Malpractice Lost Her Phone


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Malpractice had her phone “stolen” and I guess she figured out where it was. As you can see by the screen print, she will reward whomever gets her phone back. We all know she has no money, so either she sucks a greg, screws the guy or says she will send him nudes of her. Wonder if any of her nudes are going to show up on the porn sites.

“Drink Bleach” — I feel like this is a death threat.- nik

Brighton Sticky Fingers


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this female right here is named Jessica Sena . She’s a nasty ass tweaker . She comes from a long line of tweakers and sluts. This b**ch would sell her soul for a bump of glass off of a strangers dick. She abandoned her kids for the 5th time to be with a bum and to get spracked out . Not too mention she took off on them in the middle of the night while she was baby sitting her other niece and just left them home alone. Then she’ll rob the ones that try to help her out . The b**ch will take pics in your sh*t and claim that it was hers . This female is a dirty joke . She needs to wash her ass and take care of her 3 kids and quit worrying about drugs and dick.

Katherine Suazo is more then a Sloot


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, First off Catherine is a straight come drop she goes from hood to hood sucking and f**** anyone who thinks they sell drugs her favorite song is trap queen. She currently is sleeping with her godson dad who his wife was her best friend for eight years while she dated her brother for 8 years that’s right read it again if you have to she claims to be independent barely got her own place because her godsons dad fliped the tap (her new man, ex brother in law) and she claims that they we’re just friends UNTIL THE TEXT CAME OUT!!! I know personally she will do anything ananywhere Even sh*t i cant even do to my girl after 4 years!!!! She got his name tattooed on her chest unclaimed it was her God sons name but its not the same name is her godson lol you can see in the picture. We stopped f’ing because she gave me the c**p YES the c**p so I cut her off but she has stepped to a new low OH and she still manages to go to church every Sunday! What a joke

Chad Cavalear Gray is a phuck boi


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I used to talk to this guy around a year ago. Although we are still friends on FB, I can’t help but call this guy out to all the ladies of Denver (and Aurora). Yes, he is funny. Yes he is cool to hang out with. But he runs through women like they are just toys he gets bored with. His FB page is a virtual timeline of all the women he has dated for the last several years (yeah there is a pic or two of me still on there). He claims he loves them, posts pics and gets all 5000 of his followers all excited for him to be with “the one” and then he dumps them all a few months later. He has no car or license and uses women for rides and to pay for things. He is obsessed with his looks and only posts pics of his muscles for selfies. He loves the attention! He has a history of cheating too and he loves when women act crazy for him. The guy is immature, will not commit and will find the lamest of reasons to dump a girlfriend. And since he used to be a music producer, he claims everyone knows him and brags that these women that they are lucky to be with him. All he talks about is himself and his music constantly and never goes through the effort of getting to know his women or building a relationship. Ladies, watch out! He will use you and leave you in the dust because all he cares about is his music, his whisky and his blow. I feel sorry for the girlfriend he is with now cuz she is going to get dumped real soon just like the rest!

Can’t Keep up with her Lies


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl deserves to be on BLAST. Her name is Haley Hopkins. This no good, dirty, rotten skank CLAIMS she is a lesbian, but has a child… Not saying that having a kid is a bad thing but there is a back story. She cheated on her girlfriend (at the time), got pregnant, AND told her poor girlfriend that the child was HERS. last I checked, you can only reproduce with one egg and a happy white swimmer. She is not only a slut, she is bat shit CRAZY. She lies about the most serious sh*t; saying she has cancer (three times), pretending to ** her self (numerous amounts of times), getting raped, getting jumped….for god knows what reason. Everything the witch says is a lie. And once she gets caught in the lie she just disappears. But, about six months later you can see her at your local gay club humping away and being a complete sloshed mess on the dance floor. Not to mention the boat loads of snow she snorts up her nose… I’m surprised she doesn’t just have one giant nostril. I feel so bad for her baby girl…. If social services hasn’t taken her away already… Because we all know Haleys mom is in and out of prison for drugs and alcohol and the dad just couldn’t stick around because of Her crazy ass. Such a sad life this child is gonna live.. Someone please slap some sense into this girl if you ever see her around.

Maria Garcia Robles


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I have stood quiet and haven’t said anything out of respect for my nephew. But this chic right here is something else. I have my nephew’s facebook code and have went through his messages when he passed away. This chic is all in the inboxes about how he needs to leave his girlfriend Acacia because she treats him bad and what not. And flirting flirting flirting. What’s my point? This b**ch is acting like shes best friends with Acacia now. All up on her page like shes a friend. When shes not a friend at all Be real for once you’re a fraud! Telling Leo that if you could you would take her place. And what not. And how Acacia is such a bitch. But now shes your wifey? What about you sending him pictures of yourself in low tops and pictures you look stupid in? Oh let me guess you’re going to say how you are being hated on. No no you’re a hot ass mess who desperately needs a nose job and makeup lessons. How bout when you were in his inbox trying to go out with him to the strip club on his birthday? Acacia stop being stupid and open your eye’s. The girl who was f’ing your man is now your best friend. Or wifey or sancha. So disrespectful to my family. Big nosed hoe. Gama

How old is she?? her face is starting to bag.- nik

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