Keeria Chaffin the gold digger


THE DIRTY ARMY: Attention guys!! If you all ever see this girl…RUN!! Fast! This is Keeria Chaffin and she is the craziest bitch I’ve ever met in my life. This bitch has been with more guys then Kim Kardashian. In shorter time periods then Kim as well. Keeria is nothing but a gold digging bitch who uses guys for a place to live for her and her daughter Marley and uses guys for their money and when she doesnt get what she wants, she flips shit and moves on to the next guy. For example, she was dating this guy who was a cop and they broke up because he wouldn’t give her what she wanted which was a kindle and a cell phone. Every outing they went on, he paid. She never paid a dime for anything. Then they broke up she started dating this guy she claim was her “best friend” name tyler pictured in the second pic. They get together and he gets an apartment with her and her daughter because she doesnt have money and her credit is fucked up and she’s in debt (which is why she is trying to get child support on her baby daddy because she’s broke) Tyler then realizes that he doesnt want her and she is just a money hungry bitch so he packs up and moves back home and leaves the apartment to Keeria and her daughter. The apartment is in his name so he is still paying the bills While she pays nothing. She then gets back with her ex before tyler for about a week and he sees that she is the same so he bailed out on her again but only this time because she flips out because he wouldn’t buy her food for the house and she is always trying to make people feel bad for her. Keeria THEN dates two guys she met off of plenty of fish all within 6 months and that didnt last so now here she is with anothee guy name Mark Childs who hasnt found out who or what she is about yet who is wasting his time and money on her and i feel very bad for him because once she gets what she wants out of him, her whole attitude is going to change and she’s going to become distant. You cant turn a hoe into a house wife and that’s just something keeria continuously trys to make guys believe she is but the truth is she is nothing but a hoe PLAYING house wife. She’s always bringing different dudes around her daughter and she allows her daughter to call the guy “daddy” and claims that they are a “family” but truth be told…. I give it a couple of months and she’ll be with anothee dude. Hey Keeria!! Time to wake up with your nasty ass and stop looking for hand outs!! And while you’re at it, shave your upper lip hair and armpit hair. That’s not attractive. Oh and by the way, the very next time you want to call someone a “nigger” just remember that your daughter is mix and you fuck with two. Her father and the one who’s baby you had aborted. You’re a piece of shit.

Simply Stay Away


THE DIRTY ARMY: Well there is a post about this man or boy already but let’s bring people up to date. He simply does not want to better himself, rather have someone take care of him than try to help himself, lies, cheats,lives on facebook,kik, and other social media sites. Steals. Claims to be in the military, UFC fighter or other things. Does not have a car or had a car. Something is seriously wrong with him. Dating this guy is a BAD idea. If you have something he wants rather it’s sex in which he does not use condoms because he can’t buy them, personal items or your own place…once he starts to become bored, he starts to talk to other women. Also, adds random woman in mass numbers to his accounts. Along with him not having a cellphone if it does not have a code on it, will use it for sex sites, escort services, finding singles in his area when he is dating someone. Truly, he is a nice guy but has bad qualities or makes wrong choices that will just simply give you a headache. My advice, Avoid. At. All. Cost. Just a little boy trying to act like a tough man. He needs a hard lesson in life, people are not play toys.

Melanie Green


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this girl is outright nasty. She doesnt take care of her kid and tries getting with married dudes and teaches her son to call every dude “daddy’.She is a skag with a super nasty rotten vagina…fire crotch and bumpy ass. she is using he*ion on a daily. She laughed when she thought she might have drd because she banged some dude who pissed her off and wanted to pass it. Watch out for this one

Walmart Tramp


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this girl has had sex with all the male Walmart employees including a friend of mine husband she loves breaking up marriages and relationships sad part is my friend has three kids with her husband and was pregnant with a fourth when she did this she is so nasty and disgusting everybody’s had that shit welcome to Walmart she takes those words to another level .

Heather Marie Bostic


THE DIRTY ARMY: . Easy lay. Great fck. Great head. Banging booty and body but one if the biggest thots around Cincinnati and Eastgate. She claims that she has class and dont fck with anybody but we all know that’s a lie. All she does is drink and party and smoke weed. Me and my boy both fcked her the first night we met her (not together. Not the same night) and a few times after that till she started playing mind games and had to throw her ass to the curve. So its a free for all my niggas. She loves to be dicked down and hella easy. She out there choosing. Give her that groupie love.

Justin Knight is bad news


THE DIRTY ARMY: Justin Knight from the Cincinnati/Norwood area is one of the most manipulative, disgusting, abusive, immature, cheating, insecure persons I have ever known. He has been through 2 marriages and one engagement within the last few, yes few, years alone.Now, before you think this is just some BS post that holds no truth, know this, I know Justin Knight, very well. I have actually known him for many, MANY, years. Each one these relationships ended because he was cheating on the women/being extremely emotionally abusive/controlling/ posting adds on websites seeking out women to have one night stands with and even asked to c&m on their faces- it was brought to my attention that this was listed on his own personal craigslist account Sure was. Yet he says these women are the abusive the bad ones….go figure, right? Of course he tells EVERYONE that these women were “crazy” or accuses them of cheating ETC…because the quickest one to point the finger is usually to blame. He jumps from relationship to relationship (within a matter of weeks to short months after being married, engaged or in any kind of relationship) by manipulating women into thinking he is a great guy when he is anything BUT a good guy. RUN FAR AWAY FROM HIM if he tries to pull you into his charming and manipulative behaviors. He is very good at charming people. His ability to lie and deceive is scary. His manipulation skills are beyond scary. Best part of all, he thinks that he actually has people fooled. Justin, you may have some people fooled but it is only so long before people find out who you REALLY are. If you’re looking for someone who will give you an DRD, control you, lie to you,tear you down and cheat on you- Justin Knight is your “man”. Just a fair warning for anyone out there that is currently being charmed by this piece of garbage. Or anyone that is currently his “friend”. Justin doesn’t have the ability to have real relationships on any level. He only knows how to be selfish and will use anyone and everyone just to get what he wants. SOMEONE had to put him out there. You’re welcome.

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