Lower Mainlands Biggest Sloot

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is TONI DOIRON, the whole lower mainland area knows her for all the co*k she sucks to support her cocaine and meth addiction. She is a homewrecker, cheats on every boyfriend she gets, and has a 5 year old daughter. What a lovely role model this junkie couch surfing mutt is to her child eh! so gross and nasty yuck!!!!!!!!!!! Nik, would you hit this?

Ashley Pain of Maple Ridge

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Ashley pain is the most backstabbing bitch person who will f****** turn on you in an instant as long as she can steal your cigarettes and use your free booze and soon as your booze and your cigarettes are gone bitch faces in your face along with her boobs and everything else that comes with itshe’s a user remember as soon as your booze is gone she will turn on you and she will only call you when she’s gotten no money no cigarettes and he there you are ready to fill her boots

Leah the sexy BBW

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well if it ain’t TASSIE WINTER of Port Coquitlam. I knew something wasn’t right with Tass when I called her from a friend’s phone. Why did she call herself “Leah” when she answered? Turns out it’s her escort name but she tried to tell me she thought a friend of hers was getting a hold of her. Sorry Tass, you may be a full-time escort but aren’t you in a fully committed relationship? Also, don’t you have any children as well?

Jessica Ashlee

THE DIRTY ARMY: meet jessica ashlee thomson breaking records at the age of 19 for the lower mainlands dirtiest sloot, she is most commonly referred to as a homie hopper this girl has had more loads in her than a washing machine. As all of you can see her pepsi diet is a complete fail it is not at all helping with her beer belly it is however giving her the usually haggered junkie face. when this blonde heffer isnt meeting 35 year old men off POF you can find her at local pubs trolling for the strange or party hopping for this weeks boyfriend Nik put her on the blast

Protect Your Men

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik, meet CYNTHIA TORRES this dirt bag sloot is a disgrace to all the females out there i have never came across such creature in my whole life before! she will do anything and anyone for some pepsi! she will even fck around with married men! whatever it takes for her to get to that pepsi! she doesnt understand that guys use her just for some head behind safeway super market and then make fun of her and call her a disgusting sloot after they finish jizzing in her mouth i had someone tell me even he double condomed his cause he knows how dirty she is i think this creature should be thrown off earth before it lays eggs what do you think nik?

Sonya Soohochoff

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this skank whore slut is the town pump of Maple Ridge. She doesn’t care who she will fck any dick that goes past. She says it is acceptable cause she is hot. I think that is the raging pepsi habit talking cause she looks like a stretched out troll. She has fucked 7 guys from the same group in the past few months. Her vag has served more people than McDonalds. When she is asked what kind of person does that she says a hot chick does!! SHE AINT EVEN HOT. She is the one stop cum dump of maple ridge Watch your brothers your friends your cousins and your husbands cause she will fuck anyone that is near her and has a dick. and can give her a place to sleep… ya that’s right she lives in the car she stole from her ex old man. She has nothing and sucks the life out of everyone around her. What kind of washed up whore goes into her friends house and feeds pepsi to her friends husband and takes him away to get more and sleeps with him….. and defends herself like she did nothing wrong. That is a new level of low and pathetic. She needs to be put on blast for the world to see what kind of stunned slut she is. Im sure her mommy would be proud

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