Would You? | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 3

Delusional Clubrat

May 13, 2014 Chicago, Would You? 76

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, you have seen her on her so many times now and so has everyone. She is known to all as Chicago’s most delusional club chick. Thinks she’s hot sh*t but is so obviously NOT sh*t. Two boob jobs or not she is still an ugly polish rat who will never make it out of the club. Nik, would you? Lol would anyone?

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Ash with that Ass

May 13, 2014 Dublin, Would You? 57

THE DIRTY ARMY: cute slut ash who like to fck a lot and has a great ass

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Make a Decision

May 12, 2014 Sacramento, Would You? 42

THE DIRTY ARMY: The girl i am presenting you with today is ratchet, hurtful, ugly, and a straight bitch. She calls anyone fat that isnt twig looking even though she once was HUGE. Sorry sweetie but if you can wrap your skin around your head, YOU’RE STILL FAT. This hoe will fck any friend over for her tweaker mth headed boyfriend. And if you think thats it, youre wrong. Because she does it too! Although her and her boyfriend have been together for awhile it doesn’t mean she hasn’t fcked anyone else Pinkys up chelsea ) for those of you that dont know what that means it means she screws for money, the phrase is located in her bio on instagram ) who’s your pimp chels? Brandon? Lets not forget about how you can queef on command! Ha I’m sorry but if i was a guy i wouldn’t fck you with a ten yard stick Would you?

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Chico State Sloot

May 12, 2014 Chico State, Sacramento, Would You? 36

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey this girl goes to chico state n is just dirty as can be her name is veronica leon. She gets freaky with just one drink n gives it up rite away how many of u guys would hit this? Btw she likes it raw

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Ms Piggy’s +2′s

May 9, 2014 Sacramento, Would You? 72

THE DIRTY ARMY: I don’t know where to start with this old friend. In high school she was very chunky stomach twice the size of her breasts she was a total sloot moped style though fun until your friends find out. She went through a few high schools due to girls threatening her for hooking up with there boyfriends and beating her up. Miss Piggy was determined after high school she went on the Jenny crank diet quit eating started consuming nothing but adderall cocaine alcohol and sperm. She then convinced her parents to buy her plus 2′s and her dream began. Katie slept with anyone and anything that told her she was hot she contracted herpes and then warts along the way she tried to get her who red on concealed by always having a boyfriend but cheating on them with any willing friends or even family members. She developed a thing for bad boys and started dating felon losers only not that she’s any better I think she’s at Noah’s bagel still anyway the thugs used and literally abused her for her cheating but it wouldn’t stop her she moved on to a steady diet of adderall cocaine crystal meth and sperm. She now considers herself a player because she is having sex with 5 her**n and / or mth addicts at the same time . Unfortunately we heard her and her partners are injecting with dirty needles and contracted drd c. Watch out for katie davis if the fave doesn’t scare you the stretch marks should and if your still horny hopefully the herpes on top of warts infesting her vajay will… stay classy sacramento condoms are better then disease

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Paisley Slater

May 9, 2014 Dallas, Would You? 117

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Saw that lost post, and thought I’d share my experience with this t*at. This bitch is dumb. Nothing more to her than anal sex and cocaine. It amazed me by how easy it was for me and my buddy to gt laid by her. She’s wild. She let us bust a nut all over that face and asshole at the same time. Would I fck her again? Yes. Would I date her? No. My only suggestion to you all, If you fcking her, I’d suggest wearing a jimmy hat. Share your experience with her by commenting below.

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The Ultimate Would You – Rihanna

May 7, 2014 Hollywood, The Dirty, Would You? 161


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I know you would never have sex with a black woman. I get it, your astroturf theory… not hating. Rihanna isn’t really black though, she is island temperature and those eyes could cut a heart to pieces. Don’t lie here. Would you?

Answer: No. Have you ever seen her hands? They are super scary.

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Syd n Kris

May 6, 2014 Little Rock, Would You? 40


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, these two girls here are Sydney Gibbons and Kristan Carpenter. Yeah they may look all nice and stuff but they aren’t. Kristan likes to become a girls “bestfriend” and then stab her in the back. Sydney is her newest BFF I’m sure she’s already screwed this poor girl over too. Along with her poor hubby Dalton Wiedekind who she has forced into marrying her because she got pregnant. Kristan and Sydney are both whores who crave sex and alcohol and just can’t stand to see someone else be the center of attention. They’ve both been married 2 times and neither of them gave a sh*t about their first husband. Now they are both married again and I’m sure these marriages will last maybe a year. Kristan has 2 kids that she leaves with other people all day and every weekend so she can go out and get wasted. And the best part, she don’t even know who the father of her little girl Carley is. And Sydney has turned into a crazy cat lady who doesn’t give a sh*t about anyone but herself. They make the perfect match don’t ya think? They are the exact definition of southern charm? No. They’re the exact definition of southern slut. Poor pitiful Kristan, she thinks she is so pretty (when God knows she’s nasty and butt ass faced ugly) she lost all her hair and she still tried to flaunt that sh*t. Bi*ch that sh*t isn’t cute. Get a f**king wig and keep that sh*t on before someone sees your ugly face and thinks your a godd**n man! You think you rule the world? You don’t bi*ch! And Sydney is standing right beside her thinking she’s the baddest bitch around when in reality that bi*ch is a f**king fat a**. Y’all act all Christian and holy. Bi*ches the only thing y’all are is lame sluts who can’t make a living so your mooching off someone else like always. Kristan I now your husband knows you cheat on him all the time with random guys and does Dalton know that you pawn your babies off on a babysitter everyday so you can sleep off your hangover? Oh, and Sydney I’m sure your cat doesn’t appreciate the fact that you got a different guy at your house every night. Put me on f**king blast you stupid c*nts. Paybacks a bi*ch! Y’all don’t like me that fine but you’ll get yours.

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