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Amateur Asian


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is a very long overdue post. I’m writing about this amateur named Anna Carmichael aka Lusi. She’s been escorting since her teen years. She has 2 kids and may be working on the 3rd from what I have heard. She has taken advantage of a family that took her in, took advantage of a hardworking man that tried to provide for the kids that are not his at all. See he got shot in the stomach and was told that he will not be able to produce anymore. She’s gets this poor excuse of a man to watch the kids while she goes tricking. I have gotten enough information to call DCFS so they take the kids away from her and get her arrested. Please put this butch on blast

Dan Bilzerian wannabe – alex pavluchenko


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I am a worthless person. I met a girl and we had SOOOO much in common, we were almost made for each other! But I threw it all away because of my insecurities – I wasn’t clingy or anything like that, I just felt I wasn’t good enough for her and I broke it off. BIGGEST REGRET OF MY LIFE, so here I am posting my story for others to laugh at but I don’t care, I can’t be made to feel any shittier than what I feel now. My life is f’ing OVER, I’m 30 years old and have been single for every one of those years and I fear that I’ll never find anyone that special ever again. I am a loser and not very long ago i have accepted it. now i am trying to enjoy it. The moment i accepted it an idea come to my mind that i will write my biography and i will name it `WhatALoser’. I want to live a life of Dan Bilzerian. Because I feel useless to everyone around me.

A knock-off would be reading that book.- nik

Tatyana Varan one horny broker


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, please get this dumb dumpster c*nt up immediately. This woman is so low and disgusting t She has been screwing my friend and her former boss todd for months. He had made it perfectly clear to her that not only does he not like her and hate her, but that she needs to do the world a favor. She thinks that he cares about her but he doesn’t. She works for Real Estate company @ Properties. Agent Tatyana Varan will do anything to sell a house even fuk your husband for the sale. She pretends to be happily married and pleasant to your face on showings but do NOT be fooled. Please PUT this Cheating horny slut on blast in Chicago!

Katrina Morrison Trump Spa Crazy


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Katie. I met her a few years ago and was thrilled to watch her steady decline into slooter-dom. She was always a crazy b*tch from what I can find out, but this winner take her clothes off for money in a dirty strip club at night, pump herself full of drugs, and f*s everything that moved. Now she’s supposedly clean, and work in Trump Tower Chicago Spa, has a weird looking man and another kid. She also thinks she’s tough sh*t and will try to fight anyone who looks at her twice. Unfortunately with all the dumb a*ses telling her lies, she is as full of herself as they come. Cant wait till her management finds out that she is dirty stripper. Nik, please please please put this nasty ogre on blast! I know she checks out your site ALL THE TIME and laughs about everyone out here and I love to see her reaction to hearing the truth from you. Don’t sugar coat it! Nik, would you?? No matter how long this chick soaks in the tub, she’s still going to reek like fish. She’s the biggest whore in town, please put this hoe on blast.

Dustin Gellman Is A Dirt Bag


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this guy Dustin Gellman is a known child molester and danger to girls aged from 3 to 18, he has been arrested in Redwood City, CA for indecent sexual assault of a minor, while working for DMGI and Mach49 in Silicon Valley, developed blueprint to disrupt commercial real estate tech. He got Fired from that company and moved to Chicago. He is currently under investigation for child molestation by the California Police department he is a danger to young girls of all races you must protect your kids from him DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CHILDREN UNATTENDED AROUND HIM FOR ANY LENGTH OF TIME AT ALL NO MATTER WHAT HE SAYS. Please protect your little girls. He is a parent himself and has little boy. Recently he has touched two little girls in my neighborhood, while playing with his son in the park. Dustin Gellman works at Langham hotel, Chicago. Often he will hold girls against their will to talk to them about “their friendly relationship” He uses various websites to lure little girls. He fail to regester as a sex offender claiming that he is not convicted yet and don’t have to be on sex offenders register website. Dustin forces girls to give him blowjobs. He is the Chicago scumbag. PLEASE WARN ALL WOMAN AND CHILDREN about DUSTIN Gellman the PERVERT.

Christine Blevins Home Made Sex Tapes


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, check this out. This is As the Dirty manager keeps us entertained, the truth comes out. People do make fun out of the fat grinch . Managers are broke for the majority and this loser does sleep on people’s couches for sex tapes. She has no money to her name. Nick, reality sets in just as to how pathetic she really are. Drop the fake nice woman act and tell people what you say about them behind their backs. Fat WH”RE! Christine Blevinsis another washed up turd that cannot leave the scene because she to is an idiot with no education, fake career at Trump tower Chicago as retarded manager and a love for home made porn. Hate to burst your bubble christine blevins. Do Chicago a favor and get a real job, stop borrowing money, do porn and move on. Truth hurts when you do read this and I look forward to your comments trying to cover up reality. You are really one ugly troll without makeup. Christine blevins and sex tape won’t make you famous like kim kardashian.

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