Tamer Alwerfalli Is A Joke


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I present to you… Tamer Alwerfalli. Also known as the biggest nut rider in Dearborn. Tamer is the quintessential Dearborn douche whose ego is ten times the size of his actual penis. (Which from what I hear is extremely tiny) At the age of 40 Tamer is still single and thinks he’s ‘the man’ because he recently opened a dumpy bar in West Dearborn that caters to purple crayons. It’s actually quite hilarious to watch the way he walks around the place as if he’s God’s gift to earth and how seemingly cool he portrays himself to be with his midlife crisis Aston Martin parked outside. (Don’t worry ladies and gents I’ve only witnessed this firsthand because I was forced to go inside. Never would this visual have been taken place by choice!) What’s Tamers claim to fame? A shitty movie entitled Forbidden Fruits that he played in.  Second claim to fame? An acquaintance to Eminem dated back to what feels like the 1800’s.  Oh and let’s not forget how Tamer use to boast for years about how he bagged Miss USA circa 2010. (Nobody cares bud) Tamer Alwerfalli is the type who goes to great lengths to portray the image of being a ‘baller’ that he will actually buy a car that is completely out of his budget and costs three times more than the dump he lives in. Tamer is the type who will buy a fake watch but rag on someone in a fake pair of jeans. (Ass backwards) And last but not least Tamer is the type to date a whore who was featured on The Dirty. Two peas in a pod? (.. it’s time this dirt bag gets blasted.

How can you live in Detroit and wear a Laker jersey?- nik

Stinks of Twink


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Danny Feddericci this chump is 39 years old and sleeps on a mattress on the floor still. He thinks he’s some prestige movie director but really he’s a f’ing retard with a huge drug problem with ket***ne and pepsi. He has multiple twink boyfriends that he rolls up to party’s with and does Molly off their dick I use to be one of them. This a-hole needs to stay in a K-hole I’m not putting him on blast because he f’s gay male hookers on the low it’s because he gave mouth drd to my favorite 17 year old nephew now he’s constantly getting bullied in school. F’ Daniel Feddericci

Am I Gay


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I met this girl at the club named Zury. Got her back to my place she was a transexual. I went through with it and we had sex. I really enjoyed it, does this make me gay?

Yes.- nik

This is no butterface

elizabeth eileen

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, just look at this beautiful face. Is this the face of an angel or what. Elizabeth Eileen is the most gorgeous girl in all of Michigan. Nik, would you love to take this girl on a date?

Could use some more photoshop.- nik

Kayla Denton – A Michigan Thief


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik – meet Kayla Denton, also known as Freaky Keeki. She spends 10 months of the year on the road as a traveling prostitute while stealing money from prospective clients and not keeping the appointments to which she agreed. She has a seven year old daughter that she only sees maybe one week out of 8 screwing strange men because her boyfriend Chris can’t provide well enough for them. I’m sure her friends will be happy to see Kayla as she does not blur her face on any of her backpage ads nor on her website.


Andy Breidenich Is A Horrible Police Officer

andy breidenich

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this officer attacks with force and reckless abandon. He’s extremely aggressive and asks questions last. Without a doubt the biggest ego in Michigan. He’s one of those officers that doesn’t give a damn about his community and is more concerned with how he’s going to hurt people and take out his own problems and aggression on them. He’s definitely too chicken sh*t to work in Detroit and would rather pick on innocent residents in Troy. Who else has had an encounter with this guy? Anybody experience any awful situations with him?

Who would want to be a cop in Detroit? That is like forced suicide.- nik

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