She Never Learns


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is getting ridiculous.First,she doesnt know the definition of words and phrases like ‘Hypocrite’,’sleaze’,or ‘open relationship’.Then she gets engaged to a guy whom she hardly knows and moves in with him to prove she can have a committed relationship without lies or cheating. Then she gets this man to remove every sign that his ex ever lived with him,including the wallpaper in the kitchen(but they wont move out of the house even though it in itself is a reminder…. And now,she proves that she truly thinks her fiance is not only simple but dumb as a box of rocks with a status she posted on her ‘old’ account. She posts that she has no friends on her old account anymore….but who is there to see it,really?Or the pictures she posted since no friends were supposedly left on the account?It’s obviously a bad attempt at misdirecting him,since friends of hers he doesn’t approve of are still linked to the profile on THEIR friends lists….you just have to know where to look. And to top it off,they plan on getting married in the summer and can hardly rub two nickels together for gas money or bills. Simple,its all about her getting attention and adoration….which is why none of her real friends from 5 years ago are still friends with her today….they told her the truth and she doesn’t like that,she likes being ass-kissed and coddled.Honesty is dangerous to someone living in a bubble of denial. That’s why everything she has on social media says she’s “repping Taylor”,because shes trying to shove down peoples throats that shes getting married.While normal adults usually keep it subtle,attention-thirsty hooers rub it in peoples faces,especially if its bull.

Tanya Noseworthy


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this dirty used up hoe is Tanya Marie Noseworthy. I used to be friends with this trash but soon found out she was selling her ass on backpage and doing webcam out of her home with her 3 boys there. She was diagnosed with drd and ch**a and doesn’t think it’s necessary to let men know. She sleeps with her clients bareback and doesn’t see a problem with this. She won’t work a normal job, she doesn’t have any life goals or motivation. She seeks out black guys to sleep with because she knows no respectable white guy (or any decent black guy for that matter) would have anything to do with her other than a quick nut. She has 3 kids by 3 different dads and that’s not including all the times she’s been pregnant and had abortions. She CONSTANTLY starts shit with other females because she thrives on drama. Nobody gives her attention otherwise so her thirsty ass must create it to receive any. She’s always talking about this and that woman’s guy wants her and how all these females are just jealous of her. Nobody is jealous Tanya, you don’t drive, you don’t work, you can’t hold down a stable relationship and you have kids by numerous men. Please do fill all us females in on exactly what it is we are jealous of? Your looks are a 6 at best after you pile on all your makeup but once you open your mouth and your personality shines thru you become a 2. Let’s put this dirty ass hooker on blast and let the people of Halifax be warned about this walking disease infested gutter rat!

Filthy Disgusting Cheater


THE DIRTY ARMY: Feast your eyes on a cheating slut whore who spends all of her time fuking around on her boyfriend who she hates and never stops fighting with. How do I know she’s a cheating whore? because she has been cheating on her bf with ME for months. I had no idea she had a BF for first while, but didn’t stop when I found out (guess I’ll be on here soon hah!). While she’s not sucking 40 dicks a day she’s complaining about her failing relationship as if it’s not her cheating ass’s fault. I would be amazed if she didn’t havea dick in her mouth right now.



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Shatisha James. A welfare bum baby bonus collecting mother. This girl forever dissin on Instagram on Facebook. Dissin about how other people diss lmfao. Whatever she can say she says instead of watching her child . Always talkin about on about how hard she is how she gonna fck everyone up lol the only thing she fcked up is her life. Your just another pathetic ass bitch who fcked the wrong ni**a and couldn’t keep him. Hate on his dime piece all you want honey she ain’t goin nowheres cept maybe down the isle . But what can u expect right I mean Bum bitch baby mamas all stick together and hate all day long cuz no body want em while everyone else is moving on livin they life. You should think about doin the same instead of hatin all day and actin hard be a lady and fix that life of yours before actin like u anything to lose then go find a ni**a who want u ass.

BackPage Mommy


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik , this girl is disgusting she leaves her daughter at home so she can go escort herself with her friends all over halifax !! Then goes on social media and says she’s at ” Spa” when she’s really meeting with multiply johns . She has so many infections . She slept with my ex boyfriend and gave him chl***ia. Instead of selling herself for cheap she should go be a mother to her daughter instead of a gigantic whore . GO RAISE YOUR KID . And if your going escort yourself don’t put the same pictures all over your IG N twitter dumb ass

Ratchet Sackville Mom


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik, da world needsta kno about this no good fer nothing mum. her name is caitlyn n she lives in sackville. n she thinks she think she is all that n a bag of chips.she has a kid n tha only thing she ever do is party she love that life doing drugs around her kid n drinking all tha time. i heard she lets her kid scream in public all tha time n shit. this bitch is tha biggest drop off in sackville next to maria she used to be hot now she fat n ugly n have stupid hair n stupid tattz n just a nasty bitch . she think she goin places in life only place she is goin to is da dump where she belong. i hope you dye in hell you dead beat mum when tha rodents get cha while you there. byii bitch

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