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Enough of Nia


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this fcking dirty trashy rat needs to be exposed. Shes an ex stripper from Columbus GA. Taking her clothes off in a club called The Platinum where she fcked and sucked the majority of the guys that often come to the club. She can’t be a stripper anymore bc she got a DUI. She fcks over all her female friends and fcks all her guys friends. This trick steals whatever she wants. She fcks one of the married Indian guys that owns a store down here off of Floyd rd. But of course she fcked the whole crew b4 she got with that stinky Ladi. He pays her bills. I never met someone who could snort cocaine for 12-13 hours straight. This girl is lost and she needs help.

Ryan McNeeley From IBM Wears Panties


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik — So I know you probably won’t post this which is fine, but Ryan McNeeley needs to learn that if he continues to send pics like these to random girls he risks one of them posting them on here. This should be the last post for a while, because I’m pretty sure once he sees this he’ll think twice about who he sends pics to.

Ryan you are putting Ginni Rometty in a really tough position.- nik

Ryan McNeeley Wants To Be A Webcam Girl


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik — Ryan McNeeley keeps sending me pictures of him and his endless wardrobe asking me for tips on how to turn men on. He wants to learn the “art of the tease” so that his webcam girl career can really take off lol Please put him on blast again because I find it to be hysterical, I’ll make sure to direct a lot of traffic to the post lmao — Krissy.

Strong ITG.- nik

Ryan McNeeley Loves The Attention


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, he kept it on the DL for as long as I can remember. Then one day he comes to me and says not only is he a closet cross dresser that loves to wear slutty hooker clothes. He is also a flaming homo. Could it get any juicer then this? I think not.

Isn’t this the IBM guy?- nik

Holly Weindenborner


THE DIRTY ARMY: Well if you don’t know the famous Holly Weindenborner, You must live under a rock she claims to be famous and have “haters”. Because she is the hottest female ever! She was recently arrested afyer her own son posted of his FB her telling him she wished she had a abortion, she makes her pill money by meeting guys on niteflirt and craigslist and having them come to her house. She was on the news for dropping her son on his head and now hes mentally retarded she mooches off the government now for her kids. She already gave up custody of one of her kids because she hates being a mom, she will post on Fb for anyone to watch her kids and was talking to a old man about giving her daughter nyquill. She needs her kids taken and a serious reality check. Zanazy have made her retared! She is actually PROUD of her mug shot and how she is. GROSS!

Who does she Think She’s Fooling

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl is a joke, she has to keep moving around because she does nothing but lie and use people. Soon the truth comes out and I stead of facing it she moves to a new group and tries to blend in doing what ever it takes to fit in. She will sleep with anyone. She recently got her meth teeth fixed with new huge horse teeth. Who does she think she is fooling? Stop lying to yourself and the people around you. Does the gym you work for know that you got fired from urban active for stealing and abusing the kids in the daycare? They might want to look into that. Also now she makes fun of people for being half naked online?

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