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Natalia Colucci Has Changed


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I went to school with this girl Natalia and she was very quiet but nice. Now she is hooking and doing drugs. She acts like she is better then anyone and has become an overall bad person.

Nicole Demaggio Cheater


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Nicole Demaggio she breaks up with people one day after 5 years. Her excuse was your mean…..hmmmm….. and less than 24 hours later. the Same day she breaks up with me she’s with this guy.

Abusive Gay Thug


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hello Nik! This is Jeremy hollweck. I was in a relationship with him for three months. Everything seemed great in the beginning as always. A while into the relationship he was coming home and drinking 12-18 beers a night passing out and then talking abt weird things in his sleep. We were having sex one night and he starts saying how he wants a big fat dick in his ass and how he wants to suck another guy off. I was floored. Two days later after I found out he was cheating I told him to leave and thats when it got all bad. He assaulted me five times throwing me into the wall and spitting on me. I was taken to the er where I found out I have a broken shoulder, elbow arm, two cracked ribs, fractured foot and numerous bruises. He was arrested and is in jail now. Ladies he is very abusive…addicted to suboxene and an alcoholic! He also apparently secretly loves men. Stay away from this loser! He will only manipulate you and beat you!!!

Adam Brown


THE DIRTY ARMY: This guy is a stolen Valor!! Ladies stay away from this piece of shit! This is Adam Brown. This dude lies to every girl he gets with and has been with three of my friends within one month but that didnt last long because they found out quickly just how big of a lair he is and how much of a bitch he is. He talks hella shit but never will or could do anything. For example, the poor girl he is dating now, Katie Marie Collins, got a compliment, (wasnt being hit on) and Adam didnt like it so he messages me trying to be all tough and claims that he is a “Navy Seal” and that he was and has plenty of training by them. 😑 Really dude? He’s a fucking liar. He has never spent a day in ANY military branch. I asked him so.very basic questions about where he was stationed, who his company’s commander was, etc and he tells me that its “classified” hahaha I totally saw that one coming. Anyone who lies about being in the military always pulls that shit out of their ass when its not even classified information. I told him that I’d meet him any place at any time and he backed off saying “its to much energy” hahah typical response for a loud mouth that’s not about anything. Any “navy seal” wouldn’t back done from a brawl. Its a shame that guys like him have to lie and pretend to be something they arent just to get a piece of ass. Whatever happened to keeping things simple. I guess thats our generation for ya.

Lucille Rose aka Mally


THE DIRTY ARMY: Anyone remember this chick? If not she was the chick caught on the tv show that aired “police women of cincinnati” and she was the one caught being a hooker. Well clearly she never learned her lesson because she’s still at it. She has SEVERAL ads on backpage.com under Cincinnati. Her name is Mally (she wont admit it) but her Facebook name is Lucille Rose. She’s always working. Go add her.

Keeria Chaffin the gold digger


THE DIRTY ARMY: Attention guys!! If you all ever see this girl…RUN!! Fast! This is Keeria Chaffin and she is the craziest bitch I’ve ever met in my life. This bitch has been with more guys then Kim Kardashian. In shorter time periods then Kim as well. Keeria is nothing but a gold digging bitch who uses guys for a place to live for her and her daughter Marley and uses guys for their money and when she doesnt get what she wants, she flips shit and moves on to the next guy. For example, she was dating this guy who was a cop and they broke up because he wouldn’t give her what she wanted which was a kindle and a cell phone. Every outing they went on, he paid. She never paid a dime for anything. Then they broke up she started dating this guy she claim was her “best friend” name tyler pictured in the second pic. They get together and he gets an apartment with her and her daughter because she doesnt have money and her credit is fucked up and she’s in debt (which is why she is trying to get child support on her baby daddy because she’s broke) Tyler then realizes that he doesnt want her and she is just a money hungry bitch so he packs up and moves back home and leaves the apartment to Keeria and her daughter. The apartment is in his name so he is still paying the bills While she pays nothing. She then gets back with her ex before tyler for about a week and he sees that she is the same so he bailed out on her again but only this time because she flips out because he wouldn’t buy her food for the house and she is always trying to make people feel bad for her. Keeria THEN dates two guys she met off of plenty of fish all within 6 months and that didnt last so now here she is with anothee guy name Mark Childs who hasnt found out who or what she is about yet who is wasting his time and money on her and i feel very bad for him because once she gets what she wants out of him, her whole attitude is going to change and she’s going to become distant. You cant turn a hoe into a house wife and that’s just something keeria continuously trys to make guys believe she is but the truth is she is nothing but a hoe PLAYING house wife. She’s always bringing different dudes around her daughter and she allows her daughter to call the guy “daddy” and claims that they are a “family” but truth be told…. I give it a couple of months and she’ll be with anothee dude. Hey Keeria!! Time to wake up with your nasty ass and stop looking for hand outs!! And while you’re at it, shave your upper lip hair and armpit hair. That’s not attractive. Oh and by the way, the very next time you want to call someone a “nigger” just remember that your daughter is mix and you fuck with two. Her father and the one who’s baby you had aborted. You’re a piece of shit.

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