Lucille Walker


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hayy Lucille Walker AKA Hayley walker from Reynoldsburg Ohio is the nastiest junkie bitch ever. She will sleep with your brother one week then turn around and sleep with your boyfriend or husband the next. She does her**n she’s a nasty stripper that gives sexual favors to men from her work at centerfold. She is all around nasty with so many different diseases. Don’t let your husband boyfriend son father cousin or family pets around her. She will fuck them with her smell nasty lose ass pussy! She’s a dirty Bitch & I don’t have a doubt .

Warning, Gia is Crazy


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, I live in Columbus, Ohio and need to warn all the guys out there. The “girl” pictured goes by the name Gia. I was talking to her at The Hollywood Casino this past Saturday night. I was very drunk. She asked me to go back to her hotel. Turns out she is not only a hooker but a man and nuts. She tossed me on the bed took out her junk and put it all in my face. I stopped her and she got mad and yelled and said I was wasting her time and to get lost or she would kill me. She picked up something and broke it on the wall. I got out of there asap. I had given her my number before all this and since she keeps texting me saying shes is sorry and I will like her and how do I know I am not into transexuals if I have not tried one. I am not into guys at all so this has really tromatized me. So beware “she” is not only a man but a psycho.

Punk goes around hitting ppl in the head


THE DIRTY ARMY: Adam Wray is a drug dealer. Not only is he a dealer but if he has a problem with you he will attack your parents who have nothing to do with anything. He likes to sneak up behind you like the coward that he is and knock you in the head with something. Not man enough to fight face to face. You don’t get lower than this piece of crap. His whole family is a bunch of drug dealing thieves. He is the guy in the cap n gown, the only decent thing he has ever done in his life is graduate high school.

Here Comes Julia


THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Julia one of Columbus’s Finest and a Member of its Felon group. If you’ve been to any of the park street complex bars you’ve probably seen her fcked up on god knows what or just piss drunk. Rolling on the floor, throwing drinks, and yelling to assert her psycho dominance. If you can make it past all of that and still think you can handle her go ahead and make your trip down south then you can start a group chat with any local DJ, Drug dealer, bro, pretty much anything that walks around with a dick between its legs and talk about that loose cavern. If you invite her back for round 2, Make sure to take the GHB away from her that she likes to take before going out and keep all permanent markers away from her, because she tends to turn a bit artistic with them all over your house walls. Be careful Columbus and to top all that I’m sure you wouldn’t be surprised if she informed you she has spend a decent time in the psych ward.

Psycho Sexter


THE DIRTY ARMY: Why hasn’t this girl been posted yet? Her name is Kayla and she lives on the trashy side of town in Columbus Ohio. Uses men for money on PayPal and then laughs about it afterwards on Facebook. Humiliating them for their generosity. She gets arrested all the time and is a legit career criminal who robs people and doesn’t care. Please put this ugly hoe who thinks shes hot on blast . she’s getting fatter by the day and I’m about to vomit

Enough of Nia


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this fcking dirty trashy rat needs to be exposed. Shes an ex stripper from Columbus GA. Taking her clothes off in a club called The Platinum where she fcked and sucked the majority of the guys that often come to the club. She can’t be a stripper anymore bc she got a DUI. She fcks over all her female friends and fcks all her guys friends. This trick steals whatever she wants. She fcks one of the married Indian guys that owns a store down here off of Floyd rd. But of course she fcked the whole crew b4 she got with that stinky Ladi. He pays her bills. I never met someone who could snort cocaine for 12-13 hours straight. This girl is lost and she needs help.

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