Jessica Mendez


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this girl Jessica let the father of her four year old daughter lure her into dropping serious charges on him in return for a chance to get back together. This poor child was abused by her dad so bad that she had a fractured skull. The fathers girlfriend (don’t remember her name) apparently worked her ass off to take care of and provide for the daughter. She did a better job taking care of the little girl then both her parents. I just learned that the father was abusing the girl friend too and putting her in the hospital after hitting her repeatedly with a metal dog leash. The mother of the little girl is pregnant with her fourth child with three different baby’s fathers while also living off welfare out of her parents house. No job or education. Just babies! The poor children of hers will never have the life they deserve because their “mother” won’t ever be able to provide for them. Jessica, (the mom) has had a crazy obsession with the father (Teddy) for years after being split up. She had him arrested for assaulting the baby and was trying to get him locked away, but then switched gears and decided to take it as an opportunity to try and get him back. So the father is sitting in county jail awaiting sentencing while Jessica is now secretly trying to get back with him and they come up with a concoction to try and blame the incident on his girlfriend. So here she is still technically married to Teddy (but separated for years) and has a child with him then she dates a guy named for Patrick who fathers two more kids she pops out and then after him the biggest bum of them all comes around and gets her pregnant with her fourth. His names John and they claim to be “engaged” but she’s making future plans with the JAIL BIRD at the same time and behind Johns back. The mother contributed to making the marks and the story worse so that it hit local news. Jessica then began starting to “collect donations” to pay for medical bills and the news released that the child had government welfare insurance and that all medical bills were covered fully. Then she made tshirts and started selling them off of Facebook. Word is she is trying to collect money to support her “fiancé” and his drug use because they both are unemployed dirty trash. Her children wear shoes and clothes 1-2 sizes smaller than their correct size snd the daughters hair is never combed, always a mess wearing dirty clothes, dirt on her face, hands and feet. Her teeth rotting away on the top front because the mother still gives her a bottle with a nipple (she’s 5 years old now). She didn’t potty train the little girl till she was almost four and that was cause the dads girlfriend did it. She sends her little girl anywhere abd everywhere and half the time wearing no panties or even shoes. She feeds the kids nothing but TV dinners and ramen noodles everyday. She is not a good person at all, no matter what kind of show she tries to put on everyone knows the truth about her. She doesn’t deserve to be a mother and she deserves to be behind bars just like his ass. I got information that she’s facing charges in the near future and will most likely have her children taken away from her. This is not okay for a mom to neglect and endanger her children this way. She’s a POS along with the abusive father! The only innocent people are the little girl and the girlfriend. These sick twisted parents are in for a rude awakening! Don’t have kids if you can’t provide them what they need!! Mommy of the year right there. It don’t get much worse. Those poor children. Smh

Rapper Overnight


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this chick can’t be serious! She is a mother with 4 small kids/babies and now she became a rapper. Her songs sound like she is trying to sound black and she forgets the words. She throws up westside signs and she is from the eastcoast. Really! hey kids what does your mom do…. Classy!!!

Chris Ludwig Is A Psycho


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so here is Chris Ludwig. I dated this guy for almost 2 years. Thought he was the sweetest nicest most mature guy I’ve ever met. Until I found out he has an obsession. I found hundreds of naked pictures of women in his email. Some of these pictures were sent to him while we were dating. Then recently I found out this whole time he actually wanted to be a porn star! He’s the biggest douche bag and cheater you will ever meet. He takes steroids and his penis is small so he can go ahead and be a porn star and embarrass himself. He can go ahead and f*ck thousands of women and get DRDS! He pretends he loves and cares about women but actually just cheats on them. He’s obsessed with young women and told me he would of had sex with me if I was 17! He adds every girl on Facebook then messages then a bunch of times even if they don’t respond. Then gets there number and gets naked pix from them and saves them into his collection. Did I mention he also has anger problem and likes to punch and choke women. He has had to go to court over it. Cleveland watch out for this man he is the definition of a psycho!

OP — for some reason I want to know what you look like. I’m super curious.- nik

Nasty Campbell


THE DIRTY ARMY: I’ll keep this short. This is Meghan Campbell, nasty her**n addict that will fck anything that has a pulse. She lost custody of her son because she was shooting dope and running from the cops while in labor. Since she’s already ruined her own life she’s moved on to trying to ruin others. Nasty

Biggest Douche in the CLE


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, let me introduce you to what has to be the biggest douche in all of Cleveland. This used tampon is Ryan Hoppe. He is a new addition to a local radio show here in CLE. This walking waste of life has to be the absolute worst person I have ever met. He treats people like crap, verbally abuses women, has an overly inflated ego, and the penis the size of a Vienna sausage. All this guy does is drink, smoke weed, try to pick up girls, and calls them bitches and whores when they brush him off. He has severe mental disorders which he takes a slew of anti-psychotics for, is on the verge of a mental breakdown everyday, and constantly lies about everything. Hoppe thinks he is so sexy but in reality he looks like Sloth from the Goonies. This boy doesn’t even wipe his ass (there is proof of this). If there is anybody in this world that should of been aborted it is this boy. I don’t know what that radio show was thinking when they hired this guy. He is the absolute worst radio personality EVER. Nobody likes you here in CLE Hoppe. Go back to Chicago or wherever the hell it is you are from.

Worst Girlfriend Ever


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Heather (Missy) Wulf worst “girlfriend” ever! A liar from simple things to important. She will lie about having a child who died in a car accident to get sympathy and attention but it IS NOT TRUE. She used me and i was stupid enough to know and let it keep happening. This is for the next unlucky person hoping you see and read this in time.

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