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Jillian Deadbeat Faitz


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here we have a deadbeat mother, cr**khead whore she’d rather be sleeping up with any guy that will F’ her, she dates men in their 40’s while her poor kids sit and wonder where is mommy? Her and her current boyfriend jumped and beat up his father so they could have money to get high on. Her daughter only remembers moments like oh hey mommy was drinking that beer that time she put that straw in her nose. People like her make me sick and need cps to intervene. Fathers beware she will Fuck your life up. Wait until she smiles her teeth are like something out of a horror movie, guys go for that? Somebody f’ed her twice?

Useless Boytoy


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Kemo is a bi*ch boy. Who is homeless and nasty b*tch. Don’t take care of his kids uses women he wants to play baby mama roll lmao. Thinks he is a tattoo artist but uses dirty needles. Pill head animal. He will Rob you blind.

That cob forward is so redneck.- nik

Deadbeat parents of the year


THE DRITY ARMY: Nik, this is John aka “Jon” Klypchak and his nasty girlfriend Heather Schaffer. Both wonderful parents let me just say. John admits to selling drugs, doing drugs and collects SSI from the government, and not paying a dime for either one of his kids because he doesn’t have too. He’s been in supposed online relationships with numerous underage girls, has 2 baby mom as that don’t want him around their kids because he is abusive physically emotionally and verbally, even when the mommas were pregnant that didn’t stop his tirades, and now he’s with this idiot. This b**ch has 4 kids and doesn’t have a single one. She constantly butts into his business when it comes to the baby mommas even messaging them on Facebook saying that they are stupid because they don’t want him around their kids. He hasn’t paid anything to either baby momma to help support his kids “that he loves” but expects the mothers to jump when he says he wants to see them. He’s only seen his daughter a handful of times and his son twice, but has the nerve to post pictures on Facebook of these kids, and act like he’s a good dad. She posts pics of her kids and acts like she’s a good mom when she moved cities away from her kids and is now in Cleveland. Can we please blast these idiots and let the world know what true deadbeat parents look like?

They banged their heads a lot as kids.- nik

Relationship Wrecking Slore


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl and acouple others sell themselves for like $40 and act like there all hot shit.. td i got hit by a car and almost broke my kneck well my gf couldnt even ask if i was ok.. i dont blame her i blame the thots she hangs out with. we used to be so happy but not when these hoes came into the picture.. i just wanna put tis amanda porter girl on blast cause shes disgusting and doesnt even shower after she hoes n hooks… she probably uses a dick to brush her teeth. and all she does is eat its so gross. she had sex with my dude for $20 and when all said n done he took his money back haha.. fr…this thot n her lil hoe friends f’ed me out of the only girl i ever cared for we went threw alot togethor and were perfect for eachother. then this thot comes along.. this is a grade A HOE. shes on back page and everything..

I wouldn’t embellish those eye sockets..- nik

Krystal Lee Flanik Has A Sugar Daddy

krysral miami

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, let me tell you about this bird or should I say pigeon? Krystal flocks from guy to guy if they appear to have large pockets. Her current SUGAR DADDY, Tim Lennon, is 50. He bought her fake tits and paid her bills while she was screwing everyone from the strip club she met.  You’ll find her in her beat up Kia soul out scouting around for drugs and the next best thing. My fellow dudes, beware.

I blame J-Lo for this dress. False confidence leads to non-coordinated panty wardrobe failure.- nik

John and Rebekah Beck


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, If you live in the Astabula, Kingsville, or Conneaut areas please be careful if you encounter a married couple named John and Rebekah Beck. They are thieves. Rebekah offers her services as a house cleaner and steals things like jewelry or money. John was once convicted of stealing a gun at one time. Both are convicted felons who currently have bench warrants. Again, please be careful.

Are these in and out of drag pics…- nik

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