Goof of the Year


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this guy is the goof of the year. Shaun Theobalds is a serial woman and child abuser. He likes to beat his girlfriends and terrorize children. This guys loves to spend his welfare cheque on blow and in between snorting rails likes slapping around helpless children and females. This walking vagina is also wanted in San Diego for child abuse. He has a long history of abuse. He is currently sitting in jail AGAIN for beating the shit out of his current girlfriend, I’m sure he’s in PC with the rest of the pussy goofs. A few people would looovvveee to have a chat with him when he gets released in a couple weeks. Just a warning to any of you ladies that happen to come across this winner. He is bad news. He frequents the Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam and Vancouver areas.

Extreme Photoshop

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this scummy loser from Maple Ridge is a fake piece of trash who likes to live the Ghetto Life. This chick is Amber Telep who never and couldn’t manage to even graduate from high school, has never held or has had a job her whole life, lives in her parents basement and likes to come off as though she has everything in the world. She uses all the money she leaks from everyone and anyone to spend on herself and leaves her kids needs till last, spends most of her time doing her makeup to go with her fake tan fake hair extensions, eyelashes nails you name it!! She’s fake from top to bottom to cover what she used to be..she’s short used to be fat with dirty blonde hair and ugly as hell, but all the drugs this chick does seems to have changed that and all the caked on makeup. She is friends with a guy from mission named Gary schilpatt who is a creepy old pedophile looking dirt bag who gives her whatever she wants and is her bitch!! She uses her family for money and will fuck anything out there that will give her more. Guys watch out!! This girl has serious baggage and will steal every dime you have to support her drug addiction and ghetto lifestyle. If it weren’t for her using every one she wouldn’t have a pot to piss in. She’s a low life who\’s as filthy skanky and an imbecile in all ways….true classic piece of shit

Port Moody’s Easiest

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, you got to see this lowlife scum whore. This is Alana Pelletier and she’s no newbie to the dirty. This drunk is a heavily medicated cum dumpster. She moves away from Coquitlam to a small town and in with her boyfriend, not even a week later she fcks his best friend, while beforehand she claimed to be dating him but was still fcking everything with a dick. On top of that she’s known to accept sex for cocaine, meth and money. Let’s not forget that she constantly cheats on every man she’s been with and trust me she gets around. This messy piece of shit is a chronic compulsive liar and spits verbal diarrhea. She will try and turn you from not only against your boyfriend but your best friend. She’s a backstabbing std infested slut with a jealous rage who claims to be helping you with your relationship but convinces you that its the worse case scenario making you self sabotaged and when you confront her she lies through her teeth and denys every word. Sh’s bat shit crazy. She had the clap and has infested many. She will go nowhere in life and remain collecting a welfare check because she has no goals or ambition in life. She’s even been arrested for stealing over the counter prescription drugs just so she could get high. Online masterbators, if you recognize Alana it’s probably because you’ve seen her strip and fingerbang herself live on chaturbate. She’s a top celeb. A natural porn star, pass her a cigeratte she’ll suck your dick. She came down to port moody for the Christmas holidays and had sex with 4 different men, I feel bad for her drug using women beating lowlife boyfriend.

Loose Goose

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl right here is amber anastasia nelson shes been fuked in so ass so many times her shit just falls out she sucks old mens dick for money & trys to front like she has money she got raped by all her rez & uncles & even got her own grandma to die she stinks every time she would come over id have to tell her to shower she used a sock for a pad before & she fucked this one guy on a playground slide all she needs is a bottle & shed give it for free u can also find her nasty ass on erotic mug shots website she smokes crack & all diffrent drugs before she sucks dick for money her feet stink so badly as well her nose looks like a pig nose i wonder how she cant smell her dirty pussy with that big nose one of the dirtiest bitches u will ever meet vans dirtest for sure she even fucks her own friends guys with no shame at all u ever want easy pussy this is the one

The Greg Machine

THE DIRTY ARMY: The more I looked into this slut and all the wierd sexual things that were going on at this place.I found out that the old gross man was probably her boss are paying her well cuz talking with friends and people that have worked there it has been know to have connections with making porn.Which I had someone look into it and found that Tamara Anthony has many different websites and videos that either are under different alis are you have to subscribe which is pretty ironic.I also know a few friends of friends that know her and she has been know to fck her own girlfriends boyfriends so what does that say.So ladies if your men have been anyway around this slut be aware. She’s nasty

Delicious Dakota

THE DIRTY ARMY: Her name is Ashton Connors, but she also goes by the names LOVELY MISS CALLIE Callahan and delicious Dakota. She claims to be an elite escort, but uses the dating website badoo to deceitfully ensnare her potential clients. She has serious substance abuse issues and problems paying her bills and rent. Tsk, tsk. This is not the behavior of a supposed elite escort. It is time to grow up Ashton Connors if you want to be a true Canadian COURTESAN companion.

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