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Reny do anything for a penny


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, let me tell you about Rhiannon platter. She is married to one man dating another, and still sleeps with other people’s boyfriends. She is the definition of a blond easy slut. She thinks just because she has big fake boobs that she is the sh*t. She has two kids she never cares for because she is to busy getting drunk, and f’ed up on pills. She thrives for male attention. She sleeps with her boyfriends friends, and acts like no one will find out. Have some class girl. What do you think nik? Hot or not?

Matthew the Manslore


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is a warning to all women this man lives in eugene has eleven kids by five different women and won’t stop !! He plays head games and preys on emotionally weak women who have drug addictions he is missing most his teeth and has many stds. He will get relationships so he has someone to take care of all of children so he can run around,do drugs and bang bi**hes btw all of baby mama are on drugs or jail and he is expecting two babies at the same time gross!!

Looks like he shaped that wig himself.- nik

Bad Mom Shay Dewitt


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik.. Shay Dewitt. I am putting her on here again because everyone needs to realize how truly nasty she is. As we all know she thinks she is hot shit because she can pay for a low rent “photoshoot”, she drinks and drives and as of recently she just got back with her “baby daddy” the man who beat her over and over while she was pregnant with his baby, (I don’t think it’s his) This bitch is something else..SHAY START TAKING CARE OF YOUR BABY! But you know how gold diggers are they gotta have someone to foot the bill and spoil them, as if ‘Gramma’ doesn’t do enough. She doesn’t work, she doesn’t have to pay bills.. NOTHING. Just because you have tattoos and over 20 piercings and you are a “beautiful black queen” does not change the fact that you are a loose cannon. That is all. You have been warned.

Liar Womanizer


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Chad, I’m not sure where to even start with this sad excuse of a human being. This man is 32 years old has no motivation to get off his ass and find a job when he has 2 children and one on the way.. He rather live off unemployment, and pray on single mothers. This man will sweet talk you Til your heart is content, once he has drawn you In and gets you hooked, he starts to play the “poor me” card and starts to ask for things (I.e Rent money, grocery money, money for gas, new vehicles, houses ) pretty much whatever he can get his slimy hands on. Again He really likes to pray on single moms, so please women do not fall for this mans games and lies. Keep your check books and credit card in a safe place because if not you’ll be wasting your money on a married dirt bag.

Nastiest Slore in the State


THE DIRTY ARMY: Everyone, I’d like to introduce the biggest, nasty whore in the entire state. Her name is Ariana and her c&nt is dirtier than a toilet bowl after taco bell. She starts shit with other people and then makes her brothers do the dirty work for her. She is positive for drd so steer clear, gentleman. She’s been arrested for soliciting (one of her many, many arrests) before so who knows what else she’s got hiding up there. You can usually find this skank down at the bars. After 12 patron shots, she’ll be hitting on everything that moves, hoping she’ll get some baby batter for the night. If you hate yourself enough, seek her there. Otherwise, STAY AWAY!

Lindsey Ripley


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this bitch thinks she can sleep with my boyfriend when im drunk passed out in the same house! All this fat slut does is party get high and jump on anything with a dick she would fck a horse if she could! girls keep your man far away from her, if he has money she will even try to convince the guy to leave you for her, all she cares about is money and what guy she can fuck next and after talking to her boyfriend he says they dont even have sex anymore! she just wants new dick and wants to fk other people over. slut..

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