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After Hours Vanessa


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Vanessa – edmontons trainwreck. This girl is a meltdown ready to happen. When shes not on Facebok whining about her life, shes ass up in Tony Donahues bed getting knocked up! Back when she worked at the Y Afterhours her nickname was c*mdumpster! HAHA I WONDER WHY? Whats even more f’ed up is she lived with tony while she worked for him and used to call him dad! This girl has major issues and will do anything to shove another rail up her nose! To bad she hasnt figured out that drugs wont bring mommy back! F’ING PEPSI WHORE. She was on backpages for awhile but didnt make any money cuz no one wanted to f’ her stinky trap. She tells people she is classy but I’d say it’s more CLASSLESS. She has no standards and will take it In the ass anywhere! Some dude f’ed her In the stairwell at twist. Shes a ruthless b**ch whos insecure and talks like “thithhhhhhh” lispy cunt. She says shes a DJ but anytime Ive seen her play at that shithole Twist shes cant even mixx a track because shes too messed up doing rails and crying about her shitty life behind the DJ booth. I guess thats what happens when no one loves you and you get dumped by your 40 year old boyfriend. Put this witch on blast.

Westlock Low Life


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, everyone meet Ashley Bugbee, this stupid low life piece of sh*t has been rewarded to be put on blast!!! This nasty f*cking loser is known for hitting her kids, doing drugs and has/ or is going to married a women beater and is walking around proud for being the way she is! ASHLEY!! You are a f*cking lowlife skid and I feel sorry for you, you don’t deserve to have those kids in your life simply because of the choices you make! A girl’s mother passed away and she even told the girl that she didn’t care and wished it was her instead of her mother. Look out for this f*cking idiot because even being around her will give you a bad name.

Bar Star Sloot


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Samantha Bibeau, although you may have heard of her before. This girl has to be one of the groggiest, sloppy slot of Edmonton. All she does with her life is party at the most ruined down bars and the ranch. She runs around Edmonton bar hopping with her friend who is almost as bad as her, Samantha Marie. They are both horrible people. Sam will sleep with anything that walks (literally). She hangs out with this group of guys on the regular and brags about it 24/7, trying to make herself look better but in reality she makes herself look like a whore. I know for a fact she sleeps with these guys and they all take turns with her, and thats really the only reason why they hangout with her is because they know she is easy. She did have a boyfriend for a small amount of time, but once he found out that she sleeps with all these guys, he dipped out on her. Shortly after she was posting pics on snapchat showing that she was over him and took “after sex selfies” haha. Have some respect for yourself Samantha. Her attitude is horrible, she has to be one of the fakest girls. She will act like your friend and then turn around and stab you in the back.. Bi-polar? Id say so.. Nik, people need to be warned about this high pitch voice no class walking drd before they learn the hard way.

Yellowfly Crime Spree


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Lyle Yellowfly – Need we say more? Criminal who thinks he owns the world. Airdrie, Alberta – Gliechan and Airdrie Rural RCMP have made numerous arrests in relation to a crime spree on September 11, 2015 involving multiple jurisdictions. At approximately 7:50 am, Airdrie Rural RCMP received a complaint of a theft of vehicle at the Crossfield Esso station. A citizen fuelling his car witnessed multiple suspects steal his vehicle while he was paying for gas. Approximately 2 hours later the citizen’s vehicle was located in a rural area, alongside another vehicle which had been stolen from Strathmore. No suspects were present and both vehicles where recovered. RCMP Police Dog Services and RCMP Forensic Identification Section attended to assist. Airdrie RCMP was then alerted to a robbery and forcible confinement of two females in Didsbury’s rural area. Two females had been assaulted with bear spray, confined for a short time in their vehicle, and had their valuables stolen. The women were not injured and provided descriptions matching the suspects from the Crossfield vehicle theft. At approximately the same time investigators were alerted to a theft from a liquor store in Sylvan Lake, with suspects matching those in the previous events. At approximately 3:00 pm, Gleichan RCMP received a complaint of a crashed vehicle, and multiple persons on the road requesting assistance. The vehicle was found to be one of the stolen vehicles. The suspects were no longer at the scene. Through further investigation Gleichan RCMP arrested three suspects. Airdrie Rural and Airdrie Crime Reduction Unit investigators assisted and the suspects were found to be involved in all incidents as well as an Armed Robbery in Gleichan at 4:00 am on the morning of September 11th. Ranell Mary Lee CALF, 20, of Red Deer, Lyle Brennan YELLOWFLY, 19, of Siksika Nation and Lindros Brett CUTTER, 20, of Siksika Nation were all charged with multiple offences relating to Forcible Confinement, Robbery with Weapon, Theft of Vehicles and Possession of Weapon for Dangerous Purpose. The investigation continues. Constable J. Curtis Airdrie RCMP

Loser of the year


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, his name is Jordan Nicholas Curtis he is a good for nothing piece of sh*t he comes off nice a first then as soon as you get to know him he shows his true side and its gross he has a drinking problem he trys to sleep with who ever will and even slept with his so called cousin not blood related but goes around sleeping with her he has no good qualities about him he will try toget you drunk so can f* you he will try and make you feel sorry for him but don’t he treats women like shit watch your back to cause when he drinks he thinks he is king shit he weighs like 135 and always saying I can kick his ass of if a women hits him 3 times he will hit her back I was dumb enough to fall for this shit he will let anyone in his place homeless or not but his roommate has a child he is putting that child in harm and he will try any type of drug he can get this hands on I’m not going to let him hurt anyone else

Chayenne jade Cardinal


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl needs to be put on blast for numerous reasons. First of all she is nothing but a dirty little hopeless t**t that spends her days and nights neglecting her 4 year old son to party. She is an addict that is in denial. I have seen a few adds of hers on back page trying to sell her used up box for her next hit. She was at one point I nice girl but had everyone fooled because behind closed doors she would stay up for days high. She is following the foot steps of her useless mother. She lost her kid once to children service cleaned up her act and got him back. But as soon as the file was closed she went back to her old ways. She lost her housing dropped out of school and decided that the pint game was more important then motherhood. Shes on the run again from children services it sickens me to watch her poor helpless son go through the shit he has and the worst of it all is she rather her son couche surf then send him to his fathers home where he would he well taken care of. This selfish human being won’t let her son have a relationship with his father because of her own insincerity. Cheyenne you need to grow up and take responsibility for your actions. You can’t run for ever.

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