Loose Coward


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik let me tell you about this huge girl DeVon Guerrero she has 3 kids by 3 different guys all she does is smoke weed and sniff pepsi and takes pills and drinks and lands in bed with anything that’s willing to take on the challenge she’s disgusting she has been around the way and started off at like 11 years old NASTY!! She’s confused on weather she like dick or pu**y this is how she got caught up with drd’s this thing is a poor excuse for a human much less a mother she lives with some guy that’s always out looking for something better but really who could blame him if I was him I’d be out too especially if she gave me a disease

Harts Slore


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik, so this old ass lady I met at harts corner named Julie let’s just say she can suck a dick. We got faded at harts and I let her get on her knees . other then her big ass front teeth in the way she did alright. I however had to go wash my D off because it smelled like her alcoholic breath and her old lady breath mixed with ciggs. That is why I couldn’t kiss her . but sh*t I let her put those lips to use. If anyone wants dome hit up Julie P. She kicks at harts with all the bikers . you know how bikers get down. they share their bi**hes. She told her daughter rae about how big my dick was now her daughter is trying to get a taste of the daddy D! Mother like daughter. That apple don’t fall far from the tree. Maybe we can get a threesome going. They are hoe enough.

The silhasek tramps


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik these hoes are scandalous. NONE of these sorry ass people have custody of their kids smh. The oldest goes by the name Deanna marie (in the red hair)shes the most durtiest hoe their is. Shes a m**h head who happens to be pregnant with her 3kid & still smoking m**h too smh. dont know who the daddy is either not only that but shes on the run too. She blackmails her father for money to buy her fix. Now there is ugly ass crater m**h head face Jennifer she is even grosser. Her baby daddy was fucking her sister before he made her his bm. Shes so pathetic she cant even take care of her self and heard shes trying to take custody of her boys from their grandma. Bi**h is always partying in laport and smoking meth she claims shes a lesbian but her gf dont know shes f’ing dudes when shes here lol and then theres sex offender danny smh where do i begin hes the lamest if the lame. Hitting on young girls and not registering as a sex offender smh and get this the chick he git knocked up doesnt even now hes a sex offender. The Silhasek family is a disgrace they cant be trusted they steal from everyine and live off everyone hey deanna even stole jennifers identity too and jennifer is to weak to do anything about it.

Druggy of a Mom


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, let me tell you guys about this crazy bitch named Dani. For one this pill head sells pills with her poor kids in the car lol out of cars that aren’t even hers cause she can’t afford one! its a surprise she can’t even see those kids! this girl is so confused about her own life style she doesn’t know if she’s gay of straight! Can’t even keep her own baby’s dad around to take care of her and her kids so she tried to go to a women. Still didn’t work!!But yet she still tries to act crazy and psycho like everyone knows she’s going to do. Her poor kids have to deal with a mother that leaves them to pop pills and sniff pepsi on the weekly. She leaves her 2 kids without any notice of where she’s going or when she’ll be back smh Not to mention her eyebrows are the size of Texas. Someone please give this bum some life lessons and makeup tips while you’re at it.

Sells Her Food Stamps


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik Brianna montano is such a dirty pepsi whore selling her food stamps for dope she’s a bad mom gets high while the kids are in the opposite room in bringing dudes there to get fucked while her kids are in the opposite room she sells her stamps for pepsi f’ing every body just like a door knob everybody gets a chance to turn it she’s so nasty its not even funny dead beat mom has no job but wanna party in get high

Dear Husband – You Are Not the Father


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here is Chandal Archuleta she is gross and all should know. She was with Aaron in high school, and cheat on him she had two kids with Aaron and then started cheating on him with multiple guys.. She got pregnant and was bouncing between Aaron and Ricky.. Had to get a DNA test and found out baby was Ricky not Aarons.. She was living with Aaron and all while she got knocked up. Aaron and her were married for years. why would Ricky want to be with a hoe that knows she isn’t faithful? Stay away from these hoes.

Horse control.- nik

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