Joe Fink Advocare


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this guy will tell any girl what they want to hear to get them in bed. He thinks he is a bodybuilder working for Advocare,but really he is just a broke loser trying to sleep with women,from all ages down to 18 and he is 43. Girls watch out because of his small manhood once he sleeps with you he turns into an asshole and blows you off.

Chubby Chasing with a Foot Fetish


THE DIRTY ARMY: Look Nik, I was on my dudes phone, and noticed some provocative pictures of this girl named Brittany. I’m kinda curious if he’s into big girls now lol or women who are built like a man. Look at those feet and toes! Gross! #keepitclassybro

This Quack Face is a Wack Case


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! So this girl name is Ashleigh Lane or Handley, ….WHATEVER she wants to change her last name to after her and father or mother get into a argument. So this bitch decides she wants to run her mouth around West Clermont about how she loves her man Clint. And here she is fcking this dude on the side that works at Verizon in Kenwood Mall. Anyways. He finds out about that and she starts dating the dude from the mall. Says how faithful she is to him. Come to find out, she is FCKING her best friends FIANCE! What friend does that? She is fugly as hell. Look at her face! Always doing this duck face shit. Trying that Kylie Jenner lip challenge and shit. Quack Face looking like a Wack Case. If anybody knows her, she runs her cock sucker about everyone of her friends. And then talks shit about another friend to another friend…and this dumb bitch don’t even care. Starting mass rumors about girls being pregnant and bein whores. This girl lost her virginity in a steak n shake bathroom stall with her boss. Raise? Probably not. She thinks she is a partier but she is really annoying and invites herself. Always the first drunk and pretends to be so guys will take advantage of her….all I know Nik is that this bitch might as well be a bicycle because everyone gets a ride.

Halle McCullough


THE DIRTY ARMY: Anyone looking for a easy hookup with a dirty hoe? Everyone meet Halle. Halle goes to UC and she is by far the easiest hoe. She plays hard to get at first but all you have to do is tell her that you will smoke weed with her and she’ll go for anything. If you’re black… no worries, she LOVES big black dicks and has even told me that she loves sucking dick. I mean just look at those lips. She is by far the easiest hoe around and loves random hook ups. Loyalty isnt her thing and she fcks with multiple different guys so if you are looking to be in a relationship with her, dont waste your time. Hit her up on Facebook. She’s that easy and nasty. Have fun!

Hakiym Shair ~ Brian Edward Simpson


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hakiym Shair ~ You can find him on Busted! Brian Simpson Mugshots (clcik here for mug)

Chella Marie is not her real name


THE DIRTY ARMY: Chella Marie the biggest liar in the cincinnati area. she hooks up with guys and lies just to get a place to stay with her kids. she is always moving her kids around to stay with the new johns in her life. I was seeing her recently and i thought everything was great but then i found out she was lying about her identity this girl lied to me about everything even telling me she had cancer. now i find out its all a lie and she has a boyfriend after i paid for her trip to florida to be a scuba diver. she is really good at lying and making guys believe that she is a actress and model. i never seen any proof of her working. guys watch out for this girl she will trick you to i found out she was taking a lot of pills and smoking weed for the fake cancer she had. she could never keep her lies straight. she told me so many lies that she couldnt keep track of her lies. i also found out that she scams people she works with she tells them that shes a actress with a huge fan base then after they invest their money she disappears. i found out she married a guy and then put him in jail just so she could try to steal his house Nik please let people know to watch out for this liar! thanks for the life lesson CONSUELA SMITH and for the pic of your panties down that started this whole mess

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