Tell Me Chloe Boucher Isn’t The Perfect Nanny


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I found this girl who fits your specs for a nanny!  I see that her hair is a bit on the gray side, but that’s an easy fix.  Her name is Chloe Boucher, from Dublin! Her IG is great and youtube channel shows she’s pretty without the Mac force field. I think I did a pretty good job, right down to the eyes! – You can thank me later.

Does this Nanny come with a body?- nik


Ash Good as it Gets

THE DIRTY ARMY: ash being a cute little slut

Ash with that Ass

THE DIRTY ARMY: cute slut ash who like to fck a lot and has a great ass

Karma’s a Bitch

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I don’t even know where to begin with this lowlife, self centered, piece of shit pill poppin whore! Her name is Lauren pagano. 24 years of age. Graduated from sparrows point. Former employee at the hustler. And used to be an escort. She has One child who she uses anyway she can to collect a paycheck. She’s married to a heroin addict who she actually drove around robbing half the convent/liqour stores in dundulk with just so they could get a little bit of money to support thier habit. But get this, once they got caught they both got arrested and when He couldn’t make bail and she got her mommy and daddy to get her out, she left him. Now shes been screwing half of dundulk, RAW! Since she isn’t able to have kids anymore she could care less. She pawns her kid off onto just about anyone who will watch him just so she can go out and get all fucked up and screw whoever the lucky winner of the week is! Thank god she can’t have any more children. She can’t even take care of the only one she will ever have! This girl thinks she is the baddest bitch in dundulk. She thinks becuase she has an annoying loud mouth she is intimidating. But she got her ass BEAT by someone much smaller then her. Guess that’s what happens when all you do is run that mouth and don’t expect nothing to happen! Fellas, I would steer clear of this one! She is a complete fuckin phyco. Anyone who has ever dated her knows. I mean anyone who beats themselves and then calls the cops and says thier bf did it has something very wrong with them! Karma is a bitch Lauren pagano! And it’s FINALLY coming back to bite u in your fat ass! Who’s laughing now. Haha

I’m not sure how these girls acquire the to good for a 9-5 attitude.- nik

Dirty Cop

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, have you ever thought you should be safest in the company of a police officer, as they are one whom take an oath to protect and serve? Well think again! This dirty cop (Chris Johnson) can’t do any of that and only lives by his own rules, mostly bc he can. The dirtiest of all the dirties, with an ego larger than Everest, is just a narcissistic sociopath who only cares about himself. He cheats on every girl he dates and by this I mean actually has more than one “girlfriend” (long term). He is so disgusting he even enjoys prowling on “plenty of fish” saying he’s looking for love, but really just looking for his next conquest. When things go sour he tries to use his power of the law to threaten his lovers with restraining orders and even offers other members rewards for pulling his exes over and issuing tickets. Ladies beware of this man, he may come off all mighty and powerful on the outside, but is nothing more than a lack lustre douchebag on a power trip and don’t get me started on how terrible he is in bed, although he likes talking about how much he loves his own cock and watching himself in the mirror! CREEP!!!

Easy on the donuts, your gobbles showing.- nik

I Found “The Eyes” In Ireland

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, huge DA fan from Ireland. I read the site daily and love it. I think I have found the blue eyes you’re looking for. Just a normal beautiful girl. What you think?

Her hips are too wide to even see what her eyes look like.- nik

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