Would You? | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 11

Kaitlyn Mason aka Skyler Hart

January 30, 2014 Dallas, Would You? 49

THE DIRTY ARMY: Remember Kaitlyn Mason? Aka (skylar hart) looking for her 5 minutes of fame through gogo dancing, dating old dudes and posing naked ONLINE for playboy? She looks quite different these days! But still hasnt changed her ways..showing her nipples on instagram for the world to see, since everyone has seen everything i guess its no big deal. And she’s getting a boob job in a few months. After she has her boobs done…would you?

Answer: No, +2′s don’t fix wrinkles.

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Expose this Trash

January 30, 2014 Chicago, Wisconsin, Would You? 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: NIK, please expose this trashy skank Tara Warda aka Tara Shemmy aka Tara Franco. She is a piece of washed up trash from Wisconsin who thinks the world revokes around her. She was engaged to be married last may and got people to buy gifts off the registry then bailed on the wedding and moved to Chicago with her teen daughter. Now she is knocked up by some purple crayon wanna be music producer and demanding gifts again. She stole $400, clothes and several pairs shoes from my girlfriend who was nice enough to help her sober up before she left town. She has a long history of cheating and I know for a fact she cheated while 4 months preggers and still drinks hard liquor and smokes weed. Would you nik?

Answer: No, can’t trust someone with that many names.

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If It Looks Like a Horse

January 29, 2014 Edmonton, Would You? 59

THE DIRTY ARMY: I am so sick of listening to this friggin trollop. She has nothing better to do than stick her big ugly nose into everyone elses business and takeway too many attention whore selfies. So Nik, since this horseface likes to cause drama and be a self absorbed slut on the regular I can’t help but wonder.. Would you?

Answer: No, I see a heavy photoshop line and a lot a thighs.

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Rave girl Erika

January 28, 2014 Santa Barbara, Would You? 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: This nasty flat chested raver slut Erika Rundle has fucked more than 30 guys AND girls in the small town of santa barbara! I personally think she is revolting and and her p**sy looks like [removed] but what do you think nik?

No pasties needed…- nik

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Tanned and Teen Mom

January 27, 2014 Minnesota, St. Paul, Would You? 100

THE DIRTY ARMY: I saw Brooke Bauman was posted on here earlier…… keep in mind she’s pushed a baby through that already loose car exhaust pipe she calls a vagina. So Nik… would you?

Answer: No, It’s be frightening seeing her without filters.

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The Wannabe Pinup

January 27, 2014 Las Vegas, Would You? 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is my ex gf Jacquelyn Hurtado. She goes by @medusamermaid on most social networks, is barely 21 and is convinced that she’s the ultimate pinup queen/Internet model in the Inland Empire. As you can see by the first few photos to the last- makeup clearly saves her face. She’s been riding on the coattails of Hunter Moore’s fame for quite some time and since she dumped me for a heroin addict, well Nik…. throw me a bone, would you?

Answer: Plain and formless.

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She Has The Eyes

January 24, 2014 Los Angeles, Would You? 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: Is she the one?

Answer: No, eyeshadow give her shape.  She’s a round one.

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The Fake Arabic Princess

January 22, 2014 Cleveland, Would You? 102

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is aspiring Arabic model, Sophie Tayeh. She always has her phone in her hand, ready to snap a selfie and post it on Instagram to boost up her modeling career. She’s either taking pictures of her wide set acne covered forehead and long thick raccoon hair, or she’s taking pictures of disgusting sushi. She always gloats and brags about all the nice things she gets since she has rich parents, and she’s not even thankful for it. She’s probably one of the most untrustworthy, fakest and two faced people you could meet. Shes nice to her girl friends to their faces one minute, then she goes talking crap and spreading rumors behind their backs the next minute. Whenever she fights with her girl friends, she does everything she can to treat them like crap and make them look bad. She’ll spread lying rumors and get all of her other friends to alienate and make fun of people. She does this to keep up an “image” that she thinks makes her look cool. Well it doesn’t, it just makes her look like an insecure bitch. Nik, Would You?

Answer: No, high pants and high head aren’t a good combination.

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