She Has The Eyes

January 24, 2014 Los Angeles, Would You? 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: Is she the one?

Answer: No, eyeshadow give her shape.  She’s a round one.

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The Fake Arabic Princess

January 22, 2014 Cleveland, Would You? 101

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is aspiring Arabic model, Sophie Tayeh. She always has her phone in her hand, ready to snap a selfie and post it on Instagram to boost up her modeling career. She’s either taking pictures of her wide set acne covered forehead and long thick raccoon hair, or she’s taking pictures of disgusting sushi. She always gloats and brags about all the nice things she gets since she has rich parents, and she’s not even thankful for it. She’s probably one of the most untrustworthy, fakest and two faced people you could meet. Shes nice to her girl friends to their faces one minute, then she goes talking crap and spreading rumors behind their backs the next minute. Whenever she fights with her girl friends, she does everything she can to treat them like crap and make them look bad. She’ll spread lying rumors and get all of her other friends to alienate and make fun of people. She does this to keep up an “image” that she thinks makes her look cool. Well it doesn’t, it just makes her look like an insecure bitch. Nik, Would You?

Answer: No, high pants and high head aren’t a good combination.

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Angelina Jolie Look Alike

January 22, 2014 Detroit, Would You? 143

THE DIRTY ARMY: I seen this girl on FB I think she’s gorgeous Would you Nik?

Maybe squinting from a distance while intoxicated.- nik

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Never take ‘Candy’ from a Stranger

January 21, 2014 Scottsdale, Would You? 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Bodybuilders beware! A catfish, who calls herself Candace Floyd, who up until recently went by “Candy” portrays herself on specific peoples posts as being athletic, fit and a “gym rat”. She is actually a slore who thinks shes Gods gift to bodybuilders everywhere, and has no problem sending pics of her fat ass to whomever likes a post of hers. She is nearing that 50 age mark, and while she does look good for her age, she is mean,nasty, arrogant and lives to antogonize the girlfriends of bodybuilders everywhere. She claims to work out at Fitness One at 28th and Happy Valley Road, but lives in Georgia? Really? Nik, would you?

Answer: No, false advertising.

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San An BP Girl

January 20, 2014 San Antonio, Would You? 42

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl goes by the name Valentina. she’s nice but can be a nasty B$&&.& sometimes . If any guys in San Antonio want to hit it give her a call. I don’t know her real name was wondering if anybody else out there does. Nik Would YOU??

Answer: No, her body is spilling out of her outfit.

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Brook the Bikini Barista and Her Friend Heather

January 16, 2014 Portland, Would You? 48

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik, I ran across these two girls from What’s Your Price (WYP). Turns out the are working girls too. Quite under the radar, but they also know how to run a good scam. Seems they have both been banned from multiple websites and are know cash/dash scammers in both Portland and Vegas. The question is, would you do them Nik? If you would, are they worthy enough of an allowance? If you would pay them, take my advice and don’t pay upfront!

Answer: No, they’re both heavy set with bird faces.

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No Keeper

January 16, 2014 San Antonio, Would You? 140

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Priscilla shes always talking about how guys are always chasing her.shes a dime and claims to have good p*** nik i have to ask would you.

Answer: No, she’s a human life preserver.

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She Was Emailing Me, Not Him

January 15, 2014 Honolulu, Would You? 58

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THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Lynn Schneider of Woodland Hills California. My boyfriend dated this girl all of 6 times. She was so desperate for him, she would do just about ANYTHING! He was granted a 10 yr. restraining order because she would not leave him alone and still she continued to pursue him leaving “contact me” messages wherever she could, regardless of this court order. After several yrs. of no contact at all with him I accidentally came across many of these “contact me” email requests on various sites she tried to track him down on(,, etc.). I submitted all the info. to the prosecutors office as this was now an official offense and she could be be sent to jail. The prosecutors felt that there just wasn’t enough evidence to win a convition so we were told that the case will not be picked up. I vowed to finally get her to stop this and vowed that I would get revenge my own way. I set up a Facebook acct. for my boyfriend and I sat and waited. It didn’t take long and then the “friend request” came in from her. She fell into my trap. All the while she thought she was emailing him. I refused to allow her to have any phone conversations with him, naturally because she couldn’t know that it was me she was actually emailing. She led the conversation in a sexual direction and I got going on that. To prove that this gal would do ANYTHING for my boyfriend, to prove that she is completely out of her mind, I made a bizarre request of her and if she complied, the proof would be in the pudding. I asked her to go to the kitchen and get out a brown grocery bag. I instructed her to make big red juicy lips on the front of the bag, make big eyelashes and make cut outs for her eyes. I then instructed her to strip naked, stand on a chair in the bathroom facing the mirror, put the mask over her face and take a pic of herself in the bathroom mirror. She did and this is the pic I received in the next email she sent him…. ummm I mean, me. The proof is in the pudding. This disgusting girl WILL do ANYTHING!! Anyone that is THIS DESPERATE really needs help and really needs to be stopped, one way or another. Hopefully when she realizes that her beautiful pic made it on the net, this may finally stop her.

I guess thanks are in order for paper bagging yourself…- nik

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