Sadia Doesn’t Mind Being The Side Chick


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, let me introduce you to Sadie Hayes, this girl is the definition of pathetic/desperate/crazy/easy. First of all she has no respect for herself or anyone around her. She continues to be the pathetic door mat for any guy to walk all over, weather he has a girlfriend or not. She puts her sob story of a life on social media and is desperate for attention. Hence the HUGE bikini pics!!!!!!!!!! Sadie is ok with being the ‘side girl’ so feel free to hit her up boys if you’re a chubby chaser, I hear she can suck a mean D!

Don’t Let Her Fool You


THE DIRTY ARMY: MICHELLE MARX HENKE Watch out for this GOLD DIGGING WH*RE She prefers MARRIED MEN and MEN IN RELATIONSHIPS. ( it’s a challenge ) She is with someone now. She has all of his family and friends fooled. She is a manipulative liar. “always looking for something better” Another dumb a$$ with more money. She destroyed marriages, and families. and has no remorse. Even if it’s her best friends husband. IF SHE HAD AS MANY STICKING OUT, AS SHE HAS HAD STUCK IN, SHE WOULD LOOK LIKE A G.D. PORCUPINE

Amanda Kist Griffin


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey people this is amanda kist griffin as if you already didnt know. Shes the biggest attention seeker around the county. She thinks shes better than people because shes a receptonist at the local police station. Isnt that hillarious!! Oh but beware every chance she gets she messes around on her husband and then comes home an acts like miss goody two shoes. And to add more to it she cheats with one of her bestfriends boyfriends. Anybody she is jealous of or doesnt like she puts a good word into the police so be careful if you see colerain township in your rearview. She is the biggest liar ive ever met and her jealousy towards other women is pathetic. Get it together sweetie or at least for your kids. Hopefully they dont turn out like your insecure self

Pity Princess


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik the people of Cincinnati REALLY need to be warned of this girl if they haven’t crossed her path, already. Her name is Shannon Toles and also goes by Shannon Gardner. This Batavia girl will walk into peoples lives in either a sexual or boo hoo manner and use them for all they are worth then on too the next victim. She dumps the 2 children she has custody of on anyone who will take her in until she wears out her welcome. She has burned every bridge she has and her own family wants nothing to do with her for the same reason. She lives in her own fantasy world and blames her mistakes on everyone but herself. This girl left me almost penniless just as she has her other victims. PLEASE put this girl on blast so no more hard working families fall for her lies.

Meet Mary Catherine Jones


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, meet Mary Catherine Jones. This girl was valedictorian, leader of praise and worship team, and a sweet little virgin before she started working as a cocktail waitress at a strip club. Her dad is a rich asshole, so she has major daddy issues. She played piano for my cousin’s wedding and I ended up shoving my Greg down her throat for hours at her apartment afterward.

That tanning bed image is such a SCAM!!!!!!!- nik

Oakley/Norwood Maid


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this 21yr old maid from oakley/norwood maids needs to be called out, kayla russell is such a slut she has already had an abortion, has already had chlamydia then slept with the dude that gave it to her again and again gross, my man who was suckered in by this tramp was sleeping with her then she would turn around the next day and sleep with some dude her dad worked with, she literally would bounce back and forth between their beds, she has been known to give bj’s on the side of dumpsters, and falsely accusing men of inappropriate behavior after she throws herself at them, and the kicker was yesterday i find a ton of sex videos and pics of her being gangbanged and doing all sorts of sexual shit on camera. How low life and disgusting, women you have to watch her around your man eapecially if she is drinking or smoking. Her husband is in a medical facility recovering from life saving surgery and she is out being her slut self. She really should be put down, beware Norwood maids and Oakley

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