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Breianna Escamilla Has No Self Respect


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, as if posting your half naked body on the Internet isn’t bad already, selling your body for just a couple dollars is just sad. Breianna Escamilla likes to post her gross selfies on Craigslist telling random people to ” COME OVER NOW ” ” AGE RACE AND SIZE DONT MATTER ” wow she really has NO standards. But I guess when you are prostitute/drug addict you’ll do just about anything to get your next dollar and fix. Someone help this poor girl.

Don’t Fall for the Gap Game


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this chick named Desiree Jamison is such a wh’re she needs more than three facebooks to keep up with her hoe game. She is a cheap piece of ass who thinks it’s cute to send pics of her nasty meat flaps to every guy who pays her a little attention gross better go to the DR get those bad boys checked out. She is a G groupie who will f’ you instantly and beg you to play daddy to her bastard kids. She is a nasty white trash m”h slore who thinks she looks cute cause lost some weight lol anyone who smoked m’th would lose weight sweetie. She thinks it’s funny to chase married men and men who have ladies and families cause she is lacking with noone to love her. She just jumps from man to man G to G like any G groupie does. She sells her foodstamps just to get high off of nasty M”’!!  Please anyone who has humped and dumped this pathetic gerbil please go get checked she is crawling with infestation..

Tried and Tested Candice


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet candice trujillo the dirtest bar hoppin hoe u will ever meet. Candice is in the bars almost every night, mainly Stone or mgms. She has banged more dudes than you can count on both hands and feet.  I know for a fact she f’ed 4 of my homeboys on different occasions and, gave 2 of them an drd.She tries to f’ anyone who will give her attention even random dudes at the bar. I dont why anyone would want to touch that because, lets be honest she looks like a man . Ive watched her try to get at dudes who have girlfriends trying to mess up thier relationship. She is a slut straight up. All shes good for is a quick nut. So if u mess with the dirty bitch make sure to wrap it up tight and, plug ur nose cuz i heard her vagina smells like rotting meat thats been in the sun for a week. Poor girl is going to look 50 by the time shes 30 from all her partying she does and who knows what that vajayjays going to look like im sure its already loose.

Someone should open a window.- nik

The THC Girls Are Trash


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is a group of “promotional” models out of Denver, but basically since Devony took over the group after she back stabbed her best friend in the back, the group has gone to CRAP! They lost all their girls that actually had self respect and traded them in for a bunch of stripper chicks with no morals, they hardly ever have any clothes on, they wear the same outfit in every shoot, their shoots are sleazy, at one time they had nice photo shoots that looked like actually photography now they just look like desperate stripper bitches. Krysta needs to get a grip and realize that THC GIRLS now have a bad rep! No one wants to work with them, their known for being a sleazy group of girls, THC GIRLS WE DONT WANT YOU REPRESENTING DENVER!!!!!!

Steroid Slore from Greeley


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Jennifer dean she a phyisique compeditor or at least she thinks she is she’s really just an alcholic who abuses steroids she will bang anyone who works out and have muscles don’t get it twisted fellas she had used so much test her cl** looks like a tiny Dick Jenn is s narstic slore only person Jenn cares about is Jenn and here’s the best part Jenn has drd but she won’t tell you that prob won’t care when she gives you her gift don’t be mistaken jenn is a whore of whores so Colorado watch out for this she man

Melissa Poliquin professional sloot


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, let me tell you about this colossal waste of oxygen named Melissa Poliquin. She got ALL of her kids taken from her for severe abuse & neglect (and allowing a child molester around them). Her ex & his wife got full custody of her three boys & this ingrate does nothing but talk sh*t about them constantly to all of us, like she has a sick obsession. She never even tried to see her boys after they got taken because she does m**h and doesn’t care. She sleeps with random guys for a place to live… She also has bacterial vaginosis from sleeping with so many different men. And Nik, Just when it seems it couldn`t get any more ratchet, on top of beating her kids, she has been going around lying about having cancer too!!! She lies to everyone about who she really is and the world needs to know the truth about her! I was friends with her and her ex (her childrens dad) for a long long time and I hate what this evil person is doing to the people around her. She needs to be exposed for the deadbeat slut she is! BEWARE OF MELISSA POLIQUIN.

Looks like she’s living out of her car.- nik

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