In Love With Herself

March 26, 2014 Pittsburgh, Would You? 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: I have never met someone who was so obsessed with themselves until I met this girl. Selfie for days but what’s funny is she photo shops all her photos to make herself look sexy. She’s so in love with herself with her I don’t give a fck what others think attitude to realize she’s the problem! You c’t be madly in love with yourself and in a relationship they don’t work out not to mention she wears soo much make up you see her in person it looks like she had to put it on with a putty knife! She’s not skinny but acts like a super model. I also forgot to mention that downstairs has been beat quite a bit just to satisfy her needs for male attention she’s not as pretty as she pretends to be nik. Something must be said. You aren’t pretty you’re too obsessed with yourself!

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Bad Cheater

March 26, 2014 Chicago, Would You? 41

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Lisa…Watch out for this one because she loves to use guys for whatever they’ll be stupid enough to give her. She basically sleeps her way to get what she wants. Did I mention she has a boyfriend? Haha she’s such hood rat trash and thinks she can get any guy she wants. My only question is…would you?

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Would You Do Cerina George

March 25, 2014 Houston, Would You? 53

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik I knew this girl from California and she moved to Houston last year. She’s absolutely GORGEOUS with her exotic looks and beautiful golden skin. Would you do her? Most guys would die to be with her, shes absolutely hotter than any Paris Hilton.

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One of the Prettiest in Toronto

March 25, 2014 Toronto, Would You? 90

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I know you always turn girls down and have something to say but this girl has to be one of the prettiest girls in toronto facial wise I seen her at time nightclub a few weeks back but couldnt talk to her because she was with too much people WOULD you NIK?

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Nik, I have to know – Would You

March 25, 2014 Kansas City, Wichita, Would You? 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl is already posted, but you never answered the most important question. So Nik, would you?

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Caitlin Dowell

March 25, 2014 Denver, Would You? 10

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THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Caitlin Dowell, where do I start? She is the nastiest girl I have ever met. She will have sex with anyone and when I say anyone I mean ANYONE. Her favorite is group sex. If you talk to anyone that knows her they will have a disgusting sex story to tell about her. This whore is rotting from the inside out! You don’t know the smell of death until you have a face to face conversation with this tramp or catch yourself in a car with her with all the windows up! Her teeth are disgusting, not only are they green and rotting but she has these two top ones that look like they’re going to come at you. If you’re ever around this girl make sure you have a gas mask because if the smell from her mouth doesn’t kill you the smell from between her legs will! So would you?

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Are Tisa Babe’s +2′s Real

March 24, 2014 Seattle, Would You? 30

THE DIRTY ARMY: I have always wondered, what is your professional opinion. Real or fake? I think she is very pretty. But have always wondered if she is all natural or has she had enhancements?

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Smashley Emmershy

March 21, 2014 Westside-AZ, Would You? 169

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Ashley. She is a teen mom to TWO kids and everyone knows that they are to different fathers. Her youngest looks just like her ex and has darker skin like him but Eric d’antonio thinks it’s his kid. She thinks she is the hottest thing in arizona. She is constantly posting selfies of her cake face and sharpies eyebrows. Instead of taking care of her kids she flaunt her gross saggy fits and complains about her disgusting “baby daddy”, Eric. Who is a drug addict/dealer with acne. He constantly cheats on her (no wonder, she’s nuts). Time to expose this nasty bobble head lookin ho

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