A New Type of Crazy


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, please post this. Meet Jesus Noe Gutierrez, a typical guy in corpus christi, texas. Sort of. A nice guy when you meet him. the type that’ll bring you flowers and do nice shit for you. well, thats about it for the good stuff. Let’s face it, the dude is a psycho. I dated this ass for a week. In that week, He went on a rampage because I didn’t answer my phone right away. Once your on his bad side, he’ll call you and leave voicemails of him having sex with other guys. If that isn’t bad enough, Less than 24 hours after breaking up with me over a missed phone call, the dude gave my phone number out to all his Grindr whores….including the guy he’s now sleeping with… less than 24 hours later. He’s the type of guy to “sweep” people of their feet, only to cheat, lie, and F**k over in the process. If you come across this Bipolar maniac…. run for the hills!

Smelly Pepsi Head

THE DIRTY ARMY: this old lady, that thinks she’s 20 is a dried up desperate whore. she fckes for coke!! she smells. she’s homeless.. lives off different people!! she needs to grow up and act her age.. you are 80years old. and if you aint dammit you sure are washed up, you saggy bitch

Bad Mom



THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this fat ugly bitch Misty was arrested aftrr she lost custody of her oldest daughter now she lives in houston but goes back and forth to corpus christi to have sex for money she is sleeping with four different guys right now and they are all friends with her pos baby daddy michael salas some broke down wanna be local rapper plz put this pig on blast with her cheap ass dresses

Cassandra Another Mother

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this fat sluggish slut is Cassandra she is one of South Texas leading sluts. Another mother of the year nominee having 5 kids all different daddies but wants to send my man these pics and post them on her IG and facebook. Bitch take of your kids talking about I got that good pussy bitch prophesy more drd’s than a then the medical book, this all pussy no bitch it’s a FUPA

The Biggest Liar In Corpus

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Anton (A.K.A. Antwat) Kindzirski. He is the biggest liar in Corpus and he likes to hit women. I started dating him last year and fell for all his b.s.. He portrays himself as a hustler that’s makes all this money, but in reality it’s his family’s support that allows him to have his own company. When i was not spending time with him it was because I thought I was being a good girlfriend allowing him his space, but I found he was screwing his ex and screwing another stupid girl. His ex girlfriend is back with him after he has cheated on her so many times. It doesn’t end there. I get a message from one of his skanks from his past that he has a son!? The whole time I was with him I never saw this kid, which means this kid is fatherless and does not get child support. You would think the CEO of Express Cab could at least pay. Thank goodness I didn’t get pregnant, that would have been my first abortion. My last straw was when he beat me,and threw me out of house after I found out he was back with his ex. NIK put this out there for Corpus to see because his free ride needs to end.Thanks to my friends that stood by during this time.

Jennifer Ramos

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this nasty piece of trash is Jennifer Ramos. She’s from Weslaco, Texas. She has four kids and doesn’t have custody of two. Her ex husband took her daughter from her because she allowed nasty men she brings in to touch the poor girl. She is a secretary at DelaGarza family dental. Wow I wonder if her boss likes to read the dirty. Ha! This bitch is always crying cuz she has no money for her rent but some how manages to be at every bar all over town. She dumps her kids off wherever just so she can go out and have drinks with her ratchet friends. She believes the ghetto ppl on Facebook telling her she is gorgeous. Come on Nik… Let’s tell this nasty piece of trash the truth. She’s nothing but a trashy c-m dumpster. She’s got hep***is C from her ghetto tattoos and I hear she’s also got the gift that keeps on giving… drd. So sick. I hope she’s not exposing her kids to these diseases. Can someone stop this bitch before she finds baby daddy number five… Wait unless you wanna collect child support like daddy 1 and 2… Who’s next!? It’s not hard just buy this bitch a drink and she will give it up. Tell this bitch to stay home and watch her kids… Damn bitch pay your rent… Anyone want her number?

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