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Wendy Schneider the Knock Out


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Wendy Schneider put this pig on blast. Different baby daddies with the intention of raping each one of them for a living. She schmoozed her way into every guys life, if they do t have e ouch money for her, she aborts. Classy lady. She ended the radio guys baby, never even gave him a choice. She’s a regular at the Edmonton clinic.  Brags that she can knock  out of Mandy and her posse. Blames her ex’s gf for all her problems. Hey how about no one likes you badger fAce???? No one likes you 20 years ago, no one likes you now!!!she thinks she so hot, and can judge anyone…

GP Vermin


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this loser doesn’t work because he’s laying in bed all day playing princess and leaching off his GF’s parents. He knows everyone hates him except for the MiL and because she’s a little too naive, he manipulates her with his boo f’ing hoo stories. Guess what low life, many people have had a shit up bringing, that doesn’t mean we leach off of the kindness of others. Can’t get a job because he doesn’t have a licence, been caught so many times he now has to do weekends in the big house. Got his buddy’s car impounded but can’t pay up the impound fees because he can’t get a job. He posts pictures on his FB with someone else’s nice ride, pretending to belong to him yet he doesn’t even own a 10 speed. HIs GF breaks up with him and he stalks her all over the province then cries his way back into the her parents place when he knows damn well, dad hates the guy. He’s such a loser, he doesn’t care about the animosity he’s causing in his inlaw’s marriage. I’m sure he feels like a “man” every time the MiL defends him. He’s so dumb, he don’t care that she’s the only one that likes his sorry loser ass. GP gurls, if you see this vermin coming, get out the rat spray.

Married Maneater


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Nicole grande prairies biggest married whore testawhich this girl is so dirty that she f’s all her husband’s bros well anyone that will put it in this fat mess. She thinks she is so hot and people call her husband David no eyes testawhich cause he has no eyes to see that the minute he walks out the door she is getting nailed by all the neighbors. This fat mess don’t do jack sh*t all day besides taking selfies and drinking with her kids by her side while her hubby does tattoos in the basement but that’s not all they also have orgies and 6 man parties in the basement as well so I highly doubt the tattoo area down there is sterile so watch out folks but u like dirty foursomes and what not then there place is the place to be .she calls her husband’s bros her bros but little does her hubby know she f’s all her hubby’s bros. The orgies are a perfect distraction for her to hide all her drds from being such a dirty fat married mess. So if u got a man don’t take him their cause she hits on any guy who walks thru the door while her hubby with no eyes sits their doing tattoos lmfao

This girl has Secrets


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I went out with Hetti Huls for seven months, after seven a month relationship she tells me she has drd and then I find out that she’s got 4 or 5 boyfriends still active from online dating sites so Whatch out guys and while I was going out with her she managed to squeeze about $10,000 out of me for home renovations . So just be aware of this one guys got the looks of an angel but she’s really the devil in disguise

Motivational Drifter


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Devin Bellerose is a woman beater beat up his ex wife a few weeks ago in front of there 3 yrs old daughter… He claims he is a nice guy, but is a slut n sleeps with anyone ( heard he had an drd) has no home lives with his mommy. Has no job, and is a motivational speaker to teens acting like he is a perfect guy. It’s all a lie. He is a little heavier side, so lady’s he might have to piss on u to find his lil tiny one eyed monster. Thinks he is hot shit in bed when he only lasts a minute… He wars this guy is not who he seems his personality is a lie… Beware he is from Driftpile n if u like old guys who live with there mommys here is ur guy

Portrayal of a Homewrecker


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this tw*t keeps trying to message my husband to hook up! And she’s in a relationship to boot! Homewrecker, you deserve a family of your own. Equipped with 2 kids, a dog, a beautiful house and don’t forget your HUSBANDS MISTRESS! You deserve an Oscar for your portrayal of someone pretending to be in a relationship! Sarah Marie Clark you are pathetic and a whore!

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