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Marie Louise Colombe Sauve.. Again


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, just expressing my feelings so is clear we all know what went on here. This is my little sister. She is a slut. She is pretty to look at but she is a shallow mind, in an empty shell and no good to this earth. She burnt all her bridges with the entire family and I was her last resort. I let her stay with me for one month, out of true compassion. She was sloppy and irresponsible. All she wanted to do was eat, sleep, drink, and screw. She was f’ing our big sister’s ex fiancee when she was staying with me. She was also sucking the dicks of bus drivers, and LORD KNOWS the ones she failed to mention. When she started bringing her randoms to my place, I had to cut her off for the obvious; she was compromising the safety of my home. she wouldn’t work a job, she wasn’t paying rent and she thought that she could try and walk all over me. I put her out. Even had to PUSH her out cuz that stupid b*ch thought she could tower over me and get her way. I wasn’t afraid so much as I was shocked at how she thought she could get away with that. “I am not sleeping on the street!” She says. Ha! Go sleep in a shelter. You want a free place to crash and have no responsibilities, that is just the place for you. “But I am your baby sister!” you don’t even remember me from when I held you as a baby, the last time we saw each other. “You know what happens to little girls like me on the streets?” Hun, you are f’ing your sisters ex fiancee, you are not a little girl and you said it yourself when out partying with multiple males, “it’s not like I am getting raped.”

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Squid of capilano


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik,This kid right here caelan W was once a loyle friend who turned into the biggest squid and drug head ..he goes around flawnting other peoples money on IG that he robbed from people . he thinks he is the G of st . A rolling in other people’s cars doing “drug deals ” but really he just taking their money and heads off to support his fet**l and pepsi problem … Because his best friend dying from it didn’t grive his head a shake.. Man kyle would be ashamed of you right now. Grow up and keep your job at sobeyz and head on back to school .

Cheating drippy dick


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, *Brandon.Rodger.Boivn* this guy is the worst excuse for a man cause he aint one lol he hits his girl friends and go around cheating with multiple woman telling them that he loves them and that hes leaving his woman for her ect! not to mention hes a coke and crack head well just say if u have it he will do it, has kids he dosent pay for or try to see them do to his bb mom and i dont blame her to not have the kids around him hes a dirty man who jumps frm slut to slut and half of then are ugly or old as f**k… he need s to get his ass handed to him good and go see a f**king doctor for his leaking dick and checked also for drd just want to warn you ladys that hes a goof!! stay away if u want to live, glad i got out wile i did haha and i lucked out im clean as a wistle.

Lies to Cops and Social services


THE DIRTY ARMY Nik, an immature unnamed woMAN has lied to police and/or social services over very unnecessary reason recently. My cousin now cannot see their child. She/He was always talking about their daughter and always spending lots of time with her. Considering how disgusting parents are these days, It is rare to see one so determined and trying so hard to be a young parent their child in this city from day one that they’re born. Most are deadbeats. I seen she/he isn’t even close throughout the 4-5 years of my niece’s life. Seeing how much his/her daughter loved him/her…now knowing what’s happened it so horrible. My cousin was a great father/mother and from what he/she telling me, there’s almost no hope. Or at least for a year, maybe more. He/She had a great plan and had alot of money saved for his/her daughter put away… so far me and small few in the family only know this. Evil act, my auntie knew this woMAN for several years and told me she used to do needle and never able raised any of her own kids. thats true!! I see this ugly b**** numerous times downtown. DAILY I heard a month or two ago this woMAN even lied to police or social services just to get her own granddaughter taken away from her own child. this is true . I came on this site to reveal the b**** .Im not telling you be a rat faced c**t like she is, but I heard through family that she sells oxy**tin and other prescription drugs in the food court at bottom of city center. She also sells very nice beaded earrings that (I doubt) she makes and earns profit . Probably buys them cheap and sells them for twice as much…just suggesting that if you wanna attempt to get a good hookup, or get ripped off… you can see this deadbeat mother anyday of the week downtown city center Love Larose Kudos!

Courtney Letendre Is Spreading


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, i was going to leave it all alone but this girl will never quit so im gonna put her ass on blast she has messed around with almost every guy ive met ive only been living in edmonton for a couple years now and i cant stand a girl who can lie and sleep around with married men she thinks her family and her are so great her sisters are a bunch of c** dumpsters them selves her dads a crook and her mom does pills and she doesnt even know her babys dad i use to be friends with her but i cant stand her once i heard she slepted with my husband shes a home wrecker please do us all a solid and get your p**sy checked this guy i met told me her pussy smelt like fish and her p**sy look beat leave my husband alone.

Unforunate Truth of Andrea Lavallee


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this hasn’t been her first time up here. And I’m not surprised. This woman leads a life of drugs and drinking. Even though she has 6 children drinking is more important. She thinks everyone wants her money but she has none lol. It gets so bad that she begs the local liquor store for beer because she’s broke. Her classy Indian boyfriend hits her constantly. I’ve seen her with black eyes more than once, and one time was very recently. Yet she will still stay with a woman beater, there’s no doubt that there’s child abuse going on too because he was once convicted of beating her kid. She let a known child molester around her children and into her home. I guess when you’re hitting the pipe you don’t realize your kids are around. I will admit I was a friend of hers, one time I got drunk with her, she took me and her bf in a cab to see her sick son in the hospital. I was so embarrassed to be seen with such a sloppy, arrogant drunk. They were escorted out by police because the way they were acting. We went to her house after that and her bf went to a family members house. She called some method head over to her house, which her kids were at, so she could bang him to buy a piece. That was my last time ever hanging around that disgusting waste of skin. & that’s also the reason why I’m putting her up here. Nik, this is Andrea Lavallee and she makes me sick.

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