Bar Fish


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Shelise Larner she is huge slut, when this chick goes to the bar she leaves with a guy then gets another guy to come over or goes to another guys house. She sleeps around and always talks about how she is going to get her baby daddy back when he’s clearly stated he doesn’t want her back. She is a walking drd she never finishes her pills so your just asking to get a disease when sleeping with her. This bitch has two kids but they are never her first priority nor does she treat them nicely at all. This Shamoo is also a drug dealer and tells her kids the bag she stashes it in is “garbage” so they bring it to her! She always victimizes herself but this twat is always bashing people behind their back. She is nothing but a low life drug using sloot! She also steals money from people and pretends it was an accident. What do you think Nik?

Spend the extra bucks, don’t try and dye your own hair.- nik

Bar Star Bibeou


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, allow me to introduce Samantha Bibeou. This girl has to be the dirtiest girl running around Edmonton in all the bars. (Mostly the ranch). But I know for a fact this girl has at least two drd’s. She hangs out with a girl named Samantha Maria (she is beyond dirty too) and a group of guys and both of these girls get gang banged on a regular. Bibeau wonders why she can’t keep a boyfriend for longer than a week.. Well here you go. I have her on my snap chat and she is constantly posting things about how she gets laid and takes “after sex selfies” and not to mention partying every night. Aha grow up and be an adult find some meaning to your life. Last but not least, this girl has got to have the most annoying voice I have ever heard in my life. She sounds like a cat in heat when she talks, it’s enough to make anyone cringe. She thinks she is better than everyone and knows it all.. And this girl needs to be put in her place so people can be aware.

Beware of Little Yorkie Kiss Breeder


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Little Yorkie Kiss aka Deana Machado is a cold-hearted breeder who does not prioritize the needs of her clients! DO NOT PURCHASE A PUPPY FROM DEANA MACHADO UNLESS YOU WANT THE RISK OF HER COLDLY KEEPING YOUR PUPPY ON PICKUP DAY — EVEN AFTER SHE HAS ACCEPTED THE ENTIRE MONEY. Long story short we purchased a $3300 baby yorkie, communicated daily for 5 weeks with the guarantee of the dog being ours and twenty minutes before our pickup time of 10:00 am (while we were on our way to pick up puppy), Deana coldly texts us that she’s selfishly keeping the dog for herself AND selling her own pet of 3 years to make room for the puppy that we have been preparing for and fell in love with for over 5 weeks! My boyfriend then calls her in distress while driving on a busy highway after we got the devastating text and she coldly denies us the dog. My boyfriend then begins to plead with her on how cruel she’s being and how much we need the dog/have fallen in love with him, because his brother just passed away four months ago and she literally hangs up on him mid-convo. An hour after her horrendous text on refusing to give us the puppy we purchased, she proudly posts on facebook that she “decided to keep him.” For anyone who’s read that comment, yeah she didn’t innocently decide to keep him — she lead her clients on for over 40 days, communicating regularly and snatched our dream away 30 minutes before pickup because she selfishly wanted the dog for herself. She already has a family of her own, lots of other grown dogs, and all the love in the world, she selfishly wanted more and threw us in the dirt without a care in the world. Now we’re left heart broken, grieving, and with our entire apartment set up for a puppy that no longer exists. WARNING: Do not purchase a puppy from Diana Machado. She does not prioritize her clients. You’re taking a HUGE risk of investing your hearts in her puppies. Because if your puppy ends up growing to be too cute, she’ll snatch him up and sell her own pet to make room for it.

Bar Star Sammy


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, watch out for this little bar star slut Samantha Bibeau, she is the biggest sloot known to Edmonton and guarunteed she has multiple diseases. She claims that she doesn’t “catch feelings for no one” because of the group of guys she hangs out with that gang bang her every week.. Yet she is tripping over some dude that doesn’t want her no more, probably because he figured out she is all used up. Not only that, she has the most annoying voice you could ever hear. She sounds like a chipmunk. When will she ever get the point? She claims that she is so scary and people don’t bother to mess with her. She needs a reality check.. She thinks everyone loves her and she knows better than everyone, she really is the dumbest girl I have ever met in my life. Grow up Sam, nobody cares about your sob story of a life.

Edmonton’s Psychopath


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Kristin Tokar, a.k.a. Miss “Freda Rain” off Backpages. This girl is a psychotic MESS. She jumps from studio to studio because shes so much drama. Not to mention this girl has life long DRD!!!! Yuck. This girl brags about running her boyfriend over with her car and brags about cheating on him. Poor guy is probably scared to leave, she’ll probably k** him. If you’re trying to book her be careful she might just flip swich on you during doggy and cut you. I don’t know how ou’re not in a mental ward, girl!!!

That corset isn’t working.- nik

Devil in the flesh


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this piece of work is called Brandon Daniels …he comes from a family that lives off welfare and doesn’t know how to raise kids right…..which is probley why their all f’ed up ……this man boy has a long story but you people probley seen his ass around..he is the biggest scum of the city that can’t keep his choad in his pants.*literally baby dick *…he’s mentaly and physically abusive to girls and even used to force his ex gf to perform sexual acts on him..hes so f’ed that you’ll see him at transit centers drunk hitting on young underage girls. He also smokes cr**k here and there but doesn’t tell anyone ..following the steps of his dad he’s so far gone that he’s mentally unstable shouting at any girl he sees he clearly has no standerds.. I wouldNT Doubt his UGLY ass ape sisters will see this considering their SOO NOSIE ..too busy stalking on the Internet that they can’t even raise their kids having them constantly walk around in sh*tty diapers . 24/7 same with their toad looking mother with dou le chins ND w*rts all over her face .

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