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Deadbeat Gene


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Mr. Gene Gallegos is a poor sad excuse for a man. He has no job and lives on his sisters couch.He doesnt take care of his kids. Any girl he talks to he begs to buy him beer and pay his way to get home. Loser cant even afford 2.25 to catch the bus Lmao. Last i heard he begs females to stay at there house when his sister and brother get tired of taking care of his 22 yr old deadbeat ass. He is a walkin disease so If u f’ with him be careful u might catch the c**p.

Little boy who won’t grow up


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this pathetic excuse for a human being is Paul Snyder. He has been bugging me a lot lately about going out together, so I decided to do some research. First of all, he’s 37 years old! Talk about Peter Pan Syndrome!!! Second of all, I decided to do a search on his username MSCDMAN, because I figured I might find the real dirt. He has written a bunch of posts on this PUA site, talking about his failed attempts for affection by trying to “neg” out of town girls. The posts were from years ago, but my gut told me nothing has changed. I talked to some of my friends, and I find out that he has quite the reputation in Denver as a loser party guy. Since he can’t scam women his age, he goes for the naive younger girls. Beware ladies, he might seem sweet but this guy has a serious superiority complex!

Immature Cougar


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is the most immature 30 something year old tramp I’ve ever known! She has no respect for herself or anyone else. She will sit there and tell all these guys how she can’t pay her bills and her baby daddy’s are mean to her and beat her but she’s the crazy one. She only says that to get them to pay her bills and buy her pills. She says she can’t go out cuz she has “anxiety attacks” but she just can’t go out cuz she messes with so many guys, she’s afraid to get caught. She’s with some guy now named Larry but she still talks to another guy. She just plays too many games. She led this other guy on for over a year because she would say she wasn’t ready and she has to wait for her “social security” to come in. ??? Why would that be a reason to not date someone? She needs to seriously grow the f up. I can’t wait till I get ahold of her. And I hope her man sees what a worthless piece of crap she really is.

No wonder she sucks at photoshop.- nik

Adriana Jimenez the Slob


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is ADRIANA JIMENEZ. She is a true example of Mexican trash. She has a disgusting greasy face that looks like she never washes it. She fell hard for one of her employees named COLE DURAN started to “try” to lose weight, eat healthy, and work out to impress him. Can you guess? It didn’t work. He left her department and went someone else because he couldn’t stand her. She is suppose to be a MANAGER of some sort yet when the door of her office is closed she will back stab everyone she works with including the owners of the company Kyle and James. She smokes weed and goes into work high as a kite. She looks like a gremlin pretty much identical. She f’ed a guy named Eddie she worked with as well as one of the IT guys (they were drunk when they slept wit her.) She is 35 or older and still lives at home wit her mom, dad, and brothers. She doesn’t own her own car or drive for that matter her brother drives her everywhere. She has a brown noser that works for her “Cassie” who tells on everyone in the office to make herself look better. They talk shit about every single person they lay their eyes on. I’m guessing because they’re both fat slobs and are jealous of everyone becuz they look 10 times better then they ever will. She said one of her coworkers SABRINA MONTOYA is really stupid for being as old as she is yet she can’t progress in anything in the office becuz she is a retard. (Words straight from her mouth.) Makes fun of the owner who had an affair on his wife wit his assistant. She is just a fat greasy prime example of a jealous bitch that thinks it’s funny to make fun of others when she can’t even get a guy. Don’t work for her she is coo to ur face will act like ur best friend but will rip u apart when ur not around. She also “tries” to dress up wear high heels, and dresses when they actually make her look like a bowling ball… And her feet are so gross. Ever get a chance to look at them do… When u speak to her you can smell dirty vagina so back away a couple feet or u may pass out. She’s disgusting and not your friend. I have no idea how she got to be a manager becuz her maturity level is by far low as hell. You would think she’s still a junior in high school. She also thinks she’s some band groupie goes to concerts like she’s cool and knows what she’s talking about but only does it to fit in and it still doesn’t help. She’s the definition of a back stabbing bitch.

Cum on Sum


Nik- Its hard to believe that this bar trash isnt already on here. Being the bar fly pass around that she is you would think her fat ass would be plastered over this site. So I figured I would do the deed and inform those who dont know but should what this scum is really about.. So this is Summer Corbino aka PBOL wanna be AKA liar AKA terrible mother AKA sloot. This sorry excuse for a mother lives a lie. Everything that comes out of her face is a lie. She pretends to have some great job and make great money and have her shit together when we all know she gets all her money for some guy she met STRIPPING. Which she also lies about. She pawns her poor kids off to anyone that will take him and says she is going to work but is really going to the bar to be banged in the bathroom or back seat of a car in some parking lot. . She comes in to bars wearing scrubs to pretend she just got off work but she really just got off her couch. She uses abortions as birth control and she is a dumpster filled with drds.

Thoughts on Elizabeth Pipko


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, a few of my friends think this Sports Illustarted model Elizabeth Pipko is a ten. I just don’t see it. She is pretty but personally I feel she is an eight at best. Your thoughts?

5.897781837. Minus 1 for the mole (which SI photoshopped out).- nik

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