Town Bottlerat


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, frrizzy ass midgit pepsi HEAD witch sleeping with chicks men travis miller aka tommy hooker f’en loser this trash **tch sleeps with anyones boyfriend doesnt matter no class does it while the chicks out shopping for dinner hops on the elevator sucks a dick real quick, takes his number seeing him with his gf at the time every night in the elevator then goes as far as to come downstairs when hes talking to his ex at the time to check what goes on sees he talking to her and books around a corner like the filthy scared mongrel she is choke on some more dick you filthy skank handprints on handboards and handprints on bathroom mirrors get a fucken grip you sick pig

Face by Photoshop…- nik

Jeet compulsive liar at Milestones


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, is he already talking to you with he’s charming tone of voice to make you believe he’s a good guy and ask you for a loan and smokes yet? He’s on he’s way to He’s addiction to blow makes him lie have sex for drugs and money and ask for loans promising that he will paid double truly make you believe it He will charm you and pretend he’s your best friend to get as much as he needs out of you He does drug deals and delivers money from it From here to there Shady stuff and endless drug nights out He will say he’s mom is out of job He’s dad is sick He’s going truhh hard times Anything to ask you for money Loan He works as a head chef at milestones coquitlam Harjit Hair aka Jeet is a piece of work who has not shame or values He will rip you off and give you fake cheques and show you fake bank statements He has all money marts after him

Canadian Infantry Soldier uses his force against gf


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this douche is a Canadian Princess Patricia Light Infantry soldier who uses his force against women. He also cheats on gf’s with prostitutes. Name: Christopher Hau, 5’10 175 Lbs lives in Edmonton. I feel bad for his room mate Shawn and his parents who have no idea that Chris is inviting hookers into their homes.

Briana Ceron

piss me off

THE DIRTY ARMY: The girl in these photos is Briana Ceron and she needs help. She is capable of being a very nice girl but her family failed her, the authorities failed her and pretty much all of her friends used like her partner Alexis Benz. It boggles my mind how it is that even the hotel they work out of has not been reprimanded. You can’t tell me they dont know what they are doing. So please. If you come across this girls adds. She posts as Brooke Banks. Do not rent her please. She has a life threatening addiction that she has no control over and if you pay her you are only pushing her towards death.

Abusive Opportunitist


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Justin Thompson a.k.a Justin Hood. I dated this guy for about a year really I thought this guy was different from the rest of the Vancouver boy’s out here but I was wrong!!! I’ve always been the generous and caring kind of person so I practically took care of this guy. Relationships should be a 50-50 right split right? Well the 3 month period he was unemployed and was with me 24/7 he acted like a broke kid (when he has saved money from working up north for a couple of months) unable to pay for his own weed, can’t pay for his alcohol (I even asked for his bankcard and says hes broke), can’t spend money on making and packing his own lunch. Let alone can’t afford to pay his monthly truck payment!!! How pathetic is that? Doesn’t help loading groceries unto his truck or even go half’s paying a take out. Has no manners doesn’t close the bathroom door’s when he’s pissing or taking a dump. Gross right? Even asks me if I could pay and fill up for a full thank of gas end. The money didn’t matter to me as long as the other person was happy right? The last few month’s of the relationship he turned abusive and controlling. He complains and screams at you when he wants something. He screamed at me when i was cooking dinner asking me to grab a blanket when all he had to do get up and grab it from behind the couch he’s sitting at. All he does is sit on his ass around my house and do nothing doesn’t help around and acting ungrateful and thinks he’s better than every guy out there. Nik please put this kid on blast. Time for his friend’s to know truly the kind of guy he is unappreciative, ungrateful and self-centered boy. He put’s on this facade he’s a great guy and etc. Also a racist individual. He’s not as great as you think he is

Messy Tessy


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this whore goes by the name of Tess McLellan, if she isn’t trying to screw her best friends boyfriends she’ll be trying to go home with any guy willing to screw her because down there is like throwing a hot dog down a hallway filled with viruses that haven’t been checked since she was 16. If she gets her daily dose of skinny pills aka cocaine she gladly will give you the happy ending in the bathroom of browns where she works, sad part is that because of her daddy issues she’ll even tell people to add her on snapchat and she’ll send them nudes to keep them interested more than one night because every 3/4 guys have plowed her always vacant slab of meat.

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