Chelsey Claro Carr


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this skid from poco has left her mark all over the lower mainland of bc. She hops on anything she can get, even if their taken. They could beat you and shes still down to take them off your hands. She’s straight dirt; has her own unique funk that lingers from her, enough to make you gag in an inclosed space. To top it all off, she thinks shes the shit. She portrays herself as a matured adult with steady morals but is on probation for multiple reasons, just came off house arrest and still runs her mouth like shes queen bee. You piss this one off and her and all her homies will team up on a keyboard battle with you. She doesnt have friends, just her “100” g squad. She acts tough but in the heat of the moment shes more likely to pull a weapon and have her girls jump in instead. She just victimizes herself to get everyones sympathy to have backup on bullying others. Shes just an ignorant self absorbed hoe that needs to learn some respect for herself and people in society.

Chef Scammer


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this d bag ask for money loans all over lower mainland and everyone who come he’s way he’s very charming and will use you as long he could ask for 30 then next is 50 then it turns 100 and more to paid he’s drug use He loves to get high on blow and have sex with man and woman he’s bisexual Careful he has all source drd He Burn all bridges in Abby and mission now he’s on he’s way there He works as head chef at milestones coquitlam and he likes to drinks at work and have blow He sells blow to people at work Careful don’t believe he’s shit He’s to fck up

Candice Lane


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this nasty girl nik is one messed up chick. Not only was she a w#ore in highschool passing on diseases to all the girls bf she would sleep with she’s also a home wrecking coke s!ut that like to fck guys with gf’s as well while she has a bf herself. She does so much cke its disgusting and seems to be affecting her already nasty face and body. This vegetarian crack head need to eat a big fat steak lay off the blow and maybe go get her nasty bag checked for any more drd’s she might be carrying around. GROSS JUST GROSS

Staging Homewrecks


THE DIRTY ARMY: Bhis bitch is a home wrecker. I’m not sure how people like her sleep at night. She knowingly started, pursued, and carried a relationship with a married man despite pleas from his wife to please back off. Even knowing there were children of the marriage she still had no regard for anyone but herself. How does one get so low? So desperate? She used any means necessary to hold on, to continue her affair; even staging pretend text and voice messages so that it appears as if she has backed off. She uses wi-fi apps or other people’s phones because most of the time she can’t afford one herself. She has no job & no car- but will still find a way to your man. Watch out for this one seriously.

Big Hollywood Ichyvan


THE DIRTY ARMY: NIK. THIS IS ISTVAN BINDISCH A.K.A. BIG HOLLYWOID DRUG PRESCRIBER. he works at a pharmacy @ shoppers on the corner of (removed), burnaby He steals the drugs then slangs them to the street His best freind is searchable on the search babzy kababzy he is a rapist drughound. They have hit and run people and helped each other cover it up then get away. They are both involved in extortion, rape, & couple swinging all while on perks, cocaine, ghb. He will mess with your prescription for fun because he is a maniac with tottaly non sympathetic 2 faced con attitude brought on by control. His girl freind is in on all the schemes Istvan partakes in with the babzy rapist. He is a con artist, fraud, rape cover ups, extortion, 2 face disorder.

Jake McWilliams


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this man has been on the run from me for 3 years now. Its hard being a single parent (In Winnipeg) I have served him with custody papers but it dosnt stop there. He has moved into a new place with his mother if anyone has info on Nathan george willman goes by jake McWilliams jr. Some thing, address of whereabouts any contact info please comment can be anonymous. Time for child support. i need this “man” to start paying his part since he can’t step up. lies will only get you so far jake!

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