Tamara Neff Fair Warning


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Tamara Neff AKA Ginger Nik, Tamara Neff out of Fort McMurray needs to be posted. She is nothing but a filthy junky who needs a reality check. She runs around town praying on men with money just so she can rip them off. Tamara is posted on backpages as Ginger, in search of these trusting men. Her “policy” is upfront payments via etransfer, then she bails…. Her female parts are so used and abused she wouldn’t be able to service them anyways…she is currently shooting up whatever drug she can get her infested little hands on but her favourite thing is a ‘cr*ck-gasim…’. She is a sorry little girl who will never get clean yet she’s going all over fb claiming she is and has been since detoxing. FYI she didn’t even complete detox lol. She left early in search of dope and a quick f in Abasand where she loves to do her carf**ks… This girl is nothing but a used up piece of trash and forever will be. Ladies, do not trust her as she will steal everything from you, money, clothes, food, your husband, you name it we greasy hands will take it….. Anyways, I’m mainly writing this post in hopes people read it and are aware of this diseases junky running around tattooing people as a ‘professional’ tattooist.  I can’t believe people would actually trust this to tattoo them. Take a look at her ‘work’ on her own body for one! Every tattoo she has is no better than my 10 year old nephews art work. . She WILL take your money and not services you in any way whatsoever. She will give u a false address and you will never hear from her. I’m sure she has many negative reviews stating this. She also goes by the name Jennielee. So maybe check that name too.  This post is 10000% truth and I have the proof to back it up. Just ask in the comments and I will post asap!



THE DIRTY ARMY: all this guy does is drive around the sni , *** and smoke weed . He is nothing but a waste of breath and oh by the way he’s married and still going around with other girls ! He lives with his mom in wood Buffalo witch is low income and can’t even help with the rent he pretty much begs his family for money for gas n to get high . There’s even a video of him doing cocaine he preches he’s a good Muslim and everything but is just plain dutty . He can’t even make his child support he sells crack on the side sometimes and let’s his lil crack hoes suck him off for a chunk I wouldn’t be surprised if he has a std ! He’s just plain nasty ! He try’s to holler at young girls who are 16 and he’s 34 ewww right ! This guy needs major help ! He always fcks his friends girls to what kind of friend does that ! Just thought I’d let ppl know what he’s like since he claims he’s a real nigga !

Camp Garbage


THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Miana Dundas. This girl scr*ws every guy she can get her hands on at work. The flat faced wh*re got a job up north and just bounces around from room to room taking ever D she can. She’s as dumb as bricks when it comes to doing actual work. This girl thinks she can land a man by acting like one. She lets guys empty themselves into her with no protection! Always wearing hats and no makeup and brags about her dirt biking skills and her prized possession Subaru. She’s slept ruined numerous relationships and has a new camp boyfriend every other week. This girl is a home wrecking dude looking cream filled camp hoe bag. This girl needs to be put on blast! Before she ruins another relationship or spreads another std!!

Thirsty Fort McWhore


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik just thought I’d let everyone know about this nasty bitch I fcked this past weekend. Her name is Melissa Marie Herman. All it took was pizza and beer for this bitch to put out and suck my cock. Lousiest fck I had since I came here, I fcked her twice to see if she held back the first time but Nope she’s a cheap fuk. She sent me these pics and asked to come over so she could get fcked again. I don’t want you hoe, been there done that, never again.

Money Whale

jess 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: age 21 fat rolling beached whale bitch she is racist towards native americans and black people she is ignorant as shit she dont care about no one but herself this bitch needs to be put on blast she lives with mommy and daddy refuses to pay them rent she is fat ass squatter who cant amount to nothing she brags about the 12,000 that she has in her bank account all she does is eat take out food now you can understand why she is so fat her as is bigger then JLO’S booty in the not good way

Ebrahim Al-Shahabi


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! Meet dirt bag BRUM also goes by Abe. He works and manages the cosmos pizza downtown. This filth bucket does not shower he smells like a straight urinal, I feel bad for anybody that has to eat from this man’s hands! This man is a walking disease, I threw up in my mouth when he took off his shoes.hes drunk and coked up 90% of the time spends his nights wearing a diaper playing slots.

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