece of shot will suck cock eat pussy for drugs she is dating a jockey from the track named teven aka true mice and he is so fucking sexy and sweet and charming I know I’d jump on his sweet Vicky in a heart beat but ya back to his toothless old lady lol she is cheating on him with every random nigga in the city she will fck if she had one drink or a smoke of weed she works as a health care aid at grace hospital and deer lodge than. With some handi cap lips with FAS she hurts these girls all the time treating them like her punching bags and clsmx they have insistent with Rochelle she talks so bad about her co workers I should no I’ve worked side by side with her plenty to no she a fake ass dirty rad clat whore true!!!! Listen to this once and for all go back home to Barbados and breed your true love she is the one for you not this washed up dryer up has to put her own lumber cation in her cunt bitch face not to mention she has three different baby fathers who all are dead beats lmfao swallo your pride honey you ain’t nothing put a chewed up piece of bubble gum on the dole of my sh0e

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Amy Sanderson

July 11, 2014 Winnipeg 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: Amy Sanderson is a cke whore who use to work for C.F.S she would use money from the kids funding to buy her drugs n go on trips with her family she no longer works for them cause cause she got busted sleeping with the guys who worked were she worked she takes kids away from there family’s but it should b her kids put in care she has drugs just laying around her place n her oldest kid found a pill n took it n had to get rushed to the hospital cause Amy had left her MDMA pills just laying around what a drug whore

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Dog Abusing Psychopath

July 11, 2014 Winnipeg 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here we have FARRELL LILJOHN or sometimes will go by FARRELL PICHE but on facebook he goes by Justin sane. He is well known in the Northend because he hangs out with all the nasty hoodrats, drug addicts, and wannabes around there! I don’t even know where to start with this guy. Farrell is a 19 year old typical native and is so sick in the head and has been ever since he was a kid. He’s been in foster care since he was born. Farrell can\’t even be alone for an hour without trying to commit suicide. he has a split personality. All he does with his time is lay on his back, listen to hurting music, try to make everyone else around him feel like shit, steal, dig around in your belongings and mooch off of anybody he can, just so he can buy a new pair of shoes, or a new outfit and not to mention its used stuff from the internet or he’ll buy used cell phones or jewellery off of kijiji but in the end he always ends up selling his shit or trading it for other stuff he finds on kijij. Talk about hurting. And not to mention he likes to get free animals off of kijiji and then try and sell them but will abandon them if he can’t. (Don’t worry though I’ll be posting something on kijiji about this fcker to) he tries to be this big baller which makes me laugh! Clearly he does not know what a baller really is. And get this! This baller also likes to shop at second hand stores for his clothes. He is nothing but a fake. He claims to be this innocent nice guy and will say anything to m

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Garett Sawatzky

July 11, 2014 Prince George, Winnipeg 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: This pos , is a con artist, thief. Steals thousands of dollars from his single mom girlfriend and fucks off, not to mention he\’s a coke head, drunk. Beware ladies of pg! He’s from Winnipeg and goes to fsj too.

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Athena Krause

July 11, 2014 Winnipeg 63

THE DIRTY ARMY: Let’s all be real here we’ve all had our run ins with Athena Krause AKA Athena Maus. This bitch is the sickest thing around since DRD. This pig is a dirty needle junkie job head. Her only purpose in life is to find meth, smoke meth, shoot mth, do coke and get fiucked. And before any of you try to sing her praises this discusting excuse for a mother was once again charged with trafficking meth, possession and countless other charges!! How this dirty whore has her kids is beyond me?!?!? I guess it’s just Winnipegs circle of life. Junkies having babies those babies sitting around waiting for their mommy. Then watching there mommy waiting for her welfare check!!!! Which then breeds more junkies and welfare parents after all children live what they see! GOOD JOB ATHENA ON YOUR CIRCLE OR BABY JUNKIES AND WELFARE PARENTS YOU GOT THERE!!!! Oh and one last thing you fcked up BIGTIME!!!

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Maria Watt

July 10, 2014 Winnipeg 89

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Prepare to meet the most disgusting indian ever, her name is Maria Watt. 24 years old And of course she’s the kind of indian, Whose on Welfare, Lives with her soon to pass-away Father, Whom she is waiting to die so she can runn away and become a winnipeg slore, renting hotel rooms just to f*ck married men with children and a wife at home . WITH HER DAD’S MONEY. she Admits that she was only with a certain guy just to get close to his bestfriend and f*ck him, while her boyfriend was at work, making money for their over-due bills. She’s the type of disgusting indian that ruins homes lives! she was even with a guy whom already had a family too. talk about homewrecker alert! she can’t maintain any type of stable relationship, cause she always has the urge to cheat and slore herself out for fast food, her mom even abandoned her because of the way she is. She even called my boyfriend at 4AM, telling him that she wants get her own place, just so she can sleep with her there behind my back! I’m so sick of indians like herself, no real job, no real man, so she has to call other people\’s boyfriends in the middle of the night and be sad about her daddy and body issues, so.. Maria watt, get your own boyfriend please. And STOP calling mine.

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Cheating Timmy Berens

July 10, 2014 Winnipeg 40

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Timmy Berens. He’s from Winnipeg and has a shit life. He’s cheated on every girlfriend he’s ever had! His recent cheat was on his screwed up girlfriend Dominique Johnson who he cheated on with his EX Laura! And more than once. I know this because he would laugh and brag about it all the time. He would always go running to his ex for sex and who knows what else it was fucked. My friend is now sleeping with him and I keep telling her what an asshole he is but she won\’t listen. Anyone else have a story about this guy that could help my friend see he’s a loser? I mean come on this guy is a cheating asshole who looks like a fucked up monkey…. Way better guys out there if I do say so myself

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