Arielle Greenlee is a flake


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this chick is a total flake. She’s 29 yo and still lives with her mom because she had her nursing license revoked because of a felony. She uses guys for money because she is a total basketcase and can’t maintain life for more than a few weeks at a time. Once she gets something nice she’ll disappear and say she’s been “really busy”. Worst boob job I have ever seen- those things don’t even move! If ur into crazy anorexic women that workout 3 hours a day and still look like hell she’s the one for you.

Tim Gonzales Magnet Infinite


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Tim Gonzales, he is a dirt rock junky. And is trapped in the super GAY closet. He is a stalker/creeper and likes to screw over his friends for drugs. and is a deadbeat father. I feel sorry for his daughter. He likes to threaten people by saying he is going to feed their children me*h. He hides in his house behind his computer because he’s too much of a piece of sh*t to back up all the trash he talks. He thinks he some bad ass rapper/ graphic designer but really is the shittiest rapper and his “graphic design” skills looks like a baby’s diaper. careful people if you know him or know people who know him you probably already have an drd. Sucks that his poor daughter will grow up hearing her father is heroin junky and a dirt rock piece of shit who probably wont live past 30.

559’s Biggest Sloot


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Jennifer Gonzales. She is by far the most disgusting, sluttiest, childish, immature, disrespectful poor excuse for a woman in the 559! Let’s put it this way, I can count on both hands how many guys I know that have slept with her & who knows how many more! She has a new boyfriend every other month & the worst part is, she has 2 kids which she has around all these dudes!. She is so damn slutty, 2 my boys both betted on who can f*** her first & they both got it in with her! She needs a reality check, 26 livin at home, only works for her wants & her dad supports her & her kids needs. My boys tell me she throws tantrums like a little kid, that she psychotic & that she’s so stupid she believes anything you tell her! My boys say they only mess with her, cause she’s easy, cause they say she ain’t got shit to offer, not in the front nor from behind!! They say she don’t only act like a 10 year old, but she has the body of one! Now why do I blast her on here?? Cause she done messed with the wrong girls man, my girls EXfiancé!! She wanna be a slut go do it AWAY from a girls man! Thank God my girl left his nasty ass, his lying cheating ass deserves a slutty little girl like this one!! YES I done finally put the light on yo nasty ass!! Good luck with this one Nik, as you can see, there’s plenty to say! Oh & these photos were sent to 3 guys I know!! How disgusting is that!?

Uses Girls for Money


Beware fresno women this man is a scammer and loves to sweet talk girls into buying him stuff and giving him money he don’t love noone but his self he’s dirty as fck he will fck anyone so be careful . U might catch a drd n he will take u for every thing and the sex ain’t that good

Fresno Homewrecker


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is nallely Puente’s Fresno’s biggest hoe. All she does is party drink and take home random guys she works at your local hole in the wall bar. She will sleep with who ever will help her out with her bills so usually she picks someone with a little bit of money that’s all it takes looks not so much because she cant go get her own money.She has no self-esteem or self-respect she thinks she’s thinks she’s mom of the year she spends 2days a week with her son the rest of the time her mom has him its sad. This girl is dirty even got pregnant by a married man this is a dirty nasty girl if you end up with her make sure you put a condom on and make sure its yours she’s will do anything to trap someone who has some money

Amanda Alarcon


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this “stripper” is nasty as fukk she lied bout everyything on her ad. She’s old, no tits, stretch marks, fat, sux at dancing. Picked her out of all em hoes and she was ratchet as fukk, waste of money!!!! She got sloppy drunk and offered bjs sexxx whateva, real hard up for $$. My boi left itchin. She claimed to be a model showed some crappy fotos left all her shitty info on my phone dats how we got her name Amanda Nicole Alarcon. No tits man looking fugly thing. She ended the night hittting us up me for some dope. Get sum better quality hoes

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