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Trailer Trash


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this kid has drd he gave it to my best friend and she is the nicest girl I know. It was a drunk one night stand but what a goof. He lives in a dirty trailer and thinks he’s a g because he smokes crack with heads. Fuckin goof ball needs to bounce. Fat bitch ass faggot.

Fruit Loop


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, please put this up, people should be warned. This psycho is Thomas Leland Sears. Goes by Leland/Lee. He’s a male skank who’s now homeless living at the shelter. Alchy, weed addict who basically can’t get his shit together to save himself, he’d rather be on the streets than get it together and maybe go start a real life by working for his dad? His parents are super rich, I guess he’s too good for them, or they really can’t stand his abuse, as he has a poser-gangster attitude; listens to old Biggie, Tupac and such… He clearly has mental problems, he definitely is bi-polar with schizophrenia and a rage-aholic. Restraining orders. Steals, cheats and lies. He doesn’t care about himself or hurting anyone else along the way. Lookout and steer clear of this nutcase! His favourite pastimes include playing online games, watching porn, not being hygienic, user n abuser, mooching, and being nice to your face all the while backstabbing you. Paranoid freak!

Jorden Scott


THE DIRTY ARMY: THIS POST IS FOR THE SAFETY OF YOU GET MEN IN AND AROUND THE VANCOUVER ISLAND AREA. Meet jorden Scott and when I say meet jorden Scott what I really mean is meet Jorden “DRD invested happy to make your dick fall off ” This fine example of unsanitary stomped on beat up vagina is one step away from the devil himself. I only say this because other then the fact that I made the mistake of fcking this drd donor just to find out she has a boyfriend I had to make the mistake of not wearing a rubber which now has cost me a lifetime of drd dick. If I knew this bitch was carrying the herpes I would of not only been sure to wear a rubber but I would of stuck to banging her in the hoop not that she would of cared because she seemed to like that shit anyway………..I probably should have caught on when she insisted on the lights being turned off but I just figured it’s because the bitch was ugly anyway or just because she was fat…..big olé ass drd infested bitch. This post may be only temporary so your going to get off lucky you c*nt but as for me dr last forever and you will not be forgiven you cook hungry ses pool piglet.

Molested his own Daughter


Check this out Nik,… Robert Broadly Porter, Age 30 convicted Jan 21st 2015 this guy is a fckin low life poor excuse for a father who should b lined up against a wall n shot repeatedly in the co*k not only did he knock up his baby momma at age 16 after being a sick perv twrds her since she was 10, but he continued to carry on his sick perversion for underage women on his own flesh & blood. This goof stole a childhood & forever should walk around with the lable GOOF on his for head & or hanging ovr him like a dark storm cloud of incestual sickness.

Duncan Goof

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok Nik i got one for the record books. Everyone introducing Heidi Felicia Mendenhall. This piece of work is willing to open her legs to anything that shows a bit of affection even sleeping around behind her woman beating boyfriend Joseph Dean Jack. this dynamic duo are Duncans finest junkie losers you will ever come across. She once had a child pass away from S.I.*.S unlike any normal human being which would call 9/11 in this situation, she throws the baby into the duncan river. WTF!? waste of skin she is if you ask me. PUBLIC BE WARNED that thes people are Dope simple monsters and to never entrust the lives of your children (and property) to these drug addicts.

What happened to her teeth?- nik

He Thinks He Is The Best

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy is such a piece of work. He thinks that just because hes jacked and good looking that hes top sh*t.  He will do anything just to be cool and blow people off when theres a chance to get laid. he sleeps around with all the lgs in high school.

High School girls are going to get him in a lot of trouble.- nik

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