Kerri Bird

April 9, 2014 portage la prairie, Winnipeg 22 9,800 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Kerri bird this low life from stonewall, moved to portage to live with her dad cuz no one else wants her.this dirty is a p*ll head when shes not getting messed up on pills she sleeping around midtown , if not you can always find her at tim hortons.shes the dirt of the dirt. Shes spred her dirty walrus legs all over portage.likes dating child molesters delbet giumont a hound from Sageein.mdc resident. Shes a thief &a liar.likes to screw plps bfs. Watch out for kerri! Name on Facebook is kerri tayna yellow quill. Halla at her if u want dirty cheese stank. You could drive a bus down her vaag.

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Aryton Spence “The backpage secret” Tranny

April 8, 2014 Toronto, Winnipeg 172 7,810 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Aryton“Rezdog Tranny-face”Spence has been hoeing herself online each and every week to literally hundreds of men for the past few years to pay for weekend drinks at the bar and a few lines in the can at any bar from Tornonto to Vancouver and back. In all the years following in her mothers footsteps by selling her pepsi’d out body for drugs she has obviously contracted countless infectious diseases, and as my bro has unfortunately found out,herpes has been added to her fatal DRD collection. In a blackout drunk,he made the mistake of taking the old infected tranny out to his car and making himself a little suck-suck video.When he awoke the next morning and watched the tape, he discovered that a blister scab lipped,nasty square eyebrowed,man-face sloot had been slobbing puss drops all over his unprotected slong.It didnt take but a few weeks for himself to show signs of the virus he caught from the pimple chested transgendered gutter trash.And now that poor guy is pretty much good as dead to having any real relationship ever again, unless of coarse it is with another vile drugged out waste of life like Aryton.With suicide his only realistic option, we must prevent anyone else from making the same drunken mistake as him by warning the rest of the public about the diseased backpage hooker currently floating around Toronto spreading the viscous smelling maggot infested arse cheeks,as well as the roacach lipped vomit hole covered in a drd scab sandwich secreting curd.Smash this trash

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Alycia Leitch

April 8, 2014 Winnipeg 14 7,695 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: K Nik this fugly whore needs to be put on blast like fureal doe. This bitchs name is Alycia Leitch or goes by Alycia Yvonne or Lycia whatever yuk anyways she sleeps with so many guys its gross probably has something for fck sakes straight grimey always bummin off people she used to steal shit and ‘Leitch’ off my friend when she was younger and fat …. Let’s just say she hasn’t changed abit !! She’s always married to someone new on FB Ridin a differnet guy or girls tip everyday of the week. Her supposedly kids dad doesn’t even think it’s his cause she was fckin some other guy at the time Steven lol bitch doesn’t even have her kid for fck sakes thinks she’s the greatest mom ever always posting pics or herself rather than her own kid yeah bitch you totally love your daughter fckin drinking and doing drugs with all kinda of fcking losers . K Alycia your like 20 years old you have a daughter that ain’t even in your care when you gonna wake up and stop chasing pssy and dick you sick bitch! Fcking hurting escourting bitch.

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Jodie Courchene doesn’t cut it as an Escort

April 8, 2014 Winnipeg 31 7,445 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this girl is Jodie Swampy, another loser from Sagkeeng you thinks shes all good and what not just cause shes a pilled up whore and always open for buisness you can find this girl on the backpage she goes by the name of tia LOL If your straight up desperate and need to get laid asap look her up on facebook, Jodie Faye Courchene !! This girl is always in and out of jail probably someones bitch by now too hahaha go snort some more hammer rails nasty hoe

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Winnipegs Deadbeat Dad

April 8, 2014 Winnipeg 34 9,566 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik.. This douche has been posted on this site before and he should be put on blast ! he is a complete man sloot who will stick his pecker into anything that walks on legs… that INCLUDES chicks who are underage and have drdS !!! this lazy dead beat has three kids that he cant even take responsibility for or even support( he takes no responsibility for anything in his life. ) He doesn’t have a job and he lives in his grandparents basement, who he mooches on, steals from and talks down to. He will say and do anything JUST to get in your pants or steal from you. SOOOOO ladies CAUTION : IF THIS MAN SLOOT TRIES TO WORM HIS WAY INTO YOUR LIFE ITS ONLY BECAUSE HE NEEDS TO KEEP HIS PECKER WET HE DOESNT GIVE A RATS ARSE ABOUT YOU OR ANYONE. FYI : he cheated on his girlfriend after she had his kids and he now has drd. So unless you want to be stuck with an drd that will NEVER go away keep clear of this loser.

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Maid from Portugal Cleans your Bank account

April 8, 2014 Winnipeg 24 5,592 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Maria Rocha aka Sky R. Dacosta goes to extreme seductive n sleezy ways to get the Cleaning jobs for Men, then when u least expect it, bank accounts drained n its too late. Watch out for this Gypsy who isn’t the Maid to order but Maid to Literally Clean out your Bank Account:*

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Melissa Ross; Pregnant Escort

April 8, 2014 Winnipeg 51 9,260 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik, This girl should be on blast Her name is melissa Ross goes by the name of mimi isa boss on facebook . This dirty northend slezzy hoe needs to be on here so everyone would know not to touch this pregrant HOE ! clearly she is selling her self for 40 bucks while pregrant . She cant even keep her first kid let alone another one on the way someone should just call CFS already on this HOE * She would always sell her self with the other girl holding the lucky can . Her name is candice thompson . These girls would always bring guys back to that girl candice ‘s place and fck them for pills and money . these slezzy ass hoes needs to be on here already . clearly there just ugly ass GIRLS that gets old men OLNY . Hurting Much . always selling them selfs for crack and herion all the time . ill see these girls on the corner on parr and selkirk selling them selfs for they’re next fix ! So thanks nik ,

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Cheap Ride

April 8, 2014 Winnipeg 23 6,919 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This ugly slut thought she could move to sk n leave her hooker life but once a hoe always a hoe. Stupid hooker made the mistake of taking her john turned boyfriend home to Winnipeg where of course he found out she use to sell her gross potatoe body must od been only 5 bucks for a ride. Anything more would of been tok much whore even gave her John turned baby daddy a std n tried to blame him for cheating. .. gross shank better wrap your shit twice if you wanna touch this garbage. This pathetic lil hoe thinks it’s “solid” to start shit with people over the I internet. Week bitch thinks she can talk shit over facebook bug when the person is I her face confronting her about talking shit. She of course tries to play it off like she never said anything. Sacred lil bitch can only talk shit. Watch out of this gross hooker.. old habbits die hard im sure you can score a cheep ride if you dare the risk

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