Smelly Cat Solomon

April 15, 2014 Toronto, Would You? 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik meet cat Solomon this fat slore thinks she’s hot shit because Shes a ammature model . Anyways I used to be her friend untill she lived with me and screwed me over more ways then one she stole my rent money , took nude pics in my bathroom while my son was awake in the living room after a month I gave this smelly cow the boot oh did I metion shed leave her used up tampons behind my toilet too ugh she’s a complete filth bag and thief let me let you folks on a little secret all those times cat you were in music videos how you got so popular was because you sucked and screwed club promoters and sucked and screwed your so called goof photographer Adam cash ( who has a bad case of psoriasis ) also don’t forget Chris sirska too lol anyways cat you are a shit mother too your child was taken by cas and been in care because all you cared about was ” modeling ” hun trust me your no tyra banks ok you look like. Beach whale in all your photos your ugly your vagina smells like a tuna can and your a wimp when I showed up on your doorstep you bitched out and cried like a little girl lol anyways. Nik Heres a fine example of Torontos many famous skanky welfare bum bitches Heres my question would you ?

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Jackson Dike In Prison Nikka Looses her Baby

April 10, 2014 Jackson, Would You? 237

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THE DIRTY ARMY: JACKSON MISSISSIPPI’S JennaMcGraw is a Dirty Whore! She will sleep with anything bitches and tatted up prison thug nigga and now loosing her kid in custody battle with baby daddy… Bloody days no prob she fck anyways straight dirty as hoe..makes porn video with baby in floor in car seat … Outstanding mother right here …. Disgusting ass deep throating porn making slut will give anybody the time of day anywhere .. Beware of Jenna shes definitely not Wifey material…

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Escort who Steals

April 8, 2014 Raleigh-Durham, Would You? 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: She stole from me and she lies and a escort she is also wanted by the police watch out for her or you get a gift!

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Jessika Reno

April 7, 2014 Chicago, Would You? 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jessika Reno will sleep with your bf or gfs!! She is known to be sexual an slutty she also has escorted for a long time she backstabbed me and slept with my bf and other peoples bfs .

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Lil Bit Taylor

April 4, 2014 Raleigh-Durham, Would You? 45

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl Taylor aka lil bit is so cute. Just a question would you? Obviously if u were NOT married to beautiful Shayne.

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The Slore of Bhangra; Gurpreet Batra

April 2, 2014 Vancouver, Would You? 99

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, first off i wana say that to anyone who thinks shes hot from her pictures, they all fake shes dead fugly in real life doe. This brod is a whore she will fck a guy she has know for a week. Her name is Gurpreet Batra aka the Kunjari(whore) of Bhangra. She used to go to bc cultural bhangra accedemy and she has probably been with every guy there. She goes to North Delta but she is hated cuz shes sucha whore loser bitch. Shes soo raunch and sloppy its discusting. Shes soo easy she will probably make out with u within a couple hours of knowing u. Shes a ratchet ass cheating slut thats cock hungry and cant keep a guy. Teach this sloot a lesson so maybe she will stop whoring around.

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Miss Assyria 2013 loves Mary

March 31, 2014 Chicago, Illinois, Would You? 424

THE DIRTY ARMY: Paula Warda thinks she is the hottest thing that happened to the Windy City. She was Miss Assyria 2013. What a joke, considering she makes a pretty horrible role model! She is a complete pothead that likes to sleep with any guy who will advance her. She even used to cheat all the time on her last boyfriend, Ray, poor guy. She thinks everyone wants to copy her. But she changes who she is based on who she is around and goes through friends like every other week. What do you think? Would you?

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Nadia Froese the Addict Escort

March 31, 2014 Surrey, Would You? 155

THE DIRTY ARMY: I am SO surprised that Nadia has yet to be posted. This girl is the slimiest greasiest most ratchet girl in surrey I have ever met. Not only does she suck dick for a living and fuck 80 year old men,shes also a full blown heroin addict. She started on oxys then upgraded to smoking heroin… mmm real winner. A few months ago she lost everything her animals her house all her friends even her own family members want nothing to do with her. She moved into a “recovery”house where she still couldnt stay clean. Now she’s being seen riding on the local surrey busses. Thought she was to high class for that? This chick is alll talk she likes to start beef with people and make up lies. Shes hated by everyone. No amount of botox lip injections fake eyelashes and tatted eyebrows will make you beautiful. You are an ugly duckling compared to your sister. You always will be. You dont care about anyone but yourself. I seriously hope you figure your shit out NADIA ROBIN FROESE. You are a disgusting person inside and out. Stop judging everyone else and grow the fuck up. She also likes to claim shes such a good fighter haha thats a joke in itself. Nadia also likes to talk about her poo and farts and blood and boogars shes absolute the must unlady like chick i know. And guess what Nadia Im one of your “closest” friends. So watch out:P Also nadia is 6foot shoulders of a football player,no ass,and discusting saggy tits. and has 5$ tattoos all over her body done by greasy old men shed more then likely pay them with her lose smelly vag. Nik ritchie or ANYONE would you? with this beast.

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