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Narcissist Brandy Jonsing


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is BRANDY JONES is a lying cheating crack whore. An expert con artist. Looking for someone to buy her drugs and candy bar money in prison. Shes on parole for pimping her infected sister. Got caught taking drugs into rehab. Stupid! Loves playing older men and drugs dealers for her needs. A no good pos will bang anything that walks for a hit of drugs. Guys you dont want this disordered mind.

Cali Miles Is Officially Out of The Closet


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is Cali Miles, she is the biggest running joke in Cleveland but her mental disorder doesn’t allow her to process that info. She thinks she is famous and the most powerful woman in the city, lol. Cali Miles officially came out on Instagram a few weeks back. It seems that her and Bobby “Boxed Wine” Champagne have broken up.  Being the media whore that she is Cali decided to come out as gay during the Governments ruling on same sex marriages.  Cali and her wannabe Miley Cyrus fiance (pictured) are set to be married soon and are moving to California. Bobby is posting Sad statuses about loyalty and cheating while Cali is trying to sell her possesions. Cali tried to sell her used furniture on Facebook in order to raise the funds to relocate, no one bought it. She is also trying to get shoots but no one is booking her. I don’t think she can make it out of Cleveland unless she goes back to marketing and selling her Vagina on craigslist.

Child Abuser skips Town


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Elima Mercado Fonseca aka Star or Estrellita Best! She’s a child abuser and thief. She has a record of robbery and writing bad checks. She is quite the liar and anyone who believes her lies have to be extremely stupid too. This woman had lived without water or had in her home over winter months resorting to using snow to wash her ass and cook food with. She lived in Watertown Ny and moved to Ohio to escape CPS from taking her 8 kids cuz the state was paying her for watching them when she was their mother. Ohio caught up to her abuser when she sent her son to school with a black eye and He told the school his mom told him to say he fell! Now she lives in Casa Grande Arizona probably still abusing her kids just to keep the welfare money to buy crystal m**h and c***k! She used to suck and F@&k an 87yr old man for drugs and her husband Jason Fonseca Sr used to suck the old man’s ass and balls for extra cash for drugs! Now she’s with her husband’s best friend and is literally killing him because he’s a vet and wants his benefits but can’t get then cuz she’s still married to the ball licking husband. DO NOT NEVER HER FRIEND…DO NOT ALLOW HER TO USE HER KIDS FOR YOUR SYMPATHY or you’ll end up with your whole house robbed and she steals your social security numbers and id to order credit cards in your name. J

Nikki Licky

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok this fat hoe rite here think her life all perfect and stuff but little do she know her man cheatin on her faithfully but who cares because this girl be out there on the low getting it so they both playin eachothrt**** she actually was trynna hook up wit my man 2 weeks ago and thats why im puttin her on blast you need to b a mother and worry bout yo kid instead on the next man u gon get

Go Fund me Wilkee


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I am writing to inform you of a scumbag named Michael Wilk. He is over 40 years old, has been evicted multiple times, and works seasonal part time jobs while never being able to find solid full-time work. According to his blog, he couldn’t even hack it at Subway because he claimed they made him work in slave-like conditions. Apparently, handling foot-longs is a tough business. He blames everyone and everything for his poverty issues and has an excuse for everything. For the last couple of years, he has created several “Go Fund Me” accounts, shamelessly begging people to fund his film project, college tuition, RTA bus passes, storage space, and moving expenses to both L.A. and N.Y.C. so he can go to film school. His asking price has been between $7,000 to $10,000. He refuses to work for these things himself and expects other people to hand over their hard earned money so they can pay his way. Please let people know so they can be aware of this.

Mark Mathys Is A Horrible GoPro


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I joined a sugar daddy site to look for an SD.  Came across this guy. Hes a predator and girls need to watch out. He scammed me and apparently many other girls into having sex with him. He will promise an allowance of $1500 and never give it to you. I was forced into having sex with him along with many other girls. I would go to the police but im too embarassed. He owns multiple businesses and is affiliated with put in bay. He also has a long time girlfriend named Linda or Lisbeth Lopez something like that. His name is Mark Mathys.

Mark W. Mathys was booked in Lee County, FL for BATTERY (TOUCH OR STRIKE) — looks like the same dude.- nik

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