Felicia Wallace Sorritelli


THE DIRTY ARMY: Expose this gutter trifflin rat, she thinks she a model with a nasty fake ass!!!! her face is busted, she has nasty teeth, n a horrible nose.she don’t take care of her kids. she a prostitute selling her dirty snatch to feed them. plz tell this trick to get her shit together

Drug Dealers

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, please help spread the word on these 2 Her**n Dealers. This is Stephanie and Chris Eaglin. They think its ok to sell heroin with kids in there house. They were busted and charged with involuntary manslaughter after Shae Abbott died from their h*roin. They are facing 15 years in jail and we can only hope they get every year they deserve. They got their kids addicted to her*in to. They don’t care about anyone or anything except getting high. Joe Deters says he is pushing for the max sentence, hope he sticks to it!

Dalton Sutton – Baby Maker

THE DIRTY ARMY: He is the worst human being & father in this whole wide world. Smokes pot every single day of his life. Can’t hold a damn job to save his life & has already knocked up 3 bitches including this one above ^^ doesn’t pay child support & won’t claim the damn kids as his own. Every one around town knows that he has H*V. He has a weird ass fedish & other weird trates. He has “redneck reckless” tattooed on him along with a FOX tattoo that looks like a damn zebra lick & stick gum tattoo. If anyone comes in contact with his red neck ass do yourself a favor & run as fast as you can in the other direction

I Would Stay Away From Bailey


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Bailey Boulemzaoud. She’s a stripper/wanna be video hoe from the slums of Cinci who has no morals whatsoever. Bailey has no regular female friends except her stripper friends cause all her old friends know she’s a hoe. Those ghetto dirty cheap tats.  The funny thing is she thinks she’s hot sh*t with that squidward nose she got. She thinks she can dance too. I thought you actually had to be hot and have a decent body to strip? Anyway, B has no legit reason for stripping either. No kid, not in school. She’s just a natural born Loser… men in Cinci, stay away from this.

I hope that fan is working.- nik

Daniel ‘the stalker’ Miller

THE DIRTY ARMY: This man is stalking me. He has been since 2011. He has hired a private detective to find me. I have received numerous phone calls, and emails. Even threats from him to go to my parents house to find me. I thought it was over, but then I found him posting on here. which scares me even more. he threatened to shoot me in the head. In case anything happens to me or my family, I want it to be known that I am scared for my life. I don’t care about what he posted. I care that its still going on years later. Ladies, As nice as this person may seem, he is a threat. When he finds this there will be post made by him saying pretending to be women saying otherwise. Please don’t go through what I had to, and still have to. He has been to court twice for cases like this before. Please protect yourselves.

Maddie Crusham

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Maddie Crusham, I honestly can not believe she has not been on here already. She is the Fakest, Lying, Stealing Whore I have ever met. I use to be friends with her and watched her screw everyone over with her lies. This girl has slept with all of her friends, all of her friends friends and all of there boyfriend, she is just plain gross. I just recently found out that why we were friend she screwed my boyfriend, don\’t ever trust her. Maddie also went around telling everyone she was raped twice and one of they guys was her good friend Kyle (in the above picture) but yet they are still great friends and hang out together. Weird if someone on raped me I would not be hanging out with them. As for being a thief, every bar she as ever worked at has shut down, Because she is giving everything away. Group of us use to go see her bartend all the time and never paid for a thing, I’m sure she will put Forum out of business next. To all you people, watch your self around her. Oh yea lol Plastic surgery on your face did not work

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