Veronica Olivo

April 22, 2014 Austin, Texas, Would You? 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Veronica Olivo aka Vero. She’s a town sloot has 2kids she never spends time with because she’s always out partying with different guys! Vero is a home wrecker she sleeps with all the BLOWBOYS. Then has the nerve to smile in there wife’s faces like nothing’s wrong , she complains she can’t find the right guy ? Honey the right guy wants a stay at home Gurl not someone everyone’s had laying on there back! This Gurl thinks she’s the shit when clearly she’s not! Someone please expose this hoe !

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Letia Paddy Brown Eye

April 21, 2014 Regina, Saskatoon, Would You? 205

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this gross bull moose goes by the name of LETIA PADDY, she’s some raunched out girl from Regina. Her big Brown asshole says it all. She’s dirty, she’s fat, she’s gross. I wouldn’t fck her with your Dick! Lol

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The Jajczay Sisters

April 18, 2014 Edmonton, Would You? 114

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, you always post the worst of the worst that Edmonton has to offer. But some of the sexiest girls do live in Deadmonton! Check out Samantha and Kassy Jajczay. You ask any guy, Sam and Kassy are amazing. No question. These sisters are all natural with bodies way better than the gross Kardashians. And both have college education. Smart, sexy and classy. This is what Edmonton’s really like. Come on, I know youre picky but these girls are perfection. Would you Nick?

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Julie Santiago Milf

April 18, 2014 Washington DC, Would You? 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl name is Julie Santiago has a daughter but still goes out every weekend to get drunk and fuck military guys. Milf or slut? She loves the Greg

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MILF Sloot

April 17, 2014 Washington DC, Would You? 36

THE DIRTY ARMY: She thinks she is the hottest woman. Has 3 kids but is always out getting drunk and fcking dudes. What do you think about her?

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Smelly Cat Solomon

April 15, 2014 Toronto, Would You? 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik meet cat Solomon this fat slore thinks she’s hot shit because Shes a ammature model . Anyways I used to be her friend untill she lived with me and screwed me over more ways then one she stole my rent money , took nude pics in my bathroom while my son was awake in the living room after a month I gave this smelly cow the boot oh did I metion shed leave her used up tampons behind my toilet too ugh she’s a complete filth bag and thief let me let you folks on a little secret all those times cat you were in music videos how you got so popular was because you sucked and screwed club promoters and sucked and screwed your so called goof photographer Adam cash ( who has a bad case of psoriasis ) also don’t forget Chris sirska too lol anyways cat you are a shit mother too your child was taken by cas and been in care because all you cared about was ” modeling ” hun trust me your no tyra banks ok you look like. Beach whale in all your photos your ugly your vagina smells like a tuna can and your a wimp when I showed up on your doorstep you bitched out and cried like a little girl lol anyways. Nik Heres a fine example of Torontos many famous skanky welfare bum bitches Heres my question would you ?

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Jackson Dike In Prison Nikka Looses her Baby

April 10, 2014 Jackson, Would You? 250

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THE DIRTY ARMY: JACKSON MISSISSIPPI’S JennaMcGraw is a Dirty Whore! She will sleep with anything bitches and tatted up prison thug nigga and now loosing her kid in custody battle with baby daddy… Bloody days no prob she fck anyways straight dirty as hoe..makes porn video with baby in floor in car seat … Outstanding mother right here …. Disgusting ass deep throating porn making slut will give anybody the time of day anywhere .. Beware of Jenna shes definitely not Wifey material…

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Escort who Steals

April 8, 2014 Raleigh-Durham, Would You? 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: She stole from me and she lies and a escort she is also wanted by the police watch out for her or you get a gift!

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