Winnipeg | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 6

Ryan Coke

December 10, 2014 Winnipeg 37

THE DIRTY ARMY: This here nik is Stan Chartrand aka Ryan Coke aka the Selfie King. This guy posts pictures of his kids on his fb but never sees them. He shows up to his kids moms place drunk when he needs a place to crash. Tells everyone she’s drama, why? Because she tells him straight? He’s a drug dealer, he doesn’t help support his kids, he drinks every chance he gets. Oh did I mention he has another kid on the way with the same girl as his first two? His first two are adorable little twin girls. How can someone go around bragging about their kids when they don’t ever see them or put any effort into seeing them? He’s a poor excuse of a “man”. He shouldn’t even be referred to as a dad. He’s dirty too, sleeps with anyone who will let him stick it in. I feel sorry for his kids and their mom. At least she has a good head on her shoulders, somewhat. Must have been a one night thing between them how she ended up pregnant again because they haven’t been together for over a year.

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Drugs Theft

December 10, 2014 Winnipeg 88

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is vicki nelson she is troublemaker and she love fight people and steal some stuff like laptop and tablets and money and alc. she have a drd and fatty pusssy and she bang 50 guys before she never go to gym and fix her psssy back to normal.she have a warrant for arrested of stabbing call, she is largest crimes problems and she used pimp/johns some chicks on street and making money. and she does do snow coke and kush in front of her kids in same place. i bet cfs and police will investgation her and throw vicki in jail again.anyone saw her around north end please report to police winnipeg .

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Needs Moe Money

December 9, 2014 Winnipeg 82

THE DIRTY ARMY: HIIII Im MOE and I looove to get pregnant!! I don’t believe in birth control because its bad for me so Ive been getting preggers since I was 15 but its okay I can just get an abortion! Everytime I get pregnant I make facebook posts about my pregnancy then I get an abortion and say Oops I miscarried!! But I finally had a baby at age 18 with a deadbeat loser so ppl can feel sorry for me. Hes a coke head and had two other children that he doesn’t care for but I thought he was the perfect one to make a baby with! Now he could pay child support but that means ill have to get off my ass and go to court! Id rather stay at home and take selfies to post on Facebook than to go out and actually do work! And speaking of work, Ive never worked for a day in my life so why start now! I get child tax and gst, that’s enough to support my lazy ass! I spend all my free money that the government gives me on booze and make up! I just rely on the food bank to feed my poor starving kid! Maybe if I take enough selfies, facebook will start paying me!! I make facebook posts about how lonely for a man I am, I need a man to make me happy! I could try to become independent but then that means Ill have to go to work LOL! Well the social worker is about to come over so I better make my house look like its clean and then I can get a sexy selfie in LOL! Oh yeah ima such a GOOD MOM!!! Now whos coming over tonight, my daughter was wondering whos gonna be her daddy today LMFAO!!!!!!

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Deadbeat Dad

December 9, 2014 Winnipeg 59

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Trevor Chartrand. If you look up dirtbag or deadbeat dad in the dictionary you will find his picture. In the past year he has gotten not one, not two, or three but four stupid girls pregnant! First of all why would anyone want to admit to having sex with this creature, never mind how in the world did he persuade them to have sex with him in the first place. The world does not need this thing to procreate we don’t need anymore people with his genes.

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Kevin Charles, aka Kevin Queau

December 9, 2014 Vancouver, Winnipeg 79


THE DIRTY ARMY: Just wanted to put this fg on blast that he has other aliases. look under kevin queau and enjoy everyone!!

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Flabby Banks Youkno

December 9, 2014 Winnipeg 50

THE DIRTY ARMY: hey nik i would like you to meet this fat c*ke head brittany mckay goes by Banks youkno on fb..lmfao this goof bitch needs to be put on blast shes nothing but a useless bum from lake st martin her mom billy mckay is hypocrite christian that needs to give her fat head a shake stupid goof & her brother jared mckay is a guy that likes to fu*ck little 15 yr olds gross …someone needed em on blast ….nothing but a bunch of c*ke heads …losers

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Psychopath Sage

December 9, 2014 Winnipeg 37

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hello there fellow people of Winnipeg ) my name is sage barahona Kent .. I leave on the Rez atm because my family is well fair bums and keep ducking over the government & their finely catching on but this isn’t about them this is about me .. So basically I’m a typical basic bitch you know posting sexual pictures, making status about my pretend friends and pretend pregnancy :0 and talking about loyalty like I’ve actually bin in a serious relation ship yo say I’m loyal , Ya probably not .. Well I go threw phases of boys and do the same old story .. I’m in love, he’s the one oops I’m pragnant oops I had a miscarriage .. Come on seriously how many guys/ fake pregnancy can I go threw lmao boy I’m i ever mentally ill .. Well now I’m overly obsessed with some guy named milly and guess what I’m faking another pregnancy hehe .. But the sad thing is milly only calls me when his other baby moma is not around or mad at him ( oh well in my mind I see it as a full time relationship not a once a month kind of thing .. Hmm I wonder if milly knows that I had h**ps & drd or that I fck anyone who talks to me but then block me out Of their life once we are done because I’m a psycho butch … Or that I don’t really like to wash my self down there & I don’t brush my teeth .. What can I say I’m not only fat stinky and ugly .. I have an ugly soul .. I just want to be like all my exs baby mommas : I wanna have the title of being. Baby mom ( anyways if anyone every wants a baby momma PLEASE CONTACT ME ON A HOE PAGE sage barahona the other on is my good page family only .. ( haha pay backs a bitch sage hope it tastes good sucking his dick and tasting MY PUSSY IN YOUR MOUTH AHAHAHAHAH) fuckin clown ass thotttie ..

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Thunder Bay bicycle aka Kristen cadieux

December 8, 2014 Thunder Bay, Winnipeg 52

THE DIRTY ARMY: Not only does this girl think she’s the next playboy material she also has had ch***dia multiple times, has been in three somes and likes to post half naked pictures on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram you know It.

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