Watch Out For This One

April 14, 2014 Winnipeg 63 10,176 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik let me introduce you to Giselle she calls herself a escort lol! She is the worst lay you will get for $200 dollars, her P**sy smells like it has been a dumping hole for years. She had her kid with her and was still turning tricks! She will let you do her for about 5 minutes then she says she is sore and that she wishes it could go longer but that it is time to leave ans apparently she has nothing left! She is a drugged out who*e and needs to be put on the blast. Men stay away from this escort cause you will get screwed over.

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Biggest Slore in the 204

April 14, 2014 Winnipeg 30 8,621 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Yo Nik, if there’s a queen of slutty trailer trash whores this one takes it. This is Kaila Gibb or kaila brooke or whatever this diddy ho be calling herself now. She’s been giving guys drips since the 90′s. This bitch is so whack that after she got caught at a party standing up to pee, she started fcking some dude in front of everybody on a pool table with her zitted ass in the air and crusty lips spread eagle. What person in their right mind would penetrate a herpe hole and yet she’s still knocking them down like dominos! Of course like every slut out there this one got knocked up by some unlucky bastard and she’s left trying to piece together which unlucky bastard it was. This jobless welfare collecting stay at home mom not only collects from the government but she collects from all unsuspecting desperate guys on plenty of fish. her chilli dog cheese bun vag should be in a book showing people what happens when u fck everything you can in the 204.

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Lloyd Harris

April 11, 2014 Winnipeg 24 10,411 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this “guy” right here is Lloyd Harris and he is the lowest of the low. He has 3 kids with 3 diff women that he dosent see or support but tells everyone its because of the baby mommas when in all reality its because of him being too busy chasing young girls to grow up. Hes on pof, always looking for a new 18yr old when hes a 32yr old washed up nobody. Ladies beware, he will tell you hes fixed, all the sweet words to trap you and then his crazy bipolar side comes out when you bust him cheating. Hes dirty as can be and thinks hes awesome in bed when most days he cant get it up and he loves wearing womens thongs. Ladies, stay away!!!!!

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Have You Seen This Tranny

April 10, 2014 Winnipeg 34 10,904 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Have you seen this married fat cow goes on Craigslist saying it just bought lipstick and pantyhose,if you know it tell his poor wife

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Likes To Play Married Men

April 10, 2014 Cougars, Winnipeg 88 10,341 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this women has destroyed this married mans familyI met him over a year ago and he was playing me on pof and I figured it out and told his wife and I have been watchin him for awhile I know creepy yes but my husband cheated with a whore so I felt the need to tell his wife about what he was doing so I tracked him and I found out this women not only decided to go with him she destroyed his wife and kids in the process and continued to hurt his wife even after she found out he was married!! The guy went back to his family and decided to fix his life and this women just kept interfering in things and spreading her slutty legs I’ve been watching her now to see what she is up to she goes drinking and gets loaded and will screw anything with a dick she is with home care and looks after people how funny is that she is supposed to be a caregiver yet has no morals or values !! I did some searching on her and looks like she is one messed up women!! She is completely void of conscience and I also know she’s a mother!!! Ha ha ha yeah great role model there yes my child it’s so ok to walk Into someones life and ruin there kids and there whole world !! Way to participate in that I have to say I too was obsessed with this guy because he wife spoke to me then I watched his wife for the last year I have been a little obsessed with there lives and maybe play a role in there lives but this whore ripped them up because she could careless about anyone but her sick sick sex so I also know of her from a mutual person that she fcked in the past she has zero remorse for what she has done and she would do it again!! Beware the sick nightingale who will be happy to destroy your life!! That’s why she can’t get a man of her own gotta take someone else’s what a women oops sorry not a women a WHORE!!!

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Pamela Thompson

April 10, 2014 Winnipeg 13 9,566 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Pamela thompson a dirty lil slut who cant keep her legs closed and finds booty calls on facebook and will stop at nothing to steal your man currently on the prowl in winnipegosis so keep your men on a short leash or say bye bye to him

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Protective Custody Corey Fostey

April 10, 2014 Winnipeg 28 5,942 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: I think I’m a tough guy. But I’m a douche OXY boy f*ggot who likes the Hershey highway. I think I’m so tough. I talk so much trash. I steal from my family for my dope. Nik. This guy is nothing but a big f*ggot. . Goes to jail. Thinks he s so tough. Bahahahaha. Always signs for PC. Cuz this punk ass thief bitch has so many enemies he’s at least smart enough to stay outta general pop. Corey. Yer day is coming you shit talking f(ggot. Blast this faggot people

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Michael Bayer

April 9, 2014 Winnipeg 17 6,272 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: I wouldn’t know where to start with this guy, well need to say is I regret dating/being with him worst partner to have !! I’ve never felt so disgusted, ashamed, betrayed, lied and cheated so badly before. I could never trust or believe any of his excuses/lies or even everything he tells me, he would like and make up stories or anything he could come up with in his head. He’s just another meth drugged up broke deadbeat dad! I would never ever ever in my life would have a kid with this guy!! I feel so bad for his baby momma who he lies mostly everyday to I’ve been with him for two months and I know how he is towards her, thank god!! It’s not me!! other than that most of you would know or seen him around and creeping on that stupid STUPID! Date hookup and pof dating sites, Bleh!! stupid! he would f**k anything that walks.. No boundaries or respect for himself! or even towards women!! he even admits that he f**ked alot alot of girls around Canada even or city winnipeg! he would probably or would! F**k anyone for a pack of smokes or a dirty p**y or even just use you!! I wish I never ever even met the guy , one of the worst mistakes in my life and regretful things I’ve done in my life, I hate him so much I could just tell him to his face !! so watch out he’s just another disease walking human used up drugged up methhead! I would stay away if I were you blehh so disgusted !! I wish I walked away two months ago , whata loser!! Mike! I’ve never hate someone so much in my life before, go get a REAL JOB ! And keep ur dirty dick in your pants for once and be a father !! GROW UP!! fckin junkie.. I’ve never felt so disgusted and used up in my life !! Thank we’re sooooo done!! just another pathetic lying bastard!!

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