Nicole Quinones


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nicole (Lewis) quinones (06-04-15) Hey Nik, introducing Nicole (Lewis) Quinones: another prime example of a crack whole if I ever saw one. This cunt is so dirty she was recently quarantined at Oakwood hospital with a “parasite” most likely from swallowing loads to get a rock or two. This skank has a young kid and has just moved to Westland, having formerly lived in Walled Lake MI. Guys do yourself a favor and stay away from this twat. She will lie and cry and even get aggressive just to take whatever she can. P.S: this bitch gets so high and is so stupid she posted a pic of the rainbow, but take a look at the area…I bet that rainbow has a fat pot of crack, not gold, at its end.

Detroit – The Most Broken City in America


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, have you been to the city of Detroit? You can tell it’s broken economically. Being there gave me gave me the impression that this city is going to be a ghost town soon with nothing left. I saw boarded up homes and empty buildings beyond repair just waiting to be torn down or even collapse on it’s own. When I saw how Detroit looked 60 years ago, I can tell there is a vast difference now. The “American Dream” is pretty much dead, especially in Detroit and to make matters worse, the city is now bankrupt. More than half the population is probably on welfare because there no jobs and very little efforts to rehabilitate the entire city. It might as well all be bulldozed and built from scratch.

Escort or No


THE DIRTY ARMY: NIk, i see this 18 year old girl on social media going on trips to cali, flashing money that no one knows where it comes from. Her names Shum, it just sounds gross. Whats your opinion? Another $500 hooker from detroit?

Cam Slore Turned Sugar Baby


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, Here’s the one everyone has been waiting for. Kali Meesseman from Sterling Heights, MI is a cam whore. Here’s proof: She got a little too greedy when the cam sex money wasn’t good enough, and she signed up on Seeking Arrangement as a sugar baby under the same username “sweetspetite” that she since deleted. (screenshot attached). This 18 year old bitch has a nasty attitude. She thinks she’s some kind of Internet goddess, but instead she’s just a greedy 18 year old who should be working at Wendy’s and making a normal living — instead, she’s trying to whore out with old men on Seeking Arrangements where she trades sex for money. What’s wrong with young people these days?

Succubus in Lansing Michigan


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, The red head is Wendy Tenney, my former stepmother. My father committed suicide a year ago because of her. Her public facebook posts STILL show her comments about dudes she was cheating with. Even though she had a prenup with my dad, she weaseled dime she could out of him while he was sick. After he put a family member in charge of his finances she threw fit lasting several months. His health took another bad turn, faced with financial ruin and the loss of health insurance, he gave up and shot himself in his bedroom. My brother found him. I expect retaliation from this and I hope whatever she does it give me more ammunition against her. She is already engaged and is bragging about her new sugar daddy. I hope his family becomes suspicious and stops him from making the biggest mistake of his life. RIP Mike Tenney. Your vile ex will come for me but I hope someone important finds this and she gets what she finally deserves!

Hottest Girls In Michigan


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I know the midwest doesn’t have a reputation for breeding hot thin chicks. I myself am a chubby average Michigan girl but with my Facebook lurking over the years I have actually found a few really good looking girls that live in the dirty mitten. I would really appreciate your opinion.

Are you really trying to sell me on Crazy Eyes and Seat Belt?- nik

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