100% Narcissistic


THE DIRTY ARMY: attention ladies…this man is a complete narcissistic… he will come off extremely charming and all you will see at first is everything that he wants you to see…he is extremely ambitious,will show you how charitable he claims to be, has a great job and properties in southern ohio.. and grand dreams. everyone who has never lived with him will tell you what an awesome fella he is. you will see red flags along the way but he will also show you things that make him seem like such a wonderful person which will have you doubting these red flags. when i first started dating him, he didnt drink, was very spiritual, told me of all kinds of wonderful stories about how he has helped people and did good deeds that first year that i did see first hand. i admit it.. i thought that he was sent from God. i helped him build a wonderful home (free labor lol) in southern ohio in the middle of the woods with a rolling river out the back of the house. then he asked me to live with him there. he knew that i never have been baptised so he arranged for me to get baptised in our river.. what a wonderful fella right? fast forward… all this man talked about was hisself, if you could get a word in every now and then it would be surprising, after living there 2 years,( by the way he promised he would never marry again and that he would make you partner in all your endevores together) then he completely changed.. i found myself responsible for all the bills of both properties with no money of my own for anything while he had all his funds freed up to spend however he chose, and spend money he did. all decisions were his, it was his way or no way at all times. with him working up north during the week and only home on weekends i found myself totally responsible for the care of the homestead,paying all bills, babysitting his grandchildren, autisic son, and a child not his but verbally adopted from his last girlfriend on weekends when he brought them with him while he was out running around visiting neighbors or working on his properties. the last two years of our four years of living together, he didnt ever tell me i was appreciated, all i did was expected, “after all i was the one who lived there mostly”pretty much ignored me till time for bed.lol after inviting me to share his life down south, he started resenting me being able to live there while he couldnt because of his job..(his choice to work north by the way) he became very cold if i didnt do as he wanted. would go weeks ignoring me and when he was home towards the end all he did was whine and complain,started drinking,spiritualness was out the door two years prior.. so when i decided enough was enough..he acted so angry, said he thought it was forever. actually think his anger truly was because now he’d have to pay those bills and find someone else to step into my gullible shoes and help babysit and take care of his properties’.so beware ladies..he seems like an absolute wonderful catch, and maybe if you are a good girl enough he just might see how valuable you are. hahaha no one and i mean no one can be good girl enough for that man, i know because i am the ultimate good girl in a relationship…but wait, maybe if you have a great credit score! name…kenny k.

Daddy’s Little 34 Year Old Princess Needs Some Attention


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, “No More Baggage” co-star brought to you by Cleveland, Ohio.  She is daddies little princess and a huge spender of his money.  She is an infamous snorter of anything you put in front of her.  Put a kid in the hospital then put herself on a TV show with pops money… desperate for attention much?  She is 34 and has the worst wrinkles.  Grow the hell up, you are 34 years old.

Super Creep Paul Simoneau


THE DIRTY ARMY: Super creepy sex offender Paul Simoneau likes to take selfies. He’s a joke. 40 year old loser ghetto trash won’t even wipe the jizzum stains off his mirror before taking his fancy pics. A 40 year old “man” doing this. Lol he’s a clown. Ape faced punk.

Claims to be a Model

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Terra Incognita who’s real name is Juanita Thornton claims to be a model and occasionally does BDSM and fetish stuff fact is she’s a whore !! She did a porno 2 years ago for kink where 5 guys banged her in the ass “real classy ” she says she works at a burlesque place but all I see is her working at red door selling her ass all she is is a stuck up over priced hooker

Trashley Wells


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik the old hag on the left is Tr(ashley) Wells. You can catch her and a couple drd’s at the crazy horse. She has a big ass gut and yellow chipped teeth comparable to a meth addict’s. This bitch has a big ass mouth and thinks she’s the shit maybe someone should let her know she needs to tone it down. Oh and lay off the tanning you look 50 at 20 something

CLE Snitch


THE DIRTY ARMY: For all you bitches who think this dudes a savage here’s a wake up call. This is Daniel Lemasters. He punked out and plead insanity on a burglary charge that he committed. He kicked in the door yet my boys doing his time? Who’s a real man, not Daniel aka BOOG. It’s whatever. He’s a snitch. So I’d watch being around him. If shit hits the fan he’s gonna walk while you do time cause he will cry and put the blame on you like he did to his own family two. Real savage we got here aye? Hope you like karma bro. Cause that bitch will get your ass.

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