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Jessica Lynn Badger


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this filthy used up, run down loose sloot has been way overdue to be posted on here. she is the most gross, ugliest easy drd packing sewer rat looking sloot in the newport, covington, cincinnati area. everyone in the area had a turn with her. all this failure does is lay around on her fat nasty mailbox built ass. she does nothing in life but go to the public library or bumming to use someones phone to get on facebook to live a fake life & pass fake rumors when she gets mad at someone for not doing what she wants. each week shes with a different dude. shes sucks/f*cks every purple crayon that tries. not to mention she has sex with her stepfather. she dresses like a bum in hand me downs that are too small for her and shes homeless & leeches off everyone. bitch has a son that she lost custody of bc she rather act like a teenager chasing dusty losers then be a mother & growing up. this bitch is a mess and need to be put on blast

Nasty Trailer Trash


THE DIRTY ARMY: The is pure white trash nik. This chick steals other peoples boyfriends and takes money from old men I think shes on sugarbaby.com. shes has stds she slept with a few guys I know that have had the cl*p somebody needs to stop this walking drd.

Jessica Daniel


THE DIRTY ARMY: BNik- Meet the worlds most trifling hooker/worst mom ever! She’s a druggie, a drunk (with her kids in the car) and is trying to fool like she’s clean! Nasty no teeth having, p.o.s even named her kid after her favorite whiskey!! Look out for that one, I mean unless you like antibiotic and h** C!! She finds random out of town men to friend on fb and sexts them in the comments, trifling ass get messenger!!!!

Kaitlin Elliott – Dope Head


THE DIRTY ARMY: Well take a look at this world star loser. Doesnt get any better than kaitlin elliott, every chance she gets she is tryin to get her hands on heroin. Her hobbie include lying stealing and shooting up, if its not one of those shes not interested. Neither one of her kids fathers want anything to do with her at all. She didnt have custody of either one of her kids for years because she was so busy running around partyin and getting high she didnt have time to raise them. Everynight she calls her local dope dealer and will do extra activities to get her fix. Not only does she use other ppls needles but she contracted he***itis from using after somebody that had it. She runs around town swearing she can fight but got her head busted wide open from some little girl down the street. She even left a dirty needle sitting right around where her kids play. Just look up her record im sure you will see multiple drug charges. What a winner!! Somebody put this poor excuse of a mother on blast

Crystal Blevins


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this slut banged 5 different guys in a bar parking lot trading p…y for dope… and after a few more joined in tried to claim rape which the whole bar told the cops she was walking around offering some stank for some crank… Now she’s selling herself on her Facebook page claiming just (time and companionship) which means a blow.job if you get her high on dope. Posts her number on her page telling anyone she’ll cum to you for great time. Hold on to your wallets fellas. Cuz she’ll jist show up and steal your money and anything else she can sell for dope.

Alexis Cope


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey guys this is lexi cope ‘her stripper name’. Meet the biggest attention seeker/ follower of hamilton oh. She thrives on any attention she can get bc she was a nobody in highschool and still is today. She cakes her makeup on and has no eyebrows without it. Ppl always make fun of her because of her broad shoulders. She could play for the bengals defensive line and fit right in. She trash talks everybody and she has nothing going for herself. Mommy and daddy have paid for everything for her and shes still a loser. Word on the street is she has a bad case of drds some of which you cannot get rid of. So id reconsider if you thought about it. Watch out she will try to sleep with your boyfriend any chance she gets. She does nothing but sit around and fb creep from other profiles. Nik put this skeez on blast

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